By Also_KnownAs

And just like that, all bets were off. The chains were burst from the cages, the brakes weren't just lifted they were burned out altogether and the men who had become ultimate masculine sex machines turned themselves up to twelve on the dial.

Muscle and beauty exploded in the small grove. It was a wonder the trees and grass didn't burn away under the sudden onslaught of sexual power that was literally swelling and throbbing and expanding outward like a ball of flame. The men suddenly bloomed into full glory, faces changing to their ultimate and ungodly beauty, bodies unfurling like telescopes sprouting higher and higher, arms and legs bursting with muscle feet thick and hard as iron, cocks growing massive and firm and hungry, balls dropping heavy and fat with unlimited and supercharged loads of thick, hot cream.

Sex Scent was released at full strength. A funky, invisible cloud of pure animal sex enveloped the men as they all, as one, realized what was happening and they released themselves to the act of fucking and being fucked, of touching and caressing and licking and kissing, of growing bigger and badder and broader and stronger than anyone else on the face of the planet.

The men pressed against each other, suddenly occupying two or three times the space they had been only moments ago. Skin, slick with sweat and leaking masculine perfume, pressed against skin, muscle to muscle. Thick carpets of curling fur spread suddenly across gargantuan chests with plump, round nipples that dipped toward the ground. Asses, round and high and firm, with soft, red mouths awaiting those anxious dicks, spread themselves and welcomed their brothers inside, slick and tight and lush. Mouths pressed to mouths, tongues wrestling eagerly, as hands caressed and grabbed and kneaded the heavily muscled flesh that was suddenly everywhere.

At first, there was very little coupling. Everyone wanted everyone else. Everywhere you looked was someone more beautiful than the man you just saw, an arm with a bigger bicep, shoulders stretching wider and thicker, a chest so overwhelmed with brawn that it looked like it might burst under the pressure of so much fat, hard, striated muscle.

It was a moment to lose control, at last, to allow their super- powered bodies to become the ultimate expression of masculine strength and magnificence. Bodies swelled larger and larger and larger still. They pressed against each other, rubbing skin against skin, the flesh saturated with The Touch so that each man was a huge, throbbing, swelling cock being stroked and licked and sucked. Deep, brutish growls of pleasure and need and lust rolled across the tundra like thunder. Thicker forests of dark curls erupted across the vast expanses of unleashed muscular bulks, still swelling and thickening and hardening.

And then they were joining as the mindspeech integrated with those who didn't already have it, and other minds reached into the pleasure centers and tickled and caressed and stroked them to new heights of pleasure, to crests of sexual bliss never reached before. There were words spoken, whispered desires and shouted conquests and lots of deep and meaningful uses of the word `fuck' attached to just about any body part you can name.

But they were not fucking -- not yet. Cocks were engaged and asses were filled but this was not fucking, this was something purer, something more base and animal. They writhed and stretched and flexed their growing forms, watching themselves and their friends and lovers swell with new muscular growth. Chests bloomed outward as if stretching from the deep shadowed well between the growing plates of power mounted there. Thicker, wider, fatter than ever with more and more muscle, born of the growth that Edward and Joseph and Bobby brought, then magnified by Adam's innate and overwhelming physical capabilities. Arms outstretched expanded wider, the hands stretching and growing, the biceps swelling and thickening, the triceps bulging, the forearms increasing with more and more strength and size.

Taller they grew, altogether, stretching to the sky. Thighs bulged fat with wide wedges of vascular power. Calves bloomed with wide diamonds. Asses firmed and rose and rounded into perfect sucking and fucking doorways, augmented and alive with need and lust. The overwhelming reek of sex and sweat and muscle filled the grove like a fog, and they inhaled it into their strong lungs and breathed it back out, mixing its power with their own. Any man within 100 yards would be instantly overcome and Transformed into a super being whose muscles would swell and split and grow and split again, bulging under copper glowing skin stretched tight and thin.

But these men, their bodies already stretched beyond any normal dimensions, filled almost beyond capacity with fat bellies of cabled strength, these men welcomes the growth, the swelling strength, the incredible beauty and towering, unconquerable sexuality that streamed into them and filled them up and began to spill out of them from everywhere, every inch of skin super sensitized with The Touch, an outpouring of Sex Scent flooding outward, and then their cocks, huge and hard and red and shining in the sun, began to gush the hot creamy loads that had been building in their balls, and surging fountains of hot, sweet, powerful cum shot up to the sky, spraying across their magnificent bodies, splattering thick and wet and sticky into those dark carpets of fur and dripping along their veined muscular torsos, clinging to fat nipples and swallowed down, inside, filling their mouths with the taste of men.

The development was impossible and complete and all the men present were in the throes of deep passionate sexual lust that accompanied their new growth and sudden realizations of heightened powers and capabilities. Huge men became larger, empowered by what Joseph and Bobby brought to the mix. Seventeen-foot high giants grew another foot larger, shouting and roaring with the pleasure of such power, and another foot again, cocks streaming thick jets of white hot cum, surpassing their comrades for only a moment before they, too, began to swell and expand with new muscular power.

Then, as some reached the zenith of their new power, they reached for each other, pressing their lips together, shoving their tongues inside. Others were thrown to the earth with a resounding thunder, shaking the nearby trees, and were being fucked in their perfect, muscular asses by two, four, six huge pricks already shooting heavy loads. It surged out of their asses and drenched them and their lovers, splashing and sinking into their flesh to renew their desire and hunger and power. Men dropped to their knees to swallow more streaming dicks, sucking them hard and licking their long, fat shafts and welcoming them all the way inside, deep down, hot and hard and growing.

For Carlos, Jerry and Ray, being the oldest of the men by surpassing the age of 50 before being reborn, and less so for Leo and Teddy, being a decade younger in age, the changes they felt were more dramatic. The Transformation originating from Bobby and Joseph, and especially from Adam, entered their already magnificent bodies like silver fire, erupting through their muscles and burning through their bloodstream. Their bodies had the most to regain and change, and as the overwhelming tide of Transform entered them, it was a demanding master.

Carlos nearly swooned as the waves of Transform hit him. He hardly thought it possible that he could feel such an overwhelming power, but what was happening to him was like being Transformed the first time. He felt it all over again, all the sudden and awesome strength filling his limbs, stretching across his chest, lighting a fire in his belly. All his huge muscles burned with a sudden, fierce inferno and he swelled upward and outward, stretching and growing bigger yet, even bigger, in moments. Then the mindspeech grabbed his brain and he heard and felt the other men, could feel their pleasure and strength, feel them growing as he was growing, sharing utterly every blissful inch of new muscle as it expanded.

Jerry closed his eyes and flung his head back, stretching his arms wide and pushing his chest up, feeling the growth slam into him like a tidal wave. His body inflated with power, expanding in all directions. Taller and wider and thicker, his cocks drooping as more inches were added and their weight increased. His balls churned and groaned and swelled with cream, hot and delicious, burning for release.

Their bodies, their supercharged, ultra-erotic, fantastically beautiful bodies began to grow again. They could feel it like a deep, bright tingle at first that crawled through them and burrowed down into their core and then erupted outward, an explosion of strength and size and power and sexuality. It was overwhelming, even for a Transformed man, to be able suddenly to feel his own body begin to grow even bigger and stronger, but when the mindspeech hit and sank inside, they felt each other growing as well, their own sense of growth and power magnified not by two or ten, but by every other man there. Their sense and pleasure of their own muscle growth and swelling power was suddenly thousands of times stronger. Two, multiplied by two, multiplied by five, multiplied by 10, multiplied by twenty, each man added to the sudden overwhelming growth and each man shoving it higher, stronger and faster.

The others, too, felt the jolt of The Sharing like a supernova exploding from within. It was sudden and huge and stronger than anyone could anticipate. It flooded through them and built inside and came out stronger, still.

Chuck watched his own body swelling again, and felt the strength flowing into his arms, his legs, crawling across his chest and down his belly, filling his cocks and balls, grabbing his butt, sinking into his asshole, reaching inside him and glowing and burning and growing again. He watched the muscle fiber swell and split and multiply. He was fucking someone's ass. Someone was fucking his ass. Maybe he was fucking his own ass. He couldn't tell, because everyone had the mindspeech, and everyone was flying free and open and at full power, and everyone was fucking or being fucked. Pleasure and strength and power flowed into him. He grew some more.

Joseph was in heaven. He was in something beyond heaven. He had never allowed himself fully released since being changed only days before, and now it was like being naked for the first time, it was like strutting your dick in front of an audience and having them jump to their feet in ecstatic bliss and wonder. It was like having your muscles so fully pumped, so hard and fat and full, so sizzling with blood and power and strength that you could do fucking anything, lift the whole world on you shoulders, bench press Mars. He had no breath in his lungs, he didn't need it. And everything throbbed and tingled and pumped with such freedom and abandon that he thought he might lose himself inside such exquisite and perfect bliss. And at the moment, he had no problem with that.

For Adam, though, his body was not growing. It would do so in its own time, at its own pace. There were no genetic maps to redraw in his anatomy, for he was already Transform in its purest form. But he felt the changes enter, the talents he was not born with from Jerry and Michael's origin, and his body welcomed them and integrated them. Mindspeech helped him immediately understand so much more. He had no difficulty at all sort through the sudden storm of voices, thoughts, emotions and sensations assaulting him. He was Transform, and there was nothing to adjust to.

Adam was a super trigger, a conduit and an amplifier. He soaked in everything, every drop, every scent and touch, and released it backwards purified and stronger than ever. Opening himself up, his unlimited potential and strength and beauty, opening the valves fully and allowing everything to let go, all his muscle, all his masculinity and perfect, flawless power, suddenly amplified what was happening all around him. Something like a collective sigh or groan of absolute pleasure moved through the group when he joined them completely and without limits.

The Sharing continued all around him. He watched as the huge men fucked each other into bliss, and sucked each others' cocks, and stroked and kissed and came. They towered over him, or rolled on the grass and dirt covered with sticky spunk, or shouted to the heavens and stretched their muscled limbs wide, balling hands into fists and sending their collections of brawn into spasms of new growth.

He heard them inside, he felt them, each one, and loved them all. His brothers. They were huge and powerful and beautiful beyond compare. Glorious and perfect.

Then he could feel it inside. A change. Something different. Something else. Something new being born, manifesting inside him, the spawn of all the men around him and their combined strength and sensuality and beauty.

He stood alone and separate and he raised his arms and allowed his muscles, all of them, to swell and flex and bulge. The feeling inside him was growing along with his body, inflating inside, filled with power and energy. His arms grew to 25 inches, 28, 30, and larger still. His chest was going insane, the cables of power so fat and hard and firm that they looked like they would explode. 72 inches, then 80. His skin stretched across the burgeoning muscle like elastic, thinner and thinner until he looked like he was made of nothing but muscle, every fiber perfectly defined, every strong ball of power swollen larger than any muscle had ever been.

He closed his eyes and his muscles expanded some more. Fat veins pulsed across his expanses of power. The raw brawn of his upper legs pressed against each other. Now his cock became fully engaged, lengthening and growing fat and firm and hard. A thick flow of clear precum pumped up the shaft and flowed fast and clean from the tip, everything throbbed and tingled and felt like it was being flooded with sexual energy. His balls were inflating, ripening like heavy fruit bursting with seed, dropping low in their skin and swelling round and fat.

The power was manifesting inside him, a spark quickly growing to a flame, a blaze, an inferno. It shot through his body and all at once he was aware of what it was, and what he could do now, and how powerful, how immensely powerful he was.

He opened his eyes and the first man he saw, the first face, was a swarthy, shadowed beauty with a squared jaw and green eyes. He had a heavy brow and a prominent nose, and his hair was short on the sides and longer on top, jet black and stingy with sweat.

Chuck's eyes met Adam's. He was on his hands and knees, his ass was being filled by David and Aaron and Jeremy. Todd's body was between his legs, and Todd's mouth was swallowing his tools and his load. And he saw something in Adam's eyes, something bright and white hot and filled with power. The boy was standing there, a few feet from him, still only six and one half feet high, but his body was overwhelmed with muscle, muscle on top of muscle, fat, hard, striations of power latticed across his frame and pulsed and throbbed and flexed. But his face, Adam's gorgeous face, looked uncommonly calm and completely serene. Chuck offered him a smile, managing somehow to concentrate on the boy even as his body was being pleasured so completely and feeling so huge and powerful that he found it amazing that he was able to even breathe.

Adam smiled back, his lips parting to expose his straight white teeth. His whole face changed as he smiled. His dick was standing out from his hugely muscled body like another arm, three feet long and red as an apple and drizzling lubricant like a hose. His balls were swollen and seemed to churn and throb. And then Adam lowered his arms, his muscle collapsing perfectly to allow him this movement, and he began to walk toward Chuck.

That dick, that huge hard dick, was coming toward him. That beautiful, muscled boy was coming toward him, and he looked bigger with each step. And Chuck, huge and hard and being fucked and sucked, opened his mouth and wrapped his long tongue around it, tasting the salty sweetness of Adam, and reached forward and cupped the boy's firm, fine ass in his huge paw and pulled them together and felt the boy's fat, firm prick push between his teeth and fill his mouth.

He could hear Adam in his head, feel him there. ::I have it:: he mindspoke.


::Here:: he said, simply, and he began to pump his silver, white hot load down Chuck's throat. He gifted this huge man before him with his power, with everything inside him, with what his purified masculine form had produced out of everything the other men gave him. The absolute and untainted essence of masculine power.

It felt like an animal had been unleashed inside Chuck. It felt like he was suddenly more than a man, more even than a 20-foot tall man covered with muscular power and beauty and a forest of dark fur and two huge dicks and a pair of balls pumping out gallons of thick, sweet, hot cum. What Adam had was something almost indefinable, almost too powerful for words alone to describe, something made out of all the men around him and purified inside him and given out like lightning that shot through Chuck and filled him up and spilled out into Todd and Aaron and Jeremy and the men close to them and the men next to them and the men fucking them and to every man in the glade. Adam kept pumping it into Chuck and Chuck kept giving it out through every pore, every follicle, every cell and every fiber.

Pure masculine power. The feeling of being a man magnified to infinity. Power and strength and size and cock and lips and ass and muscle and hair and whiskers and more muscle and more cock and balls and cumming and kissing and sucking and more muscle and more muscle and more and more.

Transform took a man and made him a superman. Adam took a superman and made him something even more. Purified, magnified, crystallized and absolute.

For Chuck, and for the others shortly thereafter, it was like seeing clearly after thinking you were all along. Adam's pure Transform wiped away anything that remained of Chuck's previous form and remade him, the power burning through him and rebuilding him. He did not realize Adam's double set of muscles, or any other new physical secrets yet to be born within his still maturing body, but what he received stripped his immense body of the last limitations his old physical nature held onto.

He emerged on the other side of Adam's gift feeling like he could bench press the whole world, like he wanted to fuck every man in the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines at the same time. He was energized to a new level, and could feel every muscle of his body completely, feel its power and size, feel its potential and hunger.

Adam stopped pumping his purifying cum into Chuck's belly and they separated. And as Adam's gift made it through the crowd of men to its final perfection, they separated and collapsed where they were, overcome with muscular power and sexual ecstasy. Some grew larger still, chests rising like bread dough, arms swelling with balloons of bulging power, dicks unfurling fatter and longer, balls drooping beneath their load of heavy, powerful cum.

Adam was left standing alone, his power-packed muscles at full strength. He gazed around him at his brothers, his beautiful mighty brothers and fathers, and a hunger came over him, an insatiable desire and lust and need, a powerful need that spread through his limbs and into his chest and belly, a fire that spread through his whole huge body and then zeroed in on his cock, and it was pumping high and hard and fat again.

His brother Carlos, whom he loved, told him he would probably have another dick as he matured. He accepted that as he accepted everything he was learning about himself and his brothers. He didn't know any other truth. He read about how other men grew and matured, how they worked days, weeks, months and years to be gifted with a body like his. A body less than his, actually. And he tried to understand what it must be like to live inside something you only partially controlled, to be unaware of things until your skin's millions of touch-sensitive, heat-sensitive, moisture-sensitive nerve endings passed along the feeling to your brain and then you realized what was happening, instead of knowing absolutely every cell of yourself, every fiber of power and every strand of hair. And to be locked inside that body and not allowed to change. And to be limited.

Because he was not. He was unlimited. He would keep getting bigger and stronger and better. That's what Carlos told him. And Michael, his father. And he would grow and become more than he was now, growing finally to be as huge and beautiful as all his brothers, and possibly bigger even than that. He loved them all, and wanted them all, and wanted to give them everything he had inside, all his power and strength and love.

Adam knew this feeling inside, because he had felt it before and tried to explain it to Carlos, to tell him about this heat that spread through him, this deep and powerful heat that seemed to start everywhere and nowhere and sink deep and completely into everything he was. His whole body would throb and pulse and swell with the heat. His breath would start to come in sharper intakes. The hairs on his cheeks and chest and ass tingled. His nipples grew fat and hard and plump, and when he touched them am intense shock of that heat would suddenly grow like a fire all through him, and then, finally, his dick would begin to swell.

He didn't want to control it this time. It didn't frighten him, nothing his body did ever frightened him. But it was odd, this feeling, when it came because it seemed to obey other orders, not his own, but he enjoyed it. He liked the feeling of losing a bit of control, and he wondered, now, what would happen if he surrendered to it, to this feeling that felt so good.

So he did.

And that heat suddenly swelled so large that he felt like he was drowning within it. It pumped through his blood like lava, it coated his muscles in hot honey, it swam across his skin and a sheen of slick sweat saturated with male scent dripped off his hugeness. The veins that covered his cock suddenly inflated like hands grasping the shaft and squeezing it, and it swelled to enormity and sprayed a sudden, astonishing fountain of thick, sweet precum that didn't stop, but slowed to a constant full flow that streamed down his feet of prick and dripped from his churning balls.

His breath was hot and hard and sudden, filling his lungs with the tang of his own scent, the smell of deep masculine need so powerful and overwhelming that nothing else could withstand it. It poured from his super-strong and ultra-male body like the heat that flowed through him, boiling his blood and bending his brain. He had read about god, about this being so powerful that anything was possible, a being made of perfection and able to create the world with a word. And he suddenly felt like such a being.

So much power.

Chuck was lying on his back and was nearest to Adam when the boy's sudden sexual transformation overcame him and began to swell outward. So when the thick, hot spill of honey splattered on his chest and burned his flesh like sex itself, he opened his eyes and looked up to see the ultimate form of male perfection standing over him, his cock huge and red and hard as steel, his chest rising and falling as he pulled cooling air into his superheated form, his whole body swollen so huge and hard with muscle that it was a wonder he could move at all. "Adam?"

He heard the deep rumble speak his name. He looked down at his huge and beautiful brother and opened his mouth to speak. "I need..."

Chuck's body shook from the power in the boy's words. So much power. He was drenched with it, soaking in male power and strength and lust. Chuck turned over and climbed the slick, gleaming pole of Adam's need. It was so huge and hard that only a man of Chuck's size could accommodate it. Adam's dick was immense, so big that it looked like he would topple over except for the obvious strength of his legs and their fat, bulging muscle. The slick precum burned against Chuck's arms and chest and belly as he embraced the huge tool, and he could feel -- actually physically feel Adam's need.

So Chuck released the beautiful and powerful cock and turned to offer his ass to Adam, a sacrifice to the god of male lust and power, to be fucked harder and longer than any man had ever been.

Adam thrust himself home almost immediately, fitting his huge prick inside Chuck's talented and hospitable tunnel of love that sucked against him and wanted only to make him feel as good as Chuck felt himself.

Because being fucked by Adam was like nothing Chuck had ever felt, even in the weeks since his continuing transformation. It was perfection itself. It was completion. It was the pure and absolute act of fucking and being fucked by a man. Everything Adam was, all his strength and power and beauty and love and desire and need and lust came through the fuck. It was animal, it was hunger, it was desire, it was love. Adam loved him. He knew it without a doubt. Adam was love.

Good god it felt great. So good. So full and deep and hard and good. Each thrust magnified the pleasure. It shook his whole body, made him want to cry out and rend the earth and fly into the sun. He was being fucked like there was no tomorrow. It was all and everything.

Adam felt like he was cresting some mountain. The heat he allowed to overwhelm him pushed him higher and higher toward something, and this was it, this pleasure, this release, this completion. Being with his brother, connecting with him, this was what he was made for. It was as if the final tumbler in a lock had fallen into place and he was wide open. Nothing, ever, felt this good. He wanted to be here, in this place, doing this thing, forever. His brain was exploding, overloaded with bliss so pure and complete that he could think of nothing else. His body was acting on its own, now, taking over from his brain.

Everything fell into place. He fucked Chuck's tight, beautiful, powerful ass like he was made for this, because he was. The stroking and the hardness and the tingling that he felt in his dick before now all disappeared in the thick haze of pleasure he was feeling now. The god of fucking was in his domain at last.

And suddenly something else was building. Something other than the heat of need. Something inside him, at his core, some whisper of a stronger thing yet to be born. It tickled and tingled and blew its warm, moist breath across his skin. He could feel it everywhere, but strongest in his dick and balls.

Other men knew what this was. Other men had felt it before, but Adam never had. He could pump gallons of cum from his balls at will, but he'd never achieved orgasm, never had to, and never needed to.

But now his body was in control, and it needed this. It was how things worked, even in a being of super saturated strength and masculinity like Adam.

And that beast of pleasure growled inside him now. It raked its claws across his ass. It rattled the cage of its containment with its powerful muscles. He could feel it awaking, and it was huge.

Chuck had no idea what was happening, or for how long his prime meat had been pounded. Hours? Days? Was he still at IGE? Was he still Chuck? He felt like he'd cum a good dozen times, shooting load after load as Adam fucked him. Was it day or night? Was he inside his body or somewhere else? Then, somehow, somewhere outside himself, he could feel it too, that beast. He could feel it purr, and growl, and shove itself against the bars that surrounded it. Jesus, it wanted out! And it wanted into him! He could feel it rub itself against him, its muscular hide and slick, perfect beauty. It was coming. He could feel it.

It grew stronger and stronger, that beast of pleasure, inside Adam, and began to stretch its muscular arms out, to roar with pleasure and power. Adam wanted to keep it inside, to stay in this place of bliss, but he could not contain it. Even him, with his powerful muscles and complete control, could not contain this.

"Coming..." he whispered. His voice was tight and small, but so pumped with power that every man in the glade felt it, and turned their attention toward the two men at the center. And that's when it happened.

The beast escaped. Adam shouted, his giant chest swelling suddenly outward, his arms overwhelmed with muscle thrown wide, his face thrown toward the heavens as he mounted the final steps of that mountain and came.

The earth seemed to shake. That's how it felt. The mindlink delivered the full impact of Adam's orgasm to every man there. They all came again, overwhelmed with the pure sexual bliss and awesome release of the perfected form of masculine power and capability manifested within Adam's first true orgasm. But for Chuck, it was almost too much to bear.

He was unprepared for this. He had not even considered it. Later, he would regret that. He would regret that he could not feel the fullness of what was happening between him and Adam because the sudden white-hot flash of pleasure seemed to throw him outside himself into a place where he was suddenly nothing but sexual satisfaction. His body, all of him, every flexed and super strong muscular inch of him, was swallowed whole by what was happening. Adam's powerful and all-consuming orgasmic blast shot out of him and through Chuck and then through the others and brought the gathered supermen to a plateau of shared and ultimate sexual release none had ever felt or even considered possible before.

Chuck may have blacked out. He may have entered a trance. He couldn't say, even days later, exactly what happened and exactly what he felt. Other than, "That boy can fuck."

It went on and on, bigger and fuller and stronger by the moment. Waves of intense sexual joy grew and grew as Adam's body delivered on the promise of his birth. It started like a jolt, like a sudden quick rifle shot, but it didn't subside. His dick fountained inside Chuck and the orgasm swelled and grew and expanded now that it was finally out. It rippled through his brothers like a supernova, expanding and growing more beautiful and perfect as it exploded.

Thus was The Sharing truly born, for now they were all joined in perfected sexual satisfaction. Feeling each other inside and out, joined together so completely inside the hot embrace of Adam's power that, in those moments, they were truly one.

When Adam's powerful form was done delivering its huge treasure of sexual bliss, he fell forward, resting his smaller form on Chuck's impossibly wide back. He spread his arms across Chuck's torso and tried to hug him, to pull all of him into an embrace that somehow could match the joy he'd just experienced and to thank him for bringing him there. Adam was filled up with a glowing sort of love for everyone and he wanted nothing more than to be with them all again, like that, locked inside the swelling power of his sexuality.

Chuck was blinking to clear his vision. Stars and planets and whole galaxies spun there. He was breathing deep and full, trying to recover from the onslaught and feeling both extremely satisfied and somewhat drained all the sudden. But he could feel Adam's warm embrace and he smiled. He could also feel Adam's huge dick still buried up his ass, and he smiled some more.

The other men were recovering as well. Some even began to recover enough to find another's mouth or body to share some of the afterglow of the intense pleasure they'd experienced, now knowing each other more intimately and feeling still some of what Adam had given them.

Adam could feel Chuck's deep growl of a voice through his whole body when the giant underneath him spoke. "Thanks," he said, in his usual understated manner. "That was great."

Adam's face lit into a smile of pure radiant happiness. "You're welcome," he said back, in his usual brief fashion.

"It's customary to take your dick out when you're done. But feel free to stay right where you are if you're happy there. Believe me when I say I wouldn't mind in the least." But he could feel Adam withdrawing from the tight embrace of his ass before he could finish the sentence.

Chuck got to his feet and shrank to a size more in line with Adam's height at the same time. Around him, the sounds of soft moans and deep grunts of manly pleasure rolled through the glade. "We haven't been formally introduced," he said grinning his lop-sided smile. He offered his hand and said, "I'm Chuck."

Adam's brow furrowed and he looked at the hand. Chuck pushed it toward him, taking Adam's hand and shaking. "Now you say, `Glad to meet you, my name's Adam." Which he did, using almost the same inflection and tone as Chuck had. Chuck laughed slightly and added, "We need to get you out in the world pretty quick, beautiful. You may be one hell of a fuck and probably the best looking guy on the planet, but your personal skills could use some honing."

"Okay," agreed Adam. He smiled openly, and Chuck wanted to fuck him all over again. "When do we leave?"

Chuck's eyes widened. "You want to go with me?"

"I love you," he answered simply.

Chuck looked like someone just stuck a Popsicle up his butt. "You what?!?"

"I love you," he answered again. He was guileless, open, completely without pretense. He just stood there and said it.

"Do you know what love is?" Chuck himself wasn't sure he could answer that question.

"I want to be with you. I want you to be with me. I want us to be together."

As simple as it was, Chuck could think of no better definition. "Okay," he said slowly. "What about Frazz?" Chuck pointed to his... well... now that he considered it, Frazz was the man that Chuck would say he loved, given Adam's simple definition of the word. He, Chuck, loved Frazz.

"I love him," answered Adam. "He loves you, I love you. He will love me, too. You love me."

Chuck almost laughed. But he found he couldn't, because much to his surprise, it was all true. He loved Adam. They had been together in a place no one else could share, and there they learned about each other to a level impossible for anyone else. "I do," he said. And Adam smiled. "And the others?"

Adam looked around. "Some are feeling love. Some aren't."

"No, I mean do you love anyone else?"

"I love everyone."

"You can't love everyone!"


"Well... it doesn't work that way."

"Why not?"

He considered. Why not, indeed. Perhaps Adam did love them all. Maybe love was that simple. Or maybe he was also three days old and had no idea what he was talking about. But why spoil it for him, now? "Okay, you love us all."

Again, Adam smiled. "I love you, Chuck." He pushed his finger into Chuck's hairy chest. Then he leaned forward and cupped Chuck's chin in his hands and brought their lips together and kissed Chuck deeply, passionately, fully. The kiss reached down to Chuck's toes and would have curled the hair on his huge muscular frame if they weren't already curled. God, this kid was amazing.

And Chuck could feel his love, Adam's deep and unwavering and unshakable love flooding into him again. He embraced the boy's heavily muscled form and kissed him back. Then he felt a hand on his ass, and a familiar voice at his ear. "Is this a private party?"

Chuck's smiling mouth broke the kiss. "Hello, Frazz."

Adam looked past Chuck and up slightly into Frazz's midnight gaze. "Hello, Frazz," he said.

"Hi, kids." He squeezed Chuck's firm butt. "What up?"

Chuck pulled his arms from Adam's body reluctantly and said, "Adam, meet Frazz. Frazz, this is Adam. He loves us."

"He does?" Adam nodded vigorously. "That's nice."

"No, um, he loves us." He stressed the word meaningfully. "He loves me. And he loves you."

"That's cool," he answered. Then he arched one of his narrow, beautiful eyebrows at Chuck and asked, "And what about you?" Frazz's question seemed to hang there in silence a moment before Chuck answered.

"I love him. And I love you." It felt right to say it, so he said it again. "I love you, Frazz."

Frazz suddenly had a smile on his face that looked like a sunrise. "It's about time you said it, fucker." He kissed Chuck with a slow and easy enthusiasm, wrestling their tongues together before breaking the kiss to say, "I love you, too. I just wanted to hear you say it first."

Chuck grinned, because he knew that Frazz knew him too well. If Frazz had ever mentioned the word before now, Chuck probably would have bolted. But now it seemed natural and prefect to say it, and to feel it, and to share it. "Fucker," he whispered, before kissing him again.

By the time the others were beginning to come around from The Sharing, there was no sign of the three of them.

Michael and Carlos bid the others goodbye as, one by one or in pairs or groups, they left the IGE compound to travel back into the real world.

Most of the pairings and trios were hardly surprising. Jesse and Aaron could hardly wait to leave together, wanting badly to return to their lives as they were now, knowing that they weren't the young men they had been but eager to meet up with a few of their old friends and share the wealth. They had dreams of a mini-IGE made up of all the guys they knew -- and some of the guys on campus they wished they knew.

Jeremy and Jeff were as inseparable as ever. The first two to be Transformed after Todd and Chuck, they were eager, also, to go out into the wild, as some were calling it, and sow some very wild oats indeed. Blake and David had drummed up a fairly strong friendship since their own short trip outside to bring Bobby back, but neither would have called it love, even under Adam's rather wide view of it. They enjoyed each others' company, though, and they were both pleased when Kevin, Carlos and Jerry's old lab aide, agreed to tag along for the fun. Neither was very surprised at all when Bobby declined, however. He'd found his own friend.

Bobby and Joseph seemed like a match made in heaven. The two youngest -- and most beautiful -- of the group found an affinity in each other's arms and Joseph's rather pronounced and unrestrained libido and hunger for sexual exploration found a willing and anxious target in Texan teen Booby's amped libido. The two of them together were almost too gorgeous to look directly at, like an eclipse or a reflection in shattered glass. `Beautiful' was too weak a word to describe them, and the looks in their eyes as they lifted off the ground promised that many another young lad would find their charms very hard to resist.

And just as the youngest got together, so did the eldest. Leo the leatherman and Ray the bartender had hooked up some days before, and their recharged sexual batteries and the fairly substantial libraries of male sexual pleasure each held in their heads meant that more than a few other men "past their prime" would soon find themselves looking nineteen and having raging hard-ons 24 hours a day.

Todd, to be honest, was a little pissed to have been left behind by Chuck. Not surprised, certainly, but still pissed. At least he was until Edward started making eyes at him and he reciprocated in earnest. Ed told him that Chuck had said he reminded him of Todd, and he wanted to see why. After a few penetrating... hours together, they discovered they had a lot in common besides their sense of humor. After no one saw them all day, it was assumed they'd gone off to really explore their relationship in depth.

Soon, almost everyone was gone. Only Carlos and Michael, big hairy Stephen and big-dicked Sam and the Greeting Squad, Justin and Reggie, were left.

Carlos looked at the Squad, both of whom were grinning fiendishly. "What are you two looking at?"

Justin shrugged. "Nothing special." His brows wiggled as his gaze drifted down Michael's perfection.

"Oh, really?" Michael's voice was uncharacteristically amused.

There were a few moments of silence as the men summed each other up. Finally, Carlos asked, "So, when are you guys leaving?"

"Who said anything about leaving?" Stephen echoed Sam's question with a silent nod. Reggie and Justin were still grinning madly.

"So it's just us, then?" Carlos sounded pleased.

"Well," summarized Justin, "someone has to keep the home fires... burning."

Michael smiled. "Light `em up, boys."

The End of "Transform"

But the tale of the supermen will continue. •

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