So You Like My Profile Pic

By muscle_mastah

Thanks for the complement. Nothing would please me more than to have you reach up to my ever expanding 22" ripped muscular arm. To feel its power as I flex and create the baseball that rises above the deeply etched limb. The triceps expands down to a hardened mass of muscle. Your hand starts exploring every inch of that arm. Feeling the brawny sphere and falling down into the crevice between the hardened deltoid and impressive bicep. You begin to trace the veins along the bicep and across to the triceps. In trying to hold the mass of triceps in the palm of your hand, you find your hand is just too small. You start your fingers on their way to reach up high examining every contour that has formed with my pumping motion.

Your other hand reaches up to my opposing deltoid. So huge is the mass that your hand can’t fully grasp the size. You move your hand along the front and reach out around the side barely able to explore the hulking cap to my torso. As you finally reach the back of the mass, you are unable to fully appreciate its greatness with just your hand. Your fingers move up to the horizontal cap of my lateral deltoid. You feel for any give, I only flex it harder; your hand appreciates the feel even more. Finally it reaches the valley that separates the trap from the delt. That massive peak that starts to rise mountainously up from the deep valley is more than you have ever before felt.

You're hard pressed to contain your excitement but low and behold you notice a nipple jutting out from the slabs of muscles that are my chest. Your lips are unable to contain themselves from embracing it as it points directly at them. At first you are hesitant however as I flex the slab and force the nipple into your lips they go wild. I am impressed that such suction, such force is used to draw my pec into your hot wet mouth. Your tongue tries to flick the hard point but like the rest of me, even that is like steel. You open wider and more steely muscle enters your waiting mouth.

As you busy yourself with my massively tanned upper body, exploring every inch, you fail to notice my thick 31" ripped leg move towards your legs. Inching slowly as to not disturb the enjoyment that your mouth is tweaking from my chest, I position my leg directly between your legs. Inch by inch, I pry your smaller legs apart until your balls are resting firmly on my upper leg. Your engorged manhood has expanded fully resting on my leg between the deep contours of my flexed quad.

My hand still free for exploring, reaches around your shoulder. You feel the heavy weight on your shoulder and down your back. Feeling me draw you closer, you moan with ecstasy. Thoughts enter your mind: “Could this muscular beast be enjoying this as much as me? Never would I have dreamed he would bestow such an incredible powerful hug.” I reach down towards your firm buttocks; my arm extends with callous hands that are used to holding 500lb steel barbells. With a strong firm grip, my fingers trace the rounded cleft of your cheeks slowly, purposefully reaching towards their ultimate destination. While entering, I lift you up ever so slightly to cause your throbbing meat to rub up my sinewy quad as your helmet probes my rippling abs.

With an expert hand that has caressed so many willing cheeks; I raise and lower you up and down my massive leg. Each time, your growing meat expands more. Your balls rise up and harden, anticipating a like-never-before release. Your mouth filled with muscle that gives willingly to your ministrations, my arm flexed allowing you to barely grip the sphere, massing up so large. The shelf that your other hand is exploring reaches evermore for that mountainous trapezoid ridge so thick that your hand barely reaches to the other side. With your senses overwhelmed already, my manly odor wafts towards your nose buried in my wide immense chest.

Although it seems like hours that you've been exploring (such is your delirium) it is but minutes until you explode with a force you've only dreamed of since you were a child. Volley after volley of pearly white essence is dropped onto my abs and quads. I steady your body as you convulse and shake. Unknowingly your teeth dig deep into my chest and your fingers try to grip with all your might. You are finally spent and relax your grip on my arm and trap. As you begin to fall, I lift you up and carry you to my bed. I wipe the silky smooth liquid off my leg and abs with my fingers ensuring none is wasted. Ever so slowly I lick my fingers savoring every last drop.

I stand more erect as I finish the last drops of your essence off of my fingers. The light streaming through the window is blocked by my expanding lats that I flare as I move toward you once again. With a slightly evil – no mischievous grin, I move my hulking mass onto the bed. My lips embrace yours. Your mouth opens up allowing my tongue to explore, knowing that this is just the start of our evening-long love making where you and I will be totally satisfied and fall victim to each others lust.

Alas, I'm not the hulking mass of muscle you see in my profile, just a fantasy of what I will become soon enough. •

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