Taking the Good


By Clarence591

That night, Mark and Garry were in the student union’s great hall standing with the other male contestants. All ten men were wearing thick, white terry cloth robes the contest provided. The contest was sponsored by the university’s athletic department and was judged by the department’s coaches. There was coach Miller, along with the football, basketball and track teams’ coaches. The fifth judge was the strength coach for all the teams. Coach Brennan, was a short, barrel-chested man with a thick, hairy arms.

The female contestants, mostly cheerleaders, had finished their rehearsal and sat in the audience, eager to see the men in action. Coach Brennan was explaining how each man in turn, would walk to center stage, remove his robe, get sprayed with water, then walk down the runway, and return to the back of the stage. “Do it like the girls did, and we can get through this quickly”, the coach glanced at his notes, “It seems we are missing someone. Has anyone seen Lucas tonight? We’ll give him a couple of minutes, and then we’ll start without him.” The coach went to talk with the other judges.

“He’s not here. Maybe the spell was broken. It certainly didn’t feel like it in the gym today.” whispered Mark in Garry’s ear.

“Let’s hope our spell did work. I am curious to see what his body looks like now without the benefits of voodoo” replied Garry.

At that moment the side door opened and Lucas entered wearing his robe. “Sorry I’m late everyone. I took an unexpected nap this afternoon. I hope I haven’t missed anything” asked Lucas walking onto the stage and getting in line next to Garry. It was hard to tell what was under the bulky robe. He still looked like he had a lot of muscle on his frame.

“No, Lucas. We are about to begin” stated coach Brennan, “Why don’t we start at this end. Mark you’re first”

Mark walked to center stage, took a deep breath and removed his robe. Everyone gasped, and then the girls started to giggle. Mark looked bad. He skin was red and blotchy. He looked physically drained and tired. His blood-shot eyes had dark circles underneath them. His body had no definition, due to his smaller muscles and 45 pounds of fat he gained over the last month and a half. A thick roll of blubber hung over the waistband of his traditional men’s brief. He borrowed a pair of Garry’s 40” Fruit of the Loom’s because his 31” designer briefs no longer fit. The material was loose all over, making his very large penis look unimpressive.

Lynda, being the head cheerleader, was the one to spray the men with water. “What happened to you”, she asked between giggles. All the cheerleaders burst into laughter from her comment.

“That’s enough everyone” said coach Brennan trying to quiet the group.

Lynda sprayed him down trying not to laugh. Lynda then picked up the robe and took it off stage. The water felt cold to Mark and he walked down the runway as quickly as possible, returning to Garry’s side.

“Fine job, Mark. I, for one, salute your bravery and school spirit in participating” said the coach, “Now Garry, you go”.

Garry walked to center stage and removed his robe. Garry wasn’t fat like Mark, but he had looked better. His skin was pale and doughy under the bright stage lights, hiding any definition he had. His muscles were flat and chunky. His underwear, stretched by his once large ass, now hung loose in the back. His small penis virtually disappeared in the multiple layers of loose fabric used in the fly front. He too walked quickly. “I’m glad that’s over”, he said to Mark.

“Yeah, but we have to do it again tomorrow in front of a lot more people” Mark reminded him.

The other competitors felt a lot better about their chances in the contest. The two front runners looked horrible; each began to think they could win. Coach Brennan gestured to Lucas; it was his turn at center stage.

Lucas moved confidently towards Lynda. He kissed her deeply on the lips. Then he looked straight at the judges smiling as he slowly removed his robe. He wanted to see their reaction to his body. He wasn’t disappointed. They all gasped, then stared completely silent at the flawless man before them. Lucas had the body of an elite heavyweight bodybuilder, at just over 6’ and almost 300 pounds of muscle. He had full, thick muscle bulging from everywhere. He wore only a pair of seamless, white, low rise designer briefs straining to hold his ass and manhood. He flexed his pecs, causing the bright lights to reflect off his smooth skin, blinding the audience momentarily. The girls started to howl and cheer. “Finally a real man”, Lynda said continuously spraying him down enjoying the close-up view. Lucas raised his arms to run his long fingers through his wet hair, causing his giant biceps to grow. He flexed his abs with his arms raised behind his head, showcasing his leanness. The water flowed off his enormous pecs like Niagara Falls. Some water continued to flow around his sculpted abdominal muscles. As the water hit his underwear, the thin material seemed to disappear. Every detail of his 8” soft cock was on display for everyone to enjoy. He had no tan lines on his unblemished skin. Some of girls started to orgasm just looking at his perfect male endowment. Lucas walked forward to the end of the runway. None of the judges hands could be seen, all were pleasuring themselves under the desk. Lucas just smiled and did a double bicep pose. Loud moans could be heard throughout the hall. Lucas turned and headed back to the lineup. While the audience got to enjoy his wide back and remarkable ass, the other contestants saw his package for the first time. Immediately the rest of men walked off stage, holding their robes closed to hide their erections. They knew the contest was over. Lucas, Mark and Garry were the only ones on stage. The judges couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the three men. They didn’t even seem to be of the same species, nonetheless the same gender. Lucas stood there smiling brilliantly, his abs and pecs flexing with each breath. Mark’s pear like body and Garry’s tube shaped physique were repulsive compared to the masculine perfection of Lucas.

After a few more moments of stunned silence, Coach Brennan spoke. “Thank you Lucas. It doesn’t seem like we have any other contestants left. That’s all for now, we’ll see everybody tomorrow night.”

The cheerleaders rushed the stage and Lucas jumped down to be with them. The girls couldn’t control themselves as they groped his ass, cock and thick muscles. Mark and Garry put their robes back on and watched the frenzy from the stage. The judges walked up to Lucas forcing their way through his groupies. Each held a jacket or clipboard in front of their crotch to hide the wet spots. “Can we talk to you, Lucas?” asked Coach Brennan, “You are obviously one gifted athlete and yet you don’t belong to any team. Each one of us would love you to consider joining our teams as soon as possible.”

“I really need someone with your strength for the discus, hammer throw, shot put and javelin. With your gifts you could easily make the Olympic team.” said the track coach rubbing Lucas’s bicep.

“I already told you, you would be a real asset to the baseball team. I’ve seen you play the game, you’re a natural. Plus the baseball team gets the best perks. I can really make your school days beneficial, big guy.” Coach Miller said slowly patting Lucas’s chest.

The burly football coach moved in front of Miller and grabbed Lucas’s shoulders. “You’re a natural alright, but for football. A man your size should play a real man’s game. I can have scouts from the pro-teams here to take a look at you. Imagine playing in the NFL. A man who looks like you can make big money with endorsement deals”.

The basketball coach stood along side Lucas, and rubbed his hand over Lucas’s mountainous back. “Dave told me you beat him in a game. If you can beat my best player, I want you on my team.”

“Well this is all very flattering gentlemen. I do love being wanted and desired, just ask the girls. I’m just not sure if any of your games are right for me and my talents.” answered Lucas.

“Good point, Lucas. We need to test for your strengths and weaknesses. If you have any weaknesses” commented Coach Brennan, somewhat joking. “Since I am the strength coach for all the teams, I would be glad to help you out. Why don’t we meet tomorrow morning at the gym to do a few tests?”

“Sure why not. But let’s say two in the afternoon. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have a busy night. That will still give me enough time to be back here tomorrow to claim my title.” Lucas suggested. “And I want you two there to see me in action” he added looking at Mark and Garry.

“I’ll make sure they’re there, Lucas. Thank you so much for agreeing to this. We all greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule, sir. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” said Coach Brennan elatedly. The other coaches thanked Lucas again and left him with the girls.

Lucas walked out the door in his underwear. He left with twelve girls circling around him, giggling and touching his body. Lucas was going to have another good night.


Coach Brennan, Mark and Garry were at the gym by 2:00. Mark was barely able to stay awake while waiting for Lucas. An hour passed before Lucas showed up. He was dressed in another pair of spandex shorts and a wife beater. The shirt had a cut along the neckline to accommodate the expansive width of his chest. The cut showcased his deep muscle cleavage.

“Sorry guys, the girls didn’t want me to go. So what is the plan, coach?” Lucas asked.

“I thought we would do simple fitness tests to check your endurance, flexibility, and strength. The results will tell us what sport is best for you. If its okay, I thought we would begin with endurance” answered Coach Brennan.

Lucas nodded and followed the coach to the treadmill. The coach connected Lucas to the treadmill’s heart monitor to measure his pulse. He then set the treadmill at 10 mph and asked Lucas to run for three minutes. Lucas kept up with treadmill with little effort. The coach was hypnotized by the pendulum movement of Lucas’s huge package as he ran. The throbbing pain in Mark’s sore cock increased. After the three minutes, the coach notated the difference in Lucas’s pulse.

“That’s amazing. You’re not even breathing hard. You’re in great condition; that’s rare for such a big guy”, the coach said staring into Lucas’s blue eyes.

“What’s next?” questioned Lucas after waiting a moment for the coach to say something.

“Oh yes, flexibility” said the coach trying to refocus. “Lucas touch your toes and hold that position, please”. Lucas bent at his waist and put his palms flat on the floor. The coach moved behind Lucas and put is hands on Lucas’s ass. He moved is hands down Lucas’s back following his spine. When he got to Lucas’s neck, the shorter man had to lean forward pushing his crotch between Lucas’s ass cheeks. The coach stayed there for a few moments enjoying the position, then noticed Garry and Mark were watching him.

“That’s very good, Lucas. You can stand up. Your lower body is very flexible; now let’s test your upper body. Put one arm behind your head and the other behind your back and try to touch your fingers together” the coach instructed. Lucas did as the coach said exposing his left armpit. The coach’s short stature put his nose at the same level. The coach inhaled Lucas’s scent, moving his nose closer to the source of the odor. “Umm, that smells great, so musky and masculine. What brand of deodorant do you use?” the coach asked.

“I don’t use deodorant. I’m all natural” smiled Lucas.

“God, he is so handsome, so perfect” thought the coach looking at Lucas’s angelic face. “Good and now try reversing your arms.” Lucas did as he was told. “Great job, you are remarkably flexible too. You may be in the best shape of any athlete I’ve ever met. Now let’s test the strength in those huge muscles of yours.”

Everyone walked over to the dumbbell rack. “I thought we’d start with your arms, just select whatever weight you’re comfortable with and do a set of ten curls” the coach advised.

Lucas having never worked out with weights before had no idea what to do. Looking at Mark, Lucas asked, “So what weight do you usually use, little man”.

“The eighties” mumbled Mark.

“Show me” commanded Lucas. Mark grabbed the dumbbell and attempted to do a curl. “Pathetic” Lucas said as he grabbed the weight from Mark’s hand and curled it easily. He put the eighty back and picked up a hundred in each hand and pumped out ten effortlessly. He put the weights back and flexed his biceps; he loved the tight feeling of his skin and the rush of blood.

The coach watched Lucas, glad he was wearing a cup today. “Let’s move onto the bench press. What do you usually do, Lucas?” asked the coach.

“It varies from day to day. Garry, how much you do?” asked Lucas trying to cover his ignorance.

“I hold the school record, 420 at 10 reps” answered Garry puffing out his chest.

“Let’s set the bar at 450 then for fun” said Lucas smirking.

Garry and Mark put the weight on the bar as Lucas laid on the bench. Lucas nervously put his hands on the bar and pushed up. He lowered the weight and pushed it back up. He could feel the weight but was surprised at how light it was. He did several more reps and heard a ripping sound. His pumped up chest was lengthening the tear in his shirt. By the time he finished 20 reps, the tear was down to his waist. He sat up and tore the shirt off his body. He flexed his chest, rubbing his hand over the hard meat. He looked like he had flesh colored water balloons strapped to his chest and arms. But they felt like hard concrete. He loved the power of his body. The coach watched Lucas feel himself up and felt his penis trying to free itself from the confines of the cup. “That was easy enough, but I don’t want to tire myself out. I’ve got the contest to think about tonight” Lucas said as he stood up still flexing his chest. “What’s next coach?”

“Just one more, the squat to test the legs. But first I have to ask you about steroids. Have you ever used performance enhancing steroids?” the coach asked hesitantly.

“Never had to coach. It’s like I said I’m all natural” replied Lucas.

“More like supernatural” mumbled Mark under his breath.

“We do random drug testing of our athletes. You don’t show any of the typical signs of steroid use. No bacne.” The coach spoke as he ran his hand over Lucas’s yard wide back. “No signs of glastcomony” he said as he tried to dent Lucas’s thick right pec. “And your testicles certainly aren’t atrophied” the coach cupped Lucas’s package and gave a slight squeeze. The coach moved closer to Lucas, still holding his balls, and whispered, “I’m a friend of professor Dekoda, he told me about your special one on one time. Maybe we can do the same and share workout tips”.

Lucas bent slightly and whispered to the coach, “Sure thing, I’d love to exchange pointers with you coach”.

The coach swallowed hard and stepped away from Lucas. “Great I look forward to it. At what weight do you want the squat machine set?” the coach asked Lucas trying to regain his composure.

“A hundred pounds over the current school record should be fine. I’m guessing that means another one of your records is about to bite the dust, Garry” smirked Lucas.

“You haven’t done it yet, Lucas. My record is 650 pounds. I don’t think you can handle 750” shot back Garry.

“Just do it, boy” Lucas said as he settled back into the squat machine. Mark moved the pin to the 750 pound setting; Garry removed the pin and set it to 900. Garry put his finger to his lips and looked at Mark.

“All set, coach” said Garry.

Lucas lifted the weight slightly. Garry showed him how to release the safety. He bent his knees and tried to straighten his legs. He couldn’t. He bent his knees again. He noticed Garry was smiling. Garry tried again to straighten his legs, pushing harder this time.

“Looks like it’s too heavy for you, little Lucas” taunted Garry.

Garry’s words only angered Lucas. He pushed harder, putting 100% of his strength into the lift. This was the hardest Lucas had ever worked in his life. His ass and thighs swelled with power, ripping the seams in his shorts. Sweat poured from his skin, his body started to tremble. With a loud animalistic growl, he forced the weight back up the rack and reset the safety.

Garry and Mark were shocked. The coach looked at the weight and then at Lucas, “You just squatted 900 pounds. That’s incredible”.

Lucas stood up in front of the machine, breathing deeply. He never felt so physically drained. Sweat was running down his chest and gathering at his nipple. The nipple was pointing downward and the sweat was dripping from it. Lucas’s heavy breathing caused his entire chest to heave upward with every breath. The coach was eye level with Lucas’s chest; he put his tongue on the nipple to lick the accumulated sweat. “The nectar of the god” thought the coach as he swallowed.

Lucas pushed the coach away. “Are we done here?”

“Yes, but don’t you want to go to my office to discuss the results? Please.” begged the coach.

“Later” said Lucas as he walked toward the locker room, ripping his shorts off him as he went. His large ass cheeks lifting and falling rhythmically with each step. Another student was leaving the locker room as Lucas entered. He spontaneously came in his shorts at the sight of Lucas’s spectacular nude physique. Lucas entered the showers and turned on the water. He stood under the water spray supporting himself with one hand against the wall. He had forgotten what it was to be tired. With his other hand he traced the grooves outlining his abs. But he stopped because the grooves had disappeared. He looked at his arm; the sexy thick vein was gone. He looked down and noticed he could now see his horse cock for the first time in days; his chest must have decreased in size. He grabbed his cock and watched it shrivel back to his thinner, original size. It also became sore and swollen. He ran to a mirror to see his muscles continue to shrink and his stomach swell with fat. His bronzed tan faded to reveal botchy, pale skin. His beautiful face became puffy and dark bags appeared under his blood shot eyes. His ass sagged as his legs thinned to twigs. His hard pecs were replaced with soft tits, and his once powerful arms were now shapeless limbs. He was no longer a god, but a dud.

The coach thanked the boys for their help and quickly left for his office. Mark and Garry straightened up by putting back the plates they had used. Mark had a sudden burst of energy; even Garry mentioned he looked much better. Both felt a lot stronger putting the weights back. As Mark was walking his pants fell down. Embarrassed he went to pull them back up when he noticed his legs. They were tanned, cut and covered with hard muscle. He quickly tore off his remaining clothing and screamed with joy. He saw his body coming back to life. His pecs became firm and lifted. His arms and shoulders pulsed with new growth. All the soft fat was being sucked into his body as hard muscle pushed outward. The color of his skin returned to its smooth olive tone. His eyes brightened and posture improved. He looked like a more muscular version of himself during his bodybuilding days.

Garry was watching Mark’s metamorphosis, when he realized his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight. He stood sideways looking in the mirror. His ass was growing larger, rounder, and higher as he watched. Then he noticed his ass wasn’t the only bulge growing larger. His cock was forcing his pants outward too. He tore off his clothes and saw fat melting away from his waist. His muscles grew impressively all over. He was a leaner version of his former hulking self only with more muscle mass.

The two hunks did a couple of poses and hugged. Garry lifted Mark off his feet as he hugged him. The two men’s steel hard cocks were pressed between their muscular bodies. Garry let Mark go after hearing him groan. “Sorry, is it still sore” asked Garry grabbing and lightly squeezing Mark’s thick rod without thinking.

“No, I’m just glad to be able to get it up again. I was beginning to get really worried. Now it feels great” replied Mark grinning widely.

“It sure does” Garry whispered then released his grip, “I mean your whole body looks great. I’ve never seen you so muscular and ripped, dude”.

“Thanks, maybe I should enter some bodybuilding contests again” said Mark looking at his perfect image in the mirror. He then turned back to Garry, “And how about you. Look at those abs, you actually have a washboard going there.” Mark said rubbing Garry’s visible six pack. “And look at your muscle mass, you’re bigger than ever. And I see those pills and hours on the pecker pump have paid off. I’m getting a little envious”.

“That will be the day”, Garry remarked rubbing his own cock. “We finally broke Lucas’s spell. I bet Lucas isn’t too happy about this.”

“Lucas” said Mark panicking, “We’ve got to get to those dolls before he does. He may do something to change everything back again”.

Both men ran into the locker room searching for Lucas. Garry went down every aisle, while Mark checked the showers. Lucas was no where to be found. Mark and Garry grabbed a couple of towels, wrapped them around their tight waists and ran out of the building. Lucas had a couple minutes head start, but he ran slowly and had to stop every few yards to catch his breath. Mark and Garry ran quickly, non-stop to the fraternity. They reached Lucas’s room as he was just entering. Lucas got into his room and tried to lock the door. But Mark got there too fast and easily forced the door open using the strength of his increased muscle mass. Lucas fell backwards onto the floor, his body fat jiggling as he made contact. Garry followed Mark into Lucas’s room and closed the door.

Lucas was crying, “Look at what I’ve become. I’m a disgusting, fat slob. And I know somehow it’s your fault.” Mark and Garry looked at Lucas in amazement. He had lost over 100 pounds of muscle mass and gained 60 pounds of fat, most the fat accumulating in his gut and breasts. His pale skin made him even more unattractive.

“Our fault”, responded Mark, “you’re the one who started this whole thing, asshole.”

“Well, I was perfect before and I will be perfect again in no time. You wait and see. I’ll show you two”, Lucas replied defiantly looking at the two muscle jocks towering over him.

Garry walked over to the foot locker and pulled at the dolls. “Not with the help of these, dude” he said staring at Lucas. Garry unwrapped the ornate, red ribbon from around the dolls. He gave the dolls to Mark, and reached for a lighter on Lucas’s desk.

“What are you doing? Stop, that’s mine. It’s the only way I can get what I want, my only hope” cried Lucas stretching out his arms toward Garry.

Garry lit the lighter and placed the flame onto the ribbon. It went up in a burst of smoke, like flash paper. The two gold medallions fell to the floor now looking like lead. Lucas screamed “No!” and scrambled to pick them up. He held the medallions in his hands crying uncontrollably.

“If you want a body like ours, you have to work for it like we do. You have all the right equipment, dude. You’re tall, handsome, hung; you’re just lazy.” Garry said feeling somewhat sorry for Lucas.

“Just get out of my room and leave me alone” Lucas said with his head looking down.

“No way, man. We have a contest to go to tonight. And we are all going” said Mark, unsympathetic to Lucas’s situation. He saw two more pairs of the designer briefs Lucas wore in the rehearsal, still in their package lying on the bed. He grabbed them and said, “I think Garry and I will look better in these now. But don’t worry Lucas; Garry will lend you a pair of his old briefs.”


A month later, Lucas is sitting in the bleachers half heartily watching a baseball game. He had no shirt and his bloated body was painted in the school’s colors. A group of nearby girls were pointing at him and laughing. He just wanted the game to end so he can get back to the house. He was working on a special embroidery project and was almost finish.

Garry and Mark were standing together at the mound; both looking like ultimate jocks in their skin tight baseball uniform. “One more out, dude, and you have another perfect game. Strike this guy out so we can get the party started. Man, it’s great to have things back to the way they were.” Garry smiled at Mark and turned heading back to home plate.

Mark slapped Garry’s firm ass and said “Yes, it certainly is”. •

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