Gaston's Growth



By musclefreak4559

Once again thanks go out to jacestar plus the others who have given me ideas for this story . Thanks a lot. And now the latest chapter, in the on going saga of Gaston and his life in Fred Jones' Muscle harem!

“ Suichi, are you awake?” Yoko asked as he began to shake his brother, Suichi stirred, “ What do you want?” He said. “ I need to talk to you about this whole slave thing. Do you wonder why these guys follow Fred so blindly? I mean they follow his orders no questions asked, don’t you think this is strange?” Yoko asked, Suichi just shrugged “ These guys must be total muscle sluts that’s all, now lets not.” Yoko interrupted him “ no, that’s not all, Archie had a girlfriend, Phoebus had a wife, and Fred even had a woman he was interested in. How could this happen, how could they just loose interest like that!” He shouted. Suichi hushed him “ You’re gonna wake everyone up with your ranting, now lets be rational.” Yoko threw his hands up “ Fuck being rational I never wanted this body, this life, or this master I’m leaving!” And with that put on his clothes. Suichi stood up “ then I’m going with you!” He said and put on his Led Zepplin t-shirt and khaki shorts. “ We need to get to where the formula was created. Do you know where?” Yoko asked, Suichi nodded “ some lab fifteen miles from here. How are we gonna get the car, Fred probably would freak if we stole the Hummer!” He shouted, “ I have my ways!” Yoko said and opened the door of their room.

The window to Fred’s room was open, letting the fresh morning air and the morning sounds fill his room. He was dreaming, but it wasn’t just a dream it was a nightmare. He was tied up along with the rest of the gods, and the slaves were holding the blue bottle and filling it with a red liquid. “ No longer will we be slaves to this cruel master; these men will pay for their actions. Administer the antidote.” And he watched in horror as the harem he created fell to pieces. “ No!” He shouted as he bolted upright in his bed and looked around, He pushed the button that sent an alarm to the gods rooms, “ Emergency meeting, Come quick!” Fred shouted and sat down on his bed and buried his face in his hands, “ My god it can’t be true, and it was just a dream!” He shouted just as the gods raced into the bedroom. “ Fred what’s wrong, what happened?” Gaston said as he walked to the bed. “ They’re planning a revolution!” Fred shouted Gaston was confused “ who is planning a revolution? Who?” He said Fred just shook his head. “ The fox guy and his brother, I don’t know when, but I dreamed about it. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life!” Gaston looked at the computer; “ The Hummer’s gone!” He shouted. Fred looked up “ what! Find them find them and bring them back to me immediately! I want those bastards brought to me alive or dead!” And with that the growth council walked out the door.

The gate on Dinkley labs was lying flat on the ground, the result of the previous night’s raid on the lab and it made a loud clinking sound as the Hummer sped across it. “ This is the place, I remember it as clear as day!” Suichi said, told the Hummer to stop, and hopped out. Yoko stepped out and looked around. “ This is where the formula was created. It looks creepy!” Yoko said as he brushed a strand of hair out of his fox ears and followed his brother inside. Suichi walked down the steps and turned left, and then the saw it, Velma Dinkley typing on her computer. “ No! I thought we’d erased your memory! How did you...” Suichi said before she interrupted, “ When one of your friends hit the erase button he forgot to tell the computer to erase my memory all the way, so I reversed the process and here I am!” She smirked. “ We need answers.” Yoko said as he walked over towards Velma’s test tubes she smiled “ what answers would you like to know? I know a lot more than you think fox boy!” She said with a sneaky grin. “ We need to know about the formula, and what it doest to people. Why would guys just blindly follow these men?” Yoko said Velma hit a key on her computer, and brought up a model of her formula. “ The composition of the formula is of many types plants herbs and nutrients that when taken orally causes the muscles of the body to grow. When the male takes the formula and is finished growing the body soon omits a pheromone that attracts anyone to them. This pheromone is commonly released when a person of high musculature flexes. The men who ingest this formula have a higher percentage of this than your Ronnie Colemans or your Jay Cutlers and the strange thing is that the scent of if makes a the person near it lose their free will!” She said as she hit another key and showed a list of ingredients, they included ginseng, horny goat weed, and creatine, as well as soy and whey proteins. “ Is there an antidote?” Suichi said, Velma laughed “ you bet there is!” And produced a red vial and shook it. “ This motherfucker will reverse the process faster than you can grow! Here take a sip” and with that Yoko drank and watched as his new body melted away back to normal. “ Wow, Here bro you try!” He said and passed the vial to him. Suichi refused “ I like this body, I like this life, and I don’t want any part of this!” Yoko laughed, “ Just like you brother, always stubborn. Well I’m going stop Jones with or with out you!” And then stuck the vial in his pocket and nodded to Velma “ Thank you, Ms. Dinkley you’re a lifesaver!” And with that dragged his brother out of the lab.

They were only one mile into their trip home when the Hummer’s in car phone began to ring. He said it was Gaston. “ You’re in so much trouble fox boy. Look out your back window.” He said as Yoko set the phone down and saw Gaston wave from the back window in a Red Hummer and then he saw the gun in his hand. “ Pull over now Kurama or I fire. I’m being serious pull over now or your brother gets one in the back of the head!” Yoko turned to his brother “ Get down now!” He shouted and then watched as the back window shattered. “ You’re fucking crazy! What do you want from me?” Yoko screamed into the phone, Gaston just laughed “ What I want is for you to pull your silver haired ass over and come with us!” He shouted into the phone as he fired another shot. Yoko swerved and reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a 9-millimeter semi automatic pistol. “ Suck on this!” He said as he reached back and fired blowing out the red car’s windshield. Gaston swerved into the next lane “ Take over for me Shag!” He shouted as he opened the car door and grabbed on to the open passenger side window. “ Hold on Bro!” Yoko said as he made a hard left then a right trying to get the god off the Hummer. “ Pull over now Kurama you have no choice!” He shouted as he stepped on the running board and hefted the door open. He was now in the car and pointing a gun to the fox demon’s head. “ Game over fox boy now pull over!” Gaston said fiercely. Yoko then saw his chance he swerved, hit a guardrail and flipped over the edge. The Hummer rolled down the hill Jarring Gaston out of his seat and out the back window. Yoko gritted his teeth as the car finally hit the ground with a thud. “ Are you okay bro?” Yoko asked as he unbuckled his seat belt, Suichi nodded and soon the boys fumbled their way out of the upside down Hummer and walked towards an unknown destination.

Shaggy picked Gaston up from the ground. He wasn’t hurt, any cuts that were on his body were healing fast and he felt stronger by the minute. His cell phone rang, he answered “ Master, we lost them” Fred yelled “ What, you lost them? You fuckers get your asses in gear and get them.” Gaston sighed “ They saw Velma, they might have an antidote!” Fred growled “ when you get those two, cut off their balls so I can use them as earrings!” And with that he slammed the phone down. “ The master is pretty pissed! We need to find them before they get back to the compound!” He said and with that they walked back to the Hummer and began to look for the defectors.

The mansion was in sight; the brothers had been walking for about two hours following the landmarks that they remembered from their trip down to Velma’s lab. “ Bro please, Let’s just forget about this whole revolution. I mean, we almost got killed back there!” Suichi said Yoko just growled “ this isn’t about a revolution, its about freeing these people who have been enslaved by this nut job who thinks he’s some muscle bound Arab sheik! Families have been torn apart by this madman and I plan to stop him!” Yoko shouted as he pushed the gate open. “ Don’t move !” said Archie as he stepped out from behind the gate he was holding a huge twenty- two-caliber pistol and it was cocked and ready. “ Arch listen, I plan to end this whole thing , reunite you with your family , your friends , and your life.” Yoko said Archie shrugged “ I love my new life , I love being the master’s slave, and I don’t ever want to change!” and then Aladdin stepped behind Yoko and pistol-whipped him in the back of the head. “ Take him to the master, he’ll know what to do” Archie said as Aladdin picked up the fox demon’s body and ushered Suichi into the Mansion.

Yoko woke up his head was aching, his mouth was dry, and his thoughts were racing. “ Where am I. what does that freak plan to do with me?” He thought. His vision cleared and there was Fred standing in front of him. “ You little fucker! You thought you could get away with this, didn’t you? Well you’re wrong, I have your little antidote and guess where it is?” Fred said and looked at Yoko “ it’s been flushed down the toilet that’s where it is, never to bother us again!” Fred laughed and then pointed to the other gods around him. “ We plan to teach you a lesson Kurama, That lesson is not to fuck with Fred Jones!” and with that he to pull the dropper out of the bottle. “ Beast has come up with a new more potent formula, one that will make you obey us like the others. You see , your will was too strong you didn’t see the affects of muscle on the others you just went along. We’ll fix that.” Fred said and watched as Yoko struggled against the ropes and the bottle was forced into his mouth. “ Drink Yoko, You have no other choice.” Fred said as Yoko began to drink deeply. They pulled the bottle out of his mouth and Yoko coughed. “ You bastards , I’ll never, HAHHH! What’s happening to MEEEE!” Yoko began to jerk and struggle against the ropes that began to burst as his muscles grew. “ Whoa , look at my bi’s they’re huge, I feel so strong!” Yoko said as he flexed his bi’s and then moved down to his abs feeling every cobbled inch. “ I’m so fucking hot!” as he began to rub himself all over. “ Mission accomplished. Arise god Yoko and show your new body to the council!” Fred commanded and Yoko stood up and flexed showing all the gods the new Yoko Kurama , Fred sighed and knew the worst was over and the growth council began to plan its next mission.

Meanwhile in the woods Johnny Quest and his friend Hadji were exploring the flipped over Black stretch Hummer they found in the woods. •

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