Deal's A Deal, A


By Ender

Tony frowned, shrugged and jogged down to the kitchen. Where he wolfs down a bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake, grabbed his lunch bag, let his mom kiss him goodbye, and sprinted out the door and off the front porch. But, when his feet hit the ground, instead of finding himself half way across his lawn, Tony was running across Saints office and about to crash into a heavy leather chair. Unable to stop Tony attempts to leap over it and is surprised when he executes a handspring vault worthy of an Olympic gymnast, landing squarely in front of Saints desk.

“Mr. Canton… Tony,” Saint smiled his brilliant white perfect smile from behind his desk, “My apologies for bringing you here with out at least a little warning. Don’t worry… you won’t be late for class. As you should remember bending time a bit is within the bounds your “ability” so it’s certainly within mine to see to it that you can spend some time here and still be at school on time for your first class.”

Saint continued, “It’s been a while since we last talked and I wanted to see how you were getting on. You haven’t made use of your ‘ability’ very much recently. I was curious why; although I can see you’ve been busy making your fantasies reality in a different way. And if I may say it does look very good on you. You should be proud of yourself.” Tony, still confused both by his location and his leap over the chair, blushed and began to stammer. Saint raised a hand and said, “Yes, you did do that little trick on your own although I did give you the skill set to be able to pull it off. I thought it would be less painful for you and reduce the wear on the furnishings. Please sit down.” Tony backed into the chair he had just vaulted over.


Andy sat at one of the outdoor lunch table picking at a breakfast burrito; he had picked up on the way to school. Andy was confused and hurt be the way Tony seemed to have been avoiding him for weeks now. Since Tony had slept through the card party Andy arranged, Tony had declined Andy’s repeated attempts to spend time with Tony. Tony had asked Andy to be patient and to trust him, and said the he had something he needed to do for himself and Andy tried to respect Tony’s wishes. Tony had returned to his habit of eating alone, but he was eating weird. Instead of his typical PB&J or bologna sandwich, Tony was downing chicken and turkey breast, tuna, broccoli, rice and whatever. And Andy had observed that Tony would wolf down an apple, banana, protein bar or some kind of shake between classes mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It first the amount of food Tony was downing had Andy concerned that Tony would get heavier than he already was. But over the weeks Tony face had become leaner and his features more chiseled and it seemed that Tony’s clothes might be getting looser; they definitely weren’t getting tighter. Now that the pudginess of baby fat was receding from his face Tony had started to become a strikingly attractive boy. The changes in Tony’s face made Andy curious about what changes were taking place under the baggy clothes Tony preferred. Since they didn’t share a PE class Andy did not have the chance to see Tony in the shower or while changing clothes. And Tony’s aloofness didn’t permit Andy the chance to probe Tony’s clothes, despite Andy’s repeated attempts. “What am I doing wrong. What did I do the make Tony mad at me?” Andy thought to himself. Well if Tony doesn’t want to have me around I won’t try to inflect myself on him anymore.


Tony sat in the same chair he had occupied on his previous visits to Lucifer Saint’s office. “So Tony,” said Saint as he came around his desk and leaned back on the edge of the desk in front of Tony. “May I ask why you are working with Shane Hart, a boy that abused you and your friends and you practically emasculated for it before I told you that to leave him that way would void our ‘deal’? That the two of you are now on a friendly basis is gratifying to me. But why did you decide to go to Mr. Hart rather then any one else. I can understand that you were reluctance to enlist the aid of Mr. Hossler in your quest because it might harm his social standings and that you believed Mr. Seadar might not be interested in helping you to the degree you wanted. But you really underestimate both of them. You also know you could use your ‘ability’ to have the body that you want any time you wanted it.” Saint swiveled a display panel on desk to face Tony. It contained a photo-realistic animated image of what Tony dreamed of seeing as he stepped out of his shower.

Tony blushed at first in embarrassment but that changed to anger. “I suspected that you or Deez watched me and I knew that Deez could hear my thoughts but I didn’t know you could probe my mind like that,” nodding his head in the direction of the display still looping the image of Tony’s idealized self stepping out of his shower. Tony continued, “If you want to know why I don’t just wish myself into that body, it’s because I feel I should work for it and not have someone ‘just give’ it to me. I was wrong in what I did to Shane. But it did give him a better perspective on the world and is a different, better person for it.”

“Yes he is. But didn’t you ‘just give’ the same thing to him, young misters Hossler, Seadar, Matthews, Duckworth and others… even little Bobby? How are they more deserving than you?” asked Saint. “You are a good person that is why you were picked in the first place. And everything you have done since you received your “ability” has confirmed the initial estimations of you. If anything you have exceeded them. The one place that you are a bit weak is in self-esteem. If you think about it isn’t the reason that you have chosen to attempt to build this body for yourself without your ability, to refuse to give yourself what you have given others, is because you believe you don’t deserve to have it.” Tony started to protest, but he stopped when Saint raised his hand. “Be as honest with yourself as you are with everyone else Tony. You won’t use your ability on yourself because you feel unworthy.”

Saint paused for a moment and then continued, “But there is another reason you won’t use your ability on yourself isn’t there? You’re afraid of something. Afraid that having a “jock-like” body would make you one of the people that take delight in tormenting those they believe are inferior to them. The ones that tormented you.”

Tony again began to protest, but he stopped, shook his head and whimpered, “Okay maybe you’re right.”

“If you think about it isn’t that the reason all your attempt to become this,” motioning toward the display screen, “even before I gave you your ability, always ended just as you started to show real progress.” Tony starred down at his hands. Saint continued, “True, you didn’t make the decision to stop at a conscious-level something always came up to get in the way, right?” Tony nodded. “Well I don’t think you really want to sabotage yourself again. And I think you do deserve to get your dream as much as any one else. Actually I feel you’re more deserving than most. But I believe you’ve set yourself up to fail again.”

“Why would you say that?” said Tony as he looked up a Saint. “What have I done to make you think that?”

“Actually your plan will get you there. And I think that to succeed on your own would do you a world of good.” Saint smiled, “But I question that you realize the price your plan will cost you, and are willing to pay it. A much higher price than necessary.”

“What price is that?” asked Tony.

“Your pursuit of that lean muscular body has been to the exclusion of everything else in your life,” said Saint. Tony shrugged and Saint continued, “Have you considered that avoiding people and spending all your time working out is going to alienate the few friends you have? This that what you want?” Tony shook his head, and started to answer. But Saint cut him off, “Yes Shane will continue to train you, you’re paying him. No, not in money but for his help you are making him bigger and stronger than he could ever get on his own. And you don’t realize it yet you’ve hurt young Andy very deeply. He likes you for yourself and has been concerned for you. And your avoiding him is very painful to him. You asked him to trust you and he has, but you won’t trust him enough to share your dreams with him.”

Tears came to Tony’s eyes as he shook his head and whimpered, “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I just wanted to have the “new me” be a surprise to everyone.”

“Tony, I would like to show you something that will help you put some things in perspective for you, if you’re willing see it.

Tony looks up from his hands and asks, “What do you want to show me?”

Saint smiles and says, “Let’s call it an alternative way of seeing the world, if you are willing?” Tony thinks for a while and finally nods his head. “Good I think you’ll find it interesting and quite enjoyable.” Saint walks over to stand next to Tony. He places a hand on Tony’s shoulder and says, “Just relax now.”


The fragments of the dream evaporated faster than Tony could piece them together and when they were gone all Tony could remember was a big well spoken guy in an over the top posh office and that something had change. Tony felt a bit confused but that was quickly push away by his returning awareness of his body and the world around him. He grinned as the final spasms of pleasure shuddered through his body and mind. And he felt the warmth of the thick sticky fluid flowing across his hip to pool by his right buttock and quickly cool. His right hand was draped across is bear chest and the left rested on his pillow. He could feel his hair and skin were damp with sweat and his cock still tented his sheet aching for additional release. Tony slid his right hand under the sheet, down the cobbles of his abs and began to stroke himself. Soon he has brought himself to his second climax and was about to start on a third as the alarm clock rang.

Tony wiped his hand on the sheet and rolled on to his side to reach the off button on the clock. He rolled back on to his back and stretched. He slid his legs to the side of his bed and his feet to the floor and stretched again. Although he felt good Tony thought there was some thing different about the way his body felt. The light in his room was dim as he padded into his bathroom. He thought it was odd that he found himself naked instead of the tee shirt and boxers shorts he normally wore to bed. Snapped on the bathroom lights he stopped him in his tracks.

Instead of the short pudgy boy Tony expected, a demi-god stared back at him. As he stared at the mirror Tony realized that the image in the mirror was staring back with his own eyes. A wave of memories began to flood through his mind. The jock stud looking back from the mirror was Tony Canton. It was his reflection.

He had been a short chubby little kid but that ended when he was in eighth grade. During the summer before he started high school he had a major growth spurt, and went from a bit less than five foot and over 130 pounds to nearly six foot and well less than 120 pounds.

His mom had become concerned at his weight loss and had taken him to the doctor. After she had voiced her concerns about how her little boy had change, the doctor suggested that she go back to the waiting room while he finished the exam. The doctor pointed out that Tony was a big boy and having his mom in the room might be embarrassing for him. Once she had left, the doctor let Tony talked about any concerns he had with his body. Afterwards the doctor called his mom back in and they discuss an eating program for Tony that would help him gain weight without getting fat again and that Tony should try walking or riding a bike to school and doing some weight training and outlined a basic training program for him.

The change from short pudgy wimp to tall skinny geek was so great that when he started high school in the fall none of the kids from his old school recognized him. At first the same kids that had tormented him for his size before began to tease him over his new shape. But that didn’t last for long. By Christmas Tony had gain nearly 15 pound of muscle and had become more then an equal to any of his former tormenters. By the end of the school year he had gained another 10 pounds of muscle and reached 6 foot. He had gone out from the track team as a freshman and there his size and speed had brought him to the attention of the football coaches.

The memories continued to food through his mind. He remembered that he had been invited to a summer camp for promising new players and those wanting to improve their skills. And the since that summer he had been hooked. His was jock he played football and in the off-season he wrestled and ran track and always lifted weights.

He was the starting quarterback and his buddy, Hossler, was a running back. Little Brian had become the little brother he never had and with Shane they were the three musketeers leading the team to an unbroken string of victories both on the field and off.

Tony grinned at himself in the mirror, “Yeah puberty was good to me no more flabby little wimp around here.” Tony flexed for himself before going to the john. Yes, it was very good to me,” as he aimed his 10 plus inches of flaccid manhood into the bowl to relieve his bladder. Tony turned on the shower and while the temperature stabilized he continued his flexing as he thought, “The coach may want me to bulk up some, but no way will these abs get lost in a layer of flab like he wants.” He traced the deep clefts of his eight-pack with his fingers, turned and stepped into the steaming spray.

After showering Tony pulled on a pair of boxer briefs that showcased his bubble butt and very adequate endowments to perfection. Over that he pulled on an over size tee shirt a pair of baggy kaki cargo pants and black cross trainers. Looking at his reflection Tony frowns and says, “I look like some kind of dorky nerd… that won’t do.” And pulled off the tee shirt and replaced it with a black polo shirt that couldn’t have better display the chiseled perfection of his defined torso if it were painted on. “That’s better, but not right yet.” He changes into form fitting black jeans, and again checks the mirror. “Now that works… ‘Muscle Goth’…” Tony grinned and shot his reflection a thumb up.” He collected his schoolbooks and papers, grabbed his gym bag and headed down stairs.

In the kitchen he pours the last of a gallon jug of skim milk into the blender, added several scoops of protein powder closed the lid and flips the switch. As the blender began to spin up he check his watch and switched it back off. He quickly added the bowl of oatmeal his mom had made for him to the blender and switched it back on. “Oh Tony, why do I bother to make it if you’re going to do that with it,” his mom moaned.

Tony grabbed a large travel cup from the cupboard and grins to his mom and laughing says, “I’m running late mom and you want me to eat a good breakfast, don’t you? I’m still a growing boy you know.” To punctuate the statement Tony does a double bicep pose that shows off his nearly 20 inch arms. He switches the blender off and as he pours the contents of the blender into the cup, a car horn beeps from the front of the house. “See mom!” With that Tony pours the portion that wouldn’t fit in the cup into his mouth and sets the blender in the sink. His mom hands him his lunch bag and Tony bends over to let his mom hug him goodbye. As she does he hugs her back and easily carries her to the front door. They laugh and Tony sprints out the door.

Shane’s car is parked at the street with the engine running. As Tony sprints up to the car Brian in the backseat takes Tony’s stuff and Tony take the shotgun seat. With brief screech of tires Shane pulls away fro the curb. •

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