Taking the Good


By Clarence591

Lucas took a seat at the usual table in the cafeteria. It was the table “owned” by his fraternity. No one looked up or greeted him as he sat down. Lucas never really felt like he belonged with this group of guys, but that didn’t bother him. His father belonged to the fraternity during his college days and donated lots of money to the house, so Lucas was a legacy. He didn’t care about the fraternity or for that matter, college in the least. He never liked school and only went to appease his father. Only in his second semester, he already thought school was a waste of time. His grades reflected his attitude. He rarely studied and only did what he had to do to not flunk out. Lucas felt like he didn’t need college. He was tall, very handsome and clever. He came from a wealthy family and never believed in hard work or sacrifice to get want he wanted. Lucas believed in taking shortcuts whenever possible.

Lucas dug into his typical meat and potatoes meal, along with 2 servings of desert. Lucas’s body was soft and pudgy from lack of exercise. His handsome face, large cock and even larger wallet made him somewhat popular with the ladies anyway. Sitting next to him was Mark, who was having a conversation with Garry across the table. Mark and Garry were the University’s best athletes, both shining stars of the baseball team. Lucas resented their popularity and power in the fraternity. Mark was a lot like Lucas in appearance, except dark haired to Lucas’s blond. Both were just over 6’ tall, had model features with blue eyes, perfect teeth, flawless skin and a lanky physique. But Mark’s body was toned and muscular from years of training for the pitcher’s mound. He even won some natural bodybuilding contests back home. Lucas couldn’t help notice the differences in their arms. Both wore t-shirts, but Lucas’s hung loose around his thin upper arm as Mark’s was tight, filled with muscle. Lucas watched Mark’s bicep flex and relax as he gestured when talking with Garry. Lucas admired Mark’s body but knew it took work to attain and maintain. Garry was the biggest guy at the table. He had the bulk of a catcher and stood over 6’ 5” in height. His shoulder width made the guys sitting on either side of him lean away, so as not to crowd the giant. Garry had bright green eyes and a mop of curly brown hair that framed his rugged features.

“Whoa, big guy, I didn’t call you fat” Mark said to Garry with a smile on his face, “I’m just saying you gained some weight around your middle. Hell, we both have. It’s the famous, freshman 15. We gained the poundage from bad cafeteria food and too much beer. And to be honest, we have skipped a lot of workouts, too. But we’ve got to serious again in our regimen. The Wet T&B contest is only six weeks away.”

Lucas thought about the University’s annual Wet T-shirt and Briefs contest. Seeing the hottest girls in wet t-shirts and guys in wet briefs would be a rush. What a great way to celebrate the end of mid-terms. Of course every sorority and fraternity wanted to have one of their members win the respective title. It was a matter of pride. And Mark and Garry were considered the front runners in the male division.

Garry responded “It’s easy for you. You can lose fat and add muscle at the drop of a hat. I was never a teenage bodybuilding champion with chiseled abs. I’m naturally a big dude. Yes, I can put on muscle easy, but it’s harder for me to get cut. But I’m not fat, just big waisted.”

Lucas laughed, almost choking on his chocolate cake, listening to Garry.

“What’s so funny dough boy. I don’t see you signing up for the contest. It takes more than a pretty face to win this thing”, snapped Garry staring at Lucas.

“True”, answered Lucas defensively, “But at least I know when not to appear in public in a pair of tighty-whities embarrassing the entire house. I realize I’m fat, unlike the two of you.”

“I said I’m not fat” Garry stated as he stood to his full height, clenching his fist making the muscles in his arms and chest bulge. The whole table got quiet and turned to see what was happening.

Mark quickly played diplomat. “Every body just calm down. Garry ignore him. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s never worked out a day in his life. You can easily break him into two, that’s obvious to everyone.” Garry took a deep breath and sat down.

Mark turned his attention to Lucas. “And at least we are supporting the house by entering the contest. Nobody else is, certainly not you and your big mouth. You have never cared about the fraternity before, so don’t pretend now, Lucas. If our performance in the contest really concerns you, you’re welcome to enter. As the saying goes; put up or shut up.”

Everyone stared at Lucas. Lucas looked around the table feeling obligated to answer. “Maybe I will enter. I can fill-out a pair of underwear better than either of you boys anyway.” Lucas really had no plans on entering and embarrassing himself.

“Oh, really, little Lucas”, smirked Mark, “Why don’t we then make this more interesting with a little side bet. If Garry or I win, you have to be our maid for the remainder of the school year. And you have to show up to every baseball game shirtless with those flabby tits of yours painted in the school colors. I know how you love to show your school spirit.”

“Good one, Mark”, laughed Garry.

Lucas panicked; things were getting out of hand. Even though he didn’t care about the fraternity, he knew his life in the house would be hell, if he backed down now. His mind raced, and then he remembered something from his past. He grinned and said, “Fine. If I win, the two of you will be my maid.”

“Deal” said Mark as he extended his calloused hand to shake on it.

“I’m not done. And the morning after the contest the two of you will carry me to my first class on a chair held above your shoulders.” Lucas hesitated for a moment, “And of course you will have to be totally naked as you do it.” Lucas slipped his hand into Mark’s and waited for a response.

“Deal”, said Mark again and they shook. Lucas reached over toward Garry.

“I don’t know about this Mark” said Garry, looking at Mark.

“Please, what are you worried about. Look at us, look at him. We are a thousand workouts ahead of him already. He will never be able to match our muscle mass in six weeks. We just have to lose 10 to 15 pounds of fat. He’s got to do that and gain 30 pounds of muscle just to be able to compete with us. We’re natural athletes, he’s not. We put on muscle mass without even trying, he certainly doesn’t. There’s no way we can lose this bet, big guy”. Mark said smugly to Garry.

Garry realized Mark was right. He looked at Mark’s impressive form covered in the tight XL t-shirt, then looked at Lucas sitting next to him. Lucas looked so scrawny in comparison. “Deal” Garry shook Lucas’s hand, squeezing much more tightly than he had to, just for fun. Lucas grimaced in pain. The bet was on. ---------------------------------

Mark and Garry went to the gym after their meal. They decided to assess their current shape and revise their workouts to maximize the results. The locker room was deserted as they got undressed down to their underwear. Mark went into the adjacent bathroom to look into the mirror above the sinks.

“Not too bad”, said Mark as he flexed his triceps and pecs. Mark’s bright white underwear contrasted against his olive skin. He ran his right hand up his sinewy left arm and over his hard chest. He stepped back as he continued his evaluation. He rubbed his thighs, flexing as he touched each muscle group. Thick cords of muscle sprung to life. He turned slightly to see his round ass, then he cupped his large balls and thick cock enjoying the weight in his hand before letting go. Mark was hung like a horse and he loved the way the waistband of his underwear was pulled down by the sheer size of his endowment. He knew his horse dick was his “ace in the whole”, sort of speak, that would win him the contest. When he moved up to his stomach, he sighed. He could still feel the hard eight-pack underneath the soft flesh that covered his waist. “Not as bad as I thought, but I definitely need some help in this area”.

“You’re not alone”, said Garry rubbing his gut as he entered the bathroom and stood next to Mark.

Mark looked at Garry and smiled, “It’s really not that bad. You are one massive dude with lots of muscle on your bones. We just need to make you a little leaner to bring out the definition.”

Garry did a double bicep pose. He always had huge guns, easily 22” round. The peaks on his arms were magnificent. His shoulders looked like bowling bowls. His pectorals were vast fields of muscle suspended from his chest. The thickness of his neck made him look more like a linebacker than a baseball player. In fact, he played football throughout high school. But the University had a better baseball program, and he could be on the same field as his best friend, so he switched games. Garry’s natural athletic ability and incredible strength allowed him to excel at any sport. His lower body, which always lagged behind his massive top half, was covered with thick muscle too. He made great gains in his calves, thighs and ass since he had to stay in the catcher’s crouch for nine innings. Along with his waist, Garry gained excess weight in his ass, making it larger and rounder than any one else on the team. Garry didn’t mind the extra weight there because people loved the way his ass looked in his fitted baseball uniform or a pair of jeans. His firm ass would be pinched or caressed several times of day by appreciative girls. Even the hands of his coaches and teammates lingered a little too long, copping a feel after slapping his ass when he made a great play. Garry really loved his big, beefy ass. His attention moved on to a less impressive sight, his cock. While large, his titanic thighs and thick waist made it look small, especially standing next to Mark. “My cock looks like a little boy’s compared to you. There’s no way I’m going to win this thing.” Garry said looking into the mirror.

“My friend, there is nothing small about you. It’s just everything else is so big, even a larger than average poker looks tiny.” Mark said to make Garry feel better. “Plus cock size doesn’t make a difference to women. That’s what everyone says”.

"Yeah, everyone with a small cock or who’s boyfriend has a small cock. I’m trying these pills and suction pump thing advertised in the back of Playboy. It’s supposed to add a couple of inches and make you thicker too. Every little bit helps, right?” Garry said trying to justify his buying decision to Mark. “Women expect someone with my physique to be hung like you. I don’t want to disappoint them. Plus I don’t want to embarrass myself in the contest. Everybody knows that a wet briefs contest is just a nicer term for a cock contest.”

“You do what is right for you, dude”, Mark responded, and then patted on Garry’s keg like gut. “I think we should concentrate on this bad puppy here. Hey, it’s pretty firm already. We just have to try to reduce it down a little. Maybe you should work your abdominals less and concentrate on your other muscles and diet. The more muscle mass you have the more fat you’ll burn. And you definitely have muscle mass and I know you can add a lot more with no problem. Now, let’s get changed and hit the weights.” ---------------------------------------

Lucas left the cafeteria after making the bet to laughter from the table. He went directly to his room and stripped down to his underwear. He looked at himself in the full length mirror hanging behind the door. He looked worse than he thought. His pale skin covered thin arms and bony legs. He did have a nice, above average package filling his Calvin Kleins. He was always proud of his big cock. It was one of the things he was grateful he got from his father, the other was his allowance. But his cock was overshadowed, literally, by his stomach hanging over the waistband. He tried to suck in his gut and puff out his soft chest. He could only hold his breath for a few seconds, plus he looked ridiculous. From the neck down he looked like an out of shape, middle aged man and yet he as only 19. He knew he would have to resort to drastic measures to beat Mark and Garry.

In the cafeteria he remembered something his nanny, Hatri, did for him when he was a kid. Like many older, Creole woman, his nanny knew a thing or two about voodoo. Hatri helped him pass Algebra, and avoid summer school, by casting a little spell on a classmate. He was able to gain all the math knowledge learned by Ralph, the class nerd, without touching a book. For a three week period of time, he just knew everything that Ralph studied. The funny thing was Ralph couldn’t absorb the material at the same time, no matter how hard he tried. Ralph’s loss was definitely Lucas’s gain. Ralph failed the final exam and had to repeat the class during the summer. Lucas thought better him than me. Lucas had used voodoo a few more times in the past to get what he wanted, but wisely knew it could be dangerous.

Lucas searched his foot locker for Hatri’s old spell book. He had taken the book from Hatri’s room after she had died several years ago. Lucas knew this was his only chance in beating the two muscle-heads, even though the thought of practicing voodoo frightened him a little. Hatri always warned him a spell could backfire on the one who cast it. But, there was no way he was going to actually diet and exercise. He could never transform his pathetic body into a super jock’s in just six weeks.

He clearly remembered the procedures in casting the spell on Ralph, but realized he had to make a few modifications. Lucas took a old t-shirt from his dresser. He cut three man-like figures out of both sides of the fabric, making 6 shapes. They looked like simple paper dolls about 6” tall. He took a needle and thread, then sewed two of the cutouts together leaving an opening along the dolls side. He had his three voodoo dolls almost complete; one doll would be bonded to him and the other two to his victims. He left his room and headed to Garry’s, making sure no one saw him enter. He looked around the room for a photo of Garry, one he won’t miss. He took some hair from Garry’s brush and stuffed it inside the doll. He also found tissues in the waste can, some used in Garry’s last jerking-off session. “Perfect”, thought Lucas as he stuffed them inside the doll too. Lucas went to Mark’s room and repeated the procedure for the other doll. The high testosterone levels of the two jocks meant they were always horny. Lucas had more than enough DNA to work with. Lucas quietly returned to his own room just in time as he heard the booming voices of Mark and Garry downstairs. He carefully cut out the heads of his competitors from the collected photos and pinned them to the face of the dolls. He finished the third doll with his own items. He then took a small piece of paper and folded it in half. He drew a circle, with the folded line bisecting it. He darkened one half of the circle with his pencil, representing bad and left the other side white, representing good. Placing a duplicated piece of paper in each doll, he held Mark’s doll in the palm of his hands. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent the physical body of Mark, who dwells in this house”. Lucas put the doll down and picked up the other. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent the physical body of Garry, who dwells in this house”. And finally the last doll. “Earth spirits, may this doll represent my physical body”. Lucas took the piece of paper from Garry’s doll and tore the paper along the folded line. He returned the dark half inside the doll and sewed it shut. He removed and tore the pieces of paper from the remaining two dolls, but this time he placed both dark halves into Mark’s doll and all three white halves in his own doll before sewing them shut.

Lucas stacked all three dolls together and wrapped a red ribbon from Hatri’s book around them, spiritually binding them. “Earth spirits, hear my quest. Help my body look its best. What was physically good for all three, now benefits only me. What was physically bad for me, is now bad for only he.” Lucas opened his foot locker, placed the dolls inside on top of the book, and locked it shut. -----------------------------

Lucas spent most of the next day sleeping. He had to get out of bed to attend English Lit., the one class he knew the professor would take attendance. As he was getting ready for class, still half asleep, he smashed is right foot into his bed post. The sudden burst of pain jolted him, but then the pain completely faded away. He examined his foot and there wasn’t a mark on it. Lucas slipped on his loafers and left for the afternoon class.

Mark and Garry arrived at the cafeteria for dinner early. They wanted to finish their meal of broiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli, so they could hit the gym again tonight. “I feel great, so energized”, beamed Mark “I’ve forgotten how a real work out makes you feel. I had such a pump going yesterday; I could actually feel my muscles growing. Tonight we’re going to work arms and chest. Plus I’ll do some ab work.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. My legs, back and shoulders are nice and tight from yesterday’s routine. I starting to think, I have a chance at winning the contest.” Garry said smiling at Mark.

“Dream on. That contest is mine.” replied Mark.

Just then Lucas approached the table with his tray of food. “Lasagna, garlic bread, and two servings of chocolate pudding. Have you given up already, little Lucas.” asked Mark.

“You train your way and I’ll train mine” Lucas said smugly and he put a large forkful of pasta into his mouth.

“Once a wimp, always a wimp” said Garry as he got up from the table. “Let’s go Mark, even though it looks like this isn’t going to be much of a contest.”

Mark got up and winced in pain as he put some weight on his right foot. “What happened to you?” asked Lucas as he looked at Mark’s foot. Since Mark was wearing sandals, Lucas could see a huge bruise on Mark’s right foot, near his big toe.

“Not sure. I must have banged it during my work out yesterday, but I don’t remember doing it”, replied Mark. Lucas smiled as Mark limped away with Garry. --------------------------------------------------

Mark and Garry arrived at the gym eager for another great workout. As they entered, everyone else made room for the muscular men. As they approached a piece of equipment, whoever was on it, stopped what they were doing and left. Mark and Garry didn’t have to say a word. No one wanted to get in the way of these superior athletes.

Garry was working his barrel chest on the fly machine. Mark was working his favorite muscle, his biceps with free weights across the room. Garry stopped after doing just 4 heavy sets and went to do some bench presses. Something was wrong. Garry did not look happy and he wasn’t the only one. Mark switched to the cables and did some tricep extensions. He worked his arm until exhaustion and sat on the floor, sweating. Garry walked over to Mark rubbing his thick pectorals with his gloved hand. He squatted to be near Mark’s level and said, “I don’t know about you, Mark, but I’m just not feeling it today. I’m not getting my usual pump. By now, I’m normally juiced with energy and horny as hell. But today I’m just tired.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. After an hour of lifting, my muscles are usually swollen with blood, ready to burst through my skin. Today, I’m exhausted, no energy buzz. This has never happened to me before, dude.” replied Mark looking at the ground. He raised his head into Garry’s concerned eyes. “Maybe we overdid it yesterday and our bodies need time to recover. Things will be better tomorrow. Let’s hit the showers and call it a night, big guy”.

Meanwhile, Lucas was sitting in a nearby bar nursing a beer. He told everyone he was going to an off campus gym that had the newest and best equipment for his workouts. Never have been inside a gym, he wouldn’t know the first thing about weight machines anyway. Lucas was watching the local news when suddenly he felt warm all over. Blood was pumping through his veins, filling his body with vitality. He never felt such a rush. He had an abundance of energy and his cock started to react. Lucas couldn’t stop from getting hard, it just felt so good. He quickly walked into the bar’s restroom and closed a stall door behind him. He lowered his pants and watched is throbbing cock spring from its prison. He started to stroke his joystick quicker and quicker. He was in ecstasy. He came, releasing a large amount of cum on the stall’s graffiti covered wall. “What was that?”, Lucas said to himself, smiling and trying to catch his breath.

This routine continued for 2 weeks. Lucas soon figured out it was the combination of Mark’s and Garry’s “pump” he was feeling. He made sure he was in his room when the two of them went to the gym, that way he could fully enjoy the incredible sensation in private. After tonight’s experience, Lucas cleaned himself off. He stood in front of the mirror, wiping the sweat and cum from his much improved body. Lucas had lost his gut and soft pointy breasts. He now had a flat stomach with the faint outline of a six pack and veins running toward his crotch. His chest was hard with squared off pecs. His arms and legs were now sculpted with muscle. He had a swimmer’s build and loved the hardness of his new physique. Even his cock seemed bigger and thicker. He looked like an athlete even though he ate whatever he wanted and as much as he wanted. Plus he never entered a gym or touched a weight. He owed his accelerated transformation to Mark and Garry’s dedication. Lucas benefited from both of their genetic advantage of easily adding muscle mass. Lucas put on his new pair of 30x34 jeans. He loved how the hugged every part of his body except his waist. His handsome face and hard body made the mirror’s image look like an ad in a fashion magazine. -------------------------------------

“Maybe we should go to see a doctor or something” proposed Mark. Both Garry and he were sitting in the cafeteria finishing their breakfast of egg whites, non-fat yogurt and fruit.

“Isn’t that kind of drastic, Mark?” asked Garry.

“Drastic? I’ve been working out hard every day for almost 3 weeks and eating like a professional bodybuilder, but I’m still gaining weight. And it’s not muscle like it should be, but disgusting fat. All my clothes don’t fit anymore. I have to wear these sweat pants with the elastic waist, and even they're starting to get tight.” Mark answered almost on the verge of tears. “And to make things worse, instead of making gains in my routines, I’ve had to start lifting lighter weights. I swear I’m getting weaker, my muscles are shrinking. My body’s reacting as if I’ve never worked out a day in my life. I’ve always been able to put on muscle and loss fat very fast. I tell you something is wrong.”

“I know man. I may not be getting any fatter, but I’m not getting any thinner or stronger either. I should have added at least another 20 pounds of weight to my lifts at this point in the program. But I’ve had to use lighter weights too. I’m not making any muscle gains either.” Garry said to calm Mark. Garry was worried too, but he had never seen his friend look so vulnerable before. He was always the pinnacle of male confidence. Garry leaned in closer to Mark and whispered, “The special pills and pump aren’t adding anything down below either. If you know what I mean. You’ve still got me beat in that department.” Garry pulled away from Mark and returned to his normal voice. “I’ll tell you want we have to do. Maybe our metabolism, body chemistry or something has changed. We’re not getting any younger you know. Maybe we need some new supplements to jump start our muscle growth. And they have all kinds of supplements to increase fat burning. We’ll go to the health food store after our last class today and see what they got.”

Mark took a deep breath and calmed himself. He appreciated what Garry was trying to do. “You are right, my friend. Supplements can only help. I’m also going to increase my cardio work to rev up my calorie usage. I’ll get rid of this spare tire in no time. It’s still three weeks until the contest.” -----------------------------------------------------------

The next morning Mark woke very early and headed out to the school’s exercise trail. The sun was shining bright on the warm day. He started feeling hot after a few yards and took off his shirt. He was a little embarrassed by his flabby gut, but still had some good sized muscle on his frame. After only about half way down the trail, he had to stop and catch his breath. After resting a moment, enjoying the feel of the sunshine on his skin, he started to run back. He had to stop running after a few yards and walked the rest of the way, breathing hard.

Mark kept up this routine for 10 days. Yet he never made it passed the half way point along the trail. In fact it became harder each day to make it there, woman and middle-aged men brushed passed him as he tried to catch his breath. “I don’t understand what’s happened to my stamina. I should be able to do this trail with little effort. I’ve been an athlete all my life. I pride myself in my conditioning. It’s like I never exercised a day in my life. I feel so tired and out of shape.” ------------------------------------------------------

Lucas had been avoiding Mark and Garry. He didn’t want them to get suspicious of the spectacular changes in his body. He wore oversized shirts to hide his bulging muscles. But it was getting harder to camouflage. His growth was greatly accelerated by the supplements that Garry and Mark were taking. Lucas’s body went from that of a high fashion model to a beefy fitness model in two weeks. Every muscle was perfectly sculpted; his body fat had fallen below 3% making his jock body and face look even sexier. His flawless skin was now bronzed as if kissed by the sun. Lucas, being a true blue-eyed blond, always had trouble getting a tan. He usually just burned, so he avoided the sun. But thanks to Mark’s daily shirtless jogs, Lucas had a golden tan. Lucas had never seen a more perfect man than what he now saw in the mirror. Thick cords of sinewy muscle bulged and flexed with every move. He was so turned on by his own body; he decided to change his plans. Why wait for the contest to show off? There was only 1 week to go any way; there was nothing anyone could do to stop him from easily winning the contest now. He noticed that some of his frat brothers were playing a game of basketball in the driveway under the bright noon day sun. He took out a pair of pale blue, to match his eyes, shorts from his foot locker, figuring there was no need to lock it anymore. They were very short and made of thin nylon, with high cuts up the legs. The kind track athletes sometimes wore. As he slid the shorts up his sinewy legs, the material felt cool to the touch. He pulled the shorts over his superbly muscular bubble butt. Lucas thought to himself, he had to thank Garry for his perfect ass. He then pulled the front of the shorts up and over his huge cock and balls. Lucas didn’t realize he had to thank Garry for that enhancement too. The super light weight material hugged his body like a second skin, displaying his manhood majestically. Nothing was left to the imagination. There was no doubt he was a physically gifted man.

Mark walked out of the house in nothing but the tight shorts and sneakers. “Mind if I join you guys. I can use a little exercise” Lucas asked coyly. Every one stopped to look at Lucas, their jaws dropped. Lucas’s body glowed with athleticism and masculinity. Several guys quickly moved there hands to their crotch in attempt to cover there growing erections. “Uh, sure thing man” said Dave, one of the stars of the basketball team. The rest of the guys moved to the sidelines, relieved to be able to sit and better hide their hard ons. “I guess it’s one on one, Dave.” said Lucas, noticing the guys leaving the court. “Take it easy on me, Dave. I haven’t played the game since high school gym class. And that was only because I had to.”

“You take it easy on me, Lucas. It looks like you are a pretty good athlete” Dave responded seductively.

“You think?” said Lucas running his hand over this chest and down his solid ten pack. Dave threw the basketball to Lucas, who started to dribble. It was amazing how natural it felt. He moved forward, quickly passing Dave and jumping high off the ground, dunking the ball through the hoop. Lucas was amazed how easy that was. He body was so agile and strong. His reflexes heightened to that of a natural athlete in his prime. Lucas quickly out maneuvered the much taller Dave and scored several more points with ease.

“Looks like we have a hustler among us, boys” Dave said, trying to cover his poor showing against Lucas. “You should try out for the team next year.”

“I like more of a challenge in the games I play” Lucas said with confidence. The game continued for over an hour with Lucas’s lead never faltering. With the score at 50 to 12, Dave walked off the court, exhausted, his hair and body dripping with sweat. Lucas wasn’t even breathing hard, a light coating of perspiration made his golden skin glow even more in the sunlight.

“What’s the matter, Dave? You look tired” said Lucas mockingly.

“What’s with you, man”, questioned Dave, “Why aren’t you tired. You’ve got to have the stamina of two men. No the endurance of an Olympic athlete. I’m done. Thanks for the great game. I’ll see you later, man.”

“Any one else want to take me on. I’m just getting warmed up, guys” asked Lucas to the admiring eyes along the sidelines. They all shook their heads no and followed Dave into the house. Lucas stood far behind the foul line; he took the ball and shot it effortlessly through the hoop.

A sultry voice came from behind Lucas, “No net, just air. You are a very talented man.” Lucas turned to see, Lynda, one of the hottest girls in school, standing there. He realized for the first time that several girls from the neighboring sorority came out to see him play. They moved in closer to Lucas. They looked at Lucas as lionesses look at a piece of prime beef. Lynda reached up and put her hands on his hard as steel chest, while two other girls on either side of Lucas started to caress his pumped up biceps. Lynda moved her hand across his chest, down to his stomach, where she ran her fingers along the deep groves separating his abdominals. Finally she ran the back of her hand over his still soft, but protruding cock. His sweat making the fabric cling even more to his manhood. “Why haven’t we ever gone out, Lucas” asked Linda coyly. “Because you never found me attractive enough I guess” replied Lucas smugly, flexing each muscle slightly as she touched it. “Well things do change. We’re having an end of semester party of Omega Delta Phi next week. Promise you’ll come. Each and every one of us will guarantee you’ll have a real good time. Won’t we girls?”

“Absolutely” the girls all agreed.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, my beautiful ladies”, replied Lucas reaching up to run his long fingers through his golden blond mane. The movement exposed his underarm, releasing his male scent into the still afternoon air. All the girls breathed in deep, moaning as they captured the powerful odor. His abundant male pheromones made the girls react lustfully and Lucas felt several small hands caress his wide back and firm ass. Lynda took a more direct approach and groped his huge package. “Do you have any plans right now, Lucas”, she said in a raspy voice.

“Actually I was just going to get all wet and take a shower” Lucas said nonchalantly, not reacting to Lynda’s slow massage of his cock.

“No, please don’t. We want you just the way you are. Plus, we’re already wet and we didn’t need to take a shower.” Lynda said as she firmly squeezed Lucas’s left nut. She could only fit one of his king sized balls in her small hand. A shiver went down her spine at the realization of what she held in her hand. The perfect man was in her grasp.

At the same time, Mark and Garry were returning to the fraternity after their daily workout. Both looked worn out and half dead to the world. As they approached, they thought it was odd to see so many girls in the driveway. And they didn’t recognize the muscular jock standing in the middle of the adoring crowd. As they got closer they realized it was Lucas. “What the fuck?” said Garry astonished at Lucas’s appearance.

Lucas moved his eyes from Lynda’s large breasts to look at Garry and Mark. Startled at first, then realizing he was the dominate male among the three now, said “Well if it isn’t my competition. How you boys doing?” The girls parted as Lucas walked towards the guys.

“What the fuck happened to you? How did this happen so fast? Those can’t be real. What are you on?”, fired Mark with a shocked look on his face.

“I told you I had my own exercise and diet program. It seems to work a hell of lot better than yours” Lucas said as he patted the boys on there bloated stomachs. He confidently put his hands on his hips; his fingertips from each hand almost touching at the center of his tight, sculpted abdominals. Not so subtly highlighting the vast contrast between the three men’s physiques. “Girls did you know the three of us are going to be competing in the wet brief contest next week? Who do you think is going to win?” All the girls laughed as they walked towards Lucas caressing his body again.

Garry’s said, “The contest hasn’t happened yet, Lucas.”

Mark eyes scanned Lucas’s glistening, muscular body and stopped at his huge cock. Mark felt inferior to another man for the first time in his life. He no longer believed he would win the contest. Deep down he always thought he would no matter how much fat he had around his gut; he had so many other things going for him. But everything changed at that moment.

Noticing Mark staring at his cock, Lucas said, “Well it looks like Mark knows when he’s in the presence of a winner. Don’t you, boy?” Lucas stepped closer, only inches from Mark. Even though they were the same impressive height, Lucas seemed to tower over Mark. Mark was slouching from exhaustion and an attempt to minimize the protrusion of his round belly, while Lucas stood perfectly straight pushing his powerful chest and cock into Mark’s softer body. Mark couldn’t look Lucas in the eye. He stepped back and quickly walked toward the house. Garry followed saying “You’re such an asshole, Lucas”.

The girls all giggled and lead Lucas over to their house by pulling on his strong arms and the waistband of his shorts. He pretended to resist, knowing he was much stronger than the combined five girls surrounding him. Lucas felt so powerful; he just intimidated Mark, the hunky bodybuilder just by standing next to him. Lucas was now the alpha male of the university and he was going to enjoy every moment of it.

“Why did you let him get away with that shit” said Garry, catching up with Mark at the front door.

“I don’t know. He caught me off guard. I mean no one changes like that in 5 weeks. He’s got a better build than most of the guys I competed with in my contest days. He must be doing some kind of special steroid or something.” replied Mark, thinking out loud.

“It’s okay, he surprised me too!” Garry said as he put his hand on Mark’s shoulder.

“Ouch!” Mark pulled his shirt collar to expose his shoulder to see what caused the pain.

“It looks like you’ve got a bad sunburn”, Garry noted as he saw Mark’s bright red skin.

“Sunburn, I never get sunburn. I’m fucking Italian for God’s sake. Plus I wasn’t out in the sun today. I was with you all day” stated Mark.

“Great. What else can go wrong with our bodies, dude. The contest is only a week away and we both still look like shit. Everything is going wrong for us, while Lucas has become the ultimate jock. It’s like the world is turned upside down.” Garry quipped in frustration.

“You’re right, Garry. Things are turned upside down. Everything is going in Lucas’s favor and deterring our progress. And we’ve got to find out want is causing it.” said Mark, still thinking.

“What do you have in mind, bro” asked Garry.

“Since Lucas is going to be busy for awhile, why don’t we take a look in his room?” Mark said softly to Garry so no one else in the house would hear. Both men went up the stairs and quietly entered Lucas’s room.

“What are we looking for?” asked Garry

“Look for any bottles or powders” replied Marc looking through the desk drawers. Garry headed for the closet. Marc finished with the desk and looked around the room. He saw the foot locker at the end of the bed. He knelt down and lifted the lid.

“What the fuck is this?” questioned Marc holding the dolls in his hand. •

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