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They reassembled in the back yard. Chuck reduced himself to a more manageable size given their location, but he still stood well over seven feet high. It was after midnight. Jesse suggested they leave the lights off, but there was a full moon in the sky bathing the yard in ghostly blue-white light and they could see each other quite clearly -- except for Frazz whose chocolate skin faded into the darkness.

The yard was very large and extended behind the house into what appeared to be a wooded area, but Joe explained that their neighbors were on the other side of those woods, probably 50 yards away. The trees would likely shield what was happening from curious eyes, but turning on the lights would certainly draw someone's attention. Brian objected to the darkness and Edward agreed, saying they "really enjoyed" watching Chuck transform and they didn't want to miss a thing.

"Look," said Chuck, his deep baritone soft but powerful in the moonlit yard, "we do this now or we don't do this. I'm not fond of lengthy explanations to members of organized military forces, and I have the feeling that we'd be of interest to more than just the National Enquirer and certain muscle growth email groups I can think of."

The four semi-transformed youths stood opposite the two fully- transformed supermen on the dewy grass. A soft, cool breeze caressed their naked bodies. "We can do this one at a time, or all at once," advised Chuck. "One at a time is more fun, because you get to watch without being overwhelmed by what's happening to you. Being Transformed is like... well, it's like..."

"It's like the best, most perfect, most powerful orgasm you've ever felt, and it lasts for minutes, and you're cumming the whole time." When Frazz finished, they could see his toothy smile in the darkness.

"Shit." It was Edward's voice. His tone was filled with awe.

Chuck said, "I believe we have a volunteer." And he held out his hand to his protégé. Edward stepped forward placing his smaller hand inside Chuck's meaty paw. The others froms a semi-circle to watch the show. Chuck wrapped his heavy, muscled arms around the young man's slimmer form. He dipped his mouth to Edward's ear and whispered, "I'm going to do this slowly. Very slowly. You'll feel it all happening to the depth of your soul. I want to feel you growing, Ed. I want to feel your muscles expand and your body swelling with power. I want to pump you..."

"Are you going to give a lecture or fucking get on with this?" Frazz was grinning as he said it, but Chuck could see he was speaking for everyone.

"All right," he said aloud. "Here we go."

He pressed his hugeness to Edward's sleek body, his arms still embracing the teenager, and slowly, slightly, he started to feed him Transform. Where their skin touched, Edward felt a sudden warmth stronger than the heat their naked bodies shared. Chuck accompanied the transformation with a steady hum of the Touch, so that the heat felt very good, sensually satisfying, sexually exciting.

His mouth was at Edward's ear again, and as he transformed him, his deep, soft voice echoed in Edward's head.

"Your whole body feels good. Better than you've ever felt, better than you dreamed it could feel. My body, my muscles, are feeding your. You can feel it spreading now, branching out from your chest into your arms, down to your fingers. Now it sinks into your belly, the tight power there swells softly, you can feel it, can't you? You can feel the power I'm giving you.

"Now it's draining into your crotch. You feel the heat of me, my strength and size flowing into your prick. You can feel yourself growing heavy there. Feel it? Just... there. All through your thick and meaty shaft. Heavier and heavier. All the way down, down and down and into the head of your dick, it fills it up, it makes you swell outward, makes you feel so good, the heat and weight of it." Edward felt Chuck's hand move across his body, move down onto his cock, resting there against him. He could feel himself growing against Chuck's hand, swelling against him, expanding and drooping. "Now it flows into your balls. You can feel your balls, both of them, you can feel each one growing distinctly warm, and so, so good. Your balls are filling up and bulging with my strength, my power, my potency. I'm filling your balls with it, with hot sweet cream, it pours into your balls and feels so good.

"It's so powerful, so full, that it flows out of your balls and down your legs, and now your thighs swell outward. You can feel them, now, growing thick with new muscle. You feel them burn with it, almost vibrating with strength, and then all the way down onto your calves, and also up and around, onto your ass. Your sweet, fine ass." Chuck pressed himself closer to Edward's body, moving the thick tubes of his marvelous pricks between Edward's ass cheeks and allowed his muscled cocks to squirm and writhe against Edward's developing ass. "Can you feel me?" Edward nodded. "Can you feel my strength? My size? My power?" Edward shuddered and gasped, hardly able to breathe against the flood of pleasure and brawn. "I give it to you, Edward.


Then Edward began to swell. His body, his muscles, grew suddenly huge, bulging beneath his skin and growing heavy and thick and hard. "You're twice as strong as you were, Edward. Can you feel that? Can you feel your body growing, each muscle swelling, your dick lengthening, growing fat and heavy?" Edward leaned his head back against Chuck's shoulder as his chest swelled outward. The muscular cables thickened, multiplied, tightened and grew. "Your chest is huge, Edward. It weighs against you, a heavy thickness filled with power. Your nipples swell and tingle. You can feel them wanting touch, wanting to be sucked and nibbled."

Chuck moved the hand not on Edward's dick onto his chest. Its growth redoubled as he flooded it with Transform, as Edward's genetic essence altered, as his body accepted the growth and wanted more, much more, all it could get. Chuck touched his fingertip to the brown, hard nub of the nipple and a shock of intense sexual gratification ran like lightning through Edward's growing body.

"You're eight feet tall, Edward. Open your eyes and look, look down at your friends, watch them shrink from you as you become more and more, better and better, stronger and stronger and stronger." Edward opened his eyes and cast his gaze across the yard. It was true! There was Brian and Jesse and Joe standing there. Standing there looking up at him. He could see his chest growing as he gazed down, see it swelling outward by the inch, feel the muscle growing, burning with it, shining with it, swelling larger and larger. He felt giddy, almost drowning in the feeling of growth and power and sexual pleasure that cascaded through him, through every cell, through his skin and bones.

Chuck squeezed Edward's prick and said, "Now I give you another. I give you another sweet thick cock. I give you another fat prick to hang heavily between your legs. There. You can feel it begin."

And he could. He felt it. A slight pressure at his groin as if someone was poking against his skin, a slight pressure that built upon itself to a bright, sharp pleasure and heat and then, just as suddenly, he was aware of his second dick. He could feel the cool night air on it as it swelled and lengthened and drooped. It was huge! So big, growing from nothing until it hung next to its twin and they both continued to grow.

He reached down toward it, toward himself, and he felt the second change to his sex tools happening, he felt the control manifest, felt that he wanted to touch his hand to his dicks and they responded by reaching up toward his hand and caressing themselves against his touch, his new dick and his old, huge dick both reacting to his call, doing what he asked, twisting and curling their smooth, silky skin against his hand.

"Here it comes, Edward." He was called back from his sexual reverie by Chuck's voice in his ear. "Here it comes," he repeated. "All of me. I give it all to you, now. All of it. Here it comes."

Edward gasped. He could feel the flood of power and bliss suddenly swell into something so overwhelming, so uncontrollable that he was afraid he would explode from it, that his muscles would swell outside his skin, that his body was going to grow so powerful that he couldn't control it. Everything was bulging and flexing and growing bigger and faster and stronger than ever.

The others watched as Edward's massive form seemed to be twice as large in seconds. Bigger and bigger, out of Chuck's embrace, and his face became beautiful, searingly so. He cried out with a thunderous rumble, his voice filled with strength and sensual power and the men on the lawn trembled with awe as he was unleashed, as the ultimate power of his transformed body was made real before them and he stood, at last, 16 feet tall and overwhelmed with muscular size and power and masculine beauty.

He stood there and looked down at them, Edward was fully Transformed, a gigantic mass of perfect male power.

"Well," said Chuck, "who's next?" •

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