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Yoko escapes


By musclefreak4559

Part of this story wouldn't be possible without an idea I got from sexscriptor . Thanks to everyone who posted ideas for this story, Keep em coming!

And now the 14 chapter of The saga of Fred Jones' muscle harem!

“ Come again Robin? Did you just say he escaped?” Fred said into the intercom, Robin answered back “ I know this sounds crazy but I’m looking inside the cell and he’s not there!” Fred slammed his fist down onto the table. “ Listen up everyone, Yoko has just left his cell and could be anywhere in the house. I need some of you to come with me and look for him.” Fred said, Dilton raised his hand “ No need to master, I placed a tracking chip in his ear after we caught him. I can bring it up on the computer!” And then began to furiously type on the computer. A red light was blinking in the area of the slave rooms. “ Zoom in, get a closer look.” Fred said, Dilton typed in another command “ got him! Uh oh, we’d better get our asses to Beast’s room. Wait, he’s moving. He’s moving towards this room!” Then they heard the thump of a large body moving closer. “ Oh shit! He’s right on top of us!” And then the door was ripped of the hinges and there was the new body of Yoko Kurama.

“ Hi boys, did ya miss me?” Yoko said as he burst through the doorframe, “ What the fuck is going on here, how’d you get so big?” Fred shouted, Yoko flexed an Everest size bi “ amazing what a gallon of that formula can do! Now where were we, Oh yes I was just about to tell you that you’re my new slaves and I request that Mr. Jones here is to make love to me this instant!” Fred laughed “ Go fuck yourself foxy you’re never going to accomplish that!” Fred said and then pulled out a tranquilizer gun. “ Where’d the hell did you get that?” Yoko said and then saw the Quest labs mark on the gun. Fred cocked the gun and then pulled the trigger, Yoko grabbed the dart and dropped it on the ground. “ Well, I see that I’m not wanted here!” Yoko said and then walked towards the window. “ Wherever you run Yoko, we’ll find you! Just give up now and we won’t hurt you.” Fred said and then watched in horror as Yoko jumped out the window and ran of into the night. “ Get the Hummer and some more guns we’re going on a foxhunt!” Fred said and walked out of the room.

The cabin was quiet, Race and the boys had been gone for almost twenty- four hours and already Doctor Quest was on his twelfth bottle of merlot. He usually didn’t drink a lot but this wasn’t social drinking, this was the kind of drinking that you heard in songs by Merle Haggard and Hank Williams. The kind of drinking that wouldn’t allow you to get any nookie from Loretta Lynn if you came home wanting some, “ What did I do wrong? How did I fuck up that bad?” He said to himself, and then the soft “ Meep Meep!” Of his phone stirred him out of his sorrow. “ Race, Is that you?” Doctor Quest said into the phone, “ Doctor Quest this is Fred Jones we talked last night. I’ve got a problem.” The other voice said. Doctor Quest growled “ how dare you call here after what you did to my family! If I see you here again, I’ll shoot you on sight!” Fred shouted “ Doctor, this is no time to discuss who messed up who’s life. Listen carefully, there is a really dangerous person heading your way. He has long silver hair and pointy fox ears, goes by the name of Yoko Kurama. He just drank about a gallon of the formula and he’s coming towards your cabin. He’s unstoppable and he just might kill you if you look at him the wrong way, you need to get out of your cabin now!” Doctor Quest just laughed. “ This is a serious problem Mr. Quest you need to get out of your house right now!” Quest hung up “ what bullshit. A huge fox demon coming my way, What a load of shit!” He shouted “ Not exactly!” Yoko said. Quest turned around, and then felt the blow of Kurama’s hand hitting the side of his head. The phone rang again, Yoko pressed talk. “ Doctor Quest it is important I talk with you about how serious this matter is!” Fred said. Yoko spoke into the phone “ I’m sorry Mr. Quest is out at the moment , but I’m here Fred. Would you like to talk with me?” Fred’s mouth gaped open. “ What did you do Yoko? What did you do to Doctor Quest ?” He shouted , Yoko laughed “ Nothing Freddy my boy, just gave him a whack on the side of the head that’s all!” Fred yelled into the phone “ You stay right there Yoko , don’t move. We’ll end this soon enough!” Yoko pushed the talk button to end the conversation. “ Yoko , Yoko are you there?” Fred shouted he slammed the phone down. “ He’s done something. I don’t know what ,but he’s done something.” and then Dilton spoke “ we’ve lost the signal!” Fred sunk his face in his hands “ Shit, we just lost our only chance to stop him!” he said and then spoke to the car “ How many more minutes till we get to the Quest cabin?” The car spoke back “ Ten seconds and counting.” it said and then it skidded to a stop.

“ Yoko?” Fred shouted “ Doctor Quest?” no response from either parties came from inside the cabin. The others walked in , their guns cocked and ready waiting for the huge fox demon to jump out. “ Kitchen’s clear!” Wolvie shouted , “ Living room’s clear too!’ Beast Boy shouted. “ I’m not so sure, he left this place. I’m getting a signal from upstairs!” Dilton shouted, Fred , Wolvie, and Gaston raced up the stairs. “ Where’s it coming from Dilt?” Gaston shouted, Dilton spoke back “ In the bedroom to your left.” Gaston threw open the door and saw Yoko standing over Dr. Quest. He was about to place his monster prick into the doctor’s ass, an act that Quest wasn’t ready for. “ Stop Yoko, It’s over!” Fred shouted Yoko turned and looked at the gods. “ Bravo boys , you found me. Want to know your prize?” Yoko laughed. “Quit dicking around Kurama, come with us its all over!” Fred shouted and aimed his gun, Yoko chuckled “ You want to see dicking around? I’ll show you dicking around!” and then proceeded to suck on Dr. Quest’s cock. Quest moaned and writhed in pleasure as Kurama began to slurp up the pre cum that was flowing out of the modest sized cock. Suichi ran up the stairs and pushed the gods out of they way. “ Bro , stop now!” he shouted, Yoko looked up. “ I want you to stop sucking that man , stand up and put your hands behind your head!” Yoko laughed “You can’t stop me bro, I’m too powerful! and he hit a double bi and then continued to suck on Dr. Quest’s cock. “ You like sucking cock bro? Suck on this!” Suichi fired. and hit his brother in the back with the antidote. “ Nooo! You little shit , you’re gonna pay!” and then Yoko watched in horror as his monster god body faded into a normal, average body, “ You murderous son’s of whores! Look what you did to me, look what you’ve done to my body!” Yoko shouted as Fred gripped him in his powerful arms and he passed out. “ Take him to the Hummer, I’ll handle the doctor!” Fred said as he untied the doctor. “ Are you okay, do you need medical attention?” Fred asked, the doctor shook his head “ Just a little bump on the head, I’ll be fine.” Quest said and then Kissed Fred deeply. “ Doctor Quest! Why did you, why did you do that!” Fred said shocked “ I wanted to get to know my new master!” Quest said as he put his pants on. “ Come with us Doctor, we’ll make sure you’ll have all you need.” Fred said and kissed the doctor “ Offer accepted!” he said and walked out of the room , his hand on the small of Fred’s back.. Soon the whole Quest Team would be together, the hummer pulled in just as Johnny and Hadji came out of the Game room their hair plastered with sweat due to them just playing a game of Dance Dance Revolution. The best was yet to come, hopefully better times were ahead for the harem and its new members! •

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