Steve's Continued Growth

By tnvlnter

The major character theme is developed from a true life muscle god I know.

Steve was the kind of man that every person he passed stared in awe at his astounding muscularity. Standing at a towering 6’5 and tipping the scales at a rock hard 280lbs, even in regular clothing, his size and muscularity were obviously apparent. Standing still, Steve possessed a commanding, masculine stance. While in movement, this bulging physique of rock hard muscle was mesmerizing to behold. Everyone would secretly think of observing this muscle god in movement while completely nude.

On a daily basis, Steve had become accustomed to the obligatory comments, “Hey big man,” “Damn you’re big,” and “Wow, you must be incredibly powerful.” Steve was inspired by the comments, but also knew it was the obvious truth, as he got off to admiring his powerful, over-developed body, multiple times on a daily basis. He rarely saw a mirror, rather he would stared into it……in order to bask in the beauty of the reflection of the ultimate he-man body including his blonde hair, blue eyes, and golden skin, the very physique it took him 30 years to build for himself to admire.

About 6 weeks prior to attending the Pride event in Atlanta, GA, Steve began a cycle. With each workout (3-5 a week) he was feeling more healthy, powerful, and strong. The stares at the gym backed up his inward feelings. Every time Steve mounted the incline bench to work his back, he would see the reflection of his massive 55’ pectoral muscles in the mirror and watch as the crevice between his pecs would nearly swallow the narrow width of the bench he was on. On arm days, Steve would stand at the cable machine doing crossovers, watching the individual fibers of muscles in his pectorals ripple and dance as his bare hands would cross his chest, moving the immense amount of weight attached to each cable. He began to notice the other regulars at the gym take a break from their own workout to watching this big man move the solid plates of steel. At the end of a set, Steve would stretch and then flex, first his chest, moving his arms across, then into a powerful double bicep. The peaks of his 20’ biceps swelling upwards, suspended so high in the air that a normal 6’0 man could walk underneath the extended, flexed arms, of this 6’5 muscle giant.

Upon waking in the morning, Steve would slowly stir awake by the feeling of his own hands slowly caressing the large, thickening muscles of his body. First his chest….down across the half dollar sized nipples, over the wall of rock hard abdomen, and down to his crotch. The feeling of caressing his muscular physique would result in the arousal of his abnormally large, but not surprising for a man of this physical stature, 9x7 muscle dick. Steve would awake nude, go into his workout room and proceed to get off on his body, brand new to him due to the beginning of a new day.

For a lengthy time, he would stand before the mirror, getting louder and more verbal as the flexing got harder and blood surged from his heart to the ends of this thick, huge, powerful body. Steve’s voice would erupt into praise over his own size. His deep voice, that of a lumberjack, calling out to his body to show itself off and lust over the reflection in the mirror of the bronze muscles swelling, fibers rippling, and veins surging with blood that cross his enormous pecs, biceps, forearms, and 30’ quads.

As Steve begins to break out into a sweat, the reflection of his glistening, chiseled physique would cause precum to flow freely from his hung dick. As his own hands caressed the mounds of pectoral muscle and worked their way down to tweak his hardening nipples, Steve’s cock would continue to react, swelling to an amazing girth and spilling its man juice over the sight, and feel, of his powerful body. The louder he verbalizes praise over his flexing muscles; the stronger the intensity within his swelling, hulked cock, one powerful enough to lift a normal man off the ground when fully erect.

Steve is not only physically appealing and muscular of intimidating proportions, but is just as powerful as his size is large. A man creeping upwards of 280 pounds on his way to 290 and eventually 300, with a 55’ chest and 20+ inch arms and 30’ quads certainly has power worthy of showing off. Steve will stand in the mirror and take a ¾’ piece of steel rebar and bend it in half as he glares into the mirror, his eyes growing with lust over his ability to physically exert power, and overpower raw steel. Steve ends his self worship sessions in the mirror with this awesome display of strength and the climax would arrive; resulting in several, long, flowing, spouts of cum erupting from this muscle god’s dick onto the mirror. As Steve stands there in his final most muscular pose, the mirror is blurred with strands of his white cum streaking down the mirror, a wad of muscle man juice larger than most of us can mentally conceive. But then again, so is the size of this superhuman body and the inhuman strength it possesses.

As the warmth of the Spring transformed into the heat of Summer, Steve’s business attire becomes more revealing in regards to the size of his physique. The days of long sleeves and jackets are over, and in their place, tightly fitted cotton polo shirts and button up short sleeve dress shirts with the upper buttons strained from the size of the chest lurking just beneath. At this point in Steve’s cycle, the size he had piled on since early April was overly evident to his coworkers. Gossip at the water cooler was not over last night’s Desperate Housewives, rather the massive size of Steve’s body. No one no one thought could get more muscular and developed than it already was, but his tightly fitted clothing revealed the utter truth.

Even the straight men would come into his office and be compelled to rest their hands on his shoulders, or upper arms. Most would be brazen enough to squeeze and Steve could hear them exhale in awe, the reaction to his large, powerful body. The realization that these straight men could not conceive how it was possible to be this large yet this rock solid, gave Steve an arousing inner thrill. Women had a hard time making eye contact with this large man. As for the gay men in the office; well, Steve could feel their presence as they linger in the restroom and stare backwards in the mirror, wondering the size of dick this 280 pound man must be holding as he stands at the urinal behind them looking physically larger than many a professional wrestler.

On one occasion, Steve was on his way to lunch with a few coworkers and upon return to the office, a hallway door was opened and hit Steve square in the chest. Steve’s eyes fluttered, but his body remained unmoved from his stance in the hallway. The unsuspecting coworker who had opened the door into this wall of muscle had badly hurt his hand as the door slammed into Steve. Steve had with him the 6 coworkers he had taken to lunch. All stood in awe wondering what reaction this muscle god would have. One of his straight coworkers exclaimed “Oh my, did Steve hurt that steel door?” Steve smirked and took this as an invitation to do something that this 10 person crowd gathered in the hallway would not soon forget.

Steve first balled his large hand up into a fist and with brute force, and a resounding crunch, punched the steel fire door, leaving a deep impression the size of his fist into the ½’ thick steel. All the guys reacted like they had just observed a car crash at a NASCAR race. Everyone inhaled and eyes were opened wide, staring with awe at the large indention of the steel door Steve made with his bare fist. Steve observed their reaction and started to get excited, deciding to carry this feat and display further. He commented, “This won’t happen again” and with the door shut securely, Steve gripped the steel ball which was the door handle and began to twist. At first the sound in the hallway was silence as onlookers watched the size of his exposed forearm begin to swell, the cords of muscle twisting and rolling underneath his thin skin. You could see the cotton expand around his swelling upper arm, threatening to burst from the expansion of the muscle underneath. Just then, the onlookers began to hear the metal twist and break from the pressure that Steve was exerting on the handle. Finally, the door knob burst off and the door was left with nothing but a hole where the handle had once been. One of Steve’s counterparts bent over to pick up the remnants of the handle and exclaimed “Shit!!! This metal is hot” Illustrating the strain and pure power Steve’s hands and arms put out against the handle.

Still not satisfied, Steve put his large forefinger in the now exposed hole of the door handle and opened the door about 35 degrees. Those both inside the hallway and in the office could observe now what was going on. Steve braced one hand on the top of the door and one hand on the side and proceeded to rip the door from its steel frame. You could hear the bolts searing apart from all across the office. He twisted and grunted and the onlookers wondered if the entire wall would crumble from the force of this hulk’s strength.

Steve just smirked, basking in the attention his body was brining himself. Everyone was focused and mesmerized on watching his body swell and contract as the steel door was being shredded from the secure frame by this muscle god. Steve himself was getting worked up on this display of power and as the door finally broke free, he threw it the length of the hallway and it slammed into the wall on the far end, destroying the drywall. Everyone was in awe and Steve walked towards the open doorway, and drew his arms into a double bicep and finally ending in a most muscular, and grunting to the entire crowd “Experience the POWER contained in my body, worship my muscles and observe my superhuman strength!!”

As Steve observed the stares of the crowd, he particularly noticed the now wet spots and hardened cocks in the trousers of his male coworkers. The facial expressions alone of these self-proclaimed “straight” men were obviously confused over the reaction their own dicks uncontrollably had to the display of strength this muscle god just showed them by tearing apart a steel door with the force contained within his big, hard, powerful, and muscular 280 pound body. Steve would go home that night to his mirrors, this time fantasizing about those same men surrounding him in his mirrored room as they stroke off themselves watching a ream muscle god getting off on his own body and power. •

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