Fugitives: A Muscle Growth Picaresque


By Capt. Moonlight

Let's review: kid graduates high school, kid wanders neighborhood, kid is picked up by the most terrifically muscled human being on the planet (who happens to be a year his junior), kid and muscle demon exchange quips before getting comfortable enough to play, kid watches muscle demon inexplicably and willfully grow his muscles right before his eyes, kid shoots the load of his life.

That pretty much brings us up to date. I, Elijah Klein, have fallen back on the bed in a state that perhaps only a few people, including Buddha, have ever been in. My mind had become stone. It knew nothing. It felt nothing. After a very short time this began to wear off and I began to look at things again. I was looking at nothing in particular. There's a ceiling above me; a fan with a flower shaped light. In my peripheral vision I can make a few things out: A chest of drawers, a closet, the bed's head-board, and something in front of me. It's a huge, dark, undulating mass of something... not sure what. Then I figure it must be Ignacio Alvarez who is doing something on the floor. He stands up with a towel in his hand. The combination of his outrageously built body standing upright and the towell in his hands brought me crashingly back to reality. "Sorry about the mess," I said, raising my head up a bit, "But it was the only good idea I had at the time." Ignacio was wiping his hands off now after having to stoop to cleaning my gunk off the floor. The muscles necessary for such a simple activity buldged and flexed profusely. "No problem," he said with his ready, broad smile, "I thought it the best comlpiment. A job well done." "Ignacio... I don't mean to make you uncomfortable but..." I was getting curious about the who thing, again. From start to finish the whole thing took on the improbable scope of a dream. It occurred to me that I should have been asking questions from the very begining and by that I mean when I first saw Ignacio in the weight room. To wit, how the fuck could a teenager become so huge? "...I mean, you don't have to answer but... how did you do all of that?" "You mean become this?" He said making a gesture with his hand that encompassed his whole body and then ended up forming a bicep flex. I noticed that his bicep was a little smaller than before. There was room again for his fist to come all the way up and not being blocked in the process by a Himilayan peak. "Yeah, what's your secret? Pilates? Carbs? Clean living?" "Well, I told you that my brother was a research chemist, right?" "Yeah, you did." "What he's working on is a dietary formula to create super beefy animals for slaughter and..." "Ok, hold on right there a second. Are you telling me that your brother, in what is probably a very noble project to end world hunger, used you as a guinea pig?" "Naw, not at the beginning." "Not at the..." "Back in my freshman year I was on the gymnastics team. My problem was that I wasn't building strength fast enough to keep up with the rest. I knew about my brother's work and... well, took a little sip." "How did he take that?" "Oh, he was furious. I just cost him a lot of money by drinking his research. Plus I looked incredible... I mean incredibly freaky." "A little went a long way?" "Oh yeah! I put on sixty pounds of muscle with just a few gulps!" "What did your brother do?" "What could he do, I was bending an axle in front of him..." "Bending..." "Yeah, I've got to show you how strong I..." "Before we get to that, tell me: how is it... wait... have you still been taking your brother's formula?" "That's the funny thing. He was mad as shit but impressed too. He made a deal with me: I get a steady supply and he tests the result." "hmmmmmm... doesn't that stike you as odd, though..." (I giggled a bit when I said this, as if there was only one thing odd about this family)"...that we seem to have switched from cattle and so on to humans?" "you know what, I never thought about that." "well, you probably had other things on your mind, getting to bend axels and so on. Make sense to me now that you seem to have been getting bigger in increments." "Oh yeah, can't do all the suff at once. And it fluctuates a bit. Like I put on a few inches and my body will settle down a bit and I'll go down an inch or so. What happens is that after the size comes the strength. My muscles are twice as strong as anyone's of the same size." "Yeah, I noticed that your arms have gone down a bit," my attempts to sound reasonable and calm in the face of all these unbelievable facts made me chuckle a bit more. Ignacio gave me a little look that dammed my giggles pretty quickly. "Hmmmm," he began, "Maybe I'll have to play catch up a bit, seeing as how I seem to be dealing with a doubting thomas." "Ignacio, from what I've seen tonight how could I..." "No, no. I think you'll like this most of all!"

He picked me up off the bed and then carried me around the house with one hand under my ass. I didn't feal afraid, not like I did at the beginning of this night when I imagined he might think it kind of cute to tie me in a sheep's knot or something. But I did feal a bit aprehensive. For some reason it seemed like Ignacio had a case to prove to me. I didn't think now that he'd hurt me intentionally but, like playing gin with a gorilla, things might get out of hand.

He carried me to a door that led to an empty garrage. Empty but for a folding chair, and a big pile of metallic junk. The phrase, 'I was bending an axel' resounded in my mind. I turned to look at Ignacio. He nodded his head. I choked down something as he lowered me gently to the ground. "Uh, Ignacio, I don't want to be the cause of any, like, 'disruption' in your brother's research. If you've already done your weekly quota or something it's ok. I've already seem you grow, remember?" "Oh, that wasn't growth. That was just a little pump. I'm going to show you some growth. It'll be fun, right?" "Yeah, yeah! Fun! You haven't had your fun yet." "Fuck yeah. Do you think you've got some spunk left in you..." "well I..." "...'Cause I'm sick of doing this alone." Without an apreciative audience, I thought to myself, but then again, what do I know?

He took from a card board box a gallon sized container and sat in the chair. "Besides," he said, "look how much my bro is sending me now. it used to just be in pints. Seems like a sign to me to speed things up a bit..." "Uh, we don't have to..." "Don't worry I've done a little bit over before. Boy does that make him mad!" "Uh, seriously we..." "Hope you don't mind I sit done. I get a little light headed at first. Cheers!"

He didn't bother to twist off the top, he was so excited. He just tore off the top and gurggled down the whole thing in a blink of an eye. He looked at me with eyes that already seemed to be drunk and said, "Aw shit... here it..." He didn't finish. His head went limp. Then he began to shake. I mean quake. And with every quiver, tremble, twist, and flail, his body grew a little more. It was so violent that I could feel it in the concrete floor. His body was putting on muscle by the pound per second. His chest expanded even more than that little "pump" from a few minutes before. It was never ceasing. His abs became even more defined until each little ab showed ever single stiration of muscle. His legs were so enormous that they tore the very baggy shorts that may have been customed built for him in his smaller days. His arms shot out from his sides to make room for his lats. His biceps looked fully flexed with his arms still straight. It was really getting scary. I mean, none of it looked safe. He was blowing up way out of proportion to his frame. He's just a little guy. But now he was trully as wide as he was tall and maybe even more than that. All this happened in about ten seconds and in that time he seemed to have doubled in size. His body began to settle. That is to say it stopped shaking. There didn't seem to be yet that gradual decrease in size that he was talking about. Finally he went limp. After just a moment or two his head (which was now mounted on two huge, thick muscles that shot out right below his ears and arched into his shoulders thus leaving no trace of a neck) began to nod up and down and there came from inside of him a still youthful voice, "......oooooooooohhhhhhh YEAH!" He looked up at me with rapturous joy in his eyes. God, why was his face so beautiful?! It looked so strange on top of his body now. It was still as delicate and fine featured as before. "Eli, I feel fantastic!" he yelled as he stood up on his massive legs. He was indeed as wide as he was tall. It was easy to see. From shoulder to shoulder he was five feet across. It was jaw dropping. "I feel... I feel..." he could finish he was so happy, he flexed his pecs which shot out from his chest like concrete blocks that looked a foot and a half sqaure. His head dissapeard from behind them. I could still hear his voice, "Eli, he did it! He really did it! He perfected the formula! I can feel it! I must be the biggest man alive!" He lunged at the pile of junk and picked up every scrap he could in his arms. He then pressed them into himself. Against his pecs and his arms there was no hope for these pitiful bits of steel and iron. In no time, through pressing and crunching he had formed it all into a terrific, rough iron and steel ball. "I'm also the strongest!" He said, putting the ball into the crook of his arm and flexing his bicep into it. Low and behold the steel and iron broke into two mishappen half-spheres. That was it for me. Time for fear to take over. Maybe I could have taken such inhuman feats of power had he not been so adolescently exciteded about it all. For all this time I had been paralyzed in amazement. One thing filled my head right now: get the fuck out of there!

I turned to flee but before I could reach the door he picked me up by the back of my shirt and the seat of my pants. "Don't go!" he pleaded, the sudden sadness in his voice made me even more desperate. but it was no use, I was in his hands now. "Don't go, I'm not going to hurt you!" He said. I turned and thought I saw tears beginning to form in his panicky eyes. "I am too scary, now, aren't I? I went too far! Got too fucking big! I'm sorry, Eli! I'm sorry!" He really began to cry, then. What could I do now? Now I felt terrible about him. What was more, the more I looked at him the more I liked him. He was a true god, now. he could do things now I'm sure no Hercules or Samson ever could. His muscles had grown to the point of unimaginable shape, size and power and he wanted me to stay. A lot of maxims had popped into my head that night. Another recurring one then made a triumphant return: Don't fuck this up.

I put my hand on his check, "I'm sorry, Ignacio! I'm sorry. You're not scary. You've just gotten even more... Hell, now you're the pinacle of hotness!" That seemed to placate him just a bit. "I was hoping you'd like it. I was hoping all along you wouldn't think me a freak for what I wanted to become. But when you turned to go..." "I'm a fool, Ignacio. You'd better get used to me being a fool. But there is one thing despite my patent idiocy that I'll never do again and that's run from you." He was crying again but this time with a glorious smile on his face, the kind I saw for the first time just a little under three hours ago. It had been quite a ride up to this point. He hugged me. He was very very very gentle. It was just the slightest of squeezes. He must have mastered complete control over himself from a very early start of his muscular oddessy. I hugged back, wrapping as my left arm around his steel plated but still very slender and shredded waist and with my right hand I playfully caressed his pecs. "Besides," I began with as sly a voice as I could muster, "you said I'd have some fun. Let's see how much fun your little muscles can be."

"That's right," he said, having fully regained himself, "You had your little squirt but I haven't had mine." "I'm game for another now that you've pumped up a bit." "Just a little bit. Here, let's try out this arm here. Wrapped yourself around it." It wasn't easy, even with his arm straight out and unflexed it was damned difficult to get my fingers over each other. "Ok," he said, "bring your legs up a bit." I had to bring my legs up more than a bit to get off the ground. He may have had the most powerful body of anything in the world but he was still a shorty. "Here," he said, "let me help out a bit." And he began to slowly flex his bicep up. Now that got me off the ground all right. In fact, his bicep was going up so high I had to reposition myself or else the arm would have gotten too thick for my me to remain latched to. I had to swing up to the top and just warp my arms around his titanic bicep. It was like latching myself onto a warm iceberg. I was stunned beyond belief. The bicep alone had to have been over a foot and a hald tall. I must had made that observation outloud because Ignacio did one of his "little pumps" shooting the bicep up even more. I was perched atop his arm like I was atop a steel girder. While Up there I ran just my finger tips over his bicep. It was the hardest substance imaginable but still it didn't feel threatening. Ignacio's tears had made an impression on me. Suddenly everythign about him seemed loving, even the bicep the could have crushed me like a grape. I leaned down to it and kissed it. I kissed it again, running my mouth and tongue over it. Igancio made some very pleasurable sounds. I carefully climbed down from his arm and went around to his front. I knelt down and pulled down the what remained of his shorts.

His penis, oddly enough, wasn't particularly huge. Actually, it would have passed any where as a fairly well sized cock. It was just that the rest of him was so enormous, now, that it looked slightly diminished. I looked up at him. He must have noticed this too and he looked fairly forlorn. I shot back with a smile that meant to say that 'it didn't mean anything in the slightest to me' and began to stroke him. His apprehension seemed to have left him and he sank to his knees. He was so massive now that when he came down his pecs decked me over the head. "heheh... Ouch!" he said, playfully. "Ouch is right. You've got yourself some bossoms there, girl." "Who's the girl?" And then he began what may be like "Our Song," his mezmerizing pec-dance. I buried my face in them and slurped about as he continued his hot undulations. He leaned back until he layed on the floor, stretching his legs out from underneath me. I asked him if he was cold on the cement. He said, no, I was keeping him plenty warm. We continued on for over an hour. I fell asleep with my head using his massive pecs as a pillow. From deep within I could here his steady and booming heart beat. •

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