Gaston's Growth

The Betrayal


By musclefreak4559

This part of gaston's growth would not be possible without the brilliant mind of Jacestar. I hope to work with him on many new parts of this story. You Rock!!! And now without further adeu , the 8th part of the continuing saga of Gaston's Growth.

Hiei was clacking away on his computer; it was playing the new Nine Inch Nails song “ The Hand that feeds” and he was getting into it. He loved all kinds of music, his favorites were trip hop and industrial, but right now he was just enjoying the free moment without the worry of Kurama calling him in worry about Yusuke and Kuwabara. He knew where they were all right and so did the master, and soon all would be revealed. The phone on his desk rang, “ Son of a bitch!” He shouted to no one and picked up the phone. “ Hello?” He said and then the raspy voice spoke “ Hiei, today is a very important day. Do you know why?” He was confused, “ No master, why?” The voice snickered. “ Today is the day we bring down Fred Jones! I’ve sent you an email, in it you have your instructions. Follow them and you’ll be rewarded, don’t let me down.” And then the master hung up. Hiei opened the email and it read as follows: Infiltrate Jones’s compound, and become one of his slaves. Don’t try to contact me I'll know where you are, I have my ways. Hiei smiled and walked towards his closet and got dressed, it was going to be a wonderful day.

From a June 2005 issue of the T-Town Tribune Police are questioning, local gym owner Bam Bam Rubble in connection with the disappearances of three bodybuilders yesterday at the Mr. Animation contest. The police say that Mr. Rubble was seen going inside the dressing room where the three had disappeared a claim that he admits but he denies all charges that he was involved. Police are at this moment saying nothing but the town has been struck with several disappearances over the past week.

Yoko Kurama walked to the door of Trunks’ house with a sense of comfort. This had been the first place he went as soon as Yusuke and Kuwabara disappearance only a few days ago, they talked a lot and they were discussing all the theories that went along with it. They thought the god theory was a bunch of bullshit, if god took them, then why didn’t plagues of demon locust hit the town, where in the hell were the 4 horsemen, it didn’t make sense. When he knocked on the door he knew what he wanted to say, he wanted his to help him. Search. Trunks greeted Kurama in a pair of silk boxers with no shirt; the boxers had hot peppers and the words “ Hot Stuff” on them. “ Hey Kurama, what’s up?” He said rubbing his light purple hair, “ Ya need something?” He spoke again Kurama nodded. “ I want to search for them, I want to find them, and I need to know what happened.” Kurama said frantically Trunks frowned “ We don’t even know were they were those days, let alone where they went so why bother!” Kurama was shocked. “ 3 of our friends disappeared without a trace, all that was on the security cameras was them leaving with a bunch of bodybuilder types in a hummer, now don’t you fucking tell me that we shouldn’t look for them!” He shouted. Trunks grunted “ All right we’ll look for them. Come in I have something I want to show you.” Kurama entered and followed Trunks to his computer. “ I did a check on all the hummers in T - Town the only one that fits the description of the car seen in the tapes is one that belongs to a George Jetson. Now that could be a fake name I'm not sure but I think if we find Jetson, we’ll find our friends.” Trunks said, Kurama looked confused. “ This lead doesn’t look solid. How do we know if it’s fake, and if it’s fake we’re back at square one, then what?” Kurama said, Trunks just smiled “ I have my ways.” He said. Kurama nodded in agreement, “ I’ll get dressed you just wait here.” Trunks said and was off to his room, Kurama just sighed and hoped that they would find them safely.

The knock on the door startled Fred out of a deep sleep, the orgy festivities wore him out and as he slept in his warm bed he dreamt. He dreamt of her, of the times they had at amusement parks, movies and concerts, he dreamt of her red hair and soft curves and he was about to kiss her but was stopped by the knock on the door. “ Master, are you awake?” It was Link, a slave who he admired from afar. “ Yes Link I'm awake, what do you want?” He said sleepily and rubbing his eyes. “ I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to become a god.” Link said as he stared at his master’s raging morning hard on. “ Great slave Link, this means one of two things, one: you’ll be one of us and two: tonight you’ll get two boys to make love to and make your slaves!” Fred said as he smiled. Link was as giddy as a schoolboy on prom night it was then he heard buzzing sound of the intercom on his desk. Fred walked over and pressed the red button. “ Yes, who is it?” He said, “ Mr. Jones?” The voice said “Mr. Fred Jones?” It said again. Fred answered “ Yes, who’s there?” He said “ someone who wants to be a slave to your awesome power.” The voice said. Fred was shocked how could someone know about him and his slaves he pushed the button and opened the gates not knowing what to expect. As Hiei walked in he was in awe of the huge castle, and it’s art that showed men in various poses and sexual positions as he got to the door step he was greeted by a large blond haired man in a white long sleeve shirt and orange ascot. “ I’m Fred Jones, and you would be?” Fred said “ Hiei; I’m here because I heard you posses a great formula that can make a man stronger. Is that true?” Fred nodded “ How did you know?” Hiei smirked; “ A man at the gym heard some rumors, so I decided to check it out. Is it legit?” Fred smiled “ Yes it is now if you’ll come with me we’ll discuss this further.” He said Hiei smirked “ It begins master, I will not fail you!” He whispered and he followed the god upstairs.

“Now I must tell you Hiei that this potion will change your life drastically. You will never be allowed to see your friends, the only contact you’ll have to the outside world, is the missions that we go on to bring in new recruits.” Fred said “ yet I feel that the rewards outweigh the negative underside, don’t you agree?” Hiei nodded. Fred spoke again “I must ask you a personal question. Would you be able to sell out your friends if you had to?” Hiei just nodded “ anything you want master its yours.” Hiei said with a smirk. Fred laughed “ would that mean that you know of two people who you could get to join us?” Hiei crossed his arms “ you could say that.” He responded. Fred grinned “ I’ll make you a deal, I’ll change you if you bring me two recruits.” Hiei growled “ I want it now damns it. If you don’t give it to me I'll just walk away and tell everyone about your sick house!” Fred just laughed “ You have such a temper! I’ll fix that.” Fred said and hit a double bi pose. Hiei was in shock , the master didn’t tell him about this, and he was spellbound. “ Alright , I’ll do your damn job , but you better give me that potion.” Hiei said , Fred stopped posing. “ I knew you’d come around!” he said , with that called his two new slaves , Hank “ Beast” McCoy and Clark “ Superman” Kent. “ Help this young man get our new slaves for Link’s growing tonight.” Beast just grunted and followed Superman and Hiei out the door and to the stretch Hummer.

The Ford Mustang stopped at the end of the street at the front of the old decrepit house, Trunks turned off the car and sat. “ Here it is 2331 Walnut Street, I hope this works!” Trunks said as he hopped out of the car Kurama rubbed his shoulders “ this place gives me the chills. I think we should go home!” Kurama said, Trunks just laughed. “ We’ll just go up on the porch, knock on the door and see if anyone’s home. It’ll only take a second.” he said and knocked on the rusty screen door. The door swung open with a loud rusty creak as if the hinges were screaming for oil. “ Yeah , What do you want!?” the old lady said. She was wrinkly and had a shock of white hair that was coifed into a beehive . “ Yes , we’re looking for George Jetson, Is He home?” Kurama said, the old lady cackled “ He’s been dead for year’s honey. Why did you get some of his mail?” Trunks just shrugged “ No , we just thought our friends were here, sorry to bother you.” and with that they walked towards the car. “ Hello boys!” The voice behind their backs said, they turned around and there stood Hiei “ I missed you calling me this morning Kurama, have you decided to play Detective Conan huh?!” Then they felt a presence behind their backs , They both turned and were faced with the sight of 2 of the missing bodybuilders. “ Hello!” Beast said , Trunks and Kurama tried to run but the bodybuilders had a hold of them locking them tight in their arms. “ Hiei, What is the meaning of this? Are you mad” Kurama said, he turned to look at Trunks;he was knocked out. Kurama was so shocked that he didn’t notice the needle enter his arm and the blackness over took him.

Even in the blur that surrounded him Kurama could make out the people in the room, he knew that Hiei was there and two blond guys, were talking to him. “ Are you sure you want to do this? Remember what I told you, you’ll never see the outside world again.” Kurama’s vision got clearer and saw Hiei with the blond haired guy and the other blond one and he had pointy ears. “ I know all about this, give it to me master.” Hiei said and with that took several drops on his tongue. Kurama watched as Hiei began to grow taller , his short frame grew from four foot three to six foot six , his abs became a cobbled road of muscle his biceps became softball sized and his pecs grew into huge slabs of meat. Hiei began to flex “ UNNNH yeah so big so strong , It’s even better than I dreamed of.” he said , and then bounced his pecs. Link was up next , he took the bottle and began to drink deeply. “ Here it comes master, OOOH I feel stronger already!” Link said as he hit a double bi then showed of his huge horseshoe triceps. “ Wow look at my dick man it’s huge!” Link shouted as he picked up the hefty tube of love meat and wiped the pre cum off of it and licked it off his fingers. Fred turned and saw the hardons that Kurama and the now awoken Trunks were sporting. “ Link these are your new personal slaves, I hope you enjoy them.” Link smiled “ yes master I will!” Link said and began to untie the two slaves. “ Now you two come here and worship your new god!” Kurama walked over to Link and placed a kiss on his lips. Kurama’s mind was screaming “ What are you doing , these people have kidnapped you and your friends , stop you fucking idiot stop!” it said but he pushed it out and began to lick and caress Link’s blond fuzzy armpit savoring its manly scent and taste. Trunks was sucking on Link’s huge pecs nipping and nibbling at the soft tender nipples. “ UNNNNGHH, YEAH WORSHIP ME SLAVES!” Link roared as Kurama moved down to his abs and then to his cock. Kurama took about twelve inches of the thirty-inch monster in his mouth. Link was in heaven , Kurama’s mouth was like a soft warm glove that he could slip his cock into and he loved it. “ HAHHH Yeah lick my monster muscle cock you stud YEAH!” and then Trunks decided to join the fun as the two new muscle sluts began to take turns sucking and licking the huge monster. “ Yeah, Don’t be so conservative boys , there is plenty to go around. Hey purple boy come here and lick my ass!” Trunks did what he was told and began, to dart his tongue in and out of the blond stud’s ass. “ YEAH LICK THAT HOT ASS, YEAH!” Link said as he began to mouth fuck Kurama while trunks licked Link’s ass. “ OHH SHIT I’M GONNA CUM!!” and Link roared as he began to spray loads and loads of cum all over Kurama’s body and hair. Trunks ran over and began to lick the red haired slut clean. Kurama giggled and writhed under Trunks’ tongue , Link smiled “ just like a couple of puppies.” He said as he watched the two wrestle around. Fred poked his head in the door, “ are you ready? “ He asked link, “ Sure am , come slaves!” and with that the three of them left the room

The Gods and slaves applauded the new god in there midst , it was a happy day and everyone knew what came next. “ Friends , let the ...” Fred stopped , as the muscle harem watched in horror as the candles that illuminating the room blew out. “ Hello Fred,” The voice said as a dark shape entered the room, “ It’s been a long time.” Fred was shocked “ Who are you, how did you get in here?” “ I gave you my formula, I told you of my dream and look at you , you’ve abused your power and now I want what is rightfully mine!” and then a puff of smoke filled the room. When it cleared the harem was in shock, Fred and Hiei were gone.

“ Don’t worry Fred , We’ll take care of you!” The shape threw back its hood and there stood a face that Fred knew all to well. It was Velma Dinkley and she had finally come back for her revenge. •

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