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Maybe it was fate, maybe just a coincidence, but Aaron arrived at the IGE compound on the same day that David and Blake arrived with Bobby. Aaron arrived by the usual method, however, and got the usual over- friendly and slightly brazen greeting by the Greeting Squad, Justin and Reggie, who were, also as usual, quite taken by the bulky surfer.

"Dude! Welcome to IGE!" Reggie clapped him on the back and then kissed his lips, nibbling slightly before parting. "My, you are fine like wine!"

"Thanks." Aaron scanned the two naked men and their collection of sculpted muscular power. They stood only seven and a half feet high, less than half their normal size, but they still overshadowed him. "I'm Aaron."

"We've been expecting you! You're very lucky. We aren't sending out any more packages. You're the last to arrive."

"Why's that?" He couldn't help feeling himself getting randy. The sun shone off the naked skin before him, making it shine and shimmer like liquid copper. Their muscles bulged larger than any he'd seen, and they had a delightful scent to them that reached down to his balls and made them itch.

Justin shrugged. "Some of the guys got a little bored and left. They've been sending us back the most delightful visitors, but I think it has certain parties rather... upset." He arched a brow, looking toward Aaron's cramped shorts. "You're looking a little over stimulated yourself."

Aaron grinned as he reached down and rubbed his thumb along the length of his augmented tool, eyeing the colossal chests before him, each composed of fat, firm mounds of powerful muscle. "It must be the beautiful scenery. I've always been a sucker for a mountain view." A shadow passed across the ground suddenly, followed by another and when Aaron looked up, the wind went out of his sails because what he saw was impossible. "Holy fuck."

Justin followed his gaze into the sky and shaded his eyes to see what was going on. Then he made a clicking sound with his tongue and nudged Reggie, saying, "Clearly someone needs a refresher on protocol."

Reggie nodded a silent agreement as three naked men, each one nine feet tall and broadly muscled with fat wedges of brawn glistening in the light, deftly touched down on the broad lawn leading from the dock to the compound. "Well, there's one less secret for you Aaron. And you can thank David, Blake and, um, who is that delicious looking young man with them, Justin?"

"I don't recognize him, but since we're the Greeting Squad, should we introduce ourselves?"

"Mm hmm. Aaron? Are you coming?"

"He does appear to be," observed Justin. And he was. All over his shorts.

Two of the three waved toward where Aaron and the Greeting Squad stood and were on their way over before Aaron had a chance to recover. The four old friends embraced and kissed in greeting and then Blake hung his arm across the broad shoulders of their guest and said, "Gentlemen, this is Bobby. Bobby, may I present the Greeting Squad, and who I presume is our newest inductee..?"

"Aaron," said Aaron softly, looking up at these new and even more amazing looking guys. He thought his pumped up new body was something with his extra foot in height and extra pounds of muscle, but these guys were huge! Fantastic! And... and they flew!

And Bobby made him feel like he was cumming all over again. He was truly beautiful, almost too beautiful to look at. He reached his hand forward with a tentative nature that seemed in opposition with his overwhelming size, muscularity and physical beauty, but Aaron accepted his grip and said, "Hi."

"Hi," he answered, and his voice passed through Aaron's whole body, shaking his bones and making him feel extremely good.

"Oops," said David, a gargantuan muscle monster with platinum hair cut in a flat top. He smiled wide and bright and stifled a laugh. "Bobby, you need to tone that down until Aaron's had a chance to get adjusted. Even I felt that one."

Bobby looked abashed. All these weird emotions playing over his handsome face made it appear that he was younger than his shadowed face would indicate, but then Aaron suddenly noticed that they all looked the exact same age, somewhere between 19 and 21. Just like him.

"If you guys give away any more of our secrets I shall have to start issuing spankings, and don't you give me that look David!"

"But I like spankings."

"I know." They both grinned rather evilly.

"Aaron," said Reggie, "why don't we get you somewhere a little... less overheated where you can cool down and collect yourself. I know this can be all rather overwhelming. And we try not to upset our guests so soon after arrival." He pointed this last statement at the three taller men. Blake and David both mumbled apologies and Bobby actually blushed! Bobby, who looked like he could fucking wrestle a speeding train to the ground with his bare hands.

"Do you know where Michael is, Reg? I need to see him about... our friend here and some new developments."

"Really! Really?" He looked more carefully at Bobby, and waggled his eyebrows. "Really." After a more careful scanning along Bobby's impressive dimensions, he said, "I think I saw him and Carlos going into the main building with Jerry and Kevin for the formal, um, ceremonies."

"Jerry and Kevin?"

"Oh, yes, you've been AWOL, haven't you, you naughty boy? Well, Jerry is another scientist who, rumor has it, helped Carlos develop the miraculous little gift we all share and Kevin is his very delightful and, may I add, talented assistant who has also been through the initial stages."



"Sounds like someone I need to meet."

"Knowing you, Blake, that won't take very long."

Carlos had been explaining to Jerry about the Trigger Effect, as he termed it. Jerry and Kevin stood before him as he spoke, and he was just telling Kevin that his transformation shouldn't have happened, and trying to reason out why it did.

"A fully transformed man has total control over the transforming capability, just as they have total control over every other physical aspect of their new bodies. You would not have been transformed unless, or until, someone was authorized to do so."

"Okay, but if I was transformed by Jerry, and Jerry shouldn't have even been able to do that..."

Carlos nodded. "Good point. It shouldn't have mattered. Unless... Jerry, you haven't been among our happy little group, have you? You and I have been talking the whole time Kevin was out meeting and greeting." A light dawned. "You're the trigger!"


"Your body must have been able to alter the formula, reintroducing the transforming capabilities into it. So you were able to transform Kevin with an augmented version of the serum, which he accepted and added to and gave back to you. Kevin isn't the trigger... you are."

Carlos was smiling as he said it, but Kevin felt a chill run through his body as he realized the significance of what had just been said. It made perfect sense to him, knowing what he knew, that what had happened to him was a happy accident and that they'd been lucky, the two of them, that they hadn't decided to act on the strong impulses coursing through their super-masculine systems every time they so much as glanced at the next likely candidate for this process, or whatever it was.

It was starting to sound less like a mutation, an admittedly positive one but a genetic mutation nonetheless, and more like a virus. He could feel the hunger inside him even now, the drive toward fucking again and again, to finding another man to caress and kiss and plug into. It felt primal and deep, this desire, much stronger and built of a hunger more powerful than any sexual drive he'd previously felt. His skin tingled with need, his prick felt heavy, hot and hard, gaining strength and size even as he only considered this.

He realized that his hand had found its way to his burgeoning prick without his direction. His fingertips slowly caressed the sensitive skin, felt the flesh stretching to hold in all that he had down there, now. The head was blooming like a rose, drizzling a thick drop of precum that gathered upon itself and fell against his muscled thigh. Its warmth was like a kiss against his skin, and when he raised his eyes again he found Carlos's gaze on him, and that smile still there.

The man's silken thunder of a voice said, "Yes, it's pretty fucking hard keeping your head on straight, isn't it? But you'll get the hang of it. The great thing for you -- for all of us really -- is that this place exists. You don't have to hold yourself back here, Kevin. As I'm sure you've already discovered."

"I still can't believe this is happening," he answered, the awe evident in his voice. "I even understand how it can be so, and I still can't fucking believe it."

Carlos nodded. "I've been transformed for about three months, and I'm still adjusting. I'm adjusting everyday. One time I'm sitting around musing about the way this process works, trying to figure out why it keeps morphing and how far it can go, how far we can go, and the next I find myself ass fucking Todd into next Thursday, releasing a cloud of male sex scent, passing my sensual touch to him and receiving his in return, feeling my pleasure centers pushed past the legal limit and flooding his perfect tight butt with another endless tide of cum, barely keeping my head above the flood of utter orgasmic joy my body delivers to me."

He raised his arm, sending the bicep into paroxysms of unbelievable growth, each fiber of muscle swelling and expanding bigger and bigger until lit looked like the melon of his muscle would push through his copper skin, and he rested his hand upon it feeling his own immense and seemingly unstoppable power. "And this... the strength and power, all of that inside me just waiting for me to unleash it, rip free the chains I keep around my own muscles and allow them to swell and grow, huge masses of bulging power everywhere," he said, pausing, and his chest began to swell to match the obscene size of his arm, then his shoulders, too, were magically developing, swelling with muscle upon muscle, tendons and fibers that grew and stretched toward his bulging neck.

His thighs became engorged, his calves flared, his whole body was growing by the inch with more and more and more muscle. The power of his body seemed to be emanating from him like a heat in the large room. Kevin felt the man's overwhelming power, the utter masculinity his form contained, and found his balls swelling with seed as if in response. His own body was reacting to the mere presence of Carlos in the room, to the show of male power, the ultimate expression of masculine strength and beauty and he wanted it, he could feel the hunger, the desire, burning inside him.

Carlos, in his muscular glory, shifted his gaze to Lassiter. "You realize the potential of this, don't you?"

"I'm not sure I can fully comprehend it yet, Carlos. It's a lot to accept suddenly, even given what I've witnessed and felt in my own body. It's... it's unbelieveable!"

The Latin god nodded. "I completely understand, but now it's bigger than either of us ever imagined. Its power is overwhelming, its hunger seems limitless and its capabilities seem to be testing the very boundaries of human reality. We have become something new, something different..."

"Something better," said Kevin.

"Possibly," agreed Carlos, "but that's a matter of opinion. For you and me, yes, we're obviously better than we were and happier this way. But we have to be careful. The hunger of this is, as I said, voracious. It would be biological disaster to unleash it uncontrolled on the human race."

Lassiter was nodding, he was still a scientist under all that perfected muscle. "Not to mention the danger we would be in if the government finds out this actually worked... and worked so fucking well." He walked toward Carlos and placed his hand on the other man's thick and powerful shoulder. "What's next, old friend?"

"Next?" He smiled. Gorgeous. "Next you meet Michael, and we learn what you're bringing to the mix."

When Michael walked in the room, Kevin felt a perceptive change in the sexual atmosphere. The man was, to put it mildly, the most beautiful man that Kevin had ever seen. He walked with a surety and self-confidence that was palpable. His body moved with innate control and a deep sensuality that seemed to flow outward from him and touch Kevin from across the room. When his eyes met yours, you started melting inside. The muscles of his perfected form were just that -- perfect. Each bulging mass, each defined fiber, every inch of his massive muscular form was etched with perfection, sculpted in flawless and incredible beauty. He had a flowing mane of thick, shining hair that shimmered like spun metal. His face was breathtaking, and if this was the sort of masculine power and beauty that awaited Kevin after a full transformation, he couldn't wait.

He'd seen plenty men around the IGE campus, and he thought they were all amazing and beautiful. But there was something indefinable about Michael that set him a step above all the others. What it was, precisely, he couldn't say. But the nearer the man came, the more he wanted to start fucking everything. There was simply no one like him.

"Hello Dr. Lassiter. I'm so happy you've come to join us." He turned his laser-sharp gaze on Kevin and smiled, his face becoming even more impossibly beautiful. "And you must be Kevin." Michael approached and placed his hand on Kevin's cheek, pulling him into a kiss. Kevin felt like his body caught fire. "I've heard nothing but great things about you, Kev. I can't wait to get to know you much better."

Kevin gulped at the significance of the simple statement. He was feeling performance anxiety just looking at the guy. "The sooner the better," he managed to say, and Michael's resulting laugh filled his soul with light. •

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