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By will88nh

Hey all :-) This is a couple of chapters I wrote and posted on CYOC and cobbled together into a single story for here. Hope you like it

It was a rainy day and I decided to spend the afternoon exploring my fantasies on After reading a couple of arousing stories I ventured into the chatrooms. I had a couple of nice chats about different types of transformation: what I liked, what the others liked, what some of the unfamiliar terms meant. Then I was thinking about leaving the room and starting dinner when one of the other chatters PM’d me and said I seemed to really be into transformation, by all the questions I was asking and stuff. I said that I guess I was, chuckling to myself. He then posted a link in the IM window and said this was a cool chat site I should check out. He said it wasn’t really well known and that I should use some judgment about who I passed it along to. I thought that was kinda strange and wasn’t exactly sure what he meant, but saved the link and thanked him. I few minutes later I was saying goodbyes and closing down windows, finishing up emails and stuff. I was getting ready to shut down my PC, but at the last minute curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check out the new link.

A couple of clicks and I was staring at the pages of a somewhat dark and mysterious looking site. I figured this was probably appropriate for a site of this nature and thought the designers did an awesome job with graphics and arrangement of the site. After taking steps to set up my membership, I decided to enter a general chatroom. I discovered they had a chat host, who was aware of my newbie status and PM’d me with some rules and helpful hints. As I began to chat with the other room occupants I learned more about the site and felt a general mood of welcome.

What seemed totally unbelievable was that they were suggesting that transformations were actually possible here… for real! I thought that that was just setting the mood for the site and to add creative fuel to the minds of the roleplayers. I learned that this place functioned pretty much like any other chatsite. There were a myriad of rooms for different transformation subjects, the typical pop-up windows for private messages, and other familiar functions. Users could even create private rooms to invite select chatters to.

One unique feature was the “Allow Transformations” button, which was only available on private message or private room windows. Clicking this button allowed the chatter to “allow” or “prohibit” transformations. Rules strictly prohibit transformations in the main chatrooms and I was encouraged to make sure that I was “comfortable with” or “trusted” any private chatters before “allowing” transformations.

With a bit of reserve, I decided to continue. But before I could explore much more of the site, a private message window opened…

N2change: Hey. How u doing? Welcome to

will88nh: Thanx. How did u know I was new?

N2change: the "joined" date in your profile

will88nh: oh... of

N2change: so I see you like muscle growth

will88nh: yeah, just moderate tho... nothing too freaky.

N2change: totally into muscle here.

will88nh: I still gotta fill in the more detailed parts of the profile.

N2change: yeah. Do that dude. Helps others to know what u like better and shit.

will88nh: I will

N2change: so what 'xactly do you like, man?"

will88nh: I like TF's that change me into a younger, hotter guy. The type varies... jock, sk8r, semi-thug, surfer...

N2change: kewl! surfer?... u mean like a hot Cali boi?

will88nh: yeah... i guess.

N2change: kewl! wanna play?

will88nh: um... well... I'm kinda hungry... I wanna go eat before checking out this site... I really need to start dinner.

N2change: c'mon dude... jus' for a little while?... hey, I got an idea.... u like pizza?

will88nh: Sure... who doesn't?

N2change: right. well, turn your TF allows on for a sec.

Remembering the cautions I had read earlier I said:

will88nh: um.... i don't know.

N2change: dude, it's cool.... jus' open up your surroundings then, OK?

will88nh: How do I do that?

N2change: click on your tf allows and select 'surroundings/environment'

With some apprehension I clicked on the "allow" button and sure enough a drop-down menu appeared. There were choices including physical, mental, muscle, age, animal, inanimate, etc... including the "surroundings" N2change had mentioned. I clicked "surroundings" and then a new box appeared with 2 columns, headed "allow" and "prohibit". Under "allow" was "surroundings/environment" and under "prohibit" was "all other". I felt a little more at ease.

will88nh: OK. That's a cool set up. Done.

N2change: awesome. what kinda pizza u like?

will88nh: um... depends... I always like mushrooms...

N2change: kewl

I was thinking how I wasn't quite finished when a new message appeared on my screen in bold : Get the door its Dominos. I laughed out loud, but stopped abruptly when the doorbell rang. "What the hell?" I thought. Looking back at the computer screen I noticed that the message in bold had vanished. Strange.

will88nh brb

I got up from my desk and hurried out to the back door to see who could be there. My jaw must of dropped to my knees when I opened the door to reveal a huge hunk in a Domino's shirt and cap holding and insulated pizza bag.

"Will?" he asked in a deep sexy voice.

"Ah... yeah... but I didn't order a pizza," I answered

"It's complimentary, no charge," He replied with a smile, "but you have no obligation to take it."

"What the hell," I acquiesced, taking the pizza from the delivery "boy". "Thank you."

He just smiled, and flexing his huge bicep, put his hand to the rim of his ball cap and nodded. I watched him turn and walk out to his car sporting one of the hottest bubble butts in recent memory.

I hurried back to my desk and opened up the box: a piping hot mushroom pizza. I picked up a slice right away and started to chow... I was starving!

will88nh: How did u know? You arranged that?

"N2change: "Arranged?"... how'd u like the pizza guy?

will88nh: OMG... he was so hot!

N2change: told ya I was into muscle ;-)

N2change: want a beer or something?

will88nh: A soda might be nice.

N2change: That's all?... shit... OK... what kind?

will88nh: Um... a rootbeer?

N2change: u got it dude

N2change: Enjoy your rootbeer

And then a 20 oz. bottle of rootbeer appeared on my desk next to the pizza. I quickly opened it and quenched my thirst.

will88nh: OMG. That's impossible!

N2change: apparently not ;-)

will88nh: This is fucking incredible!

N2change: told u it was a cool site

will88nh: You did?... wait...

N2change: lol... yeah... it's me, musclefreak from CYOC. was hopin' u'd show u here ;-)

will88nh: Well, here I am

N2change: yup... so we gonna play?

will88nh: I don't know... this is like... REAL!

N2change: damn str8!

N2change: look... if it makes ya feel any better, u can set time limits on the tf's... just go to your settings

Clicking on the "options" menu, I selected "settings", then "time limits". A drop-down menu offered various amounts of time and a field to enter a specific amount of time, plus "permanent" and "set by chat mate(s)". I entered 5 minutes in the field, but accidently and unknowingly clicked "set by chat mate(s)".

will88nh: OK

N2change: wow

will88nh: what?

N2change: nothin'... jus' surprised... OK, now u gotta select your allows

I decided to allow "physical", "muscle", and "general style"

will88nh: There.

N2change: kewl. so california surfer it is...

N2change: u r a hot, totally ripped Cali surfer dude

A strange sensation came over me. My whole body tingled. I began to grow... inch by inch, while my muscles simply... developed... putting on lean mass and toning up everywhere. My hair grew out to shoulder length and lightened to a mingling of dark blond and sun-bleached highlights. It was kinda just twisted and unkempt and smelled lightly of salt water. My shirt disappeared, revealing my new muscular chest and awesome abs and.... a navel ring!. In fact, nestled in the valley of my abs was a sunburst tattoo which surrounded my navel. My chest hair had all vanished, leaving a smooth chest and just a slight treasure trail down to my nylon-blend board shorts. I stood up from my desk... w'oh! I must have been about 6'2" now... a gain of 6". I walked over to my dresser mirror, flip flops slapping my feet. A young handsome tanned face stared back at me with piercing blue eyes, stray hairs falling in front of them a bit. I now had a hoop piercing my right eyebrow and a hemp choker with wooden beads around my neck. Brushing the hair out of my eyes, I noticed my bulging bicep and the tribal band tattoo that adorned it. A small goatee sat on my now dimpled chin, leading to a much more defined and square jaw. I was gorgeous! A hot 22 year old surfer!

I rushed back to my PC

will88nh: Wow! I can't believe this!

N2change: kewl, huh? I saved the best part for last.

N2change: u r wicked hung, with balls to match ;-)

Suddenly I felt my shorts getting a bit tighter and I gasped. I quickly pulled out my waistband and looked down to glimpse my now 9" flaccid dick and huge balls.

will88nh: Holy shit!

N2change: u like?

will88nh: Even my room is different. It's all decorated with surfing posters, trophies and stuff and there's a surf board in the corner.

N2change: u musta left your surroundings on

will88nh: oh yeah

N2change: if you opened up your mental tf, I could give u a cool cali accent.

will88nh: Um... I don't know about that...

N2change: it'd be cool. I can even give u the knowledge to be able to really surf

will88nh: Well... OK... I DID set this for a short time... It would be cool to see how that feels

N2change: awesome!

N2change knew immediate when I had changed my allow settings, since that info shows up in the appropriate chat window.

N2change: u r a total sex freak, horny ALL the time, ur balls produce 3 times the normal amount of semen... oh yeah, and all the other surfer stuff

will88nh: Wha....

Before I could finish typing a word I felt the blood rushing to my dick. As the bold words faded from my screen, My hands retracted from the keyboard and went right to the drawstring on my shorts, frantically trying to release the monster tenting them. Thoughts rushed thru my mind: hot guys with huge boners, fucking surfer buds in the dunes, catching the perfect swell, sucking off the cute hotdog vender, riding all of hot beach cops, waxing my board, jerking off in the morning, several times a day and a couple times before bed, my love of the ocean, getting fucked by a hot fisherman... Finally I pulled my shorts down enough to let my huge 12.5" cock free and it slapped against my abs. My hands immediately raced to grab it, then started stroking without hesitation.

N2change: How u feelin' dude?

I hated to let go of my throbbing tool, but my hands reluctantly returned to the keyboard. As I typed, I spoke the words aloud in a sexy California accent.

will69ca: dude, I'm, like, totally boned and horny as fuck!

N2change: kewl! ;-)

N2change: why don't u release some pressure there, bro ;-)

And he went on to drive me wild with his teases about how he wanted to taste my cum and lick my balls and rim my ass. I stroked my huge rod like crazy... wanting to shoot a huge load.... for him... for me... oh, man I wanted to cum! Soon I felt my balls churning and the heat rising thru my cock...

"Ooh! Fuckkkkkkk!" I howled while stream after stream of my hot white man-juice spurted over my monitor, my keyboard, my abs, my chest, my desk. Fuck! It was so intense I didn't want it to stop. But it eventually did and I settled down to panting and surveying my explosion. Cum was everywhere. Just looking at the hot cream got me all excited again. The sight of the jizm running down my computer screen was just too much and I leaned forward and literally licked it off the glass.

N2change: so dude, u cum yet?

will69ca: fuck yeah! the big kahuna! jus' cleanin'

N2change: kewl!... so... u think u could go another round?

I was rock hard again already

will69ca: totally, man!

N2change: awesome. i'll be right over.

will69ca: huh?

N2change: Oh yeah... I never told u... I'm your neighbor, steve. I'll just pick up a 6-pack of brew. c ya in few.

will69ca: dude, like make it a 12-pack. u're spending the night. and invite some buds if ya want. it's gonna be an all-night fuck fest :-) •

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