Overnight Development


By maverick0095875

I was amazed, i had grown bigger than i thought i would. So, i ran into chris's room and said chris look. I looked from his sleep and said wow. then as if he heard a gun shot woke up aimediatly and looked at my flexed bicep in front of him with a shocked look in his face. You grew last night, yeah i said. now get the measuring take and measure me. yea sure thing Big Brother. He came back 2 minutes later with the tape. All right lets get started i said, height 6'8-biceps-18-chest 45-6-pack-legs-37-calf-20. hey kid you forgot something. oh yea Penis 10X4. not bad growth for one night. That day past quickly with him doing what ever i told him to do. That night i went to bed and i drunk the remaining containers of potion. Then as soon as i finished i fell asleep. the next morning i woke to MUCH MUch bigger frame than the day before. So i went to chris and told him to measure me again. He tried to pull the tape around my muscles but i had grown too big for the tape and my head was resting snugly on the 12 foot ceiling. The only muscle group he could measure was my 24x10 penis. •

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