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The Climax


By gymboy

We got back to the dorm, and Josh stood in front of his mirror. He was a monster. Still breathing heavily from his workout, he stretched me to the max. His back was thicker than I had ever seen it, and his chest pushed me out several inches over his torso. His abs still looked sharp and defined, although they were as massive as the rest of his god-like form.

Josh tried to peel me off, but I was just too tight. Even his muscular arms couldn’t do it. I was stuck to him like glue. “Man, I’m pumped!” Josh cried. He started to flex. First biceps, then shoulders, chest, and back. Every flex pumped him bigger and bigger. “Shit, yeah!” he said.

I noticed then that Blue’s front was really bulging. Josh reached down and started squeezing his crotch. It looked like quite a handful. After a couple of minutes, Josh pulled off Blue and threw him in the corner. Josh was now bare from the waist down, and I could see why Blue was always complaining about getting stretched out of shape. The boy was huge. His cock was big, solid, and had a head that flared out from the shaft. Underneath, Josh had a pair of jock balls that matched his cock in size and power.

Josh stood and slowly stroked that big dick, urging more blood into it, getting it bigger and harder. He flexed his other arm, making his bicep stand out like carved stone. “So big!” he muttered. “So fucking big.”

He started stroking faster now, the muscles in his forearm writhing with force. His chest kept expanding, as his breathing got deeper and deeper. I could feel my shoulder seams start to give way under the strain.

With his free hand, Josh started squeezing his pecs. Even his big hand couldn’t hold all of the pec flesh. He squeezed, and squeezed, and flexed his pec, and I really started to worry. I was so tight over Josh’s chest that you could see his nips standing up big and hard.

“So . . . fucking . . . big,” Josh moaned, as he started stroking even faster. His face and neck were flushed, and his cock was drooling precum in copious amounts. Josh put this to good use, coating his jock hammer with self-lube and kicking into overdrive.

“So . . . close.”

With his free hand, Josh reached up and grabbed me by the collar. This was not good. As he gripped his mighty cock hard, he gripped me even harder. I could feel the jockboy getting close, and there was nothing in the universe that could stop him.

As he climbed toward orgasm, Josh started thrusting in and out of his tight fist at blurring speed. Josh’s eyes never left the mirror, where he could see every muscle tensed for this ultimate release.

What could I do against this force of nature? This panting beast who had turned himself into the ultimate muscle boy? I gave up, and I split right down the middle of his chest, exposing Josh’s engorged pecs. With a smile and a roar, Josh painted the mirror white with his jizz as his body shook in orgasm.


Josh’s breathing slowly returned to normal as he recovered from his massive orgasm. Never before had he felt so alive, so energized, so STRONG. He took the tattered remains of his old workout shirt and wiped down the mirror that he had coated. Then he wiped off his cock, which was looking huger than it had ever been before. He tossed the shirt in the trash can. “Well, guess I better stop by the store and get a new shirt tomorrow,” he thought. “Maybe it’s about time to move up to the extra-large.” •

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