Mind Over Muscle

Marcus grows slightly


By Rex Torres

When Marcus finally had had enough of working out, he stood up and walked into the small locker room, so he could change into some beach shorts. It was hot and humid outside, so he didn’t even bother putting on a t-shirt.

“Come on, Conner… I’ll push you to our hotel room, okay?” Marcus said to his little brother. “We can go up to the room and watch a little TV or something, while we wait for mom and dad to come back from their walk around the town…”

Marcus grabbed hold of the handle bars which were sticking out from the back of the wheelchair. He gave it a slight push forward, until he got close to the door. Then, Marcus walked over to the door and pushed it open, while holding it open just long enough for Conner to ride his wheelchair outside. Once they were standing out in the burning sun, Marcus began to push Conner’s chair forward, towards the building where their hotel room was located.

When the boys arrived at the room, Marcus let Conner in, before going to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and dried off, before walking out to the bedroom, where Conner was watching TV.

“So, did you have a good work out?” Conner asked him.

Marcus walked back out to the bedroom, while just wearing his Bermuda shorts.

“Yeah, it was alright…” he mumbled, as he walked over to the long mirror, which was hanging from the wall.

Marcus stared at his reflection for a moment, turning sideways so he could examine his body. Conner just chuckled quietly, while he sat there and watched as his older brother inspected his muscles.

“I wish I could get my pecs to grow a little bigger…” Marcus complained.

“Where are your pecs?” Conner wondered.

“My pecs are the muscles on my chest, little bro…” Marcus explained, while pointing at his pectorals.

“Oh, I just call those chest muscles” Conner replied. “I’ve never used the word ‘pecs’ before!”

“Well, you’ve never worked out before, either” Marcus said to him. “So, I can’t blame you for not knowing that.”

“So… Can I help you make your ‘pecs’ any bigger?”

Marcus slowly turned to face Conner with a confused look on his face.

“Conner… You can’t help me! You can’t even carry any weights! How can you help me grow any bigger? That’s impossible!” Marcus remarked.

“If you say so…” Conner said teasingly.

Marcus decided just to ignore his little brother. He brushed off his comment. He figured that the poor boy had no idea what he was talking about. What does he know? He’s never worked out in his life and he will never be able to work out either.

Marcus just turned and stared at his reflection in the mirror. A smile came on his face, when he noted his abdominals. He was happy with the shape and definition, which was forming on his torso. He just wished his pectorals would just grow a little bigger…

Conner just stared at his big brother. He was sitting in his chair, just a few feet away from him. He was looking at him from the right hand side, but Conner was also able to see Marcus’ reflection in the mirror, from where he was sitting in his wheelchair.

Conner stared at Marcus’ reflection in the mirror. He noted his brother’s pectorals and his abdominals. He saw how big they were, and he began to imagine in his mind, what Marcus would look like, had his abdominals grown a little more defined and had Marcus’ pectorals inflated just a little bit in size. He imagined his older brother’s pectorals just inflate like balloons, so that they reached out an inch further from the rest of his body.

“I want to see Marcus’ abs grow a little deeper and then I’d want to see his chest muscles grow an inch bigger…” Conner thought to himself.

Suddenly, Marcus gasped when he felt an odd, warm feeling over his torso. His abdominals began to burn a little bit. It was as if his body had suddenly become a little more sensitive. Somehow, a slight burning feeling came over all of his abdominals, and the muscles began to grow slightly. At first, you could barely make out the outlines of the muscles over his stomach. Now, it seemed like they were growing by themselves, while Marcus was overcome by that burning sensation.

“Hey… What the heck…?” Marcus exclaimed, as he noticed his abdominals shift while he was staring at his reflection in the mirror.

After a few seconds had passed, Marcus had noted that his abdominals were deeper and more defined! But, how did that happen? Who, or what, caused them to grow? Was it the workout he had just completed a few minutes ago?” “What’s wrong?” Conner asked his brother. He was delighted to see the changes as they began to take place in his big brother’s body. But, he didn’t want to reveal to his brother that he was the one who had caused the change to happen.

“I… I don’t know…” Marcus replied. “Something seems different…”

The moment the burning feeling had disappeared from his abdominals, it had suddenly started to come back in his chest. Marcus suddenly felt that same, deep, burning sensation in his pectorals.

“My God… What’s happening to me?” Marcus whispered to himself, as he continued to stare at the strange changes, which were taking place in his body.

Marcus saw his two pectorals inflate like balloons before his very own eyes! They grew at the same time, and they both increased by about an inch in width and in depth! The increased muscles also added to his body weight, and Marcus noticed that he felt slightly heavier than he was before!

The burning feeling stopped, and Marcus noted that the muscle growth had stopped just as sudden as it began.

He stood there, with his mouth wide open, looking at his reflection of his enlarged pectorals in the mirror. What was going on here? Was he dreaming?

Then he looked down at the real thing, and placed both of his hands over his muscles.

“Oh my God… This can’t be happening…” the teen said to him in complete disbelief.

“What are you talking about?” Conner asked him.

Marcus turned to face Conner.

“Hey… Do I… Do I look a little bigger to you?” Marcus wondered.

Conner just stared at him with a wide grin on his face.

“Yeah! You stomach muscles and your chest muscles look like they’ve gotten a little bigger! You must’ve had a pretty good workout, big bro!”

“But… But… My muscles just grew… Just now… A minute ago…” Marcus pondered, while gently rubbing his palms of his hands over his slightly inflated muscles that were part of his chest.

“Oh?” Conner giggled. “You mean, like this?”

Conner stared at his big brother’s arms.

“I want his biceps to grow just a little bigger right now…” Conner thought to himself.

Immediately, Marcus felt that strange, burning sensation return for the third time. This time, both of his biceps began to burn. As the strange feeling intensified, he noticed that his biceps suddenly began to increase in size as well! His biceps suddenly felt slightly bigger, harder, and heavier on his arms!

“Holy crap! I can’t believe this!” Marcus exclaimed. “It happened again!”

Marcus slowly turned slightly to the right, while facing the mirror, and he flexed his right arm, revealing the slightly enlarged bicep and bringing it out so that it could be seen in all of its glory. After a few seconds, he turned to the left, and flexed his left arm, when he noticed the same change in his muscles.

“Your biceps are bigger, huh?” Conner chuckled.

Conner was having a blast. It was so much fun, making his brother’s muscles grow larger. It was hilarious, making him grow without him expecting it. Conner realized that his brother would figure out rather quickly, that he had gained the ability to make his brother’s muscles grow bigger whenever he wanted them to.

“How do you know?” Marcus wondered. “How could you tell?”

“I know because I ordered your muscles to grow just a little…” Conner shrugged.

“You… What?” Marcus said. He was horribly confused.

“I made your muscles grow a little. I caused the muscles on your body to grow a little!” the boy in the wheelchair responded calmly. “Do you like your new muscles?”

“But… How? How did you make my muscles grow?”

“I don’t know…” Conner replied. He stared at the ceiling and tried to remember when and where he had gained this strange ability to grow his brother’s muscles by merely thinking about how big he wanted the muscles to be, and by commanding the muscles to grow.

It had dawned on Conner that he had no memory of the girl and the old man, who had spoken the strange verse, which had granted the boy the power to manipulate the muscles of other people.

“I just can’t remember how I got it…”

“Come on, Conner! Tell me! How did you make my abs, my pecs, and my biceps grow?” Marcus asked him as he beginning to get a little impatient.

“I can’t remember!” Conner argued. “All I know is that I can imagine or order your body to change, and it will happen!”


“I don’t know! Something happened… And now I have the ability to make your muscles grow!” he continued.

“Quit messing with me! Tell me!”

“I can’t! I don’t know! Honest!” he retorted.

Just at that moment, the door to the hotel room was unlocked, and Frank and Janice walked in the room, while carrying several plastic bags. They had gone shopping, and they returned to the bedroom carrying several souvenirs.

“Hey, guys! I got you some t-shirts from Aruba!” Janice announced, as she set the bags on the bed.

“Oh cool!” Conner cheered, as he wheeled closer to the bed.

For the moment, Marcus had forgotten about the strange muscle growth that he had just experienced, and he decided to let it go for now. But he was determined to ask his little brother about his strange ability later on.

“So, how was your workout in the gym?” Frank asked his oldest son.

“It was pretty good!” Marcus said with a grin.

“I see! I can tell you’ve been making quite some progress!” Frank chuckled, while he examined his oldest son’s body. Frank took note of the fact that Marcus had indeed grown a little bigger.

“Can… Can you tell?” Marcus wondered. “Do I look any different to you?”

“Well, I can tell that you’ve been working out your arms and your chest…”


“Why, absolutely! You seem to be doing great! Keep up the good work, son!” Frank said to his son. He felt like the proud father of the boy, who was growing bigger and more muscular.

“Thanks, dad…”

“You boys must be hungry right now! Let’s wash up, and then head down to the restaurant in the lobby for an early dinner, alright?” Janice suggested.

“Sure, mom…” Conner cheered.

“Wow…” she said, as she walked up to Marcus.

“You’ve been taking your workouts really seriously, huh?” she said.

“Yeah, mom…”

“I guess you’re working hard at going home with more than just a sun tan…” she added.

“He’s working out so that he can impress Charlotte!” Conner teased. Charlotte was Marcus’ girl friend back home.

“Oh, be quiet Conner!”

“Marcus and Charlotte, sitting in a tree… Kay-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye-Enn-Gee!” Conner began to sing at a false tune.

“Knock it off, Conner!”

“Hush, you two! Let’s go! Chow time!” Frank announced to the two youths.

“You must be hungry after that intense workout, huh?” Janice noted to Marcus.

The four of them stumbled out the door and walked down the hall. Janice pushed Conner’s wheelchair, while they headed to the small seafood restaurant, which was located in the lobby of the hotel.

Conner was happy to see that his ability to change his brother’s muscles really worked! And, Marcus realized that Conner had suddenly gained the ability to make him grow bigger and more muscular. Both boys were suddenly feeling more joyful and energetic. Conner felt like he had gained a new calling, to grow the muscles of his friends. He began to look forward to going home in another three days, so that he could try out his new ability on his best friends in school. And Marcus began to wonder what other requests he would make to his little brother. What muscles could Conner grow for him? Could Conner make him as big as he wanted?

Both boys pondered the infinite possibilities of having the ability to manipulate the muscles of others. They were anxious to try this out on other people as well! •

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