Fitting Room


By tjstoys

Morning came and I woke up he was still lying next to me. I looked at him and he looked still asleep to me, so I turned around and started to slide myself out of the bed quietly so I didn’t wake him up. Suddenly he grabbed my arm and said “don’t leave me” in almost a begging voice. “I thought you were a sleep, I just need to use the boys room” he let go “Ok then come right back”

He said. “OK” I said. I came back after I was done and slid into bed again. “I guess I should get up and workout” he said. “Now who’s leaving” “Ok are you going to help me workout right here” this sounded intriguing “Sure” and a moment later he had me laying across his chest he reached under me with both hands one he put in the middle of my chest and the other he told me to cross my legs and he had me just above the knees.

He started pumping out reps with me as his free weights. I started to get hard so fast it took about 3 reps until I was totally there. Then he adjusted a little so that when he brought me down with each rep he could take a lick at my dick. I started feeling the cum coming fast and warned him just in enough time for him to close his eyes as I started squirting. He held me in place until I was done and then tossed me to the side and I bounced so hard I went off the edge of the bed and landed on the floor. He busted out laughing but came to the edge of the bed to check if I was Ok and tried to apologize while still laughing his ass off. I tried to be mad but he was laughing so hard and was so cute with his apology mid laugh that I started to laugh in spite of myself. I got up and punched him in the gut problem was he didn’t have a gut it was just hard abs which hurt and I showed it and he started to laugh more.

Then I started to pout I think because he hugged me and said “Really I’m sorry I didn’t mean to through you off the bed” Then he got up out of bed and said I going to go work out a little but go ahead with what ever you want to do sleep, shower, or there’s food in the fridge, or whatever. “Do you have like a bathrobe or a t-shirt or anything like that I said” “Oh sure” he said and reached over opened the closet door and hanging on the back of the door he grabbed a t-shirt and through it across the room to me.

He walked out and I stood up and put the t-shirt on. I felt really pathetic the shoulder seams were almost at my elbows and it came down to my knees, but it was cold and who was looking at me only him and he didn’t seem to mind how small I was compared to him. I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water I was so thirsty for more physical activity then I had had in the last 6 months combined. I found a glass filled it up and headed back to the bedroom, but I stopped to peak in on Peter pumping a barbell filled with so many weights on it that It had to weigh twice as much as my 170 which is why it was so easy I guess for him to pump me up and down and then throw me across the bed. I watched for a moment and then kept going to the bedroom and decided to take a shower. I got my shower, cleaned up, even made the bed and he was still going at it.

So I decided to go back to the kitchen and make breakfast. There wasn’t much but I was able to make eggs and toast when I was done cooking I decided I would interrupt to say breakfast was ready. I got to the room to find him curling dumbbells and walked in and said “Breakfast is ready” “Cool” he said “I’ll be done here in a moment. He did a last few curls and put the weight down which is when I noticed they said the actual number 100 on them. “100 pounds each” I exclaimed “Yea” he said “it’s the only way to get your Bi’s to look like this and he did a Double Bicep Pose. “Oh My God” I said his biceps were so fucking huge. “How big are they” I asked “just about 21” now” was his response while still flexing. I was about to faint but luckily he put them down and said “lets go eat” and we went to the kitchen. He ate again like he did in the restaurant the night before and only stopped long enough to say to me as I stood up to fill his plate again. “Thanks this is great, and I love that dress your wearing” as he giggled a little. “Thanks now shut up and eat” and he did. •

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