Gaston's Growth

A Strange Encounter


By musclefreak4559

" 212, 213, 214..." Gaston said as he worked on his already massive biceps. He preferred the preacher curl because it allowed the gym rats to see a side view of his pythons. Suddenly he heard a voice. “Are you Gaston?” He turned his head and saw the hunkiest guy in the world. Gaston’s jaw dropped at the sight of this young olive skinned boy with black hair. “ Uh, Uh, Uh, do I know you?” Gaston said, as he undressed the boy with his eyes. “ No,” the boy said “ my name is Aladdin and my master over there would like to invite you to a party.” Gaston was confused. Who was this master, it was then he looked and saw Fred Jones. This wasn’t the Freddie Jones he heard about from the Scooby gang, he was huge. His biceps looked as big as cannon balls, his pecs looked as if they were huge thick steaks attached to a wide waste that looked as if it contained a cobbled stomach. His thighs were tree trunks and it looked as if he had been smuggling a fire hose in his pants. “ Excuse me, Gaston ?” Aladdin asked, he snapped to attention “ Yeah I'll come, where’s it at?” “ 6969 raven lane.” Aladdin said and soon went on his way. When he went home Gaston noticed that the hard on that he was sporting since he saw freed was still there. So he went to his bedroom and looked at the mirror at himself. He rubbed his furry chest pinching his hard nipples “ Yeah, ” Gaston said “ you like touching your own muscles you fag.” Then he began to jack his meat off. He felt his abs rubbing his hand over the hard blocks of muscle. He raised his arm, and took in his manly scent licking his biceps in the process. It wasn’t long before he shot a wad of man cream on his mirror. He fell back on his bed and went to sleep.

“Slurp, slurp, and slurp.” The sound of shaggy's notoriously famous blowjob echoed throughout the castle. Shaggy looked like a male model compared to Fred's massive hugeness. Shaggy remembered the night they tried the formula. The formula was a special concoction that Velma created to produce more meat in cows. Shaggy and Fred were lying in bed after an hour-long fucking session when shaggy brought up the idea to put more meat on his bones. “ Let’s do it then!” Fred said and they marched down to the lab and spied the blue bottle. “ Like, I'll go first.” Shag said and placed 15 drops on his tongue. “ Like man I feel hot!” He said and then he clutched his stomach he moaned as his arms, chest, legs, and even his dick began to swell. He felt his abs pop out of his stomach and before he you know it he looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. “ My turn shag.” Fred said and took 20 times as many drops a shaggy. Fred roared as his chest expanded into huge slabs of meat, his thighs turned into redwood trunks and his dick went from 9 inches to a whopping 17 inches. “ Wow Fred look at you you’re a god.” Shaggy said as he moved closer to his new muscle lover. He licked Fred's pits taking in that new manly scent, then he moved down teasing his nipples with his tongue And licking the cleft in frees pecs. The he moved down to Fred's abs and licked them before the both were so consumed with passion that they shot their loads. “ Will he come Fred?” Shaggy said after their blowjob. “ He’ll come shag he’ll come and he will bring more to our harem”. •

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