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Song of Ryan


By will88nh

Entering the chatroom, I was still in a bit of a fog from the sexy photo I had downloaded a bit earlier. It was a sexy young guy I just couldn’t get my mind off of. In my mind I had named him Ryan. I’m not sure how tall he was from the picture, but he was bare-chested and was wearing khaki nylon cargo shorts and sandals. His chest was perfectly smooth and although not terribly muscular, he had naturally round pecs and beautiful nipples. His lean stomach showed a slight contour of soft abdominal muscles and a hint of a treasure trail. He had a light tan and his shoulders were a bit freckled. He wore a golden link chain around his neck. His face, however, was without a doubt his best feature: masculine without being overly rugged, young without being overly boyish, a hint of scruffiness that made him ever-so-sexy. He had light brown hair, short and kinda spiky, not particularly styled. He had a sexy goatee that followed the lines of his chin, but also ran up the center to his bottom lip. And speaking of lips, his were hot: not too full, not too thin. He had a softly defined, but not overly strong jaw-line and high cheek bones. The whole was covered with a light stubble, as if he hadn’t shaved for a day. He wore two hoops on his left earlobe. He had the most beautiful sky-blue eyes that made you feel you were in the clouds. Even his nose was sexy, slightly long but flaring a bit at the nostrils. As gorgeous as he was, I couldn’t help but thinking how much hotter he’d be with a bit more muscle and maybe a tattoo or two.

I was stirred out of my reverie by the PM window that appeared on my screen and the tone that accompanied it. Rather than a greeting though, only a lone link was displayed. I waited and there were no additional messages. Huh, I thought, that’s weird. I typed in a couple of question marks and sent them, but was informed “chatter not available”. I didn’t close the window; I simply minimized it and chatted for a bit in the main room.

Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and I returned to the haunting PM window. I decide to see where this link would take me and clicked it. It opened a rather simple webpage with an open field and a heading that read “Please enter a wish for submission” and a lone “submit” button below the field. Well, this is stupid, I thought. In frustration at the audacity of the site I typed “I wish my dream man would come into and change my life.” I sat there for a few moments then clicked the “submit” button. I thought: there, lets see what u can do with that, then I laughed aloud.

Having satisfied my curiosity, I returned to the chatroom and chatted with some cool guys then I noticed the time. I remembered I wanted to go to the mall to do a few errands before it closed. I said good bye in the chatroom and showered and changed and hurried out. Once I got to the mall I realized I had to pee really badly; I hadn’t taken the time to go at home before hurrying out. I asked one of the mall cart clerks if where the public restrooms were and she directed me to a corner or the mall. At the far end of the mall I saw the sign for the restrooms and I turned down a hallway. At the end of the long hallway there were doors for men and women separated a water fountain. I pushed the men’s room door open, quickly entering, but then stopped dead in my tracks.

There in the middle of the restroom was a bare-chested guy in shorts and sandals. I couldn’t believe how much he looked like the guy’s photo I had downloaded from the Web. He was a bit more muscular, as if this guy had done some serious working out and he had a sexy tribal armband tattoo drawing attention to his envious bicep. He stood noticeably taller than I and had a very sexy small hoop piercing the right-most of his two attractive eyebrows. At first I was just entranced by this guy’s beauty, but then I realized he had his dick out and in his hand when his eyes looked up to greet mine. His cock was rock hard and enviously sized. I blushed at the realization that this guy had apparently been jerking off or something and mumbled “sorry” and turned to leave.

“Took you long enough,” he said in a sexy voice, not too deep and not too high. It was the soft voice of a young man, confident and casual, and it had just a hint of raspiness. In fact, the voice was so sexy and alluring that I could feel my cock stiffening in my pants… or maybe that was from the image of him still locked in my mind. But what was he talking about.

“Huh?” I said turning back to him.

He was smiling an ever-so-sexy, almost lustful smile as he stepped toward me. In uncertainty I stepped back, but soon found myself against the wall. He kept moving forward until his face was right in front of mine. He smelled of some incredible unknown cologne. Before I could move he was pressing his lips against mine, then parting my lips with his tongue, which eagerly explored my mouth. I felt a metallic click on my teeth and soon felt the stud piercing his tongue with my own tongue. He tasted slightly of tobacco and fast food. I found myself kissing him back… with passion. His lips did a wonderful dance of lust and his tongue didn’t seem to let up. God! He was a great kisser!

While we moaned and kissed, blood rushed to my cock making it incredibly tight in my jeans. He seemed to be quite pleased when his hand found my boner because he moaned all the more and stroked my cock thru the denim. Soon he was pulling my T-shirt over my head and I didn’t stop to think about what was happening. He licked and kissed my neck and I caressed his hot chest. As his tongue moved down to my chest, my hands moved up to his head, running through his hair. He licked and sucked and nibbled my nipples and I shrieked out loud. At that moment I knew I would do anything with him, right there, right now. Any consequence was worth what this stud had to offer. Before long his tongue was licking and probing my navel while his hands frantically worked on undoing my jeans. Within seconds I felt the tip of his tongue working the head of cock. I would have throw my head back then, if it wasn’t already against the wall. Then all at once he swallowed me right down to my pubes. Then his lips worked my shaft up and down sending me into a blissful fit of joy. Damn! Was It possible he sucked better than he kissed? He seemed to sense I was getting close to climax and backed off then stood back up.

We stared dreamily into each other’s eyes for a second and then he leaned in and kissed me again briefly. He stepped back a couple of steps and then turned and leaned forward onto the sink. Looking over his shoulder he said, “Fuck me, stud.” How could I resist? I stepped up to him and put my hands on his ass, massaging his tender round butt cheeks thru the nylon. Then I pulled his shorts down and began to finger his hole. He gasped and moaned and offered encouragement, “oh yeah!… come on, do me, man!” I spat out all the saliva I could and rubbed it on my dick and on his hole, then pressed my cock to his pucker and received more moans of encouragement. Slowly I slid inside him. His ass was heaven!: warm and tight. I leaned forward to reach around and caress his chest and nipples, while I started to pump in and out of his ass and he stroked his own throbbing boner. He moaned wildly and matched my rhythm, shoving his ass back against me. Soon I was pounding him hard, my balls slapping his ass. He loved it. I swear they could have heard his wails clear out to the parking lot. Just when I was thinking I was getting close he flexed his sphincter and milked my dick. I exploded with such force inside him that it rocked my very being. I howled in ecstasy.

While I orgasmed my whole body seemed on fire. Memories rushed through my head… Meeting Ryan at the club and dancing all night, fucking in the alley outside the club that very night and spending the next 3 days together, long lazy days on the beach, cruising on our bikes, working out together 3 nights a week, moving in together… Then I collapsed onto his back panting. I kissed his back and said, “I love you, Ryan.” He twisted his head back to kiss me and replied, “I love you too, babe.” I slowly pulled out and Ryan stood up. We looked each other just about in the eye, in fact I might have been a bit taller. In the mirror over his shoulder I saw a reflection that was momentarily unfamiliar: A tall dark haired young stud of Italian decent, short dark loosely curly hair gelled and loose bangs hanging on forehead, an interlinked chain tattoo surrounding my impressive bicep I now remembered working on, a stainless steel bead choker around my neck and multiple earrings on my ears, a muscular, lightly hairy chest with hoops hanging from my nipples, and narrow goatee patch on a handsome chin and sideburns down to my jaw line. I remembered I was Ray, a 22 year old hunk who met his lover 3 months ago.

“Dude, that fuckin’ rocked!” I exclaimed.

“Thought you would like it,” he replied, leaning in to kiss me again. “Happy 3 month anniversary!”

Then he took be by the hand. “Come on,” he said, “we’re going dancing.” He led me out to the parking lot. Once we emerged into the warm summer night air he released my hand and headed to where a couple of Japanese sport bikes were parked. I watched his hot ass move while he walked and followed with my own sexy swagger, stopping briefly to pull out a cigarette and light it. I exhaled and walked up to my Kawasaki Ninja throwing my leg over and hopped on. As Ryan mounted his bike, I couldn’t help but think how sexy he looked. It showed off his perfect ass and thighs beautifully.

“You look fuckin’ hot tonight, babe,” I remarked.

“You always look hot, stud,” he purred.

Then we started our bikes and drove off into the night. •

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