One Push Too Many


By RedKage

"Come on, just a few more!" Charles yelled down at Darren, who was struggling to push a barbell back up. All the while people were looking and snickering as the puny sophmore tried to do bench presses. Finally, Darren pushed the bar back onto the rack. "Good work." Ferris said encouragingly. "Letís hit the showers now and call it a day." Darren nodded his head, gasping for air.

In the showers, Darren and Charles stripped down. While they were showering, they didnít notice someone walking up behind them untilÖ.

SMACK!!! Someone whipped Darren in the rear with a wet towel. Darren gave a yelp and jumped. His foot landed in a pool of soap suds and water, causing him to slip and fall down, right on his ass.

"Scrawny ass wimps like you donít belong in our gym." The speaker was Cain, the biggest bodybuilder in the gym. He was about five foot eleven, 290 pounds of muscle and had wavy blonde hair that hung to his shoulders. His chest stood out several inches above his cobblestone abs, and his biceps had veins streated across their massive peaks. Cain had already won several local bodybuilding contests, and was probably going to win even more.

"I have every right to be here!" Darren yelled as he pushed himself up. "Itís a free country, so Iím free to join a gym if I want to!"

"Yeah, but you see, in this gym, I rule." Cain said. "And my first law is wimps. Are. Not. Allowed." With each word after Ďwimpsí Cain pushed Darren until he was pressed against the wall.

"Cain, heís just-" Charles began but was cut short when Cain looked at him.

"Are you talking back?" Cain asked, his tone suggested it was more of a threat then a question.

"N-no. Forget I s-said anything." If there was one person Charles was scared of, it was Cain. The last time someone talked back at Cain ended up in the hospital the day after.

"Good." Cain said smugly. Then he turned his attention back at Darren. "Now, what to do with the runt here?" At first there was a long silent moment, but then a malicious grin spread across his face. With one quick motion he picked up Darren and headed straight for the toilets.

"Charles!" Darren cried out, but Charles just shut his eyes and looked away. However, it didnít shut the noise from his ears as Darrenís cry for help sounded throughout the room.

"Iím sorry." Darren muttered, and left. •

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