By Also_KnownAs

Chuck opened his heavily muscled arms, the brawn built upon them bulging high and thick. Fat branches of veins networked the round bellies of cabled strength. A dark forest of curls grew across his wide chest, each heavy globe bulging outward like an invitation, the muscles they held so huge they pushed his fat nipples toward the ground. His whole upper body was so wide and thick with brawn that it looked like he might topple over, except that the cobblestone road across his belly made it clear that that would never happen.

His cocks hung full and thick from his groin, and his nuts were as large as tennis balls in their hairy sack. His skin, stretched tight across his mass, was dark and slightly shiny in the moonlight. His eyes and the teeth of his smile glowed brightly. "You're up," he rumbled, and Joe walked into his embrace and was consumed by his strength.

Joe almost disappeared inside Chuck's arms. The man's biceps and triceps expanding the size of his upper arms to almost 32 inches, or as wide as Joe's entire waist. Chuck's shoulders were four feet wide, so that even on his more than seven foot frame he looked as wide as he was tall. Joe was saturated with the strong scent of him, it was everywhere, all over him, surrounding and penetrating his senses.

But he was so hard, incredibly so. Joe knew that Chuck could crush him utterly, but he also felt the trust and affection the two shared between them. He tried to embrace the man back, but it was impossible to even encompass Chuck in his arms. His hand grabbed onto the thickness of Chuck's lats, but even they were wider than his grip. "Oh, man," he whispered, and he started to laugh.


"This is just... impossible."

Chuck looked down at the boy in his arms, struck again by his incredible beauty. "We haven't even started, yet." He leaned down, bringing his lips to Joe's ear. "But that's about to change."

Jesse said, "Turn around, Joe. Let us all watch!"

Chuck opened his embrace and Joe turned, standing back to font with Chuck. Joe gulped hard when he got a load of the others now that they shared what Brian gave to Frazz. They were all hugely muscled and towered over him. Ed and Brian looked almost like twins, each one overwhelmingly handsome and masculine. Brian had changed his facial hair so he now sported a goatee and mustache rather than a full beard. His chest looked larger than the other guys', so broad he looked almost like a toy top. The hair on his head was short and well groomed, and a dark straight lock of it hung across one eye. He was smiling brightly, and nodded a quick greeting to Joe with his chiseled chin.

Ed had elected to keep all the hair across his chin and cheeks and neck, but it was now well groomed and short, a brush of bristles dark and thick. He was hairy all over, and it was thicker in the crevasses between his muscle which only served to accentuate their size. The top of his head was crowned with a stunted burr of hair, the same length as his trimmed beard and just as dark. Ed was leaning against Brian, his elbow perched high on the other boy's shoulder. To anyone looking at them, it would appear a new couple was in the making.

But Frazz didn't look too disappointed. He only had eyes for Chuck.

Joe's brother Jesse had a smooth, bulging body. His arms were folded across his fat brawny chest and the smile on his face was filled both with pride and expectation. His stance was wide as if to allow the monster dicks that arched out and down from his loins. He looked slightly larger than Ed or Brian in that department, but Frazz still owned the monster monsters, longer and thicker than any guy in the yard.

Brian could feel the warmth of Chuck's body pressing against his, the softness of his fur and the size of his muscles. Two huge pricks pressed into his lower back and the round firmness of his ass. Chuck's hands gripped his shoulders and he was massaging Brian with a strong, sensuous caress. "You're all so beautiful."

"So what are you waiting for, little brother?" Jesse brought his arm up and allowed the muscles to thicken by the inch. "Join us."

"I'm ready," he said.

Chuck smiled. "Then let's go."

"How does it start?"

Chuck moved his hands off Joe's shoulders. One went around the front of his smoothly muscled perfection, while the other moved down his back, trailing the line of his spine, until Chuck's middle finger dug between Joe's ass cheeks. "It starts inside," he growled, "so we can both enjoy this." His large grip moved over Joe's high, tight butt and the tip of his fuck finger kissed Joe's hole. "We're going to start where everyone else finished, Joe. Your first gift is this."

He pushed his finger inside accompanied by the thrumming warmth of his new, augmented Touch and a directed thread of Transform that sunk into Joe's ass and climbed inside. Joe could feel the heat of that kiss behind his balls, and feel it rise inside him, and then feel something new down below, a new awareness, a new ability. His asshole tightened and strengthened and changed, and he felt its talent take hold and grow and he was sucking on Chuck's finger with his ass, surrounding it with the wet lips of his hole. Then Chuck withdrew the digit and replaced it with something a thousand times more powerful, and a thousand times more capable of bringing Joe to the peak of orgasmic bliss.

Chuck entered Joe's ass, slowly at first until Joe felt what was there and he hungrily pulled Chuck inside, tightening around him, sucking against him, and coating the supple skin of his agile dick in waves of the Touch. Chuck rewarded Joe's eagerness with more Transform from the hand resting on his chest and from his cock being pulled inside deeper and deeper.

Joe rested his head against Chuck's huge chest. "Give me more," he said softly. "It feels so good." Chuck rumbled a laugh. "I want another dick," he asked. Chuck was about to grant his wish, but it was the wrong one. "Put both inside me, Chuck. I need them both up my ass."

"Shit, kid," he answered, "you don't have to ask me twice." His second nimble prick pressed against Joe's rosy hole and, sensing it there, Jow welcomed it inside, sucked it in, in fact. He was giving both of Chuck's powerful dicks head with his augmented fuck shaft and Chuck realized that this kid's talents were more far-reaching than he realized.

He was taking to this naturally, almost as if his body was awakening. He had instant and complete control over his new ass, and what he was doing with it made Chuck tremble.

Chuck fed more Transform into Joe, pushing his muscular growth. "I'm going to...."

"My muscles," he interrupted. "I can feel them growing. I can feel... I feel it in my arms. My biceps. They feel heavy. Heavier. They're throbbing, now. I can feel them getting bigger. I can feel my body changing. Oh, Chuck, give me more. Give me more."

Chuck shook his head and grinned. The kid's hunger was amazing. "You said you wanted it slow."

"Oh, yes. I do. I do. But keep it coming. Don't... don't stop." Joseph's tight and talented little ass sucked harder than ever on Chuck, so he fed him another prick to keep him happily occupied as he caressed the growing young man's incredibly silken skin.

To Chuck it almost felt like he was getting feedback of the Touch already from Joe's body, but he realized that what it was instead was the feeling of the boy's skin against his own. This would be what anyone would feel holding him in an embrace, this incredible warmth and softness. Transform, even in its initial doses, had completely remade Joe's flesh into something radically sensual to the touch. How could the boy even live in that feeling all the time? It was unbearably pleasurable.

Chuck pulled in a deep breath as Joe's butt pulled him deeper inside and he leaned his lips to the boy's ear and began to tell him in the soft thunder of his deep whispers what he was going to do.

"You can feel it, can't you? You can feel yourself growing. It's happening everywhere. You're expanding, swelling up with strength and muscle, growing heavy with the power I'm giving you. Can you feel it? Can you feel it... there. In your chest. Feel it growing heavier and heavier? You chest is bulging outward from your body, each rounded globe of strength filling up with more muscle. Feel them growing, Joe. Feel your muscle expand."

"I can feel it," he whispered. A bright smile lit his beautiful face.

"Now it stretches outward, into your shoulders. You can feel it building inside, pulsing with hunger and need. Your strength is growing. Feel how your shoulders swell and stretch and split. They grow larger still. You can't stop it. You don't want to. It feels like energy pulsing through you.

"And now, there, into your arms. It's growing down your arms. It's inside your biceps, and they begin to swell. You can still feel your chest growing, and your shoulders, and now your whole upper body is magnifying ever more, ever larger, ever more powerful.

"Bigger and bigger, Joe. And more beautiful. You're the most beautiful man on the planet. Your beauty and strength are one, growing and swelling and developing on and on and on. And then, deeper down, down below your belly, as your belly tightens and strengthens, as the soft curls on your groin grow and multiply, there's another cock inside you. You're too powerful for only one, so you have two. Two thick, long, powerful cocks to command.

"There, you can feel it now. It's beginning to grow. Feel it, Joe. Can you feel it?"

"Yes, Oh god, yes." His voice was deeper. And very powerful. Chuck was almost afraid of how beautiful and powerful Joe would become. He could already see it, already feel it. Joe's body was pulling Transform into him. It hungered for it, devoured it, accepted it completely and changed him utterly. Chuck could feel it, sense it happening, something dramatic and extraordinary building inside the boy in his arms, the impossibly beautiful youth growing ever stronger and larger inside his embrace. His muscles bulged even larger than Chuck could control. They were taking his Transforming energy and building upon it naturally.

Chuck looked down past Joe's swelling chest muscles and watched the boy's second cock spill forth from his curly nest of pubes. The head swelled and drooped, the shaft lengthened and fattened, the whole tool coming into its own almost naturally as if he had it all the time. It wasn't there and then it was, a smooth and glistening beauty so ripe it looked like he'd start pumping cum by the gallon from the thick, limp prick any second.

Joe sighed and moaned. "So good," he growled. And then, deeper still, "More."

And suddenly Chuck was no longer in control. Joe was pulling the Transformation from him, sucking it out of his skin and dick and scent. He was like a sponge, soaking it in whether Chuck wanted him to or not.

And his growth took off.

Everything swelled huge, suddenly. His arms were overwhelmed with power, his chest and shoulders swelling larger by the inch, his whole body growing taller. He was growing suddenly faster than Chuck could manage, his body welcoming the transformation and drawing it from Chuck's body. His legs bulged with fat, hard wedges of muscular power.

Chuck heard gasps, someone said, "Jesus," and someone else whistled. He looked up at the others standing around the two of them. They were all looking at Joseph's face, their eyes almost glazed, their features touched with adoration and lust. From behind, Chuck couldn't see what they saw, but he could feel what they felt.

Joseph was changing in his arms, more than Transforming, becoming something else. He could feel it, even if he couldn't precisely say what it was. Power so strong that it was overwhelming. Masculinity that poured off Joe's skin like sweat. Strength building through his bulging and perfect muscular beauty unlike anything Chuck had seen or felt before.

The others were coming closer, and suddenly Chuck could smell them all, each of them was releasing thick waves of their powerful male scent saturated with more Transform. It was all being drawn into Joe from them all. Edward reached out his thickly muscled arm and placed it against Joe's expanding chest. Brian set his touch on Joseph's hugely bulging arm. Frazz came up behind Chuck and wrapped his arms around both of them. All the men were giving Joe their Transforming strength, it was pouring into him like lava, a super-heated wealth of ultimate masculine power.

Then Jesse, Joe's brother, kneeled down, leaning his face forward and kissed Joe's mammoth pricks, holding his swelling nuts in his hands. He opened his mouth and pulled one dick inside, swallowing it down his throat. He sucked on his brother's swelling pride and swallowed the stream of salty precum that began to pour from it. The other he stroked and caressed, moving his tight grip up and down the long shaft, squeezing and playing with the knob and the ultra-sensitive lip along the flaring head.

They all began to give Joe what his body craved to grow, and within moments his body responded.

Chuck could hardly believe what was happening. This was something beyond understanding. He wished that Carlos or Todd were there to see this and tell him what was going to happen, if he should stop.

But he couldn't stop. Joe wouldn't let him. He felt like he was being drained of Transform, and at the same time he felt energized, vital, strong and powerful beyond measure. Everything Joe took in, he gave back tenfold. They could all feel it coming from him.

The Joe turned toward Chuck and smiled, and Chuck saw what the others had seen.

Joe was beyond beautiful. He was irresistibly gorgeous. His face was perfected, amazing, and incredibly handsome. He continued to grow thicker and stronger muscle, and they were all at maximum potential, all grown as large as they could become, and Joe was growing larger than them all.

He swelled up and out, bigger and bigger, sixteen feet tall, seventeen, eighteen. Three times the size of the man he used to be, with shoulders stretching eight feet across. His dicks hung three feet long, thick as a man's arm, supple and firm and juicy.

Then Chuck felt something happening to his own body, he was feeling a sense of pleasure magnified beyond anything he'd ever felt. Then a voice came from somewhere, and it said, ::Now,:: and Chuck was cumming, spraying a thick stream of white-hot spunk from his pricks. All the men were gasping and moaning as they were thrown into the grip of orgasmic pleasure. Chuck couldn't concentrate enough to control it, what was happening was beyond his abilities. His entire mammoth body was immersed in male sexuality, a heavy, powerful form of pleasure infused with muscle and sweat and curls of soft hair and hard, bulging contours. There was nothing soft and yielding about this sensual charge, it was masculine to its core and nothing but.

He realized he'd heard the voice everywhere, because the voice was inside his head. And then a sense of wonder and amazement surrounded the deep well of sexual gratification and he heard the voice again, Joe's voice, inside his head. ::You can feel it, can't you? Feel me inside you.:: The feeling of sexual warmth altered slightly to one of humor and comfort. Chuck had control of his body and senses, but whatever Joe was doing cloaked his own sense of self in a coat of warm, strong sexuality. He was himself, and Joe was with him.

Chuck gasped out a question. A single word was all he could manage. "How?"

::I don't know how. I can do this. I can just do it. I can touch this part of you, inside your mind, were your pleasure lives, and I can rub it,:: and Chuck shuddered, ::and caress it,:: and Chuck moaned, ::and stroke it to hard strength until you feel this.:: Chuck's balls swelled with cum and his dicks were exploding. ::And deeper.:: Chuck's knees nearly buckled. His breath left his lungs, his body swelled up with the strength of Joe's sexual bliss. ::And then I can give it to you...::

Chuck could feel the change taking effect. He was suddenly more aware of the men around him, and realized they were aware of him, intimately aware, inside each other, and he could hear their voices.

::Whoa.:: It was Eddie. The voice inside sounded like the Ed he'd met on the dance floor. Not the super masculine growl that came from his throat, but the private and personal essence of him that lived inside. ::Holy shit!:: Brian's voice mingled with Edward's. Then there was Frazz, but Chuck felt him differently, not just as a voice, but as a caress, an embrace, a warmth and comfort that seemed to drape over Chuck's very core. He said nothing, but Chuck knew it was him. Finally Jesse's voice joined the chorus, and a silent conversation began in their heads as Joe's development slowed and they stopped streaming out floods of super powered cum.

::This is so cool!:: Eddie was evidently enjoying himself. ::Can everyone hear me? I can hear you. I can... feel you!::

The voice was simply there. There was no volume to it, but it was clear and concise inside Chuck's mind. He said, ::Thanks, Joe.::

A sudden cascading pleasure filled him. It was Joe. The sense of the other men in his head was almost exactly like their scent. Each felt different, each one was different, he could feel who was there without a word spoken. ::Hey,:: the boy said, ::no problem.:: His voice was amused. ::You can feel the power, what it can do? How it works?::

Chuck grinned. The only sound around the huge men in the yard was the sound of crickets and the limbs of the trees slowly moving in the warm evening breeze. ::I don't know how it works, but I know how to work it.::

Frazz chuckled. He chuckled out loud and Chuck could feel his mirth and genuine affection inside himself. "Mr, Precision," he said aloud. The voice was not inside Chuck's head, though.

Total control. It wasn't a shared consciousness; it was something you could turn on and off. Chuck shut off the connection and felt the awareness sever from the others. Then he reopened the valve and felt the... feeling of the others return. Eddie said, ::Where'd you go?::

Chuck spoke aloud. "Nowhere. When you want privacy," he said, "you can have it."

Brian smiled. "And what about this?" Chuck felt himself overwhelmed with pleasure, suddenly. When he shut off the connection, it stopped. With only a few moments of trial and error, he realized it was exactly like a valve. He could open himself fully to another, or let through only a whisper of it. Then he tried accepting Brian's gift of pleasure and feeding some back to him, and that worked just as well, if Brian's inflating dicks was any indication. The guys could tap directly into the pleasure centers of each other's minds and turn each other on -- literally. When they made love, now, it would be something beyond physical. The mere thought of it was too incredible to contemplate.

"That, too."

Frazz growled, "Cool. But how come Joe gets to be bigger than us?" He glanced upward at the impossibly beautiful man standing a couple of feet taller than him.

Joe smiled. It was an incredible sight. Chuck thought that if they were not standing in a night dark yard and the man before him was standing fully exposed in the light, his beauty would be almost impossible to stand. ::All you had to do was ask.::

And with those words, folded inside them, they could all feel Joe's gift flowing into them. They began to change yet again, growing larger still, stronger and more powerfully male. The latest metamorphosis seemed to further refine Transform's power and capability to create men super saturated with sexual capacity and ability. They all felt their strength increasing yet again, feeling now as if the planet itself was not too heavy to lift onto their feet- thick shoulders. Muscles bulged thicker, rounder, more perfectly formed and overwhelmed with strength and capability.

They were all huge. Too huge. The backyard in suburbia, even at four in the morning, was no place for a half-dozen gargantuan muscle freaks to be standing around flexing their bodies. So Chuck brought himself down to a more manageable level and the others followed suit. They still managed to stand about seven and a half feet tall, now. Their bodies were so over muscled they couldn't seem to get smaller than that.

Edward sighed contentedly and flexed his arm, watching the muscle there shred and bulge. "I like this." The other guys started laughing. It was the understatement of the century. "I can't wait to use this on a few guys I can think of." He looked at Brian. "Imagine walking up to Frank Hawkins and making him start creaming his jeans just by looking at him."

Brian was thinking ahead of him, though. "We don't know if it works on non-Transformed guys. Maybe it's just between us. Maybe the connection links only those with the seed inside."

"But if not," Ed responded, "imagine the possibilities! You're just sitting at... at McDonald's and this guy walks in. Frank walks in." He painted a picture of Frank in his mind and passed it to the others. They could all see the young man as if in a 3-D moving image. See his long, well-muscled limbs, his flat belly, the silken blonde hair that erupted in a thin trail from his navel. The hair seemed to glisten in sunlight. Frank had a sleek, well-trained body. His face was equally sleek, with an overlarge nose and very full lips. He had a ponytail of gold tied behind his head. In the image he seemed to stand there looking back at them. It was a rather weird sensation, as if someone were projecting a fully rendered man onto their thoughts. Jesse laughed aloud, he'd never seen Frank before but he knew immediately who it was.

"Frank walks in and you reach out to him and slowly, softly, nuzzle this place. You start to caress him, nudging him toward hardness, making him feel so fucking good that he springs a boner right there. Then you direct some Transform to him, just a little, just a touch. Maybe through your scent. Maybe you get up to get a straw or something and you brush his arm with your fingertips. And you give him a taste of this strength, and you point it at his dick, and that hard-on goes into overdrive. It gets harder and harder, so hard it hurts, then it gets bigger. You give him a horse dick, a magnificent tool of male sexuality so large its starts to rip its way through his tight jeans. He's standing there at the counter and he can feel himself getting hotter and hotter, his dick pressing urgently against his button fly until, finally, the head pushes into the open.

"He's so big he can't hide it. He's huge. Thick veins wind over the emerging prick and it extends inch by inch out of his pants, now dripping with salty lube. He feels it growing, wants to start stroking himself off but he can't, he still wants to hide what he's got. It's so strong now, though, and so big that there's no way to hide it anymore.

"And you sit there and watch this happen, and bathe the guy in pleasure, and when he finally makes a dash for the men's room, his foot-high woody bobbing in the breeze like a flagpole, you follow him in and relieve his passion. You hear him in the stall. He's moaning and his body presses against the stall and he's in such a hurry he didn't lock the door, it's open an inch, and you can see him in there, leaning against the wall, his pants undone, his shorts ripped apart and he's slowly and surely stroking the glistening majesty of his red, steel-hard prick, lost in waves of ecstasy like he's never know."

"Shit, Ed, you should be writing porno." Brian's face was aglow. He could see the scene clearly. They all could.

"So you open the door, your muscled bulk magnified now, your arms and chest tearing at the fabric of your T-shirt, your dick swelling along your thigh, and you close the two of you inside the stall and sink to your knees and suck him off, suck him dry, and start to feed him Transform right there in the men's room at McDonald's."

"Wow." Brian again. "When do we get started?"

Chuck shook his head. "Hold your horses, big guy. First things first."

Jesse said, "IGE?"

Chuck nodded. "Time to go home."

Frazz wrinkled his brow. "Mind if I make a suggestion?" Chuck's eyebrows rose questioningly. "Let's fuck."

Joe raised his hand, "I second that!" He clapped his hands together and rubbed them, the muscles of his arms and chest bulging ridiculously huge. But his face was amazing. Just looking at him would make most men cum. He was incredibly beautiful, extraordinarily powerful and immensely huge everywhere. Transform had lived up to its name with Joseph perhaps more than with anyone else Chuck had seen. The ease with which he adjusted to all the changes it brought his body, his amazing beauty and effortless attraction and innate capability was almost scary. But for all of the changes the formula created in him, he was still a sixteen-year-old boy inside that super powerful body. Chuck remember what being sixteen was like inside, all the power and enthusiasm and boundless sexual energy. He had been given all of that back with Transform, but his brain was still that of an older man. For Joe, everything was exciting and new and fun.

::All right,:: he answered inside. ::First we fuck. But why limit ourselves?:: He crouched slightly and launched himself into the dark night sky, sailing up hundreds of feet through the warm summer morning, feeling the wind whip around his naked form like water and he paused above the ground, looking down. He floated in the arms of the winds, more attuned than ever to the power of the atmosphere. He twisted and swooped back toward the ground, moving almost too fast for the eye to follow, now, unbound from the earth and its limitations. He stopped inches short of the ground and hovered there, smiling, his arms folded across his mammoth chest. Then he licked his finger, reached out and rubbed it against one of Joe's sensitive nipples. "Coming?"

"Not yet," the boy growled, then he, too, launched skyward -- followed by the rest of them, and they spent the hours until sunrise in a tangle of muscle and sex and mindfucking, showering each other in cascades of pleasure as they explored their improved and super- developed bodies in every way you can floating above the earth, untied from gravity and gifted with more energy and beauty and strength than any other man in the world. •

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