By Also_KnownAs

The last of the transformed men, Chuck and his lover Frazz, Jesse and his brother Joseph, and Brian and his friend Ed, arrived at IGE two days later. They'd been having a lot of fun exploring their new bodies and new capabilities so it took a little longer to get there than Chuck expected.

Not that he minded in the least, of course.

Landing in the broad, green fields near the dock, they touched down and found the place nearly deserted. They were in their `compacted' form which, after trial and error and learning better control of their overwhelmingly powerful forms, they managed to get down to about six-and-a-half feet tall and sleekly muscled, every wedge and bulge and balloon of fat brawn etched deep and true and perfect on their naked forms. They could, in these forms, easily fit into clothing and manage to walk around among other men, although there was no way their sculpted and perfected faces and physiques would be as easily overlooked. Quite simply, they were six of the most beautiful men on the planet.

"This is it?" asked Brian, looking around. He was now sporting his usual look, with a closely cropped goatee on his jutting chin and high cheeks with an equally closely cropped burr of dark hair across his scalp. His eyes were bright turquoise with a ring of darker blue at the edge. His brow was heavy above those bright eyes, with thick dark eyebrows arching upward. His powerful body was nearly hairless, save for a dark triangle above his ample dick. His copper skin seemed suctioned onto his bulging masses of power.

Ed was also a bit disappointed. He had long, silky hair hanging past his shoulders of a dark honey color. His long neck and wide shoulders seemed to emphasize the golden main. His eyes were more blue, almost violet, and he was clean-shaven. He was absently scratching the cleavage between the heavy globes of his chest, digging his fingers into the soft forest of light brown curls erupting across the muscled expanse. That soft fur extended onto his belly and down to his groin where it spread thick and full, like his prick. His long, lean legs had a light coat of the hair, so that they almost seemed to shimmer as he stood in the sunlight. Veins, some as thick as fingers, branched along his powerful frame.

Chuck had adopted his usual look, the one he was most comfortable in. He looked almost exactly as Ed remembered him from their first meeting, a dark-skinned, hairy brute of a man with huge bulging masses everywhere. He seemed almost predatory in his look and stance, like he'd eat you alive. A combination of a prowling panther and a stalking bear, his usual sideways smile was replaced by a curious frown, which did nothing to hide the fact that his face almost defined masculine power. He had a square jaw, a prominent nose, thick sensual lips and deep-set cheeks. His head was topped with hair so dark it was almost blue-black, short on the sides and longer on top, so that locks of his raven hair fell across his eyes. His chin and cheeks were dusted with a shadow of a growth of his heavy beard. And even on a body so overwhelmed with muscular brawn, he had a cock that would choke a horse.

Frazz had also gone back to his usual smooth skinned look. He was bald and also hairless, save for the perfect arrangement of tightly curled blackness above his hugeness at his loins. His balls drooped heavy and full behind his prick. Everything else on his chocolate- skinned body was bulging thick and firm. His almond-shaped black eyes sparkled from the perfect whiteness at the edges. He looked poised to start a fight or jump a mile high or start dancing or something, his whole body pulsing with restrained energy and inhuman muscular ability.

Jesse looked to be made up almost entirely of chest. His pecs were pumped so huge and full that they made him look top heavy. But he was also gifted with bulging shoulders a mile wide in order to bear that mammoth collection of muscle across his front, and his ass was nothing if not as round and full as the hemispheres of brawn above his tightly muscled belly. He raised his arm to wipe sweat from his brow under the hot sun and his bicep did its best to compete with his chest. He had a head of brown hair, cocoa colored and wavy, that wafted in the warm breezes. His green eyes surveyed the landscape and then looked to his right toward his brother, and he smiled.

Because Joe was the most beautiful of them all. And perhaps the most talented. His body seemed to adapt and accept what happened to it almost preternaturally. He had managed to compact his form before the others and had to show them the trick involved in packing an 18-foot frame of overwhelming muscular power into a six-foot-six-inch body. He said he could get even smaller if he wanted, but he preferred this height. His face was an amazing collection of everything that was beautiful and masculine at the same time. His nose was neither too broad nor too narrow, neither a small button nor a powerhouse slugger. It was simply perfect. His chin and cheeks were likewise sculpted to a form that seemed touched by gods. He was sex on two legs, the muscled definition of male beauty and desire. Transform seemed to sink down deeper into him than the others and recreated him from the ground up. His eyes changed color as you looked at them, sparkling with mirth and desire. His body was equally perfect, if not more so. From his muscular shoulders to his chest to his tightly packed stomach to his high, tight, round butt, the guy was incredibly built and perfectly proportioned.

What was worse was that he didn't even seem to know it. He walked with a sleek, lubricated sexuality that made you hard just to see it. When he smiled, your heart raced. When he spoke, his tone was saturated with male power. When he touched you, his skin felt magical, sensual, silken and soft. But it wasn't, it couldn't be, stretched so tight against his collection of muscles all bulging and flexing in harmony to make him look like nothing except a wet dream of a man standing right there in front of you. All that bronzed perfection walking around naked and beautiful and completely comfortable and open and happy and sexual, well, it wasn't really fair, was it?

But Jesse's mind wasn't concentrating on his beautiful little brother, he wanted to see Aaron, his own lover, to see what he had become and be with him again, now, with everything he had and everything he could do and share it all with him.

But there was no one anywhere around.

And then they heard what sounded like thunder from somewhere closer to the IGE campus. A low rumble that climbed to a rolling growl before subsiding. ::What the hell was that?:: It was Brian's voice they all heard. They had learned to remain open to each other almost all the time, now.

Of all the new talents, the mindspeech was proving to be particularly handy. They could speak to each other over great distances. So far, they hadn't found a limit, even after flying apart from each other for dozens of miles. They could signal each other if they spotted a likely target for a quick little fuck session if they ever got tired of doing each other -- which hadn't happened yet, of course -- and they could share much more with a direct brain link than mere speech could ever convey. Images and sounds and senses were folded into the mindspeech, so it was far more deeply personal than any conversation and conveyed much more in a shorter amount of time. There was less need to describe or explain everything. You could almost transfer your whole idea or memory or sensation in less time than it took to blink.

Leaving the link open didn't shut out one's own senses and experiences at all. If anything, it heightened them, allow the connected men to share their experiences from different viewpoints all at the same time. Fucking took on a much greater sense of pleasure when you got to see, feel, hear and touch not only what was being done to you, but also the feelings and sensations of the man or men you were doing things with. You could be fucking some guy's ass and feel yourself being fucked... by your own dick in someone else's ass. On top of that your pleasure centers were being massaged and bathed in perfect bliss so your body was being taken to a level of physical pleasure too sweet to contemplate without experiencing it firsthand.

Another deep roar sounded and they all looked at each other and started walking toward the sound.

As the six men approached, a voice could be heard, a voice of pure masculine power and authority. Chuck, of all of them, recognized that voice and knew who was speaking. Only Michael possessed an instrument of such magnitude, a man's voice so rich and deep and filled with authority and passion that it reached inside you and stroked your dick to hardness. He knew he, and the others with him, had the capability of approaching the depth of masculine essence that flowed off Michael like sweat, but it seemed that, even after all his adventures outside IGE, Michael was still firmly the man to which all other Transformed men could be measured against.

Another deep rumble shook them, and they realized that the sound was laughter, the powerful sound of huge men gathered together sharing laughter between them with voices so thunderously deep that the sound approached the magnitude of an earthquake.

"Thank you, Todd," said Michael's voice, "I think that's a fine illustration of what I mean. And now I'd like to let Carlos explain what has occurred and why before I let you all go. Carlos?"

There was a shattering crackle of applause and just as Chuck and Frazz and the others came into the glen, Carlos was raising his hands over his head for quiet. The five of them, the last of the transformed men to group here, completed the gathering. Now every man who'd been gifted with what Carlos and his partner had concocted in a lab in order to create a race of super-strong, super-powerful, super- big soldiers was in one place. The others there stood a fraction of their full-blown height, all except the three men standing before them had managed to squeeze all their muscle into frames between six and seven feet tall.

It was an amazing site that greeted Chuck, seeing dozens of perfect asses and profoundly wide and heavily muscled backs and long, thick legs before him. The multitude of skin colors illustrated that men of every nationality, Asian and Italian, Latino and Native American, African and Middle Eastern, Islanders and Swedes, and on and on, were gathered here together. And, as one, they were perfect and beautiful and saturated with the essence of masculine power and strength. There appeared to be around 30 or 40 guys there. Chuck knew some, others he'd never met (although he certainly planned to) and they were all, without exception, dick-hardeningly gorgeous.

Chuck looked at his old friend Todd and found his heart skipping a beat. He didn't realize how much he missed seeing his friend or how long they'd been apart. In the days since, it looked almost as if Todd was more beautiful than ever, as if his body pulsed with sexuality and masculine power from every inch. He practically glowed with it. He could feel Frazz nudging him mentally, and he wondered if that was jealousy or curiosity. Chuck's mind wasn't masked to the others, so just as he cold feel their strong lust and desire filling him up, so Frazz must have felt what Chuck felt looking at Todd.

His friends looked at him and he heard their mix of voices and feelings and he merely shrugged. ::Let's just wait and listen,:: he mindspoke to them. ::Something big is going on.::

Carlos, who stood ten feet high in order to be seen by all the others, lowered his heavily muscled arms and said, "I'll only take a few moments, I assure you. I'm as anxious to proceed with this part of the meeting and move on as anyone else." There was a low rumble of soft laughter and someone shouted, "Fuckin' A!" to which the laughter grew slightly louder before subsiding. "There have been more than a few advances to our powers in the past couple of weeks, changes that lead Michael and myself to a few rather startling conclusions.

"I'm sure many of you have met, and I use the term loosely, Bobby and Adam. Would you two step up here please?" Chuck watched two men near the front approach where the three larger men stood and, when they turned around, Chuck gulped. One had the sort of innate and overwhelming beauty that Joseph possessed. In fact, they were practically twins, but the man in front of the crowd had a softer, sleeker form of beauty than Joe's heavily masculine appearance. Joe had a dusting of hair all over him that highlighted and deepened his maleness, accenting both the appearance of his face and body as well as defining that he possessed a masculine power so profound that it was undeniable.

Joseph's muscular form had branches of veins that bulged across his contours, and his dick was a fat, long beauty with more thick veins along its length. The man in front had a body and face the equal of Joe's in form and beauty, but it was sculpted by another hand so that the muscles were formed without veins or hair, every one so elegantly and perfectly forms that he was a relief map of power. And his face, smooth and bronzed, was the face of an angel.

The other man did not possess the overwhelming beauty of the guy with the perfect body. Instead, there was something deeply sexual about him. He was, as every man there was, extraordinarily handsome and built like a brick shithouse, satnding about seven feet high, but there was an air of authority that surrounded him and the look in his eyes clearly stated that this was not a man to be fucked with.

Or, at least, if there was fucking to be done, he would be the one doing the fucking. He stood proud and tall, seeming bigger even than the 10-foot high specimens next to him although he was only slightly taller than Chuck's own 6 and a half foot stature. His body was a roadmap of brawn tightly pumped and highly developed, which was hardly unusual for a man exposed to Transform. But even his muscular development seemed... more than usual. Chuck couldn't quite place the difference, but it was there, it was obvious just looking at the guy. His muscle looked like it was going to explode, and at the same time it seemed so tightly controlled that there was no doubt that his body would do nothing he would not allow it to.

Just the way the guy stood, assuming a position not of arrogance but of supreme self confidence, the look of a man so in tune with who he was and what he could do -- and that he was going to do it all to you -- was evident on every square inch of his frame. He had a bronzed body with deep, heavy bellies of tightly-packed power and no one else near him seemed as alive and capable as him. Were it not for the overwhelming beauty of the man named Bobby, Keith would be the only person Chuck could see standing there, even with the looming presence of Carlos' Latino beauty, Todd's heavily muscled body or Michael's... well, just Michael.

Carlos spoke, pulling Chuck from his reverie of lust. "I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Bobby. He arrived here a few days ago as the guest of David and Blake. Our two wayward initiates took it upon themselves to do a little exploring on their own and this is who they brought back. Not a bad hunting trip at all, I'm sure we all agree.

"If you haven't had the opportunity to, um, meet Bobby on a more personal level, don't worry. One of the reasons we're all here this morning is to get to know each other a lot better and get an opportunity to share. And Bobby is very good at sharing." The angel smiled -- he even blushed slightly! Chuck felt his balls grow heavy and a deep, satisfying tingle shook the entire length of his mammoth cock. If the guy wasn't doing something to him he was unaware of, he swore that just the simple smile was enough to get his engines revving into overdrive. "Bobby has brought a rather unique... benefit to the process. Those of you who've met him, I'm sure you know what I speak of. What is unique to Bobby is that his particular talent cannot be passed on to others except by Bobby. And you'll want to have some of what he's got, believe me."

Someone said, "Don't leave us all hanging." Chuck recognized the voice of one member of the Greeting Squad.

Todd answered, "It's a little hard not to think of you all as hung, Reggie." More laughs. Todd was still a smart ass, damn his handsome hide. Then he added, "Let's just say that if you think you've been having orgasms until now, you really ought to meet this beautiful young man. Plus, he has the cutest Texas drawl you ever heard."

"Ah do not," Bobby protested, his own words betraying his denial.

Then Carlos set his large hand on the other man's shoulder. "And Adam, here... well, he's also very special. As most of you know, Jerry over there with Kevin -- raise your hand, Jer -- that's him, that big... um, that handsome... well, shit. You're all big and handsome. Anyway, the man with his hand up was and is my lab partner. We invented Transform together and..." There was a sudden shout of approval and thanks, with fists pumping the air and lots of posing and flexing. It was as if the crowd of men suddenly began swelling with power all around them. Chuck felt the general mood and clapped along, grinning fiendishly, thinking now of the man he had been and the man he was now, and what he could do, and how powerful he was. A rush of elation and pride washed over him and he joined in the shouts of approval. The earth seemed to shake before Carlos called for quiet, although it was also clear he was feeling the love very strongly. His own form seemed to literally swell with pride.

"Thanks. Thanks, guys. But you've had as much to do with bringing us all where we are today as Jerry or I. Without you, it might still be just Todd and Chuck and I goofing around in the lab without ever having realized the potential of the formula, so give yourselves a round of applause too." In addition to the claps and shouts, this time, several of the men kissed and hugged each other. But as far as Chuck could detect, no one was releasing sex scent or the Touch. It was merely the men, the huge and beautifully muscular examples of male perfection, sharing a sense of mutual pride, satisfaction, love and desire amongst themselves.

Like a family.

"You guys are so cool," Todd volunteered, grinning madly. He looked like a proud dad, all the sudden. And Chuck had to suppress a laugh as he wondered if that made him the motherfucker of the group, a title he would cherish if it came down to that.

"Okay, enough of the mutual admiration society. What we're here to do today is to say that..." Carlos looked at Michael as he paused. The man who had become to de facto leader of the group nodded once, smiling. Carlos nodded back and continued, "to say that we're disbanding IGE. We're no longer sending out any invitations to come here. We're not soliciting any more volunteers. Because we no longer need to."

"What do you mean?" It was a guy to Chuck's left who asked. Chuck recognized him as Teddy, a man Chuck had Transformed after he first left the compound. He looked fucking good, too.

Apparently, he hadn't been wasting his time here.

It was Michael who answered. "Part of the reason we sought out new men to become part of our group was to expand and increase Transform's potential. We wanted to see how powerful it, and we, could become. But we were afraid of the potential that unleashing this power without control would cause in the general population. Any man who was Transformed could immediately Transform other men, and that process could increase exponentially. As the ability to Transform others became easier and more pronounced, as Transform changed itself to become a hungrier and more powerful conduit, altering our very genetics to become part not only of our blood and muscle and skin but into the very senses we use, we could begin Transforming others with a mere touch, or within our scent.

"If the population began to change to dramatically, it could be the end of civilization. I know, there are only 27 of us now, but we had to think of the consequences. And I know that all of us would probably be very happy in a world where all the men looked and acted like we do, but you also have to admit that it's rather hard to squeeze a baby out of a dick no matter how big it is. And another side effect was that not only would a transformed man become homosexual, he was also unable to reproduce.

"I know most of you are meeting Adam for the first time, and most of you also know that there have been no more men arriving since Aaron joined us." The name perked up Jesse suddenly, his mind active and filled with desire that washed over Chuck, who could feel an echo of the deep love the men shared. Chuck smiled and focused his attention on Michael again. "Adam... did not arrive in the same way the rest of you did, nor was he ever Transformed." A general murmur of wonder hummed through the crowd. "In a manner of speaking, Adam is Transform."

The man called Adam smiled. His body seemed to expand slightly, as if it knew it was under scrutiny, and he became a map of muscular glory. Literally each muscle on the man's body defined itself, becoming deeply etched and fat with power. He was blooming with strength, it radiated from him, and his dick was growing slightly thicker, longer and heavier. Chuck could feel the man standing there as if the other men were fading. He realized that the group had grown silent and they were all staring at Adam with awe and lust.

Michael stood next to Adam, placing his hand on the man's heavily muscled shoulder. "You'll have to excuse Adam if he's a little quiet. He's still not very comfortable around others, but I've assured him we're all friends here and no one will judge him." Adam looked over and, for a moment, his face looked very young. "His vocabulary is coming along nicely, though. Amazingly well, in fact, considering that he's only three days old."

That broke the silence. Michael allowed the heavy rumble of voices to subside before he continued. "I think I'll hand it back to Carlos to tell the rest of the story."

Carlos cleared his throat. "It would be incorrect to call Adam human, and I mean no disrespect. On the contrary, Adam is superhuman." He turned to the guy and said, "Would you raise your arm please, Adam?"

"Which one?" he asked. The power of his voice rippled through the crowd. Chuck felt it strike deep inside him, tugging at his cock, caressing his chest, licking his nipple. The two words swelled and grew inside, escalating in power and passion like an echo in a bottomless cave. Looking at his face, it appeared Adam realized too late that he'd unleashed more than he intended, and that incredibly masculine face again looked very young, and slightly embarrassed.

Carlos smiled. "We still need to work on control, Adam, but don't worry. I don't think anyone will complain." Adam looked relieved. Carlos said, "either arm will do." Adam nodded and raised his right arm from his side. The muscles of his body bulged and flexed as he moved, displaying their raw, almost uncontrollable power. "Now make a muscle."

Adam's brow furrowed. "Just one?"

Carlos said, "it's a figure of speech, Adam. I mean flex the muscles of your arm. Make them bulge."

Then he did.

Chuck couldn't believe what he was looking at. The arm literally exploded with growth. Muscles Chuck never saw before appeared and shoved at each other. Fat, undulating veins appeared out of nowhere, growing thick and spreading along the muscle like rivers over boulders. Adam bent his arm slowly as if concentrating, even though his face showed no strain at all, and with every new angle of flex, more and more and more muscle came into being, accompanied by that increasing network of veins. They'd swelled and branch and recede as if he had layer upon layer of power, each level fed by a vast network of veins that would sink deep into the muscle to feed it, and another swelling growth of power would take over. It swelled and grew and bulged against itself under his sleek, shimmering skin. The bicep, every cable of it, and every fiber of every cable, and every cell in every fiber, was growing bigger and bigger, swelling and splitting and expanding until his arm was overwhelmed with perfect muscular power.

Chuck found himself growing hard. Just seeing all that power manifest was too much to withstand. Adam smiled as he completed the flex and looked at Carlos. "Like that?" he asked.

"Perfect, Adam. Thank you. You can relax now."

"I can do more," he volunteered.

"Later. I'm sure everyone here will be anxious to see all you can do." Adam looked disappointed but he nodded and relaxed his arm. Most of that muscular power receded, folding in on itself until he stood there as before, naked and glorious, filled with power so complete and overwhelming that it was pouring off him like heat. "Could you show us your erection, please?"

Adam looked happy to comply, his strong shadowed chin jutting forward and his huge chest puffing up. Chuck found it hard to look away from the young... no, he corrected himself, the very, very young man's face until his attention was drawn by what was occurring between his muscled thighs.

Adam's heavy prick was swelling, visibly. The shaft was bulging, the whole tool lengthening, and there again were those veins of hot, stimulating blood branching down the length of his dick and across the head, which was drooping out of the turtleneck of his foreskin, swollen and engorged and growing fatter by the moment. It wasn't yet even rising, it was simply inflating and lengthening like some monstrous fleshy balloon, hot with passion and desire.

Adam simply stood there smiling, eyes glittering, his chest rising and falling with each breath as his tool continued its development. It was now well over a foot in length and very fat when suddenly the slow growth increased and his dick was lengthening by the inch and his balls began to balloon. It was as if he passed some level of growth and broke free of its constraints, and now his prick was growing so quickly that it looked as if it threatened to topple him over from its sheer size and weight.

Now it was rising, and growing, simultaneously. Already another foot long, it stuck straight out from his body and Chuck could see his thighs and calves now swelling thicker to support the tremendous weight of cock flesh still growing from his loins. His balls were as large as oranges, churning and throbbing in his hairy ball sack. A sudden rush of blood extended the length of his dick and it shot up another six inches, the head as large as a fist. A gushing bubble of clear lube erupted from the tip and streamed down the growing monster, coating the length with a thick, clear honey.

Bigger and bigger it grew, a third leg rising from his groin. His face never changed, he was simply allowing his erection to come to full fruition. The precum was pouring from the tip, now, as if it was being squeezed out as he grew. His whole hugeness was glistening and throbbing, an amplified sexual beast of masculine power, four feet high and standing straight up.

Carlos motioned toward the fat, throbbing erection. "As you see, Adam is especially gifted. And his very existence is due to Transform." Chuck couldn't take his eyes off the lad's gleaming monster hard on.

"To explain, when Jerry arrived, we discovered that he was a trigger, a man whose essential physique could accept Transform and overcome the limitations we attempted to place on it when we sent it out. When he became fully transformed, we couldn't find that anything had changed until we tested his sperm and found that he had become fertile again -- and he had become incredibly fertile with little guys swimming in his cream that were basically fighting to go make someone pregnant. That's when I had an idea. I'm sure you're all familiar with cloning.

"Well, both Jerry and I are very familiar with it. It essentially involves taking the cell of one creature and creating another. It's quite simple, actually, but the success rate is very low. But we had an idea that Transform might be more... resilient than normal human tissue. And using Jerry's overactive sperm and a genetic sample from Michael to act as host, we started growing a man.

"What we didn't realize was that Transform had done so much more to Michael and Jerry together than either had apart. It changes a man at the genetic level, and we were only working at that level. We weren't working with an adult male, so there was nothing to overcome, no genetic material to transform, no need to clean up any garbage, so to speak. And transform, as it is now, is a very powerful growth medium.

"Adam was born and began to grow very quickly. His development, as you can see, has been extraordinary. And in his case, everything about him has been accelerated. Including his mind.

"A human three days old would not normally even be able to roll over on his own. Adam spoke his first words when he was twelve hours old. By the end of his first day, he stood four feet tall and looked like a twelve-year-old boy. His growth and development have continued unabated for three days. We've been allowing him access to the computer system and the Web and he's been devouring every piece of knowledge we can feed him. Unfortunately, adequate communication skills requires more than a computer monitor and some books, so his conversation skills are a bit lacking.

"But as you've just seen, he more than makes up for that in other areas."

Chuck spoke then, asking what was on everyone's mind. "How big will he get?"

Carlos didn't seem to recognize the voice. He said, "His growth spurt at the beginning has slowed considerably, but he's gaining about two feet a day. Given what we know so far about Transform, I estimate that Adam will stand about 20 feet tall by the time he reaches maturation. He'll be as tall as a three-story building." The reaction was hushed awe. Adam blushed. "Unfortunately, like Bobby, we believe that certain aspects of Adam's improved physiology won't be transferable. Our young friend here has almost exactly twice the number of muscle groups that the rest of us, and the rest of humanity, possess. While time spent with Adam will almost certainly improve your overall size and muscular development, it probably won't increase the number of muscles, only the existing muscle mass. Not, I assume, that any of you will worry about the difference."

"Hey, Adam, how does it feel, being that strong?"

He considered the question carefully and said, his deep and quiet tone flooded with masculine power, "Pretty good." Then he smiled, and the crowd laughed at his understatement.

Carlos ran his hand along the length of Adam's prodigious erection and pulled his hand away, along with several thick strands of Adam's precum. He spread the glistening juice across his chest and as the others watched, his chest spasmed with sudden muscular growth as his body absorbed Adam's power. "Adam is, by conventional standards, a virgin. But he reached sexual maturity after a day of growth and he's been... anxiously experimenting with his own rather unusually high rate of sexual potency. He can produce copious amounts of sperm and a few of us have been, um, exposed to his capabilities and I can faithfully report that none of you will be disappointed. But we've elected to allow Adam to move at his own pace. I hope you will all respect his decisions."

Someone, it sounded like Chuck's one-time fuck buddy and bar owner, Ray, said, "That thing looks like it might hurt, anyway!" There was some general laughter, but Adam's face looked genuinely concerned.

So he said, "I won't hurt you," with his powerfully deep voice and, almost as soon as his words had died, his four-foot cock was a much more manageable eighteen inches, throbbing hard and red and hungry for some ass, dripping thick strands of lube. Adam's face looked angelic and innocent, even though his body looked like it was growing larger as he stood there.

Michael stepped forward again. "Thank you, gentlemen." Bobby, a smile on his beautiful face as he looked at the other young man with him, and Adam, whose prick was now drooping to limpness and dripping a trail of his clear, sweet lube, both returned to the audience. Both men were suddenly much more popular than they had been. "And now for the reason we are all here today."

"Not all," said Todd. "We are still missing..."

"No, we're not," announced Chuck, raising his voice to announce his presence. "We're all here, you old cocksucker, so don't start badmouthing me behind my back when I'm standing here in front of you."

Todd's face lit into an incredible smile and he bounded forward to lock Chuck in a muscled embrace. Then he locked his lips on his old friend and they kissed for a fairly long time -- until Frazz cleared his throat and folded his giant arms across his mammoth chest.

Todd eyes widened as he looked past Chuck and he ended the kiss abruptly. "Someone I should know?"

Chuck said, "Obviously," and then he turned, his arm across Todd's shoulder, and said, "Todd, meet Frazz. Frazz, this is the man who started it all and one of my best friends in the world. This is Todd."

Frazz grinned. It was the sort of smile a tiger gives his meal. "How do you do?"

Todd's grin was more open and friendly, but he could feel the tension in the air between him and the black man. "Don't worry, Frazz. Chuck and I are just friends."

"Very good friends," corrected Chuck. Todd nodded agreement. Then Carlos stepped forward and said, "If we can save the homecoming for later?" The men all turned their divided attentions back toward the dais. "I'm very happy that our wanderer has returned, and it looks like he's brought us even more friends to meet. Welcome home, Chuck, and to you others, welcome to the family."

"So, what's this all about?" Chuck gestured openly toward the two dozen men standing around him.

"It's very simple," Carlos said. "We are disbanding IGE."

There was a collective murmur and some voices rose in protest, but Michael raised his hands for quiet and said, "Let me clarify before you all charge up here and start throwing your super-strong fists around. Not that any of us would, of course, given Carlos and Jerry's carefully composed formula. You'd probably try to fuck us to death instead." The laughter broke the tension. "IGE is being dismantled, but this place will always be here as a sort of home base for all of us -- and all those joining us in the future."

"What are you talking about?"

Michael nodded at Chuck. "It was our friend here," then he gestured to David and Brian, "and some others who elected to leave the fold who have shown us a new plan. Instead of inviting men here, we are going to go out and find them ourselves." Now the rumble of talk was almost completely positive. "We were attempting to elicit some control over the process, but it's clear that it's grown beyond our ability -- or desire -- to control it any longer. As of this moment, you are all free to leave at any time. Officially, that is. If you wish to stay, you may. If you wish to leave, you may.

"As you all should know, the reason we wanted to keep this under wraps was because of the potential for discovery by the military, as well as a not unsubstantiated fear that the formula might get out there and start spreading uncontrolled, changing the population faster and faster, resulting in biological disaster."

"And isn't that still a worry?"

He nodded. "Of course. But... frankly, its grown beyond our capacity or desire to control it. And it's more than a little cruel of anyone to ask someone else to curtail his freedom. So we are officially ending the policy that says once you come to IGE, here you stay. You can all come and go as you please, but we do ask two things.

"If possible, be discrete. I know it will be hard to avoid running into the first bar you come to and flooding the place with sex scent to turn every man in there into supermen, to watch them grow and swell and become much more than they ever dreamed of, but remember that, in a sense, we are wanted men. It is the entire military we have to be careful of. Who knows what lengths they'll go to in order to control us, or destroy us."

"They'd do that?"

"We'll kick their ass!"


"Yeah, asses!"

"Mmm, asses."

"Gentlemen, I applaud your sense of togetherness.."

"And our love of asses!"

"Yes, yes, that goes without saying."

"But I love saying it! Asses! Asses, asses, asses!"


"You have a nice ass, by the way."


"Thanks! Yours ain't too shabby, either."

"Gentlemen, please! If you can keep your mind on the discussion and not your asses for a few minutes longer?"

"I'll try, but I ain't promising anything."

"We don't know what their reaction will be. If you want to avoid a four-year stint in the Army, I suggest discretion."

"There are lots of men in the Army, though!"

"And they're all so fit and... lonely."

"But there's all that nasty killing business. Not sure I'm for that."

"Yeah, why kill `em when you can suck their dicks?"

"Gentlemen, a few minutes more is all I ask. Thank you. Now then, the second thing we ask is that we meet together here, all of us, and anyone else you happen to Transform, on this day each year here at the compound. And the reason for that, other than to celebrate and meet the new members, is to engage in what we're calling The Sharing."

Carlos stepped forward again. "I'm sure the name is self-explanatory, but for our less thoughtful family members..."

"I resent that!" It was Chuck, of course.

"The Sharing is a time when we will all be together and... share. It's a chance to allow our bodies to experience all the changes and growth that each of us individually may have experienced, all of us together, in one place."

"And that's why we're here today."

Todd was grinning from ear to ear as he started to swell into his ultimate size, his body expanding with size and strength as he grew taller and broader and allowed his voice to contain all the masculine power he could thrust into it. "Gentlemen," he said, "start your engines." •

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