Gaston's Growth

Yoko's Revenge


By musclefreak4559

Thanks everyone for your ideas. This one came off the top of my head and I knew I should write it down. And now the most explosive segment in the series.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me that!” Fred shouted at Beast at the top of his lungs. “ I thought you knew Master I mean if you flush something down the toilet, where do you think it might go!” He said Fred looked at Beast “ How do we fix this?” Beast smiled “ I have something here that will neutralize it but we must get to the supply before it hits the others!” Hank said. “Give it here!” And Fred raced out the door.

“ I said shut it down mayor!” Doctor Quest shouted into the phone, “ This could be a huge problem if we don’t nip it in the butt right now!” The mayor stumbled over his words “ All right Quest I’ll shut the water plant down, but you’ve got to promise me this isn’t one of your little bullshit stories that you use to get my attention!” He shouted and hung up. “ Dad, Dad! Hadji and I found something in the woods.” Johnny shouted as he walked into the cabin, “ What is it Johnny?” Doctor Quest said and ran towards the door. “ Someone had a wreck and rolled his or her Hummer down the hill, I think there’s something inside!” Quest followed his son out the door passed their cabin and out deep in the woods. They’re sat the black stretch hummer, its door dented and the windows smashed. It was totaled. Doctor Quest pulled out his penlight and surveyed the inside. There were bullet holes in the seat, and the car’s door the glove compartment was open, and inside was twenty red vials. “ What the hell is this?” Quest said as he stretched and pulled one of the vials out of the car. “ We need to go back home I need to analyze this stuff.” And the Three of them walked home where they were greeted by Fred standing in their doorway “ Hello Dr. Quest mind if we talk?”

“ You see that formula that was in the water system is an antidote that was Mistakenly placed into the system by a friend of mine. So I was wondering doctor if you wouldn’t mind fixing this problem for me.” Fred said as he began to relax in his chair, Doctor Quest was dumbfounded “ You mean to tell me that you have a harem that worships you and you have a council of so called ”Gods” that plan to expand your empire. And what I found in that car was an antidote that could mess everything up for you? One question comes to mind: Are you high or just extremely in need of some anti psychotics?” Fred just flexed his mighty bicep “ I’m not kidding Doctor, You have connections. You've already stopped the antidote from spreading I thank you for that. But, I need to neutralize this before it gets out of hand. I plan to reward you very handsomely for your service.” Fred said. “ If I do what you ask, what’ll you do for me?” Doctor Quest asked, Fred just laughed “ I, For one thing can turn your boyfriend into a real live hunk! Wouldn’t Race look good with a few extra pounds of muscle added to his frame?” Doctor Quest fantasized about it for a little while and then felt a little wet spot form on his Khaki pants. “ Okay I’ll do it. But you better keep your promise!” he said and shook Fred’s hand , “ Pleasure doing business with you Doc. I’ll leave a bit of the formula here for Race and be sure he drinks it all!” Fred said and walked out the door. Doctor Quest picked up the phone “ Hello Mayor, I think I can fix this little problem we’ve been having with the water.” He said and then began to make small talk. Within hours the plant was reopened , anyone who ingested the tainted water was now on balance, their bodies able to accept the formula again. Fred smirked as he walked into the Mansion “ Slave Wolvie , has any of the slaves or gods ingested any of the water?” Wolvie shook his head “ no , we gave everyone neutralization shots and everything’s back to normal.” he said . Fred grinned “ It is all fixed, now we can go back to normal!” he said not knowing that the new god in their ranks Yoko Kurama was plotting his own revenge, Revenge for what Fred did to him.

Race-walked into the cabin, to the sound of silence filling the house. “ Hello, anyone home?” he shouted and noticed the bottle of Rolling Rock beer sitting on the counter. “ Well at least they left out a beer for me!“ He said as he picked up the bottle popped the top off. He drank deeply not knowing of the bottle’s true contents and then it hit. Race clutched his stomach , grunting as the formula made its way into his body. “ What the fuck is going on. What the hell was in that beer!” He said as he watched as his biceps grew from their already softball size of the size of a cannonballs and then watched has they burst threw his shirt. He flexed his pecs and tore the front of his shirt to shreds. His quads began to grow and burst his Wranglers and soon his fruit of the loom’s were beginning to expand with his now ever growing cock which was a modest twelve inches had expanded to thirty-one inches with pre cum flowing out of it like a fountain. “Hello Race!” Doctor Quest said as he began to walk towards Race. “ That was some beer!” Race said and then began to flex his new muscles Doctor Quest began to kiss and rub them “ I knew you’d like it.” He said seductively and then moved down to race’s monster. “ UNNGH Doctor Quest, you’re quite a cocksucker!” Race moaned as the doctor took in twelve inches in his mouth and began to bathe it in saliva. “ UNNNGH YEAH LICK MY COCK DOCTOR, YEAH!” Race said and soon began to carefully mouth fuck the doctor, Letting the doctor get just enough so he wouldn’t choke on it. Then Race began to moan , he pulled his cock out , “HAHH HAHHH, I’M GONNA CUM!” he shouted and soon shot his load all over Doctor Quest . Race bent down and began to lick the doctor cleaning him up with his slippery tongue. Doctor Quest began to moan , “ Let’s go to bed Doc what do you say?” and picked Doctor Quest in his strong-arms and walked to bed.

Yoko woke up and took in his surroundings. The room was dark and still the scent of the candle he it before was still in the air. He stood up and walked towards his safe and pushed in the four-digit code and brought out the red vials and the syringe and walked towards the door. “ It ends here Fred , Soon I’ll be the most powerful man here and no one will stop me. He crept into the Fred’s room , his breath was slow, the sign that he was deep asleep, Yoko dipped the syringe in the liquid and tapped the bubbles out of it, then injected it into his meaty thigh. “ Goodbye, muscle boy, you’ll be my slave now!” Yoko whispered and left the room. He walked to the other god’s rooms and performed the same process, Giggling with glee as their massive muscles melted away to normal. Then he went and got the cart they used hold lube and stuff during orgies and piled the former gods on top and wheeled them down to the dungeon. None of the slaves knew it but the battle for the harem had begun.

“ I’ve been thinking Doc?” Race said as he turned to Doctor Quest “ I think we should get Hadji and Johnny into this!” He said, Doctor Quest looked shocked. “ You’re not suggesting giving that formula to them are you? That’s just wrong Race!” he said , Race grinned “ why not, It’s time we put some meat onto those boys’ bones . Look what it did for me!” Race said flexing and then licking his bicep. Doctor Quest hopped out of bed “ I will not stand for this Race. I did what I had to do to save the town , which meant giving you that new body of yours. But I’m sure as hell not going to give that shit to those boys! he shouted. Race stood up and walked over to Doctor Quest and placed a hand around his throat. “ Now you listen here, I’m going to raise those boys the way I think they wanted to be raised and you are not going to stop me!” He dropped the doctor and watched as he crumpled to the ground gasping for breath. Race lumbered out of the room and knocked on Johnny’s room “ Johnny wake Hadji up and let’s get going!” Race said , Johnny stirred and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “ Where are we going race?” Johnny asked. Race just stood there “ don’t ask any questions and let’s go!” He said. Hadji woke up and got dressed quickly and Followed Johnny and Race out the door and into Race’s Pickup and drove off, just as soon as Doctor Quest ran outside to stop them.

Fred woke up and knew he wasn’t in his room, what was worse was that his body had returned too normal. “ Nooooo! How , How did this happen?” he said, Yoko just laughed “ You’re my slave now Fred. How do you like that!” Yoko said and then turned to the other former gods “ I have all control over you! Your slaves are now mine, as well as your mansion. I am your god now!” Yoko laughed and then walked out of the room. The gods struggled to get out of their chains but without their strength their attempts were useless. “ Its over .All I’ve worked for is gone!” Fred sobbed , the other god’s tried to console him with , “ There there’s” and “it’s not your faults” but they all knew the truth, it was all over. Meanwhile, a meeting was going on in Archie’s chambers. “ I saw it all in a dream. The master’s were not normal, they looked like deflated tires. Then I heard a voice tell me that there would be a great division amongst the slaves . One would follow the new master, The others would form a resistance to stop his plans and free the original masters and only one will win. The voice told me of all the people who would fight the resistance. I have their names here,” He passed the list, “ You may notice that all of you that are here are on that list. You’ll help me rise up and fight this new master. Are you with me?” Archie shouted. Thunderous applause filled the room and soon Archie silenced them. “ I know where they are hidden I need someone who can break in there and get them out and we need someone to administer the neutralization serum to them so they can change.” He said and then a knock was heard at the door. “ Open up! This is your new master and I want you to know that there is an important meeting in the foyer. If you don’t attend you will be severely punished!” Archie opened the door , we’ll be out in a minute.” he said and shut the door. “ It begins!” Archie said and opened the door and walked out.

“ Fellow slaves, Let me tell you that the oppressive dictatorship of the growth council is over. I am your new ruler and I’ll make sure that the crimes of these monsters will be punished!” Yoko said to thunderous applause. “ I will ask for strict obedience, nothing more nothing less. If you disobey the new rules, you will spent a muscleless eternity in the dungeon with the former gods. Here are the rules: 1: No orgies. 2: No sleeping with each other. 3: No recruitment missions. Finally 4: No weightlifting , or worship whatsoever!” Kurama yelled and listened to the shouts of “Yoko, Yoko, Yoko!” from the crowd. “ I don’t believe this, He thinks he’s Hitler or something!” Beast whispered to Archie nodded and the resistance members gathered around Archie as the crowd dispersed. “ We strike tonight at eight , Viva La Resistance!” Archie whispered and with that they walked back to their rooms.

Race’s pickup stopped at the gate of Fred’s mansion, Hadji looked at Race, “ What are we doing here?” he said. “ This boys is the start of a new life for us!” and with that hopped out and pushed the gate open and drove through. •

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