Brawn: Attack

By Corwin

Adam and Jim sped toward their meeting with the military. Their thickly muscled legs powered them faster than the eye could see toward the heavily fortified military complex. Adam had to remind himself to hold back, else his stronger legs would propel him too fast for Jim to keep up. He knew he didn't have to hold back much. Adam had learned that Jim's legs were amazingly strong. Adam turned his head to see how Jim was keeping up.

'He's so fucking sexy,' Adam thought, looking at his new sidekick, remembering their recent encounter where he had fashioned his boy's costume. Adam had taken Jim to the secret cave where he hid the meteorite. He easily lifted the multi-ton rock to the amazement of Jim.

"Fuck! You're the strongest man ever!" Jim's reaction made Adam's cock hard.

As the two men approached the meteor, both their bodies grew, becoming more muscular. Their already massive pecs expanded, pressing into their chins. Their arms were forced from their sides as lats widened and thickened. Their abs became thick bricks and legs bulged with power. Each felt a surge of strength as their muscles thickened.

Jim's eyes widened. He raised his arm and flexed, his bicep exploding up in a massive peak. Jim put his mouth to his arm and kissed the hard muscle, then licked it. "Mmmmmmm.... fucking strong," his deep voice resonated as he worshipped his new strength.

Adam moved close. He raised his arm, flexing hard so that his bigger arm overshadowed Jim's. With his free hand, he grabbed Jim's wrist. He applied pressure and Jim's arm began to straighten. Jim fought, but Adam's arm would not be denied. "You wanna worship muscle, boy? I've got more than you can imagine." Adam pressed his powerful body into Jim. "You don't need this," he said as Adam ripped the harness that strained to contain Jim's powerful body. "Or these," he said, putting his thumbs around the waist of Jim's chaps and ripped them off as if they were paper. Jim's now freed hard cock slapped into his abs.

Without a word, Jim moved his big hands to Adam's chest. He slipped Adam's harness off, slid the armbands off Adam's upper arms. Adam smiled. Placing his hands on Jim's traps, he pushed down. Jim's legs shook, then buckled as Adam's incomprehensible strength overpowered him. When Jim was kneeling before Adam, the massive man nodded and said, "continue."

Jim didn't need to be told twice. He removed the codpeice and stripped Adam, sucking on his master's huge cock and massive nuts, tongue bathing his massive legs and sucking on the man's toes. When Adam was naked, Jim looked into his master's face with an impish grin. Jim wrapped his own massive arms around Adam's calves. Before Adam could react, Jim lifted the massive man up as if he were a ragdoll and threw him to the ground. Jim lept on Adam, wrapping his massive legs around Adam's steel-hard abs. Jim grabbed Adam's arms and, using all his strength, held them to the ground.

Adam could see Jim's hard cock leaking copious amounts of precum. "So, my boy wants to play?" Jim's grin said it all. Adam flexed his arms, forcing them up. Jim's face turned red as he demanded more power from his arms, and forced Adam down. With ease, Adam doubled his efforts and his arms began to move again. Jim's face showed his strain as his head flipped back and he screamed. Momentarily, he was able to stop the movement of Adam's arms, but only for a moment. Adam forced Jim's arm back. Adam began to sit up, but Jim wasn't done yet. He wrapped his powerful legs around Adam's abs and locked them. He squeezed hard.

Adam could hardly believe Jim's power. He felt the man's legs crush his stomach, and instinctively he flexed. The pressure stopped. He could feel Jim's legs flexing hard against his iron gut, but his muscle shield held.

Jim grinned a knowing grin, then forced his legs to close. He felt Adam's abs dent in, and Adam groaned. "Ya!" Jim screamed as he forced more power from his legs.

Adam was finding it harder to breath. Each time Adam exhaled, Jim's leg hold tightened. He flexed his abs harder, but they were being crushed by Jim's more powerful legs. Adam was amazed at the power in his boy's redwood-sized thighs. As Jim flexed, cables of thick, steely-hard muscle pressed into his abs, crushing them. Adam strained, but no amount of the considerable power he could summon was enough to stop Jim's legs from crushing him.

In desperation, Adam reached behind his back and grabbed Jim's ankles. He pried, his bis, tris and forearm muscles rippling and shredding with power. Jim's legs stopped, but their crushing force remained. Adam cried out, demanding more strength from his massive arms. Slowly, he forced Jim's legs apart with the sheer might of his arms, screaming with the effort. Adam felt warm liquid hit his chin and run down his chest as Jim's cock sprayed cum over his torso as his slave realized the power of the master.

"You're strong boy, but not strong enough. Now you'll be punished," Adam said panting. He freed himself from Jim's powerful legs and threw his torso on top of Jim's. Jim felt Adam's huge cock and balls between his legs, pressing into his butt. Adam flexed his pecs, rubbing Jim's cum between the two muscular bodies. Adam wrapped his own powerful legs around Jim's, pinning the powerful tree trunks that had held him captive. He flexed his mountainous arm in front of Jim's face. "Look at that, boy! Your legs are strong, but that arm is stronger." Adam moved his bi close to Jim's lips. "Worship my power, boy." Adam felt Jim's cock throb harder as he said this. "Ya, you want to worship this power, don't you?" Jim responded by licking, then sucking, on the round bicep.

Adam responded by flexing his abs, trapping Jim's cock in the deep ridge. He relaxed and flexed, slowly rubbing his body over the organ. Jim groaned. "Ya, damn strong legs to overpower these abs. You like how hard they are? Like having that big dick of yours jerked by their power?" Jim responded by pressing his thighs together, trapping Adam's cock between them. Jim began to flex, pressing then releasing against the iron-hard meet, using his legs like Adam was using his abs.

"Strong abs but stronger legs," whispered Jim as flexed into Adam's manhood. "Damn strong legs, but this fucking arm. Man! Love this arm. Fuck, so powerful."

"Ya," said Adam, feeling his juices growing in his balls. Adam began to grind his hips in Jim's flex, powering his abs to jerk his boy's meet. "Your legs... damn... gonna... fuck!" Adam felt his balls explode as his jizz shot out his cock. His entire body flexed as he came, crushing Jim's rod in the divide between his rocky abs.

Jim couldn't take it either and shot a second massive load. The warm jizz sputtered between their bodies as both men experienced the power of the other. When they stopped cumming, Adam and Jim collapsed into a post-coital embrace.

After several minutes, Adam roused himself. "Gotta get moving boy."

Jim stood, then looked at Adam. "Like this?" Jim grinned. "Besides, don't I need some of the magic rock to keep these?" He flexed his arm. "and, more importantly, these." He extended his leg and flexed his quads, which burst into high mountains and deep caverns of sheer male power.

As they ran toward the military installation, Adam was pleased with the uniform he had created for Jim. Like Adam, Jim wore dark glasses that hid his beautiful eyes. Around the man's neck was a collar made from the meterorites unusual metal. A metal leash attached to the collar, hanging between Jim's massive pecs and connecting to a hook on metal belt that he wore. Jim was bare chested, exposing his hyper-muscular torso and broad shoulders. His upper arms were bare, but he wore gauntlets around his forearms that were made from the metal. Jim also wore a jockstrap made from the metal that hugged his firm ass and held his manly cock. Over the strap, Jim wore a pair of leather shorts held up by the metal belt. His massive thighs were exposed, but he wore leather boots that were lined with the mysterious metal. Adam wanted to make sure Jim's legs had enough metal to feed their incredible strength. As he watched Jim easily keeping up with him, he knew he had succeeded. Adam had dubbed Jim "Brawn's Pup" and Jim approved.

The first indication that something was wrong came as Adam and Jim approached the guard station and fence surrounding the base. They stopped, inspecting what they saw. The post was abandoned, and the station looked as if a missile had hit it. Bulletproof glass lay shattered in the station. Blood and torn cloth were visible on the window frame as if a person were dragged through it. A rifle lay on the ground, it's muzzle bent back in a "U" shape.

"What happened to the guards?" Jim asked, scanning the area with his super senses.

Adam looked toward the main installation. "Deserted, or worse. Look there!" Adam pointed to the mountain that contained the base. The large metal door that was designed to protect the base from an atomic attack had been ripped from the mountain. It lay a quarter mile from the base entrance, and its circular shape was dented and deformed.

"Whoa! What could have done that?"

"Don't know," Adam replied. "But Brawn is going to find out. Let's go."

Once again the two men called upon their powers to propel them to the base. In the blink of any eye, there were at the entrance. A dozen soldiers lay on the ground. Adam stopped at one, Jim at another.

"This one's dead. What about yours Pup?" asked Brawn.

"Dead too." Jim opened the man's shirt, and saw that his chest had been caved in, crushing the internal organs. "God! Almost looks like he was hit by a battering ram or something."

"Or something," Brawn agreed. Adam moved toward the remains of the hinges, looking at the metal, examining it at the microscopic level.

Jim moved from man to man, checking for life. The body of each man was crushed or battered by some force. "They're all dead," The Pup said at last.

"And this looks like it was ripped from its hinges," said Brawn. A stern look came over Brawn's face as he faced into the complex. "Whoever did this is still here."

Brawn sped into the mountain complex. The Pup followed. They sped down corridors, into stair wells, down into the heart of the mountain, then down more corridors. As they ran, the passed more dead soldiers, and more damage as if a battalion of tanks had driven through the complex, firing megatons of explosives. As they ran deeper into the mountain, sounds of life and fighting could be heard.

Brawn and The Pup came to a pair of large blast doors that had been closed from the inside. Using their superior senses, they could hear a fight taking place behind the inches-thick doors. There were no handles to grab onto, but that did now stop the two heroes. Each man placed a muscular arm on the door, their fingers digging into the metal as if it were clay. With an easy pull, the doors flew from their hinges as if nothing had held them in place. Brawn and Pup tossed the doors back. They landed behind the men, who rushed into the larger inner chamber.

The chamber was the size of an airplane hanger. It was splattered with blood. Ten large, massively-muscled men lay unmoving and bloodied on the floor. Adam let out a gasp when he recognized them as the squadron of Special Forces soldiers. Adam stared, seeing their broken bones and shattered organs. All their reservoirs of the muscle-enhancer had been drained, but not before the men had absorbed the fluid into their bodies, growing their muscular size and strength to maximum limits. It has not been enough to save them.

"How..." Jim began, but loud thud followed by the scream of a man interrupted the question.

They turned. Lt. Chris Smith lay kneeling on the ground where he had been thrown. He was struggling to get up. His nose looked broken, and blood covered his upper lip. One eye was swollen shut and his cheek was obviously bruised. Smith never turned to look at Brawn or Pup. His attention was focussed on the other side of the room. Eventhough the man got up, Brawn and Pup sensed fear from him. The fear did not stop Smith. He lunged toward the other side of the room.

Smith's progress was stopped by a giant. The man was at least 7 feet tall. His head looked tiny on his massively muscled body. His shoulders were twice as wide as the muscular soldier's. He wore nothing but a loin cloth, exposing striated muscles below paper-thin skin. As he breathed, his massive chest expanded, and eight cinderblock-like abs expanded and contracted. With each step, shredded quads, calves and hamstrings demonstrated the incredible power the man commanded. Brawn nearly let out a gasp of amazement, but controlled his reaction.

The giant swatted Smith with his powerful arm, sending him hurling back as if the muscular soldier were a fly. Smith was groggy, and lay on the floor as the giant approached. Wrapping his hand around Smith's neck, he lifted the soldier.

"PUT HIM DOWN!" yelled Brawn. Brawned demanded speed, and faster than the giant could react, Brawn ran behind the man and jumped on the giant's back. He wrapped his strong arms around the man's neck. The man's lats were huge and thick, like wings on a B2 bomber. Brawn felt like an insect on the man, but forced his massive legs around the giant's thin, hard waist.

The man reacted with surprise, dropping Smith. Pup quickly ran to Smith, lifted him in his mighty arms and in the blink of an eye, ran him into the hall.

"Too strong..." Smith muttered. "Like us, but more powerful. Kept growing." Smith coughed, a trickle of blood running out of his mouth. "Our powers depleted, but he," cough, "kept growing."

Pup turned and stared. Brawn was applying a choke hold, his massive arms pressing into the giant's thick neck. The strain on Brawn's face was apparent. Pup concentrated, demanding to look through the giant's skin. That's when he saw it. The giant had multiple reservoirs of a liquid. From Smith's description, it must be similar to the formula that gave his men super strength. One of the reservoirs had been depleted, but others were full or nearly full. He telepathically melded with Brawn.

Pup could sense the struggle his mentor was having. The giant's neck was like titanium. For every bit that Brawn's incredible strength was able to press in, the giant seemed to become stronger and able to repel it. "He's using the formula!" Pup said telepathically.

"Can't risk letting go," replied Brawn, the struggle apparent in his mind.

Pup laid Smith against the wall and rushed back to Brawn. He grabbed the man's arm and tried to find the reservoir, to destroy the delivery system. Instead, he found that the man's skin resisted his power. The giant's arm thrashed, hitting Pup in the chest and sending him crashing into the steel wall, knocking him out.

Brawn felt Pup's pain and surprise through the telepathic link. It felt Pup lose consciousness as he hit the wall. He felt his anger build up, his blood pressure reaching critical mass from the way this madman had hurt his friend. Brawn's body began to glow, as the metal that fueled his power seemed to sense and feed on his emotions.

Brawn felt his arms pressing into the giant's neck, the titanium-like muscular shield that had resisted him breaking and giving way. Brawn felt stronger every second as his own muscle commanded the weaker muscles of the giant.

Brawn felt himself at full power, knowing that the giant would soon fall. But his sense of victory was short-lived. He felt his arms slow and then stop. He struggled to continue to strangle his enemy, the thing that had knocked out Pup, but he felt the giant's strength increasing. Brawn's legs were being pushed out by the giant's abs, his rock-gut becoming harder and thicker with new muscle. Brawn saw the giant's chest swelling, and the man seemed to be growing taller. Brawn's powerful arms were being pushed out again. He tried to redouble his effort, but his opponent was becoming too powerful for him. Brawn let out a war cry as the other man raised his arm to Brawn's and began pulling on it. Brawn tried to resist, but the other man was becoming too strong. Brawn could feel the giant's muscles exploding with uncontrollable power.

In a last ditch effort, Brawn tried to take control of the man with his mental powers. He concentrated, contacting the giant's mind. He could feel the release of the growth formula in the man's body -- the power flooding in at a rate Brawn could not comprehend.

"Stupid American's," the giant thought. "Your war machines rape our land and kill our people. You defy the will of Allah and I am his revenge. With his strength, I am his instrument of your destruction."

Brawn could barely comprehend the hatred this man felt. He didn't have time to react. Brawn's arm was pulled from the giant's neck. He felt his legs wrenched from around the man's waist. With a single hand, the man hurled Brawn into a wall. He crashed with such force that the wall deformed around him, embedding him in inches of steel and concrete. As he lost consciousness, the thoughts of the giant rang in his brain.

"I am the Sword of Mohammed, and no infidel will live to stand before me." •

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