Taking the Good


By Clarence591

“Lucas is playing with dolls? That’s great, we have to tell everyone about this, dude.” laughed Garry.

“I don’t think this is about playing games. These look like voodoo dolls or something.” Mark said closely examining the ribbon wrapped around the strange dolls. It was made of red silk with primitive figures embroidered along its length. At each end were suspended tiny gold medallions with a half moon and sun insignia. “Look, our faces are attached to the dolls” Mark added as he handed them to Garry. He looked back into the trunk and saw Hatri’s spell book. On its cover, was the same insignia as the ribbon’s gold medallions.

“You’re telling me that Lucas is some sort of voodoo priest and he put a spell on the three of us?” Garry said trying to convince himself.

“That’s what it looks like” replied Mark, standing with the book in his hand. “It makes sense. Even if Lucas used some sort of super steroid to build muscle, how would that stop us from gaining muscle? He’s done something to us alright. Somehow he has greatly reduced our bodies’ reaction to working out, while greatly increasing his body’s reaction when he works out. I mean look at us, you know how hard we’ve hit the weights. And you saw him; he looks like a professional athlete. A radical change like that in just 5 weeks; it’s got to be something mystical.”

“Okay, let’s end it now. We’ll rip the dolls apart and burn them or something”, said Garry becoming a little frightened.

“We can’t. We don’t know what that will do. It could make the spell permanent or even worse, kill us. This book ties in somehow to the dolls. But it’s not written in English, I think it may be French.” Mark said quickly scanning the pages.

"Let me look. I took French in high school.” Garry responded taking the small book from Mark’s hand and giving him the dolls. “It’s not really French; I think it may be Creole”.

“Of course, Lucas is from Louisiana” said Mark, enlightened.

“What are we going to do? This is pretty scary stuff”, Garry replied looking for assurance.

“Why don’t you try to figure what spell Lucas used by reading the book. Once we know the spell, we can break it and get things back to normal.” Mark said, as he put the dolls back into the foot locker and closed the lid. “We’ll leave them here, for safe keeping. Plus, Lucas can’t find out we know about this stuff. He might have the power to make things worse for us.”

Mark and Garry crept out of Lucas’s room and went into Garry’s. Garry’s room had a window that overlooked the front of the house. Mark kept an eye out for Lucas as Garry translated the book. Garry tried to decipher the words as best of he could using his old high school textbook as an aide. “This is going to take forever, man. And I have an Economics midterm tomorrow.” said Garry running his thick fingers through his wavy hair.

“Shit, I almost forgot about my Sociology exam. I need to study too.” Mark replied yawning. “Boy, I’m really tired tonight”.

Mark and Garry decided to put the spell book away for the night and hit the school books instead. Neither one could afford to fail a subject or jeopardize their baseball scholarships.

“I’ll put the book back where we found it. Luckily Lucas never hangs out around the house; we can work on it tomorrow afternoon once our tests are over. Hey, since it’s still early, why don’t you get your pecker pump out and have some fun.” Mark said trying to lighten the mood as he exited Garry’s room. Garry gave no reply, just sitting there looking down at the floor. “Don’t worry, dude. Everything will be okay now that we know what we’re up against. Together, you and I are an unbeatable team.”

Garry looked up into Mark’s blue eyes, “I know. Good night”


The next afternoon Mark met Garry at the house after his Sociology midterm. They headed up to Lucas’s room to get the book. As they approached the door they heard female voices coming from inside. Muffled sounds and loud sensual moans filled the hallway. Derek, whose room is next to Lucas’s, suddenly opened his door startling Mark and Garry.

“If you’re looking for Lucas, he’s occupied. The stud’s been going at it since early this morning. He’s got all kinds of women coming and going from his room. I don’t know how he does it. He’s my idol. But unfortunately I’ve got to study and all this is very distracting. I’m going to the library.” Trevor said with a mixture of humor and envy as he passed by Mark and Garry, heading down the hall.

“Yeah, he’s quite a guy.” Garry replied to Trevor, and turns to Mark, “I guess we’ll have to try later on. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to my room to finish my marketing paper. I’ll keep a look out front and let you know when Lucas leaves the house”

“Sure, good idea. I’ve got to review my notes for my Art History test tomorrow anyway.” Mark said yawning. “Maybe I’ll take a quick nap. I don’t know why I’m so tired today.”

Garry and Mark left for their rooms as agreed upon. Mark took out his class notes to study, but had a hard time keeping his eyes open. After a few moments, he was fast asleep.

Mark woke and looked out the window. It was dark. He got out of bed and felt a weird twinge along his cock. He put his hands to his crotch and grimaced in pain. He dropped his pants to take a look. His long cock was red, slightly swollen and painful to the touch, especially the sensitive head. It looked as if it had been rubbed raw. He walked down the hall and knocked on Garry’s door. Garry opened the door and said, “Look who’s finally up. You still look tired, bro.”

“Why didn’t you wake me? We’ve got to get the book.” Mark said with a little anger.

“I tried, but you were dead to the world. Plus, I got the book about 2 hours ago and have been working on it. I swear, I saw at least 15 women come and go from this house; all visiting Lucas. I think he had shifts set up or something, and always more than one girl at a time.” Garry remarked.

“Did you discover anything in the book?” said Mark, flinching as he sat down on the bed.

“What’s wrong with you?” inquired Garry.

“Nothing, my cock’s just a little sore.” mumbled Mark.

“You have to stop with the whacking-off sessions, young man.” replied Garry playfully, shaking his finger.

“I wish. I’ve been so tired lately, I can’t even get hard.” Mark said somewhat embarrassed. “What about the book? What have you learned? Any luck in finding the spell Lucas used?”

“No, there’s hundreds of spells in this thing. But what I did learn is the spell really isn’t that important, either are the dolls. They just give direction or guidance to the magic; it’s the ribbon that holds the real power.” Garry said with a little pride in his deduction skills.

“So if we remove the ribbon from around the dolls, that will break the spell?” asked Mark.

“It may or may not.” replied Garry, “But, I think we should use the current set-up to our advantage. Instead of trying to break Lucas’s spell, we should place our own spell on the dolls, hopefully canceling out Lucas’s spell.”

“Brilliant idea, dude!” commented Mark, “Did you find a spell we can use?”

“No, but like I said, the spell itself isn’t that important. As long as it’s in a kind of poem format, we can make up the spell ourselves. We know we have to increase the way our bodies react to exercise and decrease Lucas’s reaction. He’s got to be working out hard with heavy weights to get those kinds of results. So I thought we could use that against him in our spell.” Garry said gleefully as he handed Mark his notebook, “In fact, I’ve started writing it. Tell me what you think.”

“I’m not an expert like you, but it looks good to me. I would make this one change though. Add a zero making the ten a hundred. We only have 4 days to the contest and 3 days to the rehearsal. We’ve got to get results fast.” Mark gave the notebook back to Garry.

“Okay, let’s go do it?” Garry stood up to leave the room and Mark followed. They snuck into Lucas’s room. Holding the dolls in their hands, they recited the spell in unison, “Great Earth Spirits, we ask for your aid, to attain the physical goals we have made. Increase our muscle gains one hundred fold, when we lift the weights we’ll hold. At the time Lucas puts his unearned strength to full use; reverse his gains, break the spells, end the abuse.”

They put the book and dolls back into the foot locker and left Lucas’s room.


The next morning Mark and Garry are having breakfast at the usual table. “You look like hell, man. You should get some sleep”, Garry told Mark with a note of concern in his voice.

“I slept for over 10 hours last night. But I still feel exhausted. It must be all the studying and this extra weight I’m carrying around” answered Mark, rubbing his eyes, bringing more attention to the dark circles.

Lucas walked toward the table holding a tray loaded with food. He’s wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt. He looks like he just came from an island vacation; bright eyed, refreshed, and full of energy. Along the way he is stopped by several girls, who flirt while caressing his body, stuffing pieces of paper with their phone numbers into his pant’s pockets. Word has spread that Lucas is the greatest lover with the best equipment on campus. When Lucas finally makes it to the table, all the other brothers, except Mark and Garry, yelled “Loooocas, the man” as he sat down next to Mark.

“I see you finally came up for air, bro.” commented Dave, who sat across the table from Lucas.

“Well, as a member of the best fraternity on campus, it is my duty to promote a positive relationship with all, and I mean all, the sororities. I’m just thinking of my brothers.” boasted Lucas. The table hooted and applauded.

“It’s good to know your amazing stamina is good for something besides basketball.” Dave commented.

“You know it. I haven’t slept in 3 days and I feel great. All I need is a little food to keep me going.” said Lucas.

“A little food, you’ve got enough there for 3 people. Aren’t you concerned about getting fat?” asked Dave half joking.

“No, I burn it up with all the exercise I get. Unlike Mark here” Lucas ate whatever he wanted because he knew any extra calories he consumed would transfer to Mark as fat. “How’s the diet going, little man. Why don’t you show everybody your killer abs? Come on, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Lucas stood up and lifted his t-shirt exposing his deeply cut, cobble stoned, stomach. Tilting his pelvis to flex his abs caused the outline of his cock to become more defined. It stood out in bold relief as it ran down along his right leg.

“Lucas, you make even a black man jealous with that thing.” said Dave in admiration.

“Thanks, man. And it’s like all my other muscles. The more I use it the bigger it gets. And it’s been getting a lot of use lately.” Lucas refocused his attention to Mark, “Come on, Mark. It’s your turn.” Lucas grabbed Mark by the back of his shirt collar and lifted him up. Lucas then took his other hand and grabbed onto Mark’s roll of belly fat, and began shaking it. Everyone at the table roared with laughter.

“That’s enough, Lucas” said Garry as he stood and walked around the table to Mark’s side. Lucas was big, but Garry was still bigger. Lucas let go and Mark fell back into his seat. “Let’s go Mark, we have class. Lucas, you are still an asshole.” Garry and Mark left the table.

Lucas sat down and started eating his mega sized meal. “It’s a shame when people let themselves go, isn’t it?” asked Lucas.

“Yeah, he used to have a great physique. I guess it’s hard to find time to work out around midterms. How do you do it, Lucas?” asked Dave

“Easy. I skip the exam and spend a little one on one time with my professors. I’ve got straight A’s going.” Lucas said between mouthfuls of food.

“You’re kidding right? Don’t you have old man Dekoda for English Literature?” inquired Dave

“The men are easy, dude. I drop my pants; they go to their knees, couple of minutes later its over. I get a blow job and they’re the grateful ones. It’s great.” Lucas explained shamelessly, “The women take the real work. It wasn’t bad with Ms. Myers, she’s not too old. But Professor Limon, she’s twice my age and 30 pounds overweight. Then as I’m getting started, she tells me she’s never had an orgasm and her husband hasn’t been able to get it up in 8 years. Well, she made up for it, she came so many times we needed a mop to clean the floor. I had to pull out of her early, because I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I was just happy it was over.” Lucas stopped talking to take another forkful of food. “Well, at least my father will be happy with my grades this year. The things I do to please that man.”


Mark and Garry decided to go to the gym late in the afternoon to test the effectiveness of their spell. Both were relieved to have finished all their term papers and exams. It gave them a much needed boost of confidence. Mark was still extremely tired and just wanted to sleep, but he couldn’t let down Garry. Garry was determined to have a rigorous work out. He knew that between the two of them, it fell on him to win the contest now.

“We’ll do a solid 90 minutes. I’m start with my bi’s, while you work on your abs.” Garry said to Mark heading to the free weights.

Garry forced his way through every set, struggling with every lift. He was determined to do his full routine no matter how difficult. Mark was faring worse. He completed his usual abdominal routine in twice the time, using half the weight. He spent the rest of the time doing cardio work on an incumbent bike. This way he could sit while waiting for Garry to finish. Both knew that their spell hadn’t worked.


Lucas spent most of the day clothes shopping for his new athletic body. All the store clerks fought over helping Lucas try on the clothes in the small fitting rooms. Even though he had more than enough money; Lucas got the employee discount on his purchases without asking. Sometimes they just gave him clothing for free, having someone like Lucas notice them was payment enough.

Lucas returned to the house from his shopping spree late in the afternoon. He was deciding what to wear out tonight, when a familiar feeling hit him. His muscles became flushed with blood. He knew that Mark and Garry must be working out. A wave of intense pleasure spread throughout his body. He looked down and saw his balls churning. He felt a rush of testosterone and endorphins a hundred times stronger than ever before. His cock became hard as steel. He fell to the floor on his back, his muscles starting to spasm uncontrollably. He came and his cum burst high into the air, hitting the ceiling. Lucas couldn’t handle the magnitude of pure pleasure and fell unconscious. His muscles continued to spasm as he lied there.

Lucas came to in a couple of hours. He raised his hand to rub his face. His arm felt heavy and something was preventing him from bending it at the elbow completely. He soon realized that something was his bicep. He raised his shoulders off the floor and looked down at his body. He couldn’t see his stomach past the wide muscle plateau that was his chest. He bent his legs and watched the muscles bulge as he stood. His stronger muscles made his posture straighter, more confident. He moved to the mirror and got hard at his own reflection. “My God, I’m even more perfect”, he whispered to himself. Lucas estimated his weight went from 220 to 255, all pure muscle. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose, enjoying the sense of power he now possessed. He moved his right hand to feel the hardness of his left bicep. He dropped both arms and flexed his pectorals, first in unison then individually. He placed his hands on his chest enjoying their movement. His hands moved down to his deeply embossed abs. Slamming his fists into his gut, relishing the loud thud as his hand met the hard brick wall. He traced the thick veins down to his engorged cock, taking a moment to savor the incredible size of his manhood. He reluctantly left his cock to follow more veins leading to his large thighs. He moved his right leg forward and pointed his toes; suddenly his leg turned is a piece of living sculpture. Every muscle clearly defined through his thin, tanned skin. He turned it slightly to view his large diamond shaped calf. After examining his other leg, he turned his whole body sideways and ran his hands over his ass, now much higher and rounder than before. He was amazed how thin his waist looked compared to his massive chest and bubble butt. He quickly put on a pair of spandex shorts and a wife beater t-shirt he had bought today. The fit was tighter than when he tried them on earlier. Lucas knew he looked hot. He was the sort of man people dream of being, or being with. “It’s time to see what kind of fun I can have with this body”, Lucas said as he walked out of his room.


After the workout, Mark went to rest in his room. He fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. Garry let Mark sleep while he went to dinner. The next morning, Garry tired to wake Mark again. They held a brief groggy conversation as Mark explained his cock was still sore. Garry brought Mark an ice bag to put on his crotch.

“I know Lucas has something to do with this”, Mark said softly to his best friend while still lying in bed.

“Yeah, it seems you’re getting the worst of it. Maybe we should try to find another voodoo priest to break his spell. I did my best, but it hasn’t helped at all. I’m sorry, man.” Garry responded while gently squeezing Mark’s forearm.

“It’s not your fault. I appreciate everything you’ve done. I would have gone insane during this whole thing if it wasn’t for you.” Mark put his hand on top of Garry’s and looked into his emerald eyes.

After a brief moment, Garry pulled his hand away and stood up, walking towards the door. “I’d better go and let you get your rest. I saw the coach today and he’s planned a practice session tomorrow before everyone leaves for spring break. I told him we’d both be there.”

“Yeah, sounds good. Wake me for lunch, dude” Mark said closing his eyes. Garry left the room, quietly closing the door.

Garry spent the rest of the day trying to improve his appearance for tomorrow’s rehearsal. Garry lay out in the sun trying to improve his skin tone, but he couldn’t get his usual tan. He couldn’t gain muscle, so he thought we would look more cut by loosing some fat. He did a couple of miles on the treadmill and then a few more on a stationary bike. He relaxed in the whirlpool and steam room, enjoying it so much he forgot all about lunch. By the time he got back to the house it was almost 7:00 at night. He opened Mark’s door to check in on him. He was still fast asleep. Garry looked at his friend’s bloated body. So much had changed so quickly he thought. Garry put the sandwich and diet drink he brought from the cafeteria on Mark’s desk and left the room. When Garry got to his room he stripped to his underwear and looked in the mirror. His waist was smaller, but again so was every other part of his body. He had lost twenty pounds over the past 6 weeks, most of it muscle. He lay down on his bed reaching for the penis pump stored underneath. “Might as well give this thing one more try”, Garry said to himself, “It can’t hurt”.


“Good morning, sunshine” Garry said nudging Mark’s shoulder, making his whole body shake like a bowl of gelatin, “Time to get up”.

“Is it time for lunch already” replied Mark rubbing his eyes.

“Actually you slept the entire day away, it’s Wednesday. Are you feeling any better?” asked Garry.

Mark pushed the covers aside, removed the warm ice bag from his crotch and sat on the edge of the bed, stretching his soft muscles. “Yes, I don’t feel as tired. But my cock is still sore.”

“A shower and some fresh air is what you need now. We have practice in an hour, so get ready, man”, said Garry raising the blinds and opening Mark’s window.

Mark and Garry headed to the baseball field to join their team mates. The team did some drills under the watchful eye of Coach Miller. He was concerned by the condition of his two star athletes. He told Mark and Garry to head over to the bull pen while the rest of the team did some batting practice.

Lucas was returning to the house from a day and a half of partying. He looked better than ever. His tan had gone from a golden bronze to a deep brown, even though his skin hardly saw sunlight. He was wearing the same shorts and shirt he put on 30 hours ago in his room. The clothes stilled looked relatively fresh, since he spent most of the time nude. The night before started at a bar, moved to an all night rave, and ended with him satisfying various sexual partners in some rich dude’s home. Everyone that saw Lucas had to touch him. He did things and participated in orgies that would have made Hugh Hefner blush. And Lucas was always the center of attention. As he passed by the baseball field, he saw his competitors practicing.

“What the fuck?” said a stunned Mark as Lucas walked up behind the crutching Garry.

“Hey boys, how you doing?” asked Lucas while flashing his brilliant smile.

“Not as well as you” said Garry standing up to not look so small compared to Lucas.

“Obviously” Lucas replied while flexing his pecs and running his had over his cut abs.

“What do you want?” Garry said lowering his voice in an attempt to appear more masculine.

“I just wanted to make sure you boys are going to show up at tonight’s rehearsal. I thought you may be too embarrassed by your pathetic bodies to make an appearance.” mocked Lucas.

“We said we would compete, so we’ll be there. Don’t worry” answered Garry.

“Oh, believe me, I’m not worried about you” Lucas said calmly as he picked up a baseball bat lying on the ground. “You know I never really played baseball, it seemed like such a silly sport.” Lucas took the batters stance in front of Garry. “Hey fatso, pitch the ball to me.” Lucas yelled at Mark.

Garry crotched down behind Lucas, his eyes being drawn to Lucas’s round ass, now at Garry’s eye level. Mark hesitated.

“Now” demanded Lucas. Mark threw the ball with all his strength. Lucas’s eye-hand coordination was flawless, and made direct contact with the bat. The ball went sailing off into the far distance. “I guess that would be considered a home run” remarked Lucas. “Pitch me another one, fatso”. Lucas’s words angered Mark. He pulled back and threw the ball directly at Lucas’s head. At the very last moment, Lucas raised his left hand and caught the speeding ball. “Now that wasn’t very nice, Mark” Lucas said and then he hurled the ball back to Mark. Mark’s hand starting throbbing before the ball reached his glove. The impact of Lucas’s powerful throw made Mark take a step back and caused more pain to his hand. Lucas started to walk towards Mark. Garry stayed behind, not sure what to do. Lucas was so muscular now, Garry wasn’t sure if he was still the stronger of the two.

Mark had dropped his glove and was rubbing his hand when Lucas reached him. “Did catching the ball hurt your little hand? What a weakling you are.” Lucas said as he took Mark’s arm by the wrist to examine his hand. Lucas then bent Mark’s arm at the elbow causing Mark’s diminished bicep to flex. “I used to think your arms were so impressive”, Lucas said as he effortlessly dented Mark’s bicep with the long fingers of his other hand. “Not anymore. Tell me do you think my bicep is impressive. I think it’s bigger than a baseball, maybe even a softball. Don’t you?” Lucas taunted Mark as he let go of his arm and flexed his left bicep. Mark didn’t answer as he stared at Mark’s split peak. Lucas was now bigger than Mark ever was. “I asked you a question, boy” Lucas said forcefully.

Mark looked at Lucas’s arm and face. Lucas was so handsome, virile and commanding; he had to do what he asked. “Yes, it’s bigger” whispered Mark.

“I wonder if it’s harder than a baseball?” inquired Lucas, “I know you want to touch it. Tell me if it’s harder than a baseball, Mark.”

Mark raised his hand to caress the magnificent bulge. Lucas straightened his arm at the elbow and bent it again, making the muscle grow larger and harder under Mark’s hand. Mark was glad he couldn’t get hard, because it would make this situation even more demeaning for him. “Yes, it’s harder, sir” responded Mark absentmindedly.

At this time Garry summoned up enough courage to join his friend. Seeing Garry approach, Mark removed his hand from Lucas’s bicep and tried to act tough. “Lucas, we’re in a middle of a practice here”, Mark said loudly.

“Sure thing, we’re done for now” Lucas turned his gaze from Mark’s eyes to Garry’s. “You two carry on”, with that Lucas slapped Garry’s ass. Then he looked at the once mighty mound and dug his hand into Garry’s flesh. “Mark’s arms aren’t the only icon to have fallen on hard times, or should I say soft times”, Lucas noted with pleasure in his voice. Garry’s winced in pain, it felt like Lucas was tearing the muscle from his bone. He tried flexing his glutes, but couldn’t break Lucas’s grip. Garry reached over to grab Lucas’s ass in retaliation, but couldn’t get a hold. It reminded Garry of his old football helmet, so hard, round, and smooth. Mark looked down to see the struggle, but his eyes focused on the bulge in Lucas’s shorts. Lucas’s package looked huge compared to Garry’s, and Garry was wearing a cup.

“What’s going on here, boys” asked Coach Miller approaching the trio.

“Nothing, I was just leaving” answered Lucas, letting go of Garry.

“That’s a shame. I saw how you hit and threw the ball. We could use a power player like you on the team.” The coach added.

“Thanks, but I don’t do well on teams. I like the focus all on me.” Lucas told the coach and started to walk away.

“Let me know if you change your mind”, the coach yelled to Lucas. “You two are in terrible shape. Why don’t you go inside and hit the gym. Mark, I want to see my pitching star 25 pounds lighter when you get back from break” The coach said to Mark and Garry before walking back to the field.

“How did Lucas get so much bigger so fast?” asked Mark, while walking towards the gym with Garry. “He must have lifted a ton of weight to pack on that much muscle.”

“You’re right, dude. He looks like a champion bodybuilder on competition day. Every muscle pumped with no body fat. Even his tan is perfect” commented Garry realizing he was getting hard. Trying to change the subject, he continued, “Our spell talked about ending his spell when he used his full strength. He must have done so, to get results like that.”

“Absolutely, so you think it may be over” questioned Mark.

“Only one way to find out, dude. Let’s follow the coach’s advice and hit the gym. We’ll both go through our full routines with the heaviest weights we can lift. We’ve got to put Lucas in his place at tonight’s rehearsal. We can’t let that asshole beat us.” Garry said emphatically. •

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