By Also_KnownAs

"How's it feel, Ed?" Brian came forward to stand below the colossal young man. Everywhere he looked he saw muscle. Every inch was a sleek, bulging display of beautiful perfected masculine power. Transform was well named, he thought. He stood just over six feet high, so he came up to just above Edward's knee. Looking up slightly and to his right, Ed's two mammoth pricks were hanging fat and thick and luscious.

What Edward had become was super masculine. He lived up to Chuck's expectations and then some. His body had a fine thick coat of dark shining curls. They erupted thickly above his twin monsters and spread across his gigantic chest. His armpits were thick with a dark matting of hair and it covered his legs and arms like silky fur. His face was chiseled, losing almost all of the slight boy he had been, replaced by something strongly masculine and almost angular. His eyes were a dark brown, and in the shadowed evening they looked black.

From his head hung thick masses of more dark waves. He had some Italian blood in him, that was for sure. And it erased whatever his genes had decided for him with the Transformation, making him over into about the most masculine man Brian ever saw. He was reborn as a muscled mountain of hairy beauty, but his face still showed evidence that he was Edward inside, still slightly uneasy but growing used to what he was now, learning the extent of his new powers as his looked down at himself.

Edward's next utterance made the guys instantly hard and moaning with bliss. Brian gasped and fell to his knees, fountaining a load of rich, hot cream as if he'd been sucked off for twenty minutes. "Amazing," Edward answered softly.

Chuck laughed, swelling himself to Ed's height and placing his huge hands on the younger man's shoulders. "Ed, baby, you gotta be more careful with your voice. You control a very powerful instrument," he said, glancing down, "as you can see. Your voice can make any man not fully Transformed instantly gratified. You might make them so orgasmically happy just speaking their name that they'll faint dead away with a smile on their face and their balls churning out so much cum they'll dry out. You have the control. Can you feel it?"

Ed just nodded.

"Don't be afraid of it. It's yours. Now haul it back in and tell Brian how you feel."

Edward took a breath and looked down at his friend. Brian was breathing hard, gasping in breaths, his body still partially overcome from Ed's unintentional sexual onslaught. "Sorry," he said.

Brian nodded and smiled up at him. "S'okay. I liked it!"

"You want me to do it again?"

"Not just yet, I don't think my balls are ready."

Edward smiled then, and Brian felt like he could start pumping all over again. Edward's new perfected beauty was, like Ed had said, amazing. "It feels like nothing I could have imagined. I can feel the power, the strength of my body. And it's mine! All mine. This muscle, the size of it, the strength. I feel heavy and at the same time... not." He looked at Chuck. "Can I... do I have the power to...?"

"You have it all, Ed. You can do anything you want."

Edward looked at Brian. Then he started to shrink, closing up like a telescope, all his masses of muscle condensing thicker and firmer and harder until he stood a head taller than Brian, this time as a muscular hulk, his naked form bulging with obvious and overwhelming strength. The two broad hemispheres of his chest heaved as he breathed, rounded globes of absolute supremacy. His arms were loaded with long, thick salamis of muscle, smooth bulging masses overlaid with networks of veins keeping their hunger for strength and size fed. His tight, rippled belly displayed an 8-pack of even muscular bulges leading down past his narrow hips to a groin forested with a black softness of curls spreading thick and wide. From this glistening dark jungle hung his two colossal cocks, each one fat and long and aching to be caressed and fondled.

Ed's thighs bulged thick and hard, each wedge of power cut with cables of muscle that flexed and grew as he moved.

Brian brought his eyes up to look at Ed's face, and he felt his heart skip a beat. It was still Edward, still the guy from school, but now he was beautiful, gorgeous, a sculpted perfection of the boy he was only moments before. "Hi," he said. His new voice purred and rumbled. It wound itself around Brian's cock and squeezed.

"Holy fuck, Ed! You're... You're..."

Edward raised an arm and made the bicep swell. His shoulder joined in. His tricep grew fat. His lat flared beneath. His whole upper body was spasming with growing strength, the fibers twisting and multiplying as they fought to be released. Bigger and bigger he grew, all his power swelling up and out until he was a collection of muscle so large that it looked to be trying to burst through his silken flesh. Then Brian was struck by a deeply satisfying scent, Edward's scent, a tang of masculinity so powerful and yet so recognizable that Brian knew he would never forget it. Edward said, "I am, aren't I?" and he smiled.

He was about to reach forward and kiss Brian, passing him the power he held inside him, when someone cleared his throat. He paused, looking over, and Frazz was standing there looking not too happy.

The large black man moved between the young men standing chest to chest with Edward. He hiked his thumb over his shoulder at Brian and said, "He's mine. Go find your own toy to play with."

"Toy?" Brian sounded insulted.

Frazz turned around and placed his hand against Brian's supple skin, moving his fingers across his broad chest adding a tingle of the Touch as he moved. "I say it with love, Bri guy. I hand-picked you. I wanted you. I want to be the one to make you everything you ever dreamed of. I want to fulfill your fantasies." He leaned forward and kissed his lips. "This only happens once, this first time. I want to be the one, Brian."

He grinned. "Okay."

Chuck was suddenly behind Edward again. "Don't you worry, kid. Looks to me like we have two more volunteers right over there. And I'll even let you choose which one you want."

Joseph cocked his head. "Hey, how come we don't get to choose? We've been waiting for this a hell of a lot longer than Brian or Edward."

Frazz clicked his tongue. "Impetuous youth."

Jesse had to laugh. "Joe's never been one to hold back his opinion. But I tend to agree with him."

Chuck and Edward looked at each other. Ed shrugged. Chuck folded his arms across his mammoth chest. "Okay. Choose."

Joe stepped over in front of Chuck immediately. "Oh, man, I want you so bad. When you turned Edward, Transformed him, and you were talking in his ear I was so hot. Can you do that to me, too." Chuck grinned and nodded slowly. "But I want you do to it gradually. Real slow. I want to feel it all, every fucking inch of me as I get big. Can you do that?"

"If you want, I can make it take weeks."

"Holy shit."

Edward looked at Jesse. "Did you want Chuck to do you, too, or am I...?"

Jesse took two steps toward the newly muscled beauty and wrapped him in an embrace. Then he planted his lips on Edward's and kissed him deeply and passionately. Edward's two pricks were writhing like snakes and after a minute he put his bulging arms around Jesse and kissed him back. Jesse looked into Edward's eyes and whispered, "Make me grow," then kissed him again.

So he did.

Edward found it easier to do than he expected. He thought that Transforming another man would be like working out, or pushing something, or at least make him feel like he was exerting some force on something.

But it didn't work like that. Transform wasn't something that needed forcing out. On the contrary, Transform was something that needed to be kept in. Once you released it, it became like a wild animal that had been caged too long and hadn't had enough red meat. It was a hungry, untamed beast, and Edward found that it was too easy to loose control of it.

Then he remembered Chuck's words. "Control is key," he said. "You control a very powerful instrument." In fact, he didn't control anything, it was simply what he was now. He was Transformed.

So when he started, it came out everywhere. He flooded Jesse's body with it, and the young man swooned in his arms, overwhelmed by the powerful force entering his body swiftly and unrestrained. Edward pulled it back, but he'd released enough that the change was evident everywhere.

Jesse started growing so quickly that he swelled in Edward's embrace as if he was being inflated with strength. Edward could feel the other boy's muscles firming and fattening, his back was growing thicker and wider, his shoulders becoming suddenly inches thicker, his chest practically pushing Edward away as it exploded with power.

Jesse moaned deeply, then raised his head and met Edward's eyes. As Edward watched, his face changed. The nose narrowed slightly, the chin squaring and firming, cheeks rising, the eyes clearing and brightening. The color of them deepened, his lashes grew thicker, his brows arched in surprise. "Whoa," he said softly.


"More," was his only reply, and he wrapped himself tighter around Edward as his initial growth and metamorphosis slowed. He had gained several pounds of muscle in seconds, dozens of pounds, maybe. And he was already a foot and a half taller. He moved his lips to Edward's again, his hands coming up to pull the boy's mouth to his, and in the throes of another passionate kiss, Edward released a second powerful blast of Transform.

Jesse's whole body shuddered and he felt a deep sensual pleasure echo through him. He felt as if his entire body was a conduit for sexual bliss, as if his skin was super sensitized and his muscles tingled and throbbed with desire and delight. Transform entered him again like a flood of light, like a million kisses on his flesh, like the ultimate blow job. He could feel himself growing heavier, thicker, harder and taller. The growth was everywhere as he was made over again, another stage more powerful, another level more beautiful.

Edward achieved more control, even in only his second try. He knew how much he was giving Jesse, how much more he needed. It was as if his own body knew, as if he and Jesse were one during this exchange. He knew how much more there was to give, and how much he was giving, how much muscle and growth and strength. It was intoxicating, this power to change another man. He kissed Jesse more deeply, and shoved another injection out through his Touch, through his lips, giving Jesse more beauty and strength, still more.

And there was so much more to come.

It was suddenly clear to the watching audience that the two men were not going to stop at merely kissing and hugging when Jesse's hands crawled down Ed's broad back and cupped his ass, kneading the firm flesh and pulling them even closer if that was possible.

Then one of Edward's prehensile dicks found its way around Jesse's thickening member and probed under until he found the other man's rosy butthole and he started exploring just what his new powerful prick could do. The agile length of his improved dick started to eagerly drill and thrust itself inside Jesse's firm ass, easing the way with a flood of clear lubing precum that was pumping more Transform into his system, sending the young man's body into entirely new realms of intense sexual gratification.

Edward started fucking Jesse in earnest, and he responded by fingering Ed's ass in return since his dick wasn't yet gifted with the same dexterity. It simply grew harder and thicker and fatter, the veins pulsing and throbbing, the head blooming, the shaft enlarging, the whole beast getting hotter and harder each passing second. Edward felt it throbbing between them, so he tested his control of how he was changing the man in his arms, the man he was fucking, and he directed the Transform into his lover's bulging tool, granting him a magic prick with a mind of its own.

Or rather, with Jesse's mind inside it, directing the cock with a deft and responsive touch, a smoothly muscled tool that would stretch and swell and twist and explore in any and every way that Jesse wished.

"Oh, god." Edward heard Jesse's gasping worship and it spurred him on. He sent more Transform, pumping a thick, urgent load into the young man's developing body and felt his shoulders swell and split, his back flare like wings unfolding, his whole form enlarge with strength and size.

They were now ten feet high, Edward growing in response to Jesse's development, matching him effortlessly, intuitively, the two locked in an embrace of shared strength and growth and sex, and Jesse's flexible prick was matching Edward's urgent and powerful fucking, plunging itself over and over, deeper and deeper into Edward's silky ass. It bulged and flexed inside, it grew more sensitive and became hungrier. And as one of Edward's cocks buried itself up Jesse's butt, feeding him Transform from the inside as Edward's embrace fed him from the outside, his other cock reached toward that same goal and began to open Jesse wider to allow it entrance.

Jesse felt another prick tingling at his backdoor and found he had the control to welcome it inside, even as huge as it was, even with another monster already fucking him senseless. And then he could feel his own secondary prick being born from his loins.

It shoved its way out, already hungry, already alive with his sense of touch and power, lengthening and thickening suddenly and doubling the sexual pleasure he was already experiencing through one super- sensitive cock. He could feel the tingle and tickle of sexual prowess throbbing all along it until it swelled to full size between them, hot and firm, writhing with his need.

He grew larger still as Edward now fed him a constant stream of Transform, He could feel himself growing heavier and heavier with rock solid masculine muscle. It hung from him and bulged and grew. It swelled with power and capacity, he could feel himself getting bigger everywhere.

Then his second dick found Edward's hole and he discovered a new skill, and he bagan cumming, cumming because he wanted to, filling his balls with cum and letting it spill and spray and pump from his twin monsters inside Edward's warm and wet ass. He filled his lover to overflowing and it began to pour out of him harder and harder, and then he mounted the crest, his body fully Transformed, and at that moment an orgasmic blast of purified sexual bliss erupted through him and his fountain of cum doubled, now a release of perfect joy and ultimate power.

Soon Edward was cumming too, shooting from both pricks and a flood of hot, sweet cream was flowing down their legs to pool on the ground. They roared and bucked with a shared extended orgasm of strength and ecstasy that did not slow, but kept building.

Then another, more powerful orgasm shook them both, their huge bodies delivering an overwhelming tide of cum, their very souls shaken from the intensity of it, their towering forms inundated with sexual release, feeling a fulfillment neither ever dreamed possible.

They held each other for a long time, caressing each other's supple silken flesh, feeling each other's mammoth and steel-hard muscles.

"Damn," announced Joe. "Maybe I picked the wrong guy."

"Beginner's luck," said Chuck.

"Am I next?"

"Not yet, beautiful. I have a feeling about you. You're something special and I think you may have something to share with all of us." Joseph smiled broadly, making his impossibly beautiful face become angelic. Chuck had to remind himself that the guy next to him was only 16. Looking at him, with his muscled body and shadowed jawline and the look of predatory sexual knowledge in his glittering eyes, the guy looked like anything but an inexperienced teenager.

He almost looked dangerous.

And Chuck liked that.

He put his arm across Joe's shoulders and turned them both around to look at Frazz and Brian. "You're up. Let's see what you can do to top that."

Frazz just smiled. "I'm not going to try, my friend." He turned to Brian. "I am here for you. All for you. No one else exists. You tell me what you want, and I'll make it real."

Brian's eyes widened. Hearing the dark man's deep baritone speak those words sent a shiver up his spine. His mind was spinning from what he'd already witnessed. First Edward's transformation, then Brian's sexually charged metamorphosis, and now he was the center of attention. "Fuck me," he said simply. "Fuck me bigger."

Frazz smiled. "As you wish," he replied. •

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