Gaston's Growth

Yoko in Questworld


By musclefreak4559

Thanks once again go to jacestar , who helped clarify certain aspects of this story. Now the latest chapter in the saga of Gaston and Fred Jones' muscle harem.

“ Hello Yoko, Feeling better?” Fred asked, Yoko stood up in his cell. “ Where the fuck is I?” He asked rubbing his back; “ you’re in Questworld Yoko, where you’ll remain until we find out what we’re going to do with you.” Fred spoke. “ What is Questworld? Is it like the Matrix or something?” Yoko sneered “ No; it is a virtual reality program Doctor Quest has invented for the military. You my fox friend are the first civilian to use it.” Fred took a remote and clicked on the TV. There was Yoko, sensors covering his body and his breathing and heart rate being monitored. “ You fucking shit, I’ll kill you!” Yoko said as he rushed towards the bars “ Dilt sequence 225 Fred shouted, Yoko immediately crumpled to the ground his body convulsing. “ Make it stop, make it stop!” Yoko shouted and then it stopped. “ This is what we’ll do to you every time you disobey us Yoko. Please try to learn that we’re your friends and until you realize this you’ll be in here. Goodbye!” Fred said and disappeared into reality.

“ I think this’ll work fine doctor, you sure it’s hacker proof?” Fred asked Doctor Quest, “ I’m sure it’ll work like a dream Fred, I hope you do understand this is a temporary measure and until you and your council decide something.” Quest replied. Fred laughed “ of course it is Doc, Dilt already told me about the long-term affects of this stuff. Trust me the council will meet tonight and we’ll discuss this whole matter!” He said and walked over towards Dilton, “ Better stop working on that computer Dilton, we’ve got a party to attend!” . The computer wiz stepped away from the computer and followed Doctor Quest and Fred out the door.

Jessie Bannon walked into her Father’s cabin and looked at the surroundings. The house was Impeccably clean, which immediately set her off. “ What’s going on?” She murmured “ Dad, Johnny? Are you home?” She yelled and walked towards doctor quest’s lab. “ Doc, Ya home?” She shouted and then the noticed the quest world hub was gone. “ Alright guys very funny now knock of this shit and come out!” She looked around, and saw one Questworld helmet lying on its stand, she picked it up and placed it on her head and flipped the on switch. “ Guys, are you in here?” Jessie yelled “ No, but I am!” A voice said. She turned around and saw the silver haired fox demon sitting on a bunk in a cell. “ Who are you, how’d you get in here?” Yoko smirked “ The question isn’t how I got in here, its why I’m in here!” He said Jessie was puzzled. “ So why are you in here?” She asked, Yoko just grinned, “ I’m being serious, how could you get in here when there is only one helmet in the house?” Yoko stood up “ what I’m about to tell you may shock you. You see I am considered a criminal amongst his harem, a harem that your friends now belong to. His name is Fred Jones; he once was a private detective until he discovered this formula that makes people grow muscles. He has so far clamed the allegiance of thirty-four men one of which is your dad.” Jessie’s mouth gaped open, Yoko pushed a button on his TV and showed an orgy that took place a few weeks ago. “ This is what they do, and soon your dad, your friends and your boss will be apart of this sick twisted game.” He said, Jessie Muffled a scream in her hands, “ no, no it’s not real. You’re some kind of glitch in the system, a figment of my imagination!” Yoko walked over to the bars of his cell, “ I assure you Ms. Bannon you are not dreaming this!” He said as he reached out to touch her face. “ I have to stop them, how do I...” Jessie said but Yoko interrupted her “ Its already to late, your dad has become a god and soon your friends will join him. The orgy is about to begin and soon they will be apart of the fold. There is something you can do for me though.” Yoko said, Jessie sobbed “ anything you want I’ll help you. Please save my friends!” She said. Yoko grinned “ I’ll need for you to hack into the system. Then I’ll come and meet you at the cabin. We’ll discuss our plans there.” He said, Jessie nodded and slipped off her helmet.

The party at Fred’s mansion was in full swing. Beast was playing bartender that night serving up both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Beast Boy was the DJ, and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. All the events of the previous night were forgotten and all alliances were thrown aside as everyone danced and drank the night away. Fred walked up to the DJ booth and told Beast Boy to stop the music so he could make a speech. The music stopped and all eyes were on the harem’s creator, “ My friends, we have been through a lot these past few days But I feel we have grown as a group, as one giant muscle loving family!” Applause followed “ Thank you my Friend, thank you. Now as we all know we have three new members of the harem joining us tonight, Johnny, Hadji, Doctor Quest would you stand please?” The three unchanged men stood up and were greeted by whistles and more applause. “ These men have chosen to devote their lives to this harem and soon the world will know all about this harem. The world shall be ours for the taking, we shall prevail!” and with that he stepped down and walked over to the three new members “ Are you ready to devote your life to muscle?” Fred said , they all nodded. Fred pulled out the blue bottle pulled out the dropper. “ You have a choice, either god or slave. Hadji what will you choose?” Fred asked Hadji responded “ I want to be a God!” He said and Fred passed him the bottle , Hadji drank deeply and then began to rub his already expanding body. “ Wow , look at these bi’s Johnny! I bet you want to touch these huh?” Hadji said, ripping the sleeve of his shirt as he flexed. “ Doctor Quest , God or slave?” Fred asked “ Slave!” Dr. Quest shouted and then accepted his drops. The Doctor felt a rush of power fill his body as his buttons popped off his shirt. “ Now it has come to this , Johnny Quest , god or slave?” Fred asked “ I choose to become a god!” he shouted and drank deeply from the bottle. “ Yeah, Getting stronger! Look at these pecs! OHH I’m such a muscle stud aren’t I dad?” Johnny said and then flexed for his father and moaned as his dad licked his huge bicep. “ Now , now boys, save it for tonight. We’re going to do something a little different tonight, Instead of an orgy you’ll pair up with one of our slaves and share an intimate moment with them. Now pair up everyone!” Fred said and walked over towards Jughead and picked him up in his arms. Johnny walked over to Kyle and planted a kiss on his lips. Hadji had picked Archie up in his arms and soon all of them went to their chambers.

Jessie linked into Questworld and began to hack into the system. It only took seconds for her to reach the hub that linked Kurama to the helmet in the cabin. Yoko’s heart rate monitor began to beep frantically as Jessie began to tear down the system from the inside. He let out a gasp of air as he pulled the helmet off his head and began to pull the sensors off his body. He picked up the phone and dialed the Quest’s number , Jessie answered immediately. “ I’m out , I’ll meet you at the cabin in twenty minutes!” Yoko said and hung up then he picked up a chair from the room and smashed the Questworld hub until it began to smoke , fizzle and die.

Johnny had Kyle lying on the bed, The surfer’s body was illuminated in soft light provided by the candles he lit on the nightstand. Johnny climbed on top of Kyle’s body and began to lick the surfer’s body tasting the sweat and the tanning oil he used, a taste that Johnny couldn’t get enough of. He moved to his fuzzy pits, which were unlike his hair because they were brown and now were covered in Johnny’s salvia. “ OHH Master , lick me some more dude!” Kyle said , Johnny hushed him with a finger and moved down to the slaves cock and began to bob up and down on it. “ OHHH MASTER! LICK MY COCK!” Kyle yelled and then began to breathe hard as Johnny began to lick his balls rolling each one in his mouth. “ Lift your legs slave!” Johnny said and Kyle did as he was told and felt the pressure of Johnny’s thirty-three inch monster entering his hole. “ Ohh master it hurts please stop!” Kyle said Johnny hushed him “ Relax Kyle. As soon as I get started it’ll feel better!” Johnny said and began to pick up his pace. He was right it did feel good as he got started and Kyle was moaning and grunting with pleasure. “ Fuck my tight ass dude yeah!” Kyle said as he watched Johnny jerk his cock while he fucked him. “ You like that monster dick up your ass slave?” Johnny grunted , “Yesss master! Fuck me harder, please!” Kyle said and then began to pant. “ Oh master I’m gonna cum!” and soon shot his load all over his chest. Johnny began to pump harder into Kyle’s ass. “ OH I’M GONNA CUMMMMMM!” Johnny shouted and began to shoot his load into the slave’s ass. Johnny crawled into bed and cuddled next to his slave, the surfer began to nuzzle his neck his stubble tickling Johnny’s neck. They shared an kissed and then embraced each other and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Fred Jones walked into the computer lab to check on Kurama , he smelled the acrid tang of smoke and then noticed the hub. It was shattered into several pieces smoke and sparks leaped from the ruins. “ Shit!” Fred yelled and ran into the hall to get Dilton and Doctor Quest . “ Dilt, Doctor we’ve got a situation here!” Quest looked up “ What is it?” he replied. “ Kurama’s escaped again and he made damn well sure Questworld doesn’t ever come online again!” Doctor Quest and Dilton ran towards the lab and saw the mess. “ Oh no. Oh sweet Mary mother of Jesus, he didn’t do that! He didn’t fucking do that!” Quest shouted, Fred looked around and then saw the printout. It said “ This system has been hacked by Hacker X. Have a nice day!” Quest looked at the printout. “ Jessie that fucking bitch! She freed him!” Fred looked at Doctor Quest “ Who’s Jessie?” Fred asked. “ She’s Race’s daughter and I think she’s a little pissed!” “ Dilton, can you fix this?” Fred asked Dilton nodded “ It’ll take a few days but I can fix it. You get the guy’s assembled before something drastic happens!” and with that he pressed the intercom and called for the council to suit up and get ready to do battle. •

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