In More Senses Than One

By KettleCharlie

This one is for DCO, -- who else? With many thanks to a gentleman who made a suggestion after reading my last story; Thanks. It got changed a bit, but I appreciate your interest.

Some of you may think this is a “downbeat” story, so I should tell you right at the start that it includes plenty of muscle, an accident, workouts and a massive quarterback, but not necessarily in that order.

I don’t remember much about the accident. I was just twelve and in the back seat of the car. I remember my parents laughing in the front seats, the rain, the glaring white lights of a trailer jack-knifing across the road, the swift pain and the darkness. That darkness lasted even though I could tell I was in a hospital. And it lasted when I was taken into care by my mother’s aunts, two well-meaning ladies who, I must confess, pampered me when I first entered their home. As I grew older, I discovered that pampering had its limitations. I did not want to be soft and depending on others without reason, so I learnt Braille and insisted that I went to an “ordinary” school. Over the years, I had a succession of drivers who ferried me to school and back, and a personal assistant in the school (paid for by the Trust Fund). I learnt everything offered by the school and did quite well, thank you. Only one thing spoilt my progress. The aunts and the teachers “dissuaded” me from weightlifting in the gym. Swimming was possible, yes! -even running if tied to another runner, but weightlifting, No! And, of course, that was what I really wanted to do.

The school was famous for its sporting achievements –not only in swimming and running but, primarily, in football. It was no surprise, then, that the graduation guest for my year would be the well-known and popular quarterback, Shafiq. After the ceremonies, I was assigned to show him around the school. This went well and we enjoyed pleasant conversation until we reached the entrance to the gym block. There I was forced to tell him that if he wished to see the interior he would have to go inside without me. He asked for an explanation which he received quickly and concisely. He expressed surprise. He had wondered, he added, but I had moved with such confidence that it was difficult to believe that I was blind. Would I like to go in, he asked and laughed sympathetically at the speed of my affirmative reply. He put his hand over mine and carefully, but with understanding, he guided me into the building, explaining where we were until he stopped. Then he suggested that I felt carefully to my right and I touched the upright of a bench. “Feel it,” I was told, “Get used to it”. I did so, hoping against hope that something more would happen. “Like to lift?” he asked. “More than anything”, I answered. “Thought you might”, he chuckled, “So sit, then lie along the bench” I knew enough to do that. I was ready.

“There’s a light bar, just above your head” he said as he sat straddling my thighs. I must have jumped a little. “Normally”, he added,” a partner would stand behind you, but I want to check your ability and your sense of balance.”

I could feel the warmth of his body as he leant over me. I reached up and he gave me a little nudge so that I could reach the bar and then instructed me about lifting and breathing. I tried to follow his directions and managed ten reps with ease. “This is a Very light bar” I told him as he shifted his weight slightly. I was aware of his body aroma---so slight, but exciting. There was the faintest trace of, what? Coconut? Yes, but what else? Then I realised that my cock was hardening and pressing into his ass-crack. How was it he didn’t feel anything? All he said was, “Try another ten, and remember what I said about speed and breathing”. I did those ten, enjoying the complete experience. I was lifting, not much, but I was doing something I had longed to do for many years. Here was a man who understood need. As I finished he moved forward, leant towards me and spoke softly, “That’s fine, Ben, but remember, concentrate on what you are doing, not on what you want to happen” He slid back and I knew he could feel my straining cock. I put out a hand to touch him. He must have taken off his jacket as I touched his shirt and I could feel his hard body beneath it. He allowed me to feel his pecs and touch a rampant nipple. “Interested?” he laughed. “Of course” I countered, moving my hand down his body---

“Enough” he laughed. “You want my cock, you’ve got to earn it”

My mouth was suddenly dry as I gasped, “How?”

“Well, let’s find your driver and I’ll ask him some questions. What happens after that depends on his answers and your response”. He pulled me up and again I was aware of his bulk, his strength and his personality. I took him to where I knew Ned would be waiting.

“Hi Ben”. I heard Ned’s voice as we reached the parking lot. His voice changed. “Good afternoon, sir, “ he added. “The name’s Shafiq” came the answer. I was asked to enter the car and remain there while Ned and Shafiq conversed. Then Ned returned and told me that Shafiq was saying his goodbyes and “thank you”s to the head and staff of the school and that we were to wait for him.

I waited, impatient.

And Shafiq’s dark voice pulled me back from a mental picture of me competing in a bodybuilding show. “Are you sure you want this?” he asked, “To lift weights? To get bigger?”

I assured him that was just what I wanted.

“OK”, said Shafiq, “Let’s go!”. We entered the car, which Ned drove to a location new to me. “This is my cousin Nick’s gym”, Ned told us. “This is where I work out”. We went in and I was seated on a leather couch in the reception area. “I’m going to chat with Ned’s cousin, Nick” Shafiq told me. “I might be some time, but you will be lifting here, trust me”. He didn’t have to tell me that. I trusted already. Ned and I sat there, chatting, getting to know one another a little more. If I was going to be training with him, I wanted to discover a little more about him.

I heard Shafiq calling to us and Ned guided me into the gym. I could smell new paint and hear the click and clang of weights being lifted and changed. The atmosphere was exciting. I listened to the activity as Shafiq talked with the man I presumed was Nick. Then I was taken to another room where I was introduced to Nick (I was right!) because he said, “Pleased to meet you Ben. It’ll be good to train you. We should have fun and I’ll see to it that you get bigger”. Ned murmured something about planning a first visit and the two of them left the room. There was a pause and I heard Shafiq opening his shirt. “Give me you hand, babe” he said and I did so eagerly. “You want to be this big?” he asked and put my hand on his chest. I wanted so much to feel his muscle but it was his face that was of the most interest. Would touching it give me sufficient information to be able to picture it in my mind?

Yes, it would: -a strong, slightly asymmetrical face, just enough to be interesting; rough curled hair that had been close cropped so that what remained was rough to the palms of my hands; eyebrows not too bushy; cheekbones that were not too prominent, straight nose; full lips and, above them, a moustache that was carefully shaped and cut happily between almost there and far too florid. The muscles beside his mouth lifted his skin into a cheerful grin as my fingers felt his mouth. “I’m not a horse”, he chuckled. But my fingers were seeking his ears and finding them beautiful. My fingertips came down each side of a strong neck and to his traps. They gave me notice of what was to come as they curved away from the neck towards his shoulders and I came to that sudden drop---that definite step down to his glorious delts. They were huge! I had heard of the description, “like melons”, but they were there beneath my fingers---hard and as he moved his shoulders, I could feel each striation moving under the skin. I could also feel my breathing getting faster and my cock rising.

And his pecs! They went on forever, with a human Grand Canyon between them. I put a finger there and he laughed and flexed, trapping the finger for a moment. While I was caught, he put his hands around me and drew me to him. Being so close was almost more than I could bear, more than I had ever dreamed of. I thought I would cum there and then, I was so aroused. I caught a faint tang from him; coconut—yes, and this time a hint of something else---Ginger? That was it, but there was something else there that eluded my powers of recognition.

I wanted to taste him too so I found one of his nipples, erect and hard, pointing towards the ground and enclosed it within my mouth for a moment. My tongue made its way up that pec to his neck and his chin to his mouth. Our tongues met and I sucked on his, which was sweet like a wedge of ripe peach. “I’ve got to go” he told me. “I must, but before I go, a small gift. I know, yes I know you will think it strange, but I think it will be useful. Can you use your imagination?” “Sure” “Then try to believe---let’s put it this way--- that I was once a genie. Sounds stupid? Perhaps, but give it a try. Let me give you some of my breath now. In that way every time you breathe in and out you will remember me and your intention to build your muscles will remain strong. Next time I see you, and there will be a next time, I promise you, I want to be able to see a bigger, better, more muscular Ben”.

He put his arms around me and hugged me tightly to his body. “Open wide”, he ordered. “OK” I thought, if that’s what he wants, that’s what I will do. I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I could feel that wonderful chest inflating as I caught my hands together behind his head. His chest grew and grew and I could feel my feet leaving the ground. His abs were tight against me. I could practically taste cinnamon as he started to exhale into my mouth.

Before he began, I was sceptical. In my “wisdom” I thought I would humour him. How young and stupid I was. He may not have been a genie, I knew, but by the time he finished, it felt as though my body and bloodstream were energized by bubbles of champagne. He finished by giving me a quick kiss. “You’ll do fine, Ben” he said, “I’ll see you when you’re bigger and stronger. That’s a promise. ‘Bye for now”. Suddenly he was gone. I heard the door opening. I felt amazed, jubilant, disappointed, all at the same time, but at the same time, exhilarated and determined.

I heard Ned asking me if everything was OK. I told him everything was fine but I could do with some help in getting to the car. “Easy done”, he replied and soon we were home, parked by the garage. Ned told me that we would start the weightlifting programme the following morning. Was I ready for it? Ready, willing and wanting, I replied.

Next morning, Ned and I hit the gym and for the next two weeks I was prepared, guided and instructed. I started to lift easy weights. I discovered a lot about how to lift and why I was performing particular movements. There were a couple of occasions when we nearly had an accident, but Nick and Ned kept on the alert and anything that would have given the game away to the aunts was avoided. At the end of the introduction time, Nick told me that starting the following visit, we would be lifting a little heavier with a split routine. That cheered me up. Then he said that Ned would be giving me a “boost” that evening to prepare me for the next day’s work and would that be OK? As we drove home, Ned asked me if I would like to visit him in the apartment above the garage where he stayed. He made sure that I understood what this “boost” entailed. I went into the house, showered, changed and managed to sit through the evening meal answering the well-intentioned questions of the aunts. I was impatient to visit Ned but it was nine o’clock before I could leave, walk the well-known route to the garage and then find the door to the apartment. I knocked and heard the pad of feet on the staircase. The door opened and I slipped inside. Instantly, Ned’s arms were around me, his body was against me and his lips were on mine.

I don’t remember how we got upstairs; I suppose Ned carried me. And I don’t remember how I became naked; I suppose Ned undressed me because suddenly I was on a bed and Ned was all over me. But I can never forget everything that happened that evening.

We stopped and laughed, a little embarrassed at the momentary frenzy.

“Sorry, “ Ned murmured, “ I’ve been wanting you since I started to drive you to school”.

“You’ll have to teach me a lot, “ I told him, “This is….”

It was difficult for me to continue.

“I’m your first man?”

“Yeah, “ I mumbled.

“No-one before me?” he questioned.

“Just some boy pranks in the washrooms, that’s all”

“We’ve all done that”, he said, laughing quietly, “But let’s make this something special.”

My senses went into overdrive. I may not have been able to see Ned, but I remember so much more than being able to see him. I remember those first tentative touches, his warm fingers on my skin and the shiver of delight when he played with one of my nipples, then bent his head to kiss it. I remember touching him for the first time and gently feeling the whole of a male body. I could see him in my mind; almost the same height as myself---maybe an inch or so taller; shaven head; a longish face; five o’clock shadow, not as much muscle as Shafiq but what he had was elegantly put together. And I had to remember that he had been at the gym, lifting seriously, for only six months or so. My fingertips enjoyed straying over his rounded, bouncy pecs. His lats were on the way to flaring and striations were not too far away. His butt was just made to be appreciated and held. His abs were almost terrific. I could tell that his potential was fantastic. But then I cupped his balls in one hand and touched his rigid cock with the other. I heard the sharp intake of breath, the quiet moan before he said, “That’s right, baby” I felt his cock get even harder as I stroked it gently. He leant towards me and his tongue touched my cheeks, slid towards my mouth and as I opened it, kissed me on the lips and pushed inside. It went into my mouth as though someone was pouring cream into my coffee-cup. I could taste it and it was my turn to gasp. We spent a little time just exploring each other’s mouth and throat, our bodies entangled and close. He was so gentle and understanding, encouraging me, assuring me that with a little practice---

Gradually, his mouth strayed down my body and for the first time I felt a confident man take my cock and balls. His tongue touched my slit, and I knew that I had touched Heaven. I felt the cum in my balls churning and told him I was close to cumming. “Not yet, baby”, he told me, “Take control” My cock was liquid in his mouth and then he took my balls, one at a time and sucked them. . “Ahhhh” I moaned, while his fingertips explored that tiny space between ball and asshole. “Control” he murmured, coming up for air. “Try that on me” he suggested and I did, enjoying being next to him, part of him, as I had never enjoyed any other sensation previously. Sucking on his cock was fantastic and I could feel him writhing. Suddenly he stopped me, held me tight and asked, “Now?” I told him I was ready whenever he was so he flipped me onto my stomach and I felt his finger inside me, loosening those muscles, which were still tight. Then, the sensation of all those inches of cock warmth entering me and as it did so; the air between us was filled with small sounds of encouragement, appreciation and affection. He leant over me, nibbling at my ear. “Oh God, oh Ned, ohhhhh” was all I could manage to say.

I was practically incoherent with pleasure as he started to move within me. There was hardly any motion at first. Then gradually, oh so gradually, he increased both speed and how far he went in. I could feel every ridge, every vein of his glorious cock as he started pounding me. Instinctively I moved back as he moved forward and our pleasure multiplied. I could hear him breathing near my ear and feel the sweat breaking out on his skin. He panted, “Close, baby, close”, as he writhed and whimpered and gasped. Suddenly his whole body shook in spasm and I felt the heat of his juice as he came several times while he held on to me.

There was a small pause. In the silence I could hear his heart beating. I whispered, “Oh, Ned, oh babe”, as he withdrew from me. He turned me over and I felt his my mouth on my cock. Just the touch of his lips as he took my cockhead in---that was all it needed. “I’m cumming”, I cried---and did, in such quantity that I was amazed. “That’s it, babe”, he whispered, taking it all. And suddenly, I was waking up from a deep sleep, conscious that some change had occurred in my body---maybe only in some minute way, but definitely a change. I was elated. It felt as though I had grown—a little. It felt as though the “boost” had worked. Ned was waking up too; I could sense him stirring. He whispered, “You awake, Ben?” I told him how I felt and he said he felt the same. I lay in his arms for the remainder of the night and for many of the nights following.

I grew and so did Ned. We were partners.

Over the next weeks and months I was aware of the growth of our muscles. I would touch Ned before or after a “boost session” feeling his muscles and mentally comparing with my last inspection. I was amazed at his progress. Mind you, although we had an official “boost” every so often, we often found ourselves enjoying an unofficial one too.

In two months I put on pounds. How many, I didn’t know as Nick said that he would tell me “all in good time”. But it felt good. Flesh felt firmer and instead of being just a shapeless adolescent, I was becoming more muscular and more defined.

Nick seemed satisfied. He was both an inspiration as well as a strict instructor. On a couple of occasions he had taken my hand and allowed me to feel, firstly his delts and secondly, his quads. I was told that he wanted, and expected, me to work so that my delts would equal his, or be better---and my legs too. I worked hard for him, finding pleasure in listening to him humming. If it was that Figaro’s Song, then I knew he was in a good mood. He would roar, wheedle, entice, demand and encourage both Ned and I---anything, everything to make us both try harder, add more weight and increase the number of reps. Once I dropped a heavy weight, without injury and once I threw up. Nick just said, “Take ten” and I did, then I finished the set.

It was approaching winter and it seemed to me that I had come to a full stop. I mentioned this to Ned and he agreed with me. “Better let Nick know”, he said.

At the end of that day’s workout, Nick listened to what I had to say and suggested that I be weighed. “Ben”, he said,” You are doing well. Since you started working out you’ve put on over twenty-five pounds. But you are right---less than a pound this week. I think you need an extra boost, from me. OK?” (I nodded my agreement) “You guys finish your cardio, then I’ll be ready for you, Ben”

Twists, abs and a session on the treadmill passed by as in a dream. At the end, Ned guided me to the door of the room I had been in already, (when Shafiq and I parted), said “Have fun” knocked and left me there. When I entered the room, I heard the door click shut behind me. I located Nick by listening for the soft sound of his breathing. I was tense, expectant, and a little apprehensive, so in an effort to lighten the situation, I said something stupid, something like, “I hope this is not going to be too clinical”. The whispered reply was “No way, Ben” and his thick arms were around me.

Later, much later, I asked him if he had ever competed and he said, “Yes, once or twice, locally. Won a couple of shows”. I was not surprised. As he took me in his arms and pressed me to him, I was made aware that although Ned and I were making progress, we still had far to go to reach Nick’s excellence. He was big, or should I write BIG? He was so big, I had to rethink my aims in bodybuilding, Over the next couple of hours, I felt most of his body. He was not only big, he was hard and I realised, too, that I would have to change my ideas about training and a “boost”.

But that was the future. Right now I sensed his weight, his hardness and his desire. The first bout, as I could call it, went by so fast that I could only retain parts of what happened in my brain. I was aware of his kisses, his hands (not fingers) caressing me, his cock growing between us as he pressed himself against me and his strength as he lifted me and let me down impaled on that thick cock-rod. One moment of exquisite pain as his cockhead entered me was all I felt, then nothing but delight. He was lifting me, then letting me slide back down his rigid cock until I could feel his pubic hairs on my ass. I wrapped my hands over his traps and lifted myself. “No”, he cried, “Let me do it”. So I did. He rammed me up and down but I discovered that the action was not painful but satisfying. He was breathing in short loud gasps. His cock was so hot and hard. Suddenly he arched his body away from me and he yelled as his body jerked in spasm after spasm. I felt his warm cum jet into me as I clung to him.

He sank onto a bed, taking me with him. We were both breathing hard, trying to recover from the exertion, the sublime ecstasy. I could feel his cum being absorbed into my body, could feel the cum being assimilated into my muscles. And it felt good. For a moment I wondered if that was it, if that was all there was---just a “boost” and nothing more. I started to pull away, but Nick growled, “Not yet. There’s more to come”

As his breathing became less laboured, he took my hand and placed it upon his chest so that I could feel and enjoy the impossible thickness of his body. There was the faintest aroma of leather, which did not surprise me, of chocolate, which did not surprise me, and of rose petal oils, which did. Probably after-shave, I thought. That’s when I asked him if he had ever competed. When he answered, I was aware that he was giving me a biceps pose and I felt that arm, all the way from his delts down to his wrist. The thickness of his forearm, the size of the upper arm, be-ribboned by veins and the way his biceps reached upwards while his triceps hung below bowled me over! Amazing! Obviously it was over 20 inches around. I licked---kissed that arm enjoying each and every striation, each and every curve of muscle and tendon. It was so hard and exciting my cock reared up again and I felt his hand take it, moving it slowly and tenderly. Returning to the thick slabs of his pecs my fingers discovered his obliques pointing downward to his groin, but travelling south, I was amazed at the definition of his six pack. He was muttering simple directions, which I was happy to follow. But I needed to stop, feel, kiss and lick those glorious abs. My mouth enveloped that thick cock, then licked his balls and explored that distance between his balls and his hole. Throwing aside all caution I used my tongue on his hole and he gasped. “More, baby” he whispered and I spent the next minutes exploring. I grabbed his tremendous thighs and forced them apart while I licked around that entrance and then forced my tongue in. leaving plenty of wetness around and in it. Then I gently put his huge legs on my traps and pushed my ready cock into Nick. If he had objected I was ready to pull out smartly, but his reaction was to put his arms around me and reach up and kiss me deeply. It was this that made my cock as hard as I had ever known and I slid into him, feeling that warmth and that sexual passion which we were sharing. I was determined not to cum until I had enjoyed being in him for as long as possible. He was touching me, using his fingertips all over my body. He was murmuring sweet and tender encouragement. I increased my speed until I was ramming home hard every time feeling his body jolt against my pubic hair sending electrical messages to my brain. My cum was churning in my balls, ready to explode outwards into him. I knew that any trigger would do it. His thick quads slid from my traps to around my waist and he started to flex them in time with my thrusting. It was as though I could feel every striation through my skin. He lifted his ass just slightly from the bed. At the same time his hands were on my lats and he pulled himself towards me so that my cock was entering him even further than before. I could feel my cum travelling from my balls and, with a cry that was half pain, half pleasure, I came, not once but several times. Then we nestled together, warm, comfortable, exhausted and I went to sleep for about 20 minutes, waking up when he nibbled on my ear. “Time to be weighed”, Nick told me and led me to the scales in the main part of the gym. I stepped on them and Ned, who had joined us, whistled softly between his teeth. It was early October and I had been at the gym for just over three months. I’d started at 146 pounds and here I was at 172. My heart sang.

Of course, I should tell you that other things were happening during those months. I took a deep breath and informed the aunts that I was visiting a gym. “Well, dear” said Aunt Cornelia, “ we kind of thought you were. You’ve got a lot bigger”.

“Don’t you mind?”

“Of course not, dear. You are old enough to know your own mind.”

“And it isn’t as though you were a nuisance for gym teachers in the school.” added Aunt Harriet. I was relieved at their response.

We discussed my future and I told them I intended to study in a local college after taking this as a year off. Arrangements were made and everything planned months in advance. Ned and Nick knew and Nick changed my workouts and “boost” sessions accordingly. I grew and the sessions with Ned meant that I was in a happy, stable relationship for the first time. Christmas came and I must admit that I fell off the nutrition wagon twice; once on Christmas Day and once on New Year’s Eve. That was the day when after a very hard workout, Nick weighed me and announced that I that I had gained 46 pounds and was looking good, so we celebrated with a glass of white wine each.

Spring came early that year and the aunts asked Ned to go to the cottage on the beach to get it ready for the summer visits. I went with him. It would be just an overnight stay and of course we would be using only one bed. It was a 90-minute drive and Ned got on with his work when we arrived. I spent a couple of hours in the garden, shirt off, appreciating the warm sun. Then we went for a lazy walk along the beach. There was something in the back of my mind trying to surface. It was only when I felt the sand beneath my feet that I remembered Shafiq. That was it! That faint unknown body scent when I first met him, when I had recognized coconut, ginger and cinnamon---that unknown one was dry sand. Now that I knew----it was unmistakable.

The next few months raced by. I was getting heavier and at the same time, more defined. So was Ned. We trained together. He wanted to enter a competition in early May as a Novice and he was going for it---boy! was he going for it! He changed his eating habits, became as ripped as was possible and practiced a posing routine. I could hear in my brain the music that he had chosen all through the day and often as we lay together all through the night. Nick helped Ned and it must have improved as they both enjoyed what resulted. It was difficult for me as I could not see the finished result, but Ned took time to pose and allow me to feel all over so that I could get an idea of what he was presenting to the audience and how he was doing it. Nick took Ned and me to the venue of the competition. My first bodybuilding show! What an experience that was. I was happily content just to sit there and let the whole thing wash over me in waves of sound and smell. I can remember the happy noise of friendship; people chatting, people laughing, people incredulous that I was there. People were helping when I needed it (“Just tell me where the man’s room is, please”). The noise of music and appreciation coupled with the roars of approval when some competitor did something good. And besides the noise, the smell; humankind en masse, and oil too---sunflower, almond, coconut---and some I couldn’t figure out---all attacking my nose from every direction. (A couple of guys who passed had very bad breath; I wondered what they had been ingesting) Not only that but the feeling of excitement, apprehension, nervousness (One guy was really rude to me because of his tension, but he came round and apologized after the judging of his class) and then the outburst of pleasure, enjoyment, relief and satisfaction. After the prejudging of the Beginners class, the guest poser, Kev somebody, came to congratulate Ned and asked me why I wasn’t competing. Nick said, “Next year, I hope” and the big guy punched my arm in a friendly way and said that I better be there.

Ned came second which was pretty good. We were all damn pleased and I could hear Nick humming Figaro’s song as we drove back home. It was late but Ned and I had a championship session which lasted until the early hours of the morning.

Then my birthday came around and that was fun. Other men in the gym were taking notice of me as I grew and most were encouraging me on to bigger and better things. Nick was hoping that I would enter the bodybuilding show the following year. I mentioned that I would be in University then, but he said that small problems like that could be overcome. I was happy and there was a song going around on the radio. I remember only two lines--- Every breath you take Every move you make They reminded me of Shafiq and I wondered, a couple of times, where he was and what he was doing. But I had not heard of him since the last football season finished.

Then came that week when everything seemed to happen at once. Nick weighed me on the Monday and I was 234 muscular pounds, with, as he said, “Not much fat there” Ned was pleased. He was clocking in at 227 himself and Nick said we both looked good. He had suggested a slightly different routine to get rid of some of the unnecessary fat a few weeks before. Now he insisted that Ned and I worked our butts off. He pumped our bodies on the Monday, the Tuesday and the Wednesday. My chest was so big and hard, it was amazing.

Then Thursday morning came and Nick had me pumping up every muscle in my body and stretching those muscles. He said it was because he would be starting to teach me to pose for my first show, but I could sense there was something going on. Ned was gurgling with glee and trying to stop himself and others in the gym were bright and bubbling with humour. What was happening? Something unusual, but I was unsuspecting and not prepared for Ned leading me to the door of that room, knocking and opening the door. He whispered, “Have fun”, pushed me inside and closed the door behind me.

There was someone in the room. I could hear his excited breathing. I could feel the air on my face moving as he moved but he did not come towards me. For a moment I wondered why, then, without hesitation I moved towards him. As I reached him huge arms held me tight and my face was caught in the crevice of his pecs. I could feel him and his sweat and I could sense the faint tang of---coconut, ginger, cinnamon and dry white sand.

“Hello, Shafiq” I said.

“Hi Babe” he said, “I told you I would come back.”

I put my hands to his head and could tell the reason for his unwillingness to walk to me. There was some sort of bandage covering his eyes. He was as “blind” as I was. “I want to see if I can visualize you without my eyes” he said. “Go for it, babe”, I replied, “but don’t forget; you can use all your body, not just your fingers. Try fingers, hands, lips, tongue, cock---anything and everything. I’m ready for you. Be ready for me.”

Gently and carefully I took his head in my hands and kissed him with all the tenderness I could muster. His fingers moved over my head. “You’re taller than I remember”, he said, “Just about an inch”, I answered. “Oh, ho, a small moustache”, he chuckled and kissed it, his fingers reaching to my neck and on, to my traps. There was a sudden pause in the movement and I could sense the surprise. “You have been working”, he said, “Nick told me that you were progressing but I didn’t know, couldn’t know, that you were working this hard. Makes me want to see you, but I can wait”. He drew in his breath sharply when he felt my delts. I ran my fingers down his back, caught his ass in my hands and drew his warm, thickly muscled body to mine.

We were both searching, learning, delighting in what we were finding. His hands reached around my upper arms and he asked for a double biceps pose. He was joyfully surprised to discover my biceps split just as I was amazed at the size of his triceps. I thrilled when I felt the tight vein rope in his arm. We were both discovering new pleasures and our cocks were precumming.

I felt his fingers on my pecs, so I flexed them for him and the movement brought an appreciative grunt from him. I licked his chest and swirled my tongue around one of his hardening nipples. He did the same to me. We were touching, feeling, hugging and the temperature was rising. His pecs were gloriously huge and he put his arms around my body and did a most muscular pose. “Like that?” he asked. I replied by feeling his serratus and his obliques with fingertip precision, delighting in the definition. I reached down to encircle his cock with my fingers. It was just as I imagined it to be, uncut, standing straight up, veins throbbing, almost to his navel. Insistently, we carried on feeling abs, groin, quads, calves and hamstrings until, with a howl of appreciation he tore the “bandage” from his face. I turned to him and gave him the best possible double biceps pose I could do, as tight as a miser’s purse. He grabbed me, in a tender way, and I was laid on the bed wanting what I knew would happen next. “I never thought you would manage such a huge change,” he whispered and hooked my legs over his shoulders. I lifted my pelvis to receive him and he slid into me in one beautiful motion, kissing me on the mouth, the eyes, the neck and the ears as he did so. And the warmth of that cock was unlike anything else I had experienced with Ned and Nick. I could feel every ridge and vein and change of texture. It tantalized my body. It was like hot steel one moment and like viscous lava the next. Shafiq moved in and out as though his body was liquid. His cock was ramming me and I could feel him shuddering. His balls were slamming into my ass and his body was writhing over me. I could hear the tiny moans of anticipation and the way his breathing changed. He was gulping in air as he altered his pounding. His arms went behind my body and he lifted me, scraping my chest with his hard nipples. I could tell his cock was searching and then he found my prostate. It was heaven and our pleasure was intense. We were sweating together and becoming part of each other. Kissing, touching, our bodies sliding together; I could not imagine anything better, but he suddenly arched his back and as his cock rammed in, there were several wonderful convulsive jerks and he jetted copious amounts of cum into me with a cry of achievement, of wonder and of sheer delight. We collapsed on the bed in a tangle of muscle and joy.

A little later, we lay together, talking. He had taken a good look at my body and made some suggestions for improvement then drawn me to him so that we were touching a little as we chatted. We talked of many things; my first competition, what I was going to do during the coming year at University; his life; his plans---all sorts of subjects. As we chatted, we kissed and hugged, changing position easily as one of us required.

“I’m so very pleased we met”, he told me. “And I feel privileged”, I said, “True”.

“I have a proposition for you. It means I get to fuck you again”. We both laughed. “If it works, the result will be muscles on your muscles”. He laughed again. “Just kidding. But it will mean a bit more muscle and the sort of definition that will win you first places every time. I haven’t done this for a long time so it might not work and I promise you, it will be painful in capital letters. But not for long, maybe five or six seconds.”

It didn’t take me that long to make up my mind. “I trust you, Shafiq. Let’s do it”

“Oh, one thing more, Ben. Control yourself. I want to suck all your come immediately I’ve finished. OK?”


“I’m going to take you and I want to watch you as it happens. Lie on your back” he instructed me. I did so and could feel his fingers on my ass as he spit-lubed my hole. He finger-fucked me with a gentle urgency and pretty soon five well practiced fingers were easing my hole muscles. He was talking to me, reassuring me, helping me to enjoy the experience. One hand was behind my neck, one hand busy at my ass. I could see his beautiful cock, erect, rigid, and ready for action. He was kneeling now in front of me and he lifted my ass onto his thick quads. Slowly he eased his cock into me and then one ball was pushed in beside the cock, and the other. I had a feeling of bliss, but it was to get better. He closed his eyes and concentrated. I wondered what he was going to do as he could not move in and out. I found out as his cock and balls began to pulse inside me. It was as though his cock was a beating heart. It was growing inside me. His eyes opened and he grinned down at me. “Doing fine” he said, “I’ll tell you when it’s going to happen and I suggest you hang on to me when it does.”

His cock grew and I could feel the heat through every part of my groin. In my mind I could see his cock becoming huge inside me. It was our hearts beating together. It was ready to fill me and change me. Shafiq’s breathing grew more rapid and the pulsations inside me became faster and faster. “Hold on”, he said,” It’ll be painful, but not for long.”

I held on to his shoulders. He shuddered and moaned and his cock became so hot inside me. He yelled and, as he had warned me, there was a dreadful pain inside me. I could swear his cock and balls had exploded within me and that all that cum and other stuff was being absorbed instantaneously by my body. I may have made some noise. Shafiq kissed me, then went to my cock and immediately sucked out all the cum I had. I came so quickly and completely that I was amazed. In a few seconds of magnificence, everything was finished. I looked at him, smiled, said “I trust you” and sort of lost consciousness for a few minutes. I was aware of changes in my body---nothing huge; a strengthening here, a defining there. I remember fighting my way back to full control and holding him. We stood up and he used his hands to demonstrate how I’d improved in the last few minutes and I had, oh, yes, I had.

We were loathe to part, but eventually we had to. Before he left, I asked him for more breath. He gave me some gladly and I caught that wonderful individual scent---coconut, cinnamon, ginger and dry white sand. We put on our gym clothes, kissing as we did so. He held me tight and whispered his affectionate wishes for my first show. “Bye, dear man, we will meet again---I’m sure of that” he said and I heard the door close behind him.

I took a deep breath, waited a moment, then opened the door and stepped out into the gym. Ned put his hand on my arm. I smiled at him and said, “I’m ready for my first show”. I did enter a show later that year, but that’s another story. •

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