Madagascar Charm II, The


By Ventrego

You’ve met me before, although you probably don’t remember. My name’s Walter, and I’m a cursed man. Well, cursed may not be the right word, as others have been far less lucky than I.

Years ago, while traveling in Madagascar, I grievously offended a landowner. When I tried to make amends, he captured me and took some blood from my arm. This blood was used to enchant a bracelet which I have learned to dread.

You see, this bracelet keeps coming up again and again in my life. Whoever owns it has power over me. Some are kind, some are cruel, but from the moment they grab that charm I’m under their control.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself...

I was stranded by the side of the highway, a duffel bag full of clothes my only possession. It was late autumn, and a chill breeze blew along the asphalt. The fields around were still green, but summer’s rich hue was starting to fade. I let my mind wander as I waited for someone - anyone - to come by to give me a lift. I hoped to make it to the state line by nightfall, and from there, who knows?

I woke from a doze when I heard a motor approaching. A four-door black Jetta appeared over the crest of the hill. I dutifully stood up and thrust out my thumb. The car slowed, then stopped in front of me.

The driver leaned over and rolled down the passenger-side window. “Need a lift?” he said.

I read him as quickly as I could. 6’1” tall, around 250 pounds, he had brown hair and a short brown goatee. A small spare tire pushed his khaki shirt taut around his middle. Despite the cool weather, he was still wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. His hairy forearms and legs said “bear”, but his hands didn’t look like he’d done any physical labor in his life. His face was masculine, but he had a kind air about him that made me trust him. “Sure...” I said, opening the door. I tossed my duffel bag in the back seat and joined him in the car.

As we drove down the highway, he told me that he was in Information Technology for some big company, that the pay was good even if the job was stressful. When he stretched, that’s when I saw the object I so feared fastened firmly around his left wrist. I barely listened as he told me about his work and his cabin in the woods where he was going to take a well-needed vacation.

He looked over and saw the expression on my face. “Hey...buddy, you OK? Do you need me to stop?”

I took a deep breath and tried to force some color back into my cheeks. “Yeah, I’m’s just...too long by the side of the road I guess.”

“No problem...” he said. “I’m stopping at the next gas station anyway, we can get you some food.”

I said that would be nice and the conversation lapsed for a bit.

“My name’s Mike, by the way...” He steered with one hand while offering me the other.

“Walt. Walter, but my friends call me Walt.” I said, returning the handshake.

“So...Walt...tell me a little about yourself. Where are you heading? You don’t look much older than eighteen...are you even that old?”

I winced. I was actually in my early thirties, but he’d have never believed that. I looked sixteen, and not an old sixteen either. At 5’6” and just over a hundred pounds, I could understand why he’d mistake me for a teenager. “I’m..umm...twenty-three.” I said. “I know I don’t look that old...I’ve been hearing that for years.”

He looked over. “You don’t sound happy about it,” he said.

“Well...let’s just say it gets old being asked for ID when you turned eighteen years ago.”

Mike scratched his goatee. “Do you shave?”

“Yeah...pretty much every day.”

“Well, that might help. Grow a moustache - a big bushy one, if you can - then people won’t think you’re underage.”

Suddenly my nose was being tickled by hair on my upper lip. I whipped my hand up to rub my nose, and felt a sizeable stache now perched on my face. I turned to face the window so Mike couldn’t see it, cursing the day that bracelet was made.

Unfortunately for me, the next gas station was only one mile away. Before I could think of a good diversion, Mike had pulled in next to a pump. “Well, we’re here...why don’t you go get some food while I fill up?”

I nodded and got out of the car without looking at him. I could see his worried look reflected in the glass window of the gas station as I walked in. I looked for some soda, starting at my appearance when the glass-door of the cooler showed it to me. I still looked sixteen, but like a sixteen year-old-with a big fake moustache. After paying for a sandwich and soda, I asked the clerk for the key to the restroom. Mike was still filling the tank as I ducked around the building into the men’s room.

I guess I was hoping he’d just leave without me. After ten minutes, I was beginning to think he might’ve when I heard a knock on the door.


I sat silent for a few tense seconds.

“Walt? I know you’re in there...the clerk gave you the key. Is everything alright?”

Realizing I was going to have to sooner or later, I opened the door.

Mike started for a second when he save my face. “Did you just put that on?” he asked, touching the bristly stache.

My mind scrambled. “ mean...”

Seeing his perplexed look, I sighed. I decided I’d better tell him what was up before he accidentally did something dangerous. “Why don’t I tell you about it on the way.”

It took hours for me to tell him the whole story. I told him about the man in Madagascar, the African magician who’d enchanted the bracelet with my blood, how my body was under his control, and the stories of the people who’d held the bracelet previously. He winced, hearing about what the man in Africa had done when I was under his control, and grinned when I told him how I’d met Hall, and the fun we’d had together. When I told him about Hall’s death due to a careless driver, he put a sympathetic hand on my shoulder and pulled over to the side of the road.

“Well...” he said. “That was quite a story! I’m sorry to hear about Hall...”

“It’s OK...” I replied. “We had a lot of good times together.”

“I don’t want to be pushy or anything, but this is where I turn off the main highway. Would you like to come along to my cabin with me, or should I let you off here?”

I looked at him like he was an idiot; tact is not my strong suit. “You’ve got the charm, Mike. I’m under your control.”

Mike sighed. “Well, your body is, I guess...but you’re still your own person. As intrigued as I am, I’m not about to hold you captive to use as I please - you’re not a sex toy, damn it! If you get out of the car, you can go your way freely. I promise I’ll never use the bracelet again as long as I live.“

I looked outside the window at the desolate stretch of road, then back at him, unsure what to do.

“You’re welcome to come up to my cabin with me,” said Mike. “If you’d prefer, you can just come up for the night, and I’ll drop you off at a truck stop about five miles from here in the morning. I won’t lose any of my vacation, and you get a safe place to stay the night. Sound like a deal?”

I nodded as tears welled up in my eyes. The car accelerated onto the turnoff, and soon we were heading through dense woods. Neither of us said anything during the twenty-minute drive through the woods to Mike’s vacation cabin. “There’s only the one bed here, so you’ll have to sleep on the couch...” Mike apologized. I assured him that it was no problem as I tossed my duffel bag down beside it. The cabin was pretty nice inside, rustic and cozy, clean and tastefully done.

Mike showed me where the bathroom was and suggested I clean up. “It’ll take me a half-hour or so to get everything aired out and dinner started,” he said. I thanked him and shut the door. I enjoyed the feel of hot water and soap on my skin, trying my best to relax. My hands found their way to my four-inch hard-on and I began stroking myself. I felt the pressure rising when I heard the door to the bathroom open.

“Sorry to barge in,” Mike said apologetically, “but I forgot to leave some towels in here.” He set them on the back of the toilet, and turned to leave. Unfortunately, the clear glass shower door did nothing to hide my position. I was standing there, hand on my rapidly-softening dick. There was an awkward moment.

“Oops...sorry..” said Mike quietly, and he ducked out out of the bathroom quickly.

I was too embarrassed to continue. I shut the water off, and grabbed one of the freshly-folded towels Mike had left. When I stepped out, I found he’d left a robe for me to wear. I wrapped myself in it and stepped into the living area.

Somehow, Mike managed to make dinner relaxing. The vegetable lasagne was really good, and Mike talked about his job and life as we chatted. The wine had us both somewhat buzzed as we sat back at the end of the meal, full and content.

“So...Walt...” Mike said. “I know you’re older than sixteen...what do you really look like?”

I shrugged. “I’ve been changed around so many times, for so long, I don’t even remember what I looked like originally.”

“Would you like to see?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Naaah...I’m not really attached to it any more.”

“Well, what do you want to look like? I mean, I’m enjoying having you here, but it’s hard to treat a sixteen-year-old as an equal. Not to mention I’ve wanted to rip that fake-looking moustache off you at least six times tonight.”

I grinned. “Hey, you put it there!”

“Well, it’s the first thing to fix. Un-grow that moustache.”

The moustache vanished off my face.

Mike laughed. “Epilady would love to market these bracelets! Now, how old are you really?”

I replied that I was in my mid-thirties.

“Well, then...umm...grow up...I mean...”

I shifted in my chair as my height increased to 5’9”. My frame filled out a bit as I ripened into manhood. I felt stubble forming on my cheeks and chin. Even my dick and balls grew slightly. I re-adjusted the robe to cover myself.

“How’s that?” Mike asked.

I got up and walked into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. A handsome, masculine face looked back at me. It wasn’t a bad look, but between the short hair and the boy-grown-up face, I looked a little too preppy.

“Do you like it?” Mike asked.

“Well...” I said. “It could be a little more..umm...rugged? assertive?”

“A man after my own heart...” said Mike, scratching his goatee. “I don’t suppose this thing’ll work on me, will it?”

“Nah...but what needs changing on you anyway?”

Mike blushed at the compliment. “heh...well...let’s see how you look with a moustache now.”

Moments later, my upper lip housed a half-inch-long dark brown moustache. I grinned.

“Let’s see how you look with a a flattop.”

Suddenly my hair rearranged itself into a short, military-looking cut. I swept one hand through it and smiled at my reflection.

“That is a VERY good look for you, Walt,” said Mike, leaning on the doorjamb with a wide grin on his face. “You could be a cop or something.”

I looked back at Mike and scanned him up and down. In case I wasn’t sure he was my type, my dick made sure I knew it.

Mike looked down at the 6” tube of flesh peeking out of the front of my robe. “You know, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try...” he said. He whispered into my ear, then asked, ‘Would that work, and are you up for it?”

I grinned. “Yes and yes.”

He repeated what he’d just whispered to me loud enough for the charm to work, then dropped to his knees. Moments later, I was grabbing the sink for support - I wasn’t used to getting head, I usually had to give it! Mike slid his mouth up and down the length of my dick, and I thrust gently towards him as he continued to suck. I knew I’d blow my load pretty quickly if he kept it up, so I grabbed his head and pinned it against the base of my dick. His eyes and jaw opened wider as my dick reached the back of his mouth and entered his throat.

Suddenly he coughed, then pulled quickly off me. “Damn...” he said, eyeing my eight-inch cock. “Now I know why people have trouble giving ME head!”

“Are you sure you want to keep going?” I asked. My cock was throbbing, I desperately wanted him to say yes.

He nodded, shuffled backwards a few inches, and took the head of my still-growing dick into his mouth again. He started rubbing it with his tongue, and moments later all I cared about was how good the blow job was feeling.

Mike was stroking his own dick as mine continued to expand, forcing him to lean backwards. His bravely kept working it as his mouth stretched wide open. I looked down to see his cheeks bulging with the first few inches of my foot-long meat, and went over the edge.

Mike probably hadn’t planned on such a generous load. He tried to swallow, but his motions only spurred my 12” cock to pump more into his mouth. Cum ran out around his lips when the next spurt hit. Seeing his distress, I shoved him roughly off the end of my dick and stroked myself through the rest of a thirty-second orgasm, splashing him with ribbons of jizz. As he jacked his own dick, his smaller shots mingled with mine.

It took us a few seconds to recover. “Damn! Umm...sorry about that.” I said sheepishly, looking down at the mess I’d made.

“ problem.” Mike said, leaning backwards weakly. He wiped a few huge globs of cream off his face and flung the sticky mess into the sink. “Do I look like I didn’t like it?” He indicated his still half-hard dick, and I grinned. I grabbed a towel and cleaned off my 6” soft meat while he took a quick shower. We cuddled together in bed and let sleep overtake us. •

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