Gaston's Growth

Veronica Grows Up


By musclefreak4559

“ Now let me get this straight,” Martin Mystery said as he leaned back in his chair, “ Your brother stole your identity, and has been using your name as a means to further his goals of keeping your memory alive. You go to this house and you find a video of a guy who happens to be your brother, making love to one of the missing people that have been in the news. Now I have one question, How in the hell does this connect to her missing boyfriend?” Yoko looked out the window. “ Look it sounds crazy but I think this is where those people have been going, Her boyfriend was one of them so I thought, I'd put two and two together, and this is what I came up with.” Martin snickered “ I’m supposed to believe that some guy has a group of men that he uses for his special purposes. Go fuck yourself fox boy, I’m not buying it!” He shouted. “ Look,” Veronica said “ I’m willing to pay you twenty-two million dollars to play this guy’s hunch. What choice do we have?” Martin threw his hands up. “ I don’t fucking believe this, you people are nuts!” He said and then looked at Veronica and saw that she looked serious about her offer of twenty two million. “ Okay, you got me, where the hell are this place at?” Yoko spoke up “ 6969 Raven Lane; I’ll drive you there.” And with that the three of them left the office.

“ Wake up Hiei, we’ve got a surprise for you!” Fred said he opened his eyes and saw the gods and slaves standing around him. “ What the hell is going on?” He said and then he felt the rope that tied his hands together. “ Kurama and Trunks are about to become slaves and I felt that it would be a good idea if we showed them what we were going to do before you and Velma so rudely interrupted us.” Fred then motioned to Shaggy to walk over, and soon he placed his cock in front of the bound slave’s mouth “ Suck!” Was all Shaggy commanded and then tried to place his cock in the slave’s mouth, but he refused. Again Shaggy tried to get his cock in but all he did was leave a gloss of pre cum allover his lips. “ If you think I’m going to play this game you’re wrong.” Hiei shouted, Shaggy turned to Fred “ why don’t you try to convince him like you did the other slaves we brought here?” Fred said and Shaggy nodded and began to pose. “ Yeah, you like these bi’s slave?” Shaggy said as he hit a double bi and then bounced his pecs. Hiei was spellbound, his cock grew stiff, and his thoughts raced from being bound to licking and caressing the huge god. “ Master, I obey!” Hiei moaned, and soon accepted his master’s cock. Hiei began to lick and suck his master’s cock, taking almost twenty inches in his mouth, Shaggy moaned “ YEAH, SLAVE LICK MY COCK!” Shaggy moaned Fred gave the word to untie him and soon the orgy began. Suichi and Trunks watched as Gaston walked over to slave Beast and began to kiss him deeply, licking the blue fur that covered his whole body. Tarzan, Archie, and Dilton were licking and kissing each and soon the two slaves were licking Archie’s fuzzy orange armpits making the slave wriggle and moan at the slippery touch of their tongues. Link, who was the new god, began to kiss slave Moose, “ Bend over, slave and let me lick that jock anus!” Link commanded and spread Moose’s ass and quickly licking his anus. “ UNNNNGH, Yesssss master lick my ass, OHHHH!” Moose moaned as he writhed under the power of Link’s tongue. Wolvie was now fucking Hiei moving his huge monster in and out of the slave’s ass. “ Yeah slave take my cock. You like this monster up your ass?” Wolvie said as he began to quicken his pace. “ You’ve got a good mouth slave Hiei!” Shaggy said as he watched the slave bob up and down on his cock. Fred looked at Suichi and Trunks and he ran to get the blue bottle. When he returned he saw the there eyes light up, “ Are you ready?” Fred asked, they both nodded and soon the drops were placed on their tongues and the growing began. Suichi’s abs went from a six pack to a cobbled eight pack, Trunks’ biceps swelled to baseball size, and soon they both realized what they must do. They walked over to Fred and began to kiss him then moving down to his pecs, nibbling and sucking on the rock hard nipples. Fred flexed a bicep and then winked at Suichi, causing the bright red haired slave to lick and caress it. Trunks was now sucking on his masters cock licking the cock head slurping the pre cum that flowed like a fountain. Milo Thatch was now making love to Jughead who was sitting on Milo’s cock. Beast was now on all fours grunting hard as Gaston pumped his cock in and out of his ass. Aladdin and Kurt were fucking Beast Boy and Robin separately; Robin was panting as the blue elf was ramming his cock in and out of the god at a quick clip. Aladdin his slurping was heard throughout the room was sucking beast Boy. Ron was sucking off Phoebus, “ UNNNGHH yeah suck my cock Stoppable, YEAH!” He grunted and was now being approached by slave Kuwabara and he took his cock greedily. Yusuke and Goliath were 69ing each other letting out a “MMMMFF!” Or a “MMMMMH!” At certain points. Jake was busy worshiping Peter licking his fuzzy pits covering them in gooey saliva. “UNNNNNH YEAH LICK MY PITS SLAVE!” Peter shouted and then watched as Batman and Superman began to lick the god’s cock. “ Don’t be greedy, Dark Knight; give some to the Man Of Steel!” Peter said when he felt that; one wasn’t getting enough time with his beast. Reggie walked over to Goku and planted a kiss on his lips, caressing the back of his head with his hand, then moving down to the small of his back, pulling him tight into an embrace. “ Take me, you sayan stud!” Reggie said and soon was on his back his legs in the air wriggling at the touch of Goku’s tongue in the crack of his ass. “ OHHHHH YEAH LICK MY ASS YOU SAYAN STUD!” Reggie shouted as Goku placed his cock at the entrance of Reggie’s ass and slowly moved it in. Reggie’s pain melted into pleasure as Goku worked his ass at a quick clip. Then they heard, Gaston shout “ I’m Cumming” and shot his load in Beast’s ass. Then Trunks got covered in waves and waves of Fred’s spunk “ Yeah! You like my cum all over your face slave Trunks?” Trunks smiled and then motioned for Suichi , to come over and clean him off. “ OH TRUNKS, YOUR TONGUE TICKLES!” Suichi moaned loudly, then soon the sounds of gasps and moans. The orgy was finished, but the night was not over.

“ Is this the place?” Martin asked looking at the huge expansive mansion in front of them. “ Yes and from the looks of it they’ve just finished some kind of party.” Kurama said as he walked towards the door. “ What do they do in there?” Veronica asked, Martin just shrugged “ probably dance the time warp and listen about how some guy is a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania!” Martin said with a smirk. Yoko pushed the buzzer, “ Suichi, are you in there? Answer me damn it!” Fred glanced over at the intercom , and saw the red button blink. “ Who the hell is Suichi?” he said , Suichi spoke up. “ That’s my name.” Yusuke blinked. “ It can’t be. He’s dead!” he gasped, Fred was confused “ who’s dead? Is there something you’re not telling me?” Suichi spoke “ He’s my brother, he survived an attack by a suicide bomber in Inkton , they thought he was dead but they found him 2 days later. I took his name because I thought he was dead , I bought his dream house, and lived his dream of being an artist. I didn’t know he’d come back!” Fred smiled “ I’ll handle this!” and pressed the buzzer to let them in.

Fred was dressed in his best suit and tie and he moved gracefully down the steps as if he were Fred Astaire. “welcome,” he said as he walked towards the three visitors “ how may I help you?” Yoko frowned “ I’m looking for my brother , now don’t try to tell me he’s not here because I have one of your little tapes that proves he’s here!” he said , Fred just laughed. “ What’s so funny?” Kurama said , “ Nothing , except that you three were so dumb not to notice that three of my slaves are standing right behind you, that’s all!” and Yoko tried to turn around but he was soon met by the iron grip of beast . He watched as Martin and Veronica struggled under the grips of Batman and Superman. “ What the fuck is going on!” Martin screamed Fred laughed “ I’m afraid we don’t take too kindly to strangers around here.” Martin tried to say something but was silenced by the chloroform soaked rag that covered his mouth. “ Boys , take them up to my chamber, bring Shaggy and Gaston along, I want to try a little experiment!” the slaves lumbered up the stairs and called for the two other gods just as Fred appeared in his personal elevator. “ As the Black Eyed Pea’s would say,” Fred said “ Lets get it started!” and the three slaves began to disrobe the three captives.

“ Wake up my darlings it’s time to play!” Fred cooed as the captives began to stir. Veronica raised he body up and noticed that she was naked as the day god made her, “ You sick perverts , what do you think you’re doing! If my daddy finds out,” she shouted, Fred turned around “ Fuck your daddy , I don’t give a shit about him or his money!” Fred said as he pulled the dropper out of the bottle. “ What do you plan to do with that?” Veronica said her voice quivering in fear, “ We know what it does to boys,” Fred said as he walked towards her, “ but , what does it do to girls?” Fred walked closer a grin formed on his face. “ No, No please don’t!” Veronica said but it was too late Fred was holding her down and gripping her chin in his hand like a vise, he administered the drops a slave would get and watched as she began to stumble around the room. “ What , What is happening to me?” she breathed and then watched as her breasts melted and formed huge slabs of muscle, “ you bastards , what did you do to me!” she shouted and then gasped in shock as her voice adopted a deeper tone. Then the gods watched in awe as the area around her crotch began to sprout balls and a huge thirteen-inch dick. Soon Veronica wasn’t herself anymore. She had blond hair cut in a surfer style , a soul patch was under her lip, and all thoughts about girly stuff, like shopping, makeup and, who was cuter Johnny Depp or Brad Pit was gone and the urge to show off her new body filled her mind. “ From now on , you’ll be called Kyle. you are a sixteen-year-old surfer from Laguna Beach California.” Kyle nodded , “ Yes master, I obey.” she said and flexed her biceps. Yoko and Martin stirred , “ what in the hell is going on , where is Veronica?” he shouted and then noticed the cute blond surfer. “You bastards , you just cost me twenty-two Million dollars.” he shouted , and then got up and tried to leave. “ Well we know that it works on girls too. Let’s get started on these two!” Martin grabbed the knob and was thrown back by an electric shock. “ Sorry about the shock, It’s a safety precaution!” Fred said and then climbed on top of Martin, and placed his drops on his tongue. Yoko was also struggling and soon he got the drops placed on his tongue the drops. “ I feel so hot! ERRAH! what is going on?” Yoko screamed and then watched in horror as his biceps grew into huge lumps of muscle, his already nice sized pecs grew larger, and his dick grew larger. “ You wanted to know what happened to your brother, does this answer your question?” Fred said and then watched as Martin and Yoko began to explore each other’s bodies. Soon Kyle joined in, but Fred had to stop it. “ Save some for tomorrow boys. , now go to bed!” and the three boys followed Shaggy to the slave’s chambers.

Fred , clicked the satellite photo that he had brought up on his computer and stared at the girl on the screen. “ I know now, what it can do Daph, I know now what I must do!” He said softly and clicked the image off and went to bed he was going to have a busy day tomorrow. •

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