Gaston's Growth

The battle


By musclefreak4559

Race knocked on the wooden door of Fred’s castle. He knew this is want he wanted, what he thought the boys wanted. The person that opened the door was not exactly who he thought it would be. Instead of a huge muscular god there was a well-built teenage boy in a purple singlet. “ Can I help you dudes?” The boy said rubbing his sandy blond hair Race was dumbfounded “ I’d like to speak to whoever owns this place, is he home?” Race asked, the boy nodded “ He’s upstairs, If you would just follow me.” The boy said as he ushered the three of them inside. “This staircase is the grandest thing I‘ve ever seen!” Race said as he walked with Johnny and Hadji upstairs, the boy nodded and then stopped in front of a large door. “ The master’s in here, I’ll leave you alone with him.” The boy said as he began to walk away, Race knocked on the door a voice spoke to him “ Come in!” The master said. Race entered and now was in the presence of the great Yoko Kurama

“ So you want to raise these boys as members of my harem? I’m sorry I don’t do harems, I don’t think you may have noticed sir but we’ve undergone a change of management here.” Yoko laughed taking another sip of brandy. “ You see I have redone this whole system of harems and stuff to allow more freedom for our fellow slaves. You see I was once a slave to this horrible master and I decided to give him and his little buddies a taste of their own medicine!” Race was shocked “ When did you do this?” He asked. Yoko swirled his drink “ Last night at around twelve-o clock. Why do you ask?” He said and took another sip, “ I don’t know I just thought this place was supposed to be filled with muscle studs!” Race said, Yoko laughed “ like yourself I take it. Trust me I have no problem having you and your friends stay here overnight but I’d suggest you leave in the morning since here I have nothing to offer except a swimming pool, a game room and a tennis court. No harems, any muscle studs, none of that stuff whatsoever.” Yoko said. Race thanked him for his generosity, picked up their bags and followed a slave to the guestrooms. Yoko didn’t notice the little red light under his desk that recorded their whole conversation.

Around four a knock was heard on the guestroom door that stirred race from his nap. It was Archie wheeling in a tray of food for their dinner. “ I know about the meeting you had with Yoko. I know why you’ve come!” He said, Race perked up “ You do! How do you know?” Race asked Archie sat down. “ I had a dream about this whole thing, My group rebels are going to free the masters tonight. I think you could help!” Race looked confused “ how can I help! I’m just here for the night.” He shouted, Archie looked at Race, “ You have the strength and body of a god. With you, our plan won’t fail. Will you help us?” He said, Race nodded “ I’ll do it, if it will restore this place to its former glory.” And with that the plan was set into motion.

In the slave’s room the meeting for the resistance began, Archie began to speak. “ My Fellow slaves, Thank you for deciding to do this dangerous mission. The man standing next to me is Race. He is the last of a dying breed here at this mansion, he is a god and he will help us with our plan to free the masters. Now here’s the plan: Beast and I will go to the lab and get the formula and the neutralization serum. Race you’ll lead a group of soldiers to get down to the heavily guarded dungeon. The rest of you will be on base watch making sure that bastard Kurama doesn’t get out of his room and discover our mission. Ready, let’s go!” And with that the group separated. Batman, Superman, Moose and Reggie went with Race while Dilton managed communications upstairs. Archie walked into Beasts room and looked around. “ You sure that you have all the stuff?” He said Beast grunted, “ I have everything we need.” and hit some keys on his computer. Archie watched as machines clicked and whirred and liquids filled the test tubes “ Ahh , the magic of automation!” Beast said and picked up the tubes, “ Let’s roll!” Archie said and burst out the door. “ Archie, we got movement near the foyer downstairs and it’s coming Race’s way!” Dilton shouted pointing to the computer. Archie picked up his walkie-talkie and began to speak. “ Race watch your ass down there we’ve got movement!” Archie shouted, Race answered back “ I got it covered!” and then he saw Kyle walk towards him “ I know where you’re going! You’re going to free the masters aren’t you? Well I’ve got news for you buddy It isn’t gonna work!” he said as he called for his backup. There were fifteen men now behind Kyle all of them slaves. Race gave the bring it signal and soon the men came rushing towards him. Aladdin tried to kick race hard in the stomach but was hindered by the new god’ s hard abs crumpling to the floor on impact. Jughead lobbed a punch at his face but then was tossed about like a rag doll as Race griped his arm. Kurt and Tarzan began to run toward him Race , ran in the opposite direction slamming a fist into both of their faces. The others retreated, Kyle was dumbfounded “ Come back here you chicken shit motherfucker!” He shouted then he felt the sensation of being lifted in the air. “ No please don’t!” Kyle whimpered and then was flung across the room. “ Let’s go boys we got some people to save

Beast and Archie took a ride down the elevator to get to the dungeon. “ I hope Race gets the job done!” Archie said as the elevator slowly moved down each floor. His walkie-talkie crackled “ Arch this is Race, I’ m half way down the steps!” Race said Archie smiled but then the elevator stopped. Beast hit some buttons but it wouldn’t move it was then they heard the thud of Yoko Kurama’s body hitting the top of the elevator. “ He’s on top! What do we do?” Archie said, Hank just winked “ Leave it to me!” and he ripped the door open. “ Grab on and don’t let go!” Hank yelled as Archie grabbed on to Beast’s biceps and hung on for dear life as they fell twelve stories down to the dungeon. Beast burst through the door and walked over to Race . “ We’d better get it in gear, the boss man is on top of the elevator!” Beast said and began to pull the lock off the door as if it were made of cloth. “ Get in quickly , I think he’s coming!” Moose yelled Race stepped forward “ I’ll handle the son of a bitch, You just get those men fixed up!” He yelled , Archie nodded and walked inside. “ So Race , you’ve decided to help our little rebels here huh? It ends here!” Yoko sneered Race smirked “ Bring it on fox boy!” he said and then hit the fox demon. Yoko stoop up “ is that all you got!” and then lobed a swift kick to Race’s chest , Race grabbed the fox demon’s leg and spun him around like a top. Yoko threw punch in which Race blocked with his hand. Yoko kicked Race in the groin , the god crouched in pain “ Give up?” Yoko sneered Race looked up and smiled “ I was just faking the pain!” and then grabbed the demon by his foot , swirled him around and then flung him against the wall “ How do you like that Foxy?” he said as Yoko gasped for breath. Archie was just administering the final shot to Wolvie , the gods were back and soon things would be back to normal. “ They’re Ready!” Archie shouted as the sounds of roars and groans filled the dungeon and the chains broke. Yoko stood up “ You fight well Race!” Yoko gasped and then saw the gods emerge from the room. “ No , it can’t be!” Gaston grinned “ Did ya miss us fox boy?” he said and picked up the demon by the ears , Yoko howled in pain. “ We’ve got plans for you!” Fred said and ordered Gaston to throw him in the dungeon. “ It’s all over! The nightmare is over!” Beast Boy said and everyone walked upstairs.

Five hours later Robin went to check on Yoko and saw the cell door was closed, a new padlock was fitted on the door. “ Okay fox boy, Time for your punishment!” Robin yelled , There was no response. Robin looked in and saw it. “ Shit , oh shit , he didn’t!” he whispered, Robin ran to the intercom and pressed the button “ Fred ,he’s gone , and Yoko Kurama has just escaped!” . •

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