By JMH02003

Aidan and Julian in another short addition to Photogenic. Taking the mysterious camera to a bodybuilding competition seemed like a good idea....

We walked through the backstage area where all the bodybuilders were getting ready. I was right in thinking that most of the competition was going to be hobbyists. Some guys were about 180, but most of them were in the 210-220 range. As Aidan walked by in clothes that groaned with each step he took, he attracted a lot of interested viewers. They were marveling at the 320 pound man that sauntered in. I got a few looks myself. "Looks like you've got this whole thing sewn up." I said, nudging him. Aidan just chuckled.

We passed by one last stall next to ours. There was a guy in blue posing breifs inside who was looking smugly in the mirror... with good reason, he was about 250 pounds! He must've thought he had the competition sewn up, that is, until he saw Aidan. The smug look faded from his face as we walked into Aidans stall. While Aidan got ready, we heard the guy in the next stall cursing a streak, then punching the lockers beside him.

Aidan struggled into his lime colored posing breifs. His package was almost too big for them... thank god they were novelty sized, probably meant for stuffing socks in or something. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to fit in them. I heard the stage manager calling for the athletes to get onto stage. I gave him a hug for good luck and walked out into the viewing area.

The show was amazing... I had never been to a show before, but whoever planned it turned it into a party dedicated to the male body. Enormous photos of hard abs and beefy pecs hung from the ceiling, and pounding music filled the room. The audience cheered when the men on stage flexed. Aidan and the guy in blue trunks really brought out the hoots and hollers. Aidan was obviously a favorite, men and women alike cheering for him in the audience. That guy in the blue briefs... turns out his name was Phil Marc... he just seemed to get madder whenever the audience cheered for Aidan. At the time, I thought that he must really have needed the year long gym membership and 6 month supply of weight gain powders that was up for grabs. I later found out that there was a group of men in the audience looking for young bodybuilders to sponsor.

The show finished, and the judges presented their scores... the winner was of course, Aidan. As the 5 men who took the top spaces took the stage, I picked my camera up, debating whether or not to take a snap and make all those men grow... but I realized how suspicious that would be. When Aidan won, the audience began snapping photos like crazy. It must've been too much for Phil, because he lost it! He saw me holding my camera and jumped down off the stage and got right in my face, screaming like mad. I had no clue what he was saying, but in the last few sentences he started saying "You like taking photo's, fucker!?" He grabbed the camera from me, and pointed it at me. He took shot after shot. I didn't keep count of how many pictures he took, but my body began to expand in response.

He dropped the camera to the ground, and it clattered. I had no idea if it was broken. My body started to grow thicker. My biceps swelled larger and larger, my shoulders broadened. My eyes fell to the ground, seeing the pile of photos there. There must've been 10 photos! Phil was backing away from me, obviously confused about why I started to grow. He shouted "Oh fuck! I pissed off the friggin hulk!" There was no sense of humor in his voice, he was actually afraid.

My t-shirt started to lift up from my gut, and my package swelled inside my tight jeans. My ass was starting to pop the seams of the seat, and my tree-trunk sized quads were ripping the thighs as well. My lats forced my arms up higher and higher, and my shirt began to tear. I was immense! Bigger than any bodybuilder I had ever seen, and I was still growing! My thighs met again, forcing me to stand spread-legged. I backed up to the wall, afraid to lose my balance and topple over. The crowd's attention was now brought to me, they froze, watching me slowly grow out of my clothes. Aidan had spotted me, too, and jumped down from the stage, making his way through the crowd. I heard a deafening pop as the fly to my jeans burst, the pants shreaded and fell away from my body. My boxers were painted on, my cock growing out the leghole. The shirt didn't stand much more of a chance either, my gargantuan pecs and expanded lats pulled the fabric to the breaking point. It tore, falling to my sides.

I saw Aidan's head pop out of the crowd as he reached to the floor and picked up the camera and ran to me. I grunted in pain as the tight boxers began to crush my balls. I reached down to pull them off, but my huge biceps and swollen lats wouldn't even let me reach them. Aidan saw what I was trying to do and tore the boxers off me. My big firm gut continued to swell, and my muscles expanded at an immense rate. When could it possibly stop!? Grabbing me by the hand, aidan pulled me through the huge double doors to my side. My thighs navigated around each other, colliding from time to time, causing my steps to falter.

He dragged me across the hot parking lot, people from the auditorium following behind us, mesmerised by my growth. I tried to look behind to see if Phil was following us, but my trap muscles were so developed I couldn't turn my head. They were touching my jaw! Finally, we reached the van. Aidan opened the hatch and I crawled in, still swelling. We drove away, not looking back.


The growth eventually subsided. I was nearly immobile, but somehow, I managed to get back on my feet. It was hard as hell getting out of that van, too. Aidan called in a few favors from a friend, and eventually got me to an industrial scale... we had to do it at night, too, since I was way too large for clothes. When we finally found out my weight, we were astounded. 864 pounds, muscled, with a firm paunch, and a 23 inch dick. I was a monster! My face was even different, more masculine... like the muscles had grown there as well. The camera was fine... but we haven't used it since I grew. Aidan is afraid that since the camera seems to give larger guys bigger gains that we'll both end up immobile. He's been learning to work it though, with the aid of a few friends, and has learned to control what kind of weight is added.

He plans on finding Phil at his next show, and using the camera to fatten him up on stage. I'd like to see that, but I can't go out... the camera is in front of me, and I'm debating whether or not to just get as big as possible, since I can never go out again anyway... •

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