Size Large

I Get Picked Up


By gymboy

About four years ago, I was just hanging around the University store with my buds. We’re all pretty much alike—heather grey cotton bodies, with bands of dark blue around our short sleeves. The University seal and letters (BGU) are printed on our fronts. Our care labels say that we are “vintage fit,” whatever that means. The only way we differ, really, is by our size. I’m Large, but I don’t mind being around Mediums and Smalls. They look up to me. I know some Extra-larges, but they tend to hang out by themselves on a different rack. Guess they think that they are better than the rest of us. But, we’re all made the same, really.

Anyway, I was hanging out, just doing some people watching, when I get picked up by this jock. He also grabs a neighbor of mine, Blue, a pair of navy blue mesh athletic shorts. In the checkout line, we learn that his name is Joshua Davis. He looks like a typical college kid—young face, sandy brown short hair, green eyes. He doesn’t try us on at the store, so we can’t tell what his body is like.

When we get back to his dorm room, he decided to strip down and try us on for size. We both fit him pretty well. He’s not big—about 5’8”, maybe 140 pounds. He seemed to be in really good shape. His arms filled up my sleeves just right. They weren’t loose by any means, but they weren’t too tight, either. His smooth chest was lean and cut, a respectable 38 inches or so. Good shoulders, too. His waist was small compared with his chest—29, maybe 30 inches.

It turned out this kid was a freshman who was on a wrestling scholarship. He was a pretty good lightweight high school wrestler, but the coach wanted him to bulk up and wrestle at the higher weight classes. Josh was wearing me when he asked the coach how much muscle he should put on. The coach told him, “The bigger, the better.” Josh looked at the coach with a funny gleam in his eye and said, “You got it, coach.” Looked like we were in for some tough workouts! •

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