Photoshop BE


By Leminnes

One day, Kaz just felt impulsive and decided he was going to buy Photoshop off the Internet. Kaz was a Photoshop geek and used it all the time, but CS2 had just come out so he had wanted it real bad. He was so much of a geek that he had a Photobucket account with 400 signatures he had made for people on various forums. He had been using Photoshop 7.0 and had been hearing good things about this CS2 so he had to get it.

He got onto to see how much it would cost. He typed in “Photoshop” in the search bar, and a page of items came up. He scrolled down and saw Photoshop CS2 for $600. He almost had a stroke, so he went instead to Google and searched for “Photoshop”.

“Man this is annoying… ‘Buy Photoshop at eBay!’ and ‘Buy it at and save hundreds!’ Isn’t there anything better?” He mumbled to himself, “Isn’t there anything cheaper? Maybe…”

Right then he saw a site that looked sort of interesting: “Buy a new version of Photoshop for $200 here!” That’s the best deal he had seen, so he decided to click on the link. The title of the page was “Buy Photoshop BE!”

“BE? Like ‘Where else would I’d be?’ This is weird,” he thought to himself.

Kaz had never seen this version of Photoshop. There was no information about it, just a Paypal button for him to pay for it. He thought “what the heck?” and decided to buy it. The Paypal site said it would arrive overnight. By the time he was finished it was 3:00 AM already so he got off and went to bed.


Kaz’s stupid alarm decided to go off an hour early at 9:00 AM. He tried to sleep a bit longer, but the pounding rain on his window woke him up and forced him out of bed. He went to his living room and turned on the Weather Channel. They were talking about how a hurricane snuck up on Texas that night. It took them a while to name it, but finally they showed the name. He had to squirt a bit to see what it was called.

“Hurricane Kaz? Its name is Hurricane Kaz? That’s weird; I don’t think I ever knew my name was on the hurricane name list. Must’ve just added it.” He said in a yawn, “Luckily I live inland so I’m not getting the worst of it.”

Right then he remembered that he had ordered Photoshop that morning. Then he remembered that packages don’t come during dangerous weather. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 already. He decided he would just go see if anything was there, he doubted it though, because it had been pouring since he went to bed last night. They wouldn’t have time to send it at 2 in the morning anyway.

He walked towards his front door while looking at his old “needing a scrub” kitchen and his also very dirty bathroom. On his way he heard his doorbell and a knock, which kinda stunned him. He opened up the door and saw a small package on his patio. That was really surprising to him. He looked up and saw the FedEx guy pulling away from his house in the torrential rain. He took the package and walked back to his living room. He sat down on his shabby, green-striped couch.

He had forgotten the scissors so he got back up to get them. After returning from the kitchen with a pair of scissors he sat back on the couch and started opening the package. He looked at the box he just pulled out. It looked like a Photoshop CS2 box, but instead of the CS2 there was a BE. He still couldn’t figure out what BE stood for. He was so excited as he walked over to his computer. He giddily looked around his room, sat at his computer and almost chuckled in anticipation.

The computer stuck out like a sore thumb. He had an Alien Ware with Ultra (blah blah)… well, pretty much everything he could ever want to put on it with a large desk. He had a mattress sitting on the ground with a tangled up comforter on it and a cheap table lamp on the ground next to it. If anyone walked into his room he’d know Kaz spent all his money for his computer.

He slipped the disk into the drive and waited for the installation window to pop up. “Welcome to Adobe Photoshop BE! Made for creative new lifestyles of the 20th Century. BE is still in Beta so it is not known if it will work correctly. As you use it, information will be sent back to Adobe for study. Enjoy your new lifestyle!” This vague welcome screen didn’t help to explain it much, but he decided to continue.

He went to the next screen where there was the option for a Custom or Regular installation. He clicked Custom just to see what it came with, and he saw two programs just like Photoshop, but instead of ImageReady, it had Adobe MindReady BE. He had also never heard of it. He clicked next and waited as it installed.

It finished, and the screen popped up where he clicked the box to run the program. He didn’t want to read the ReadMe file because he knew how Photoshop worked. He was a bit curious, but he hated all that reading too, so he just skipped it.

The program screen popped up as BE loaded, and after a bit, it finally showed up. At first glance, it looked like only a few things were different than Photoshop, but when Kaz took a closer look at the menus, a lot of things were different. The tool bar was completely different. The Arrow was still there, and so was the Lasso, but there was no Crop, and there was no Slice tool. The tool bar was half the size of the original, but there were two new tools. One was a circle with a large dot inside it that said “Enlarge”, and when Kaz held it down there was just a large dot that said “Shrink”. The other tool was an eye that just said “Correct” which seemed kinda vague for a tool.

He went to the File tab and saw that there wasn’t an Open option or a New, just Save, Save As, Import, Export, and Exit. He clicked on Import because that was the only one that he was allowed to use. The screen that popped up was strange. It was a form asking for his name, age and ethnicity. He found it strange, but he put in his information anyway.

He pressed Enter, and a loading bar popped up. It finished, and a few new windows appeared. One was a large window in the center that had a surprisingly accurate 3D picture of him naked, which scared him a great deal, because he had no idea where they would’ve gotten it. There were 3 smaller screens to the right. One had a tab that just said “Info” which looked like it had information about himself:

Name: Kaz Michel Ron Histmire

Age: 21

Weight: 110 lb

Height: 5’11”

Ethnicity: White:

Other: American Indian

Fit: Extreme Non-athletic

Penis Size Soft: 2 In.

Penis Size Erect: 4 In.

That window also frightened him a bit. How in the world did they know his Penis Size? It seemed very specific though; each category had either an amount bar (such as weight) or a pull down (such as Fit). The next window was even more specific; its tab was called “Attributes”.

Eye Color: (Color Swab) Drab Brown

Skin Color: (Color Swab) Pale White

Sex: Male

Feet Size: 9.5

Hair Color: (Color Swab) Greasy Black

Hair Style: N/A

Hair Amount: 3/100 [Small Amount]

By now he wasn’t sure what to think. These 2 windows had other tabs too. Info also had a “Navigator”, which would zoom in on his 3D model, and Attributes also had “Styles”, which listed the clothes he was wearing. There was one other window with a tab called “Surroundings”.

Cash: Less then $500

Job: Computer Artist

Salary: Less then $0.50 a day

Living Conditions: Poor

Furniture: Poor

Couch: Poor

Bed: Poor

Computer: Excellent

Kitchen Appliances: Poor

Bathroom: Poor

General: Poor

Life Style: Loaner; No College

Sex Life: Low

Sex Drive: 5/100 [1 Ejaculations per session]

That one was kind of depressing. It just reminded him how ‘wealthy’ he was. Ever cent he made, 50¢ a day to be exact, went to his computer. This window had other tabs like “Family” and “General Appearance” too.

Despite being very weirded out, he decided to mess around with it. He wasn’t sure what it was going to do though, but while messing around he figured out what BE meant: Body Edition. He wasn’t sure why it popped in his mind, but it just seemed so obvious. While he was looking around he decided to change a few things. He went to the Info Tab and changed 21 to 25. Just as he did it his 3D model changed a bit. It became a bit taller and his hair became longer. He wasn’t sure what else changed, because it didn’t look like much did. He went up to File and clicked on Save.

Another window came up that said “Mind Ready Options.” It had two choices: one said “Change world to changes” and the other said “Change mind to changes”. He clicked the “world” one, but at the last minute he changed his mind. He chose the “Mind” option, and another check box appeared that said “Keep memories of old life, but change attitude.” Again he decided that he is just trying this bizarre program so he will keep the defaults, so answered yes.

He pressed Enter and waited for something to happen. When nothing happened, he sighed and leaned back in his chair. Then he felt a small burning in his scalp. He wasn’t sure what it was, but as the burning started to hurt, he became worried. He ran to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He watched as his hair grew about 3 inches until it hit his shoulders. Then he felt a burning in the rest of his body as he saw some pimples disappear, and the mirror started getting a bit lower, just enough to notice. He was actually getting taller!

He didn’t look much different but enough to notice. He was very excited. He wasn’t sure what to think about it. The first thing that came to mind was “I have to go change more!” So he ran back to the computer and looked at the options. He decided to change a few things in Info:

Name: Everett Kyle Stetson

Age: 18

Weight: 230 lb

Weight Gain: Muscle w/o Fat

Height: 6’ 7”

Ethnicity: African American

Other: Russian

Fit: Extreme Athletic

Sport: Surfing

Other Sport: Football

Penis Size Soft: 8 In.

Penis Size Erect: 11 in.

This was becoming really exciting for him. He never thought this would ever happen to him. He could finally change a few things in his life. When he finished inputting everything, he pressed Enter and saw some amazing changes happening. The 3D image had to become smaller because it became so much bigger. The changes, sadly, didn’t happen slow but just popped up. What was shown was amazing though, even if it was a bit weird. There was a giant black guy with huge pecs and abs and everything, but also there was his face on this guy. It did look a bit African American, but not enough to change how ugly his face was and his nasty black hair. He still had to modify the Attributes tab:

Eye Color: (Color Swab) Dark Hazel Brown

Skin Color: (Color Swab) Pitch Black

Sex: Male

Feet Size: 16

Hair Color: (Color Swab) Silky Black

Hair Style: Buzzed

Hair Amount: 40/100 [Medium Amount]

With that finished he pressed enter as more changed appeared. The hair almost looked like it wasn’t there and his eyes almost turned radiant. He had made the Skin Color from Charcoal to Pitch Black. One of the most noticeable was the Hair Amount. He now had a rather large happy trail, and his pecs were covered in fur that joined up with his happy trail and the huge amount of hair coming out of his armpits. The hair around his penis also covered more area and was especially curly. He turned the model around and saw that his but also was pretty covered in hair. He was going to go into Styles but right now he didn’t want to put any cloths on the model. Next was the Surroundings tab:

Cash: Over $5,000 a week

Job: Student

Salary: From Parents ($5,000 a week)

School: University of Texas

Major: Football

Living Conditions: Superb

Furniture: Superb

Couch: Superb

Bed: Superb

Computer: Superb

Kitchen Appliances: Superb

Bathroom: Superb

General: Superb

Life Style: Jock; Frat Boy; Surfer

Sex Life: Amazing

Sex Drive: 80/100 [50 Ejaculations per session]

Not much changed because nothing was changed on the model. A small grin of cockiness came over the model though. He then clicked on the Family tab to see that most of it was changed already:

Family Members: Mother and Father

Mother: Claira Michell Stetson

Job: Lawyer

Father: Richard Everett Stetson

Job: Football (Dallas Cowboys)

Family Salary: Over $100,000 a week

Family Status: Only Child; Spoiled

Yeah, everything had been changed, nothing to fix. Next was the General Appearance tab:

General Appearance: Jock

Weird, there was only one option, and it was the name of the tab. He guessed it was only a Beta program. Now that that was all done he was ready to change. He clicked Save and the same options window popped up. He decided not to click any of the boxes again. He just wants to know how it feels first. Then another warning box popped up that said “Nothing affecting your surrounds or mind will change. Only Physical characteristics will change.” That is exactly what he wanted to happen so he pressed okay. He felt a burning so he ran to the bathroom again.

Again the first thing to change was his age. Kaz became an 18-year-old version of himself, ugly as ever. Next was the muscle. The muscle piled on as a six-pack appeared, and his pecs grew to be 2 inches off his chest. His thighs and calves grew so fast he almost lost his balance. His arms then grew huge as his bicep grew to football sized.

The next thing to change was his ethnicity as his skin changed to from pale white to a light tan, to a dark tan, to a brown color, to a normal black person’s color, and finally to a pitch black. His nose became thicker, and his lips became fuller. And the bit of Russian came in as he became a bit bulkier, and his eyes became wider, his cheekbone rose, and his chin became very wide.

The next thing on the list was how fit he was, so his pecs thinned out a bit, but his legs became thicker to stand on a surfboard. Then his arms became beefier, and his pecs returned to their original size for football.

One of the most exciting parts was next. He felt a small tingle in his penis as it started to get longer. It felt fantastic. He looked back down, and it was already 3 inches longer at 5”, then 7”, and finally 8”. His balls grew to the size of baseballs.

The last few things to change were his hair, which shot into his head; his eyes, which glimmered as they turned into a wonderful hazel; his feet, which grew to amazing sizes and actually hit the door the mirror was on; and last was the amount of hair, which he felt tickle all over him as hair popped up all over the place, curly and soft. It went over his abs as his happy trail spread up to his pecs, and he felt the hair in his armpits rub together as he moved his massive arms.

It was finally done, and he saw a beautiful black man in the mirror, a man that could beat anyone in a beauty contest. Excited he went back to computer and pressed Save again. The Mind option window popped up again, and he pressed all of them and pressed Enter.

This time he could just sit and wait to see what happened. First he noticed a sharp pain in his heard as thing like plays and moves from football came into his head. At first it was small, but then it exploded into his head, filling it with all the information he’d need for football. Next he saw the room change around him as his bed changed to a king sized on an amazing looking stand. Then his computer desk changed to a smaller desk but the computer became larger, and the screen became 3” bigger.

Next he felt the pain in his head again as feelings of cockiness and superiority over took his feelings of fear and shyness. Also he felt memories about surfing in California and Hawaii with his surfing friends and memories of winning football games and losing a few and going and getting kicked out of bars after he bitched slapped some nerds around. What was weird was that he still remembered his old life too, so he knew what those nerds felt like, but the jock over took the nerd in him.

Then he got memories of fucking every hot cheerleader, even from other schools and how he could have 50 or more ejaculations with each girl. He even remembered getting one pregnant, but he didn’t give a shit. He remembers having sex with a girl every night. Then he started remembering his parents. His mom was Russian and wasn’t really pretty but gave a lot of money to the family by being a lawyer and giving her son the good parts of being Russian, the amazing sex drive and the good facial features of Russian men. His father was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He was a large black man and was where Everett got his love for football, as well as his amazing body and penis. He saw his father’s body when he was 3 and knew right then that he wanted to be exactly like his father. Everett was conceived in high school when his mother was 16 and his father was 18. His mother took care of him while juggling her 4 years of law school, and his father refused to take any care of him while he was at University of Texas for football.

Now they give money to him for room and board, because he lived off campus in a town home right next to all the bars and for food. But he hadn’t told them that the room and board was paid off months ago, and he just took the money for him to waste in bars and wherever the hell he pleased.

The last change he felt was a small change as his pecs became a bit bigger and his abs became more defined. He was finally finished. He was a hot black man sitting naked in front of his computer. He looked at his clock and saw that it was 11:00 PM already. That change took a damn long time. At that moment he heard a sound behind him.

“Come back to bed Everett. I’m getting cold, and my pussy is wet just for you.” At that moment he remembered that he had a cheerleader from Florida University here.

“Ya, I’m coming bitch.” He walked up to her and jumped into bed as his 11” cock slipped right into her hot pussy. They had amazing sex all night. The whole time, Everett had left the computer on, and it had Limewire on it. So while the moans and groans were happening, Limewire was putting Photoshop BE on to its server. •

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