Overnight Development


By maverick0095875

Back ground- Mom just got remarried to a guy who has a son who is 18 as well as me, execpt he was older. This kid of his is on the track team as the shot-put guy, really massive kid.

Part 1 Everynight i would go to sleep and think about what it would be like to be stronger than him. To make him do what ever i said, i soon found out how to make that happen. The next day i went to the local library and checked out a book called: GROW_GROW_GROW! inside it contained the ingrediants to a potion to help your body GROW_GROW_GROW!. So i took it home and read the ingrediants, once i had all the knowledge of what i needed i went out to fing them. It had taken me 3 months to get all the ingrediants. Once i had them i waited on a friday night for our parents to go to diiner then i started to work on the potion. i worked on it for over an hour and finally it was done. I took the potion and stored it into 5 empty milk jugs and stored them in my closet. That night i drank the complements of one of the jugs and went to sleep. The next morning i woke up and imediately looked into the full length mirror....... •

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