Gaston's Growth

Secrets Revealed


By musclefreak4559

Fred woke up with a jolt and surveyed his surroundings. He knew this place all to well, it was Velma’s lab no doubt about it, he knew all the machines and all the chemicals she used, and there standing in front of the him was the battleaxe herself, with that worm Hiei. “Did you have a nice nap Fred?” Velma cooed sarcastically, Fred struggled against the ropes tied against his massive forearms. “ What do you want, after two years, what made you come back?” Fred said, Velma frowned “ What do I want, what do I want? I’ll tell you what I want, I want what you have, and I want your harem!” She shouted, Fred looked confused. “What do you mean?” He said, Velma threw her hands up “ Two years ago you and I shared a moment together. Daphne was out of town and you were horny as hell so you slept with me. I told you after we finished that I had this formula and I was going to create a harem of guys who would serve me just for who I was not like you, who just wanted a lay.” Fred’s mouth gaped open, Velma continued. “ I thought it would work but then you had to sleep with that hippie pot head and it all went down hill from there, but I have something that will bring you to your knees!” Velma shouted and flipped a switch, there in a glass sell sat the woman he dreamed about, It was Daphne and she looked like she had been roughed up a bit. “ Daphne? What did you do to her you fucking bitch?” He said, Velma snickered “ I’ll give you a choice, her or your harem. Choose now or loose her forever!” And with that Hiei untied the ropes.

Yoko Kurama drove his 2005 ford mustang to his brother’s house; it had been 5 years since they last saw each other and Yoko couldn’t wait to reconnect. Suichi and him had always been close but then the war happened and he had to go off to Inkton to fight an unseen enemy. Rebel forces had took over the town and he and other soldiers had to fight a guerilla war that none expected, but something had always plagued him. Why hadn’t he received any letters of reply from his brother, he sent him one every chance he could in the VA hospital, but he never responded. He knocked on the door and it opened a crack. “ Hmm this is strange, why in the hell would his door be open?” He thought as he stepped in, the answering machine was blinking, Yoko pressed play and was shocked at what he heard. “ This is the Yoko Kurama residence. I’m not home now so leave a message.” Kurama was shocked “ What the fuck, I’m Yoko Kurama, what’s going on?” And with that he raced out the door and to his mom’s house.

The ride in the stretch hummer was surprisingly comfy despite the rocky terrain that covered the road. “ How far to the lab?” Gaston said to Beast who was looking at the GPS map. “ About 3 miles and counting, I hope we get there in time!” He said and Gaston nodded and relaxed, he hoped his master would be safe and that whoever did this would be punished. Suichi Kurama was dreaming fitfully, he saw the man in his army greens, telling his mother that her son had died, and the credit card that came in the mail. He knew that his brother would want him to live his dream that faded, so he took his identity, bought his dream house and lived his life not ever knowing that his brother had survived and was sending him letters. Whenever he got them he burned them so no one would be suspicious or give up his little game but that would change because the real Yoko was home and was talking with his mother right now.

“ Please hon don’t be so mad, I didn’t know honest!” Mrs. Kurama shouted as her son began to go into a tirade of curses. “ How in the hell did he do it, how!” Yoko shouted at the top of his lungs. His mother hushed him, “ He just got a credit card that they sent for you and he just started to call himself you in public.” She said, “ I should get that fucker for identity theft, who else knows?” Kurama shouted. His mother shook her head “ not his friends; they still call him by his real name. Sometimes they’ll call him Yoko but that’s it.” She said and Kurama began to walk towards the door, “ Where ya going?” His mom said. “ I’m going to find him and talk to him!” And with that slammed the door.

Fred rushed over to the now open cell, and hugged Daphne. “ Oh darling I missed you so much. Velma’s gone crazy!” She said and Fred silenced her with a meaty finger, and watched as she rubbed his new muscle. “ You’ve been working out haven’t you?” She said as she kissed his bicep, “ Daph please, I need to talk to you.” Fred said as he picked her chin up in his hands. “ Go ahead Fred tell her, tell her about your gay muscle harem!” Velma shouted “ you have a what?” Daphne said. “ You don’t know about the side affects of this serum don’t you, over 3 drops and you become a freaking queer!” Velma said with a giggle “ Fred you’re not. Are you?” Daphne said as she pulled away from Fred’s embrace. “ I’m sorry Daph, I, I, I couldn’t control myself! Forgive me.” Fred said and then Velma came over, “ I can give you back to her all you have to do is give me your harem” she whispered in his ear. Then a loud thump was heard as the lab door slammed open and fell of its hinges. “ Stop right there. Let him go you sick bitch!” Gaston shouted and soon the battle would begin the battle to save their master.

Yoko Kurama walked towards the large mansion, and climbed the gates like an agile gymnast. The mansion itself had a creepy, haunting of hill house feel and when he got to the door, he noticed that the door was open. “ Jesus, don’t these people lock their doors with all this expensive shit inside?” Kurama said, as he walked inside and began to walk up the steps. “ Hello? I’m looking for someone, I think he might be here.” Kurama shouted. It was just a sixth twin sense that he felt as he drove towards this place and now that sense was growing around the room to his left. The room had Fred’s Room in gold plated letters on the door. “ What’s in here?” Kurama said as he pushed the door, which like the front was unlocked and then he saw it. The tape was playing in the VCR and it showed his brother making love to some huge giant with blond hair and pointy ears. He was enjoying every moment, “ Suichi, what are you doing?” And he felt his anger grow “ I’ll find those fuckers that did this and I’ll make them pay!” He hit the eject button and took the tape “ This is evidence, these fuckers will regret the day they messed with Yoko Kurama!” And with that he ran out the door.

“ What is the meaning of this!” Velma said as she turned her head to see the slaves and gods surround her lab. “ Seize her!” Gaston shouted and with that the gods and slaves moved towards her. “ Get them Hiei!” And with that Hiei sprung into action, jumping into the air and landed a swift kick on Shaggy’s stomach. In a split second Shaggy grabbed his leg as soon as he hit the wall of muscle and twisted him around. Hiei crumpled to the floor, “ we’re too powerful Velma, give up!” Fred shouted and then Velma pulled the gun out of her bra and placed it towards Daphne’s head. “ This is your last chance Fred, Give me the harem or I’ll splatter he brains all over this wall!” Fred stood up and walked behind Velma and picked her up in a bear hug. She struggled for breath, shaking and jerking her hands frantically clawing for her airway. Then the gun collapsed and she crumpled to the floor passed out. “ Daph please, don’t be mad at me. I just..” Fred said but she hushed him “ Listen to your heart, listen to what it says. Just remember that I’ll always love you.” And with that she kissed him. “ Come boys we’re, going home!” And with a final kiss goodbye Daphne, Fred, and his harem walked upstairs. “ Come on Hiei, We’ve got plans for you!” And with that Shaggy picked him up and placed him over his shoulder. Before he left Gaston walked over to the computer and hit erase, The cell door hissed closed and soon Velma’s memory of the harem would be gone forever. With one last embrace the two former lovers said goodbye and with that the Hummer pulled out of the parking lot and was on it’s way to the Mansion.

Meanwhile, Yoko Kurama entered the office of Martin Mystery, a private detective the same time that he was in a meeting with Veronica Lodge who was there about finding her missing boyfriend , Archie. •

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