Steve: The NEW Superman

Superpower begins


By conoemadre

Sorry for my english !!!!... y hope to enjoy the story

On the next morning the alarm clock begun to ring, when steve took the clock to run off, that divice explode on pieces... he forgot his superstrengt and say "Well i have to shop other clock... HAHAHAHAHA!

He wake up and look the mirror to see that muscle body, his thinking was... "envy world to my physique" he flex his arm and crusked the bicep forming a rocky mountain of them his chest look like a two basket ball when he flexes the legs became more, and more muscular, he with a single kick whole could sent fly on the space a ball.

Aghhh !!! i got the superman suit... going to take some pictures of me in the suit iīm looking so fucking hot in, but have some care to take the camera because i do not want that it passes what him passage to the clock... he take the camera with realy care and put in front to the mirror with the counter on... he flexes his hot physique and te picture was taken... he printing on the picture and keep into hin album

He look the picture and says "iīm too skiny go to take a pumping workout.

Well i start with my bed... although itīs not very heavy to me, rises my bed with one finger curling the finger in and out "this is easy to me... this isnīt like a workout"... but iīm superman think him and open the window to take a short cut for the street, he fall on the ground with so force, that open a hole in the ground like his body... "Thats fuking great thatīs be my new power immunity that awesome".

He want to workout but in his gym the weight has not heaviest to him... and took the rute to the junk yard like yesterday... "That is on be able to working out"

he came to the junk yard and think like how true this wall without shreded in pieces, he look around because someone sees him and made a jump he think that jump not be a higer but the jump he take leap his musclebody at 45 feet...... "OHHHHHH that is a nba jump" he landed on the ground with his massive legs flexes his cuads and calves, he feel like a landed in soften pellows he sais "Well done legs... now have a superworkout!!!"

To start te workout he flex all his bulge body an grabed a piece of iron of the ground, he compress the piece with his arms with some strong grip and bent the piece like a horsesshoe like went stay on the daveīs apartment... on the far he look a car... a big car, he go there and rip the pieces of the car with his bare hands... he took the engine with one hand an scuezze the iron of the engine like a fold a paper reduces to a little scuare on the floor.

He grabed the another parts of the car and tossed in the air like a ball in a kid hands, he lift the remaing car above his head and crunckes the car in the air with his hands... "that all workout for me today... i going home to get a bath...

On the way to his home he have thinking about be superman... but he to be not able to fly... donīt have a x ray or super-speed or hearing but itīs feel more capable to make that!!!.

He came to his home an looking for the breffcase of Dr. Adams and read the informs about his experiments... and read "Have a phase 6 but is not testing on any human"... the phase 6 have not yet to be probed Ahhh!! well íīm probed to myself... he look that phase not have in the breffcase but the inform says the preparation formula. - the formula of the phase 6 was take the phase 1, 2, 3 all together in one mezcle an aplied a some heat at the mezcle about 500šf and aplied to the body froting the solution -

He was to the kitchen for preparing the solution, he donīt know that happens with frot the solution over his muscle body but he donīt care, "but i have the phases 2 to 5 the phase 1 missing... he remember on the apartmen of dave see and drink the solition before have the superstrong body... he went to the dave apartment an looking por the solution he knew dave was on the gym, he puts a par of handīs gloves to not let trace and with his finger blow the lock of the door "Ready without a key"

He go to the refrigerator an look in "Iīm found the solution", now go to home to prepared the solution... he jump off the windows and improving landing without the extreme sound he makes with the first one.

He went to home to prepare the solution like of the inform said han took a bowl and inside put alll solitions he went to the kitchen and put the solution on the oven at 500 šf for a while 5 hours, he took the bowl over the oven an he could wait... he froting the hot solution on his body and took a drink of them...

The firts result of the testing solution was a brown skin like a perfect suntan, he looked on the mirror and says "Iīm ready to the beach", but came more •

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