Fitting Room


By tjstoys

We pulled up to a nice looking house and both got out of our cars. He invited me in and I was more than eager. We came in and he asked me to have a seat and he’d be right back. As he went down a hallway, I sat on the sofa and looked around. Pictures of him in different stages of life and development were around the room. I could see even in what seemed to be pictures of his teenage years he was Hot and could have easily intimidated me now even though I was in my late 20’s.

I stood up to see one picture in particular where he was at the beach with his family and he was like 18, 19, 20. (I was guessing) just then he came back down the hallway as I backed away from the picture. “Whatcha looking at there” he said. “I think it’s your family and you on the beach I replied” “oh yea that is one of my favorites” he said. What were you like 20 in this picture? “The one were I’m in a red bathing suit” he sounded confused. “Yeah Why” I said “I’m 15 in that picture” “No Way!” I blurted out. “Ah Yes Way, It will be 20 years this summer since that picture was taken” he said. “No wonder you’re so Freakin Huge now, you were built then”

By now he was standing right next to me and he put is finger on my chin and turned my face from the picture to his face and then leaned in and gently kissed me. We stopped for a moment and then we kissed again much longer and stronger than the first time. “I need to take a shower I was hoping you would join me” he said. “Ah yea I could use some cleaning up”

We went down the hall to his bedroom, I peaked in a number of rooms and all were just filled with boxes except one that must have been his home gym we got to his Bedroom and he started to take his clothes off. He pulled his sweater over his head and there was this huge chest just in the confides of an undershirt that looked like it was trying to hang on for dear life. I only had gotten my suit jacket off when I started just staring at his chest it was amazing he must have seen me staring because he started making his pecs bounce like he did in the store the week before but now it was so much more intense because he only had the very tight undershirt on. He slipped off his jeans underneath was a pair of white posers and since I was getting nothing done because I couldn’t take my eyes off him he came over and undid my pants and unbuttoned my shirt and took them off.

Then he took my hands and put them on his chest as he rolled it up and down. His abs were making actual folds in the shirt. I was so hard I could have blown a load right then but I was holding on so hard. He let go of my hands and stepped back and then reached down and pulled his shirt up over his head. I felt my heartbeat thumping in my chest so fast and hard and I was starting to sweat and I hadn’t done anything yet. He stepped back and pulled my undershirt off over my head and then grabbed my tighty-whities and ripped them off me making my dick spring out pointing straight up.

Then he bent over and gently stroked the head of my dick with his tongue. As he did it I reached out and felt his shoulders and back they were so hard it was amazing. He started to stand up and then stopped pushed his huge right shoulder up against me and put a Huge and I mean Huge arm around my waist and lifted me up and over his shoulder, it gave me a great view of his great butt from above. He walked into the bathroom and into the oversized shower stall. Of course he would have never fit into a regular sized shower stall. He set me inside and then pulled off his posers and stepped in. I backed up to let him in and was in the far corner away from the door and shower head. His cock was half hard and already bigger than my totally hard on.

He then turned toward the shower head and turned on the water and the most amazing thing happened, Nothing! I didn’t get wet. I could hear the water but Peter was so wide and tall that no water was getting past him. The only water that got to me was on the shower floor running towards me because the drain was near my feet. He bent down to get his hair wet and some water finally got over his head and hit me. “Thanks” the first word I was able to utter in the last 10 minutes. He turned around and saw I was still mostly dry “Sorry, why don’t you come up front” he said and then stepped against the back wall and let me get up where the show head was. Then he slid behind me brushing his manhood up against my butt and then did it a few more times and I could feel he was getting harder. I turned around since I was interested in the harder cock it was as beautiful as the rest of him. I again was distracted even from his cock by how close his huge chest was to me.

He handed me the soap and said “here could you wash it for me.” I said nothing and took the soap and started washing his chest. His chest was covered in soap when he said “you have a smudge on your face there let me get that for you” “What?” I said wondering how I got a smudge on my face, just as he put his hand on the back of my head and gently but making sure I didn’t pull away pulled my face into his pecs and then starting bouncing his pecs literally scrubbing my face with the soap on his pecs. I started to groan and then cum, I just couldn’t help it. There was no way I was able to hold myself during that. This lasted longer than I had ever cum before. He stepped back and looked down.

“You held on pretty long” he said “I didn’t want it to end” I said. “Believe me its not over” and I just smiled. He laughed at me and I was wondering for second until he pointed at my face which I remembered was covered in soap from his pecs. I turned around again and washed off my face. He took his soapy fingers and stuck them in my butt and then decided to get me up there to wash off my dick I guess and lifted me up with the one hand under my butt and steadied me with his other hand. “You are so fucking strong” I blurted out. He set me back down and I turned around he bent down and started Kissing me hard I was so weak in the knees after all this that I was mostly leaning on him as I was kissing him. He put one big huge arm around me again and stood back up. I was now a few inches off the ground and with the other hand he turned off the shower and opened the door of the shower and walked me back into the bedroom.

I guess the shower is over” I said and he said “I guess so”

He laid me down on my back on the bed and was kneeling over me then he laid down on top of me not with his full weight or I would have been dead but enough to feel his muscles all over and started kissing me again. After a little while of that he said “Let’s see that cute butt of yours again” and with that he picked me up off the bed and flipped me over. He started to kiss and lick my ass and to my amazement I noticed I was totally hard again. He leaned over me and went in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom a moment later he was slipping into my ass with virtual ease this time. He pumped for what seemed like an hour and came to a loud climax this time. As he did this I started to come again as well. He collapsed on the bed beside me and whole room shook. “Whoa that was Great” he said. “If you think so you should have been on my end” He couldled up behind me and put his shoulder, arm and leg over top of me. In no time he was asleep and I certainly couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted to. That whole house could have collapsed on us and with that arm and leg over me I wouldn’t have felt a thing they were covering about 90 percent of my body.

A few hours later he rolled over finally and laid on his back and I finally got to turn around and face him. Man the sight of him laying there, man he was so hot even sleeping. His pecs were so fucking hot even laying on his back they were like two huge mountains and his abs were like big trenches cut into a field. I tried to go back to sleep but I was not easy I just wanted to jump on him. Eventually trying to think of nothing and turning back around so I couldn’t see him I fell back to sleep. •

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