One Push Too Many


By RedKage

In a messy, darkened dorm room, an alarm clock buzzed out as the numbers hit 6:00 AM. From underneath the bed sheets, a hand shot out and slammed onto the clock. Groggily, the shape under the sheets rose up and slipped off to reveal a massively muscled college student with greasy black hair. The man yawned and stretched, feeling his muscles wake up after a night of heavy weightlifting. The feeling of those giant muscles moving caused another certain muscle to wake up and stretch out to it’s full 8 inch length. Charles smiled and walked into the bathroom. Standing in front of the toilet, he placed a hand on the member and was rewarded with a wave of pleasure. He quickly began to jack-off until he shot his load into bowl. Smiling, he flushed the toilet and entered the shower.

Charles was a sophomore in college. He had always been obsessed with growing bigger and had been working out since he was a kid. His dedication rewarded him with a body of a pro bodybuilder, without the aid of any steroids or chemicals, which is one of the reasons why he also had such massive "equipment."

Charles quickly finished his shower and dried himself off. He threw on a tight T-shirt and jeans, which showed every curve and definition of his massive build. When he opened the bathroom door, his nose caught a whiff of breakfast. Smiling, he walked into the kitchen to find a small, short 19 year old man cooking breakfast.

"Morning Charlie." The man called, looking briefly up from the frying pan.

"Morning Darren." Charles answered back. Darren was Charles’s roommate. He had short red hair. He was also thin, small, and short, the exact opposite of Charles. However, Darren was incredibly smart and talented. He was already taking senior level sciences, and had his own little lab in the corner of his room. However, what Darren really wanted was to be big like Charles.

"Enjoy your workout last night?" Darren asked as he served the plate of eggs and sausages.

"Yup." Charles replied as he began digging into his meal. "I ghot a wheely good phumph." He said while stuffing his face with food. Charles flexed one massive arm. "Sthill chan feel ith."

Darren laughed as he begun on his own plate. After playing with his food for awhile, he suddenly looked up at Charles.

"Do you mind if I start working out with you?" said Darren.

Charles suddenly gagged and choked on his food. He quickly grabbed his glass of water and started gulping it down. When he finished the glass, he let out a gasp of air.

"I guess that’s a no." Darren said quietly.

"Of course you can!" Charles cried out. "I was just…..surprised, that’s all." Darren looked at Charles with a baleful stare. "That is…er…you don’t exactly strike me as the kinda person who would work out."

"I know that," Darren answered. "But….I…." Darren trailed off.

Charles gave a good look at Darren. Darren was definitely not bodybuilder material. He had scrawny arms, a flat chest, and small, slender shoulders. Not only that, he was naturally short and small.

However, Charles had gotten Ferris out of a few tight spots in school, so he knew he couldn’t say no.

"Tell you what, why don’t you join me in my workout today and we’ll see what we can do." Charles replied.

Darren leaped from across the table and hugged Charles. "Thank you thank you thank you!" Darren cried as Charles tried to pry the overexcited man from him. •

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