Gaston's Growth

The End


By musclefreak4559

Well freaks and studs it had to end sometime. I'd like to thank all of you for reading this story and seeing it through all 19 parts. Much thanks go out to Jacestar who helped inspire parts of this story and gave me the signal that it was time to end. I will be writing more stories with toons and maybe a Furry story or two. So with much thanks here is the final chapter of Gaston's Growth!

Fred hopped into the Hummer and started the engine. He knew, he knew in his heart the Yoko was going to win someday and all he had worked for would be gone. “ Guys, you know I care a lot about you.” Fred said as he turned to look at the men in the back. “ Sure we do master we love you!” Kuwabara said and saw the look on Fred’s face “ What’s wrong?” He asked and then Fred switched lanes. “ Master, what are you doing?” Race said as Fred took his hands off the wheel and set the car on autopilot. “ Boys it has to end we have to stop this right now!” Fred said and then turned around “ I love you all but it must end here.” And then looked forward as a semi came speeding towards them. “ Are you nuts? Master cut it out!” Hiei said and then looked at Fred. “ Goodbye everyone!” Fred said and then braced for the impact as the headlights filled the car.

“ Jesus Christ Look Out!” Fred shouted and bolted up at his desk. He looked around and saw Shaggy stir. “ Zoinks man, what in the hell is wrong!” He said as he rose up in their bed. “ It was a dream just a dream.” Fred said as he looked up at the computer screen. It said Gaston’s Growth a toon story by Musclefreak 4559. “I must have fallen asleep when I was reading this story.” He said, Shaggy smiled “ Do you like it, I’ve worked on it for a few weeks” Fred laughed “ you wrote this?” He said. Shaggy smiled “ Of course. I have a budding talent I need to share with the world!” He said and looked at Fred “ what’s wrong?” Fred shook his head. “ I have just had a dream that I was a leader of a muscle harem and at the end me and a group of guys killed ourselves in a stretch hummer!” He shouted. Shaggy smiled “ Come to bed Fred!” He said and patted the bed. Fred took off his shirt and then his pants leaving him to sleep in his boxers. He cuddled close to shaggy nuzzling his neck and licking his goatee. “ I love you Fred!” Shaggy said Fred smiled “ I will always love you Shag!” Fred said and kissed Shaggy deeply and held him until the morning came.

Meanwhile in the lab, Velma was compiling a list of boys she wanted in her harem. At the top of her list was Fred and Shaggy.

The End •

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