By Also_KnownAs

Walking into Jesse's living room, Chuck was struck by how typical it looked. Big screen TV and stereo equipment loaded into a huge wooden monstrosity against one wall, 12-foot couch covered in brushed twill against the opposite, beige carpet, white walls, artsy-fartsy lamps from the 50's, throw pillows thrown here and there and a coffee table with a variety of remotes littered across it. Chuck told the guys to shove the coffee table aside to give him room and then the boys, Jesse, Brian and Edward sat on the couch while Jess's awesomely beautiful brother Joe perched on an arm, straddling it so that his ample basket sat between his legs bulging with its cargo.

Edward had a surprised but pleased look on his face, no doubt because Brian's muscled arm was hanging across his shoulder and pulling the guys closer. Frazz wandered next to the couch and hunched to a crouch, his elbows poised on his knees, the power of his thighs swelling and separating, the head of his dick dipping all the way to the carpet.

"Okay, you want the long story, or the shot version. I warn you the long version is pretty fucking long, but very interesting. And it's standard back at IGE that, before you receive the full treatment you get the full story."

"You've got the Transform with you? You're going to give it to us now?" Joseph was practically hopping up and down from the couch's arm.

"I have Transform, and I can give it to you. I can give it all to you, but you should be prepared for what that means." He winked at Frazz whose body was slightly shaking with silent laughter. "Because I might look pretty impressive now, but you're not seeing all that I have to offer."

"What the hell does that mean?" Brian's brow furrowed.

"Well, let's have a little show and tell." He clapped his hands together and rubbed them. "Oh, man, this is going to be something." Chuck meant he couldn't wait to see the four guys in front of him Transformed into the muscled monsters hidden inside them, but the guys just thought he liked telling a story. "Okay, first off, what it is. Transform is a substance developed in a lab to enhance male... everything. Muscle, strength, size, power -- everything that defines what a man is. It was developed for the military, which I guess isn't surprising, and the goal was to shoot the stuff into the ass of a group of elite fighter dudes who'd then get big and strong and tough and go kick the shit out of someone else's elite fighter corps. So Transform alters you genetically. Down to the cell. Everything gets remade and improved. Your brain stays more or less the same. In here," he said, tapping his forehead, "I'm the Chuck I always was. But out here," he motioned down his gorgeous array of prime muscled flesh with his thick forest of dark curls and bulging masses of brawn, "I'm all new. It works from the inside out, which explains why you grow so fast."

Jesse nodded. "Yeah, it was fucking amazing!"

"But Brian and I aren't growing fast. How come?"

"Well, Ed, it's a control thing and that's my doing. I had a thing I wanted to do, but anyway what happens when you're Transformed is you're capable of transforming anyone else, in any way you choose, with as much or as little Transform as you elect to give them, or everything all at once. I was giving you constant small doses." He grinned. "Control is the key."

"But everything grows at the same rate? Like, you couldn't just make my dick get huge?"

He considered it, remembering what happened to Sam when he was first changed and how the kid had concentrated the formula on his already impressive cock creating in himself a massively hung dude with an okay but not muscle-bound body. "I guess so, but why would you only do some when you can do it all?" He squeezed his own fat cock and grinned.

"What about the sex part," asked Joe. "Does it only work on gay guys? I've only seen guys doing other guys -- not that I object, of course." He grinned at Brian.

"Well now, one thing I'm sure you already know about the male animal is we're sort of oversexed. I mean, physically we need it. And when Transforms pumps up the other male drives and capabilities, it also pumps up that one. So now you have this elite group of super soldiers, all male, out there in the field for a while and they're super strong, super big, super bad and super horny. So what do you do? You need them to concentrate on the goal, not the cock. So someone made the call that in addition to everything else Transform does, it also turns you gay, assuming you weren't already.

"Yeah, I know, I know, that sounds so not military what with the Don't Ask, Don't Fuck thing, but when you think about it, it makes sense. You're already turning these guys into something else, and you have to believe these guys are dedicated to the cause or they wouldn't do it. But whatever, the point is that they thought they'd get better duty if the guy's only had eyes for each other.

"That's bullshit. How do you turn someone gay? You don't `turn gay.' You are gay or you aren't." Brian seemed angry about this.

Chuck arched a brow and shrugged. "I'm not the cook. But I can tell you that I was straight before I was Transformed. Or maybe I was bi and never admitted it. Maybe we all are. Maybe they wouldn't turn gay but they wouldn't be turned off either. How the hell should I know? I'm just repeating what I was told."

"Shut the fuck up, Brian, and let him get on with this!" Joe was anxious, that was for sure.

Chuck smiled at Joe. "Thanks. So anyway, my friend Todd was the first human test subject. They'd never injected the shit into anyone, and they picked his ass for the first one. He was given the lowdown on what to expect and he goes home and falls asleep and the next day he wakes up and looks... a lot like you guys.

"I should probably mention that he was a 30-year-old loser who never worked out and spent most of his time watching TV with me."

"Why did you hang out with some old dude like that?"

Chuck laughed slightly. "Because I'm an old dude like that."

"Fuck," concluded Edward.

"Exactly what I imagine Todd said when he woke up and looked at himself. The process took a few hours but it changed him so dramatically that he almost looked like another man, or at least a newer, better version of himself. So I show up at his door that morning, like usual, and he opens it and I see this guy with bulging muscles and long hair and smooth, tanned skin and... I mentioned I was straight, right? Well, I see this guy and get a whiff of him and I'm, like, hard as a rock. I am gone. I want nothing more than to stick my lips on his and kiss him to fucking death. He is beautiful... but he's still Todd. Even he can't believe what's happened.

"The next thing I know some doctor shows up and wants to take measurements, to see how well the shit worked. Meanwhile, I'm sitting on the couch trying to contain myself as Todd whips off his towel and displays about the biggest dick I'd ever seen and an ass so high and tight you could bounce quarters off it and, well, everything just looks exactly right on this guy. So he starts posing, pumping up his new muscle, letting the doc take a look and then he goes, `oh, and my hard-on this morning was a yard high,' and I'm like, `right, Todd,' and he's like, `no shit, I could lick the head without bending over' and then the doctor goes, `prove it,' and he just... gets a huge fucking woody in his living room. And I mean huge."

"How big?"

"Well, it wasn't three feet high, but it was huge, and I'm about to pop my cork over this and even I don't know why. I've never been so turned on by anything, but especially another guy, but he seemed like some super sexed thing that I couldn't deny. So huge and powerful and incredibly hot! So he starts stroking himself and I have to pull my little guy out and suddenly he's spouting this thick stream of cream out his prick and the doctor decides to dump the shit on me!"

"What?" Jesse leaned forward disbelieving. Frazz just started laughing again.

Chuck nodded. "Swear to fucking god, the little guy scoops it up and dumps it on me because it turns out that, well, that Todd's spunk now had the Transform in it."

"No. Fucking. Way."

"So I start getting really hot and... well, you've all felt it to some degree. And you've all experienced it. I started growing. I split my jeans open, my shirt was torn from my body, I grew and grew and suddenly there were two Transformed men standing there instead of one. Two huge muscle freaks naked as the day we were born but looking about 1,000 times better."

Chuck went on to explain how they ended up at the lab, and what happened there. How the growth continued to manifest and progress, how they found out that their bodies would automatically adjust and develop to handle increasing amounts of weight and stress, how they became ultra flexible. The guys on the couch became increasingly aroused during the lecture even though Chuck was keeping the male scent in check. But dicks were stretching and hands were stroking off and on during most of the time he was talking.

"Then, something really weird happened."

"Weirder than everything else?" Jesse couldn't believe the story so far, how could it get weirder?

"Well, everything else was sort of planned, you know? Maybe not to the extent that it was happening, but the growth and the super sexed stuff and my body becoming more powerful and capable were all built in. But the next thing wasn't."

"What happened?"

"Todd accidentally discovered this thing."

"What thing? Jesus, Chuck, quit teasing us!"

"Oh, okay. This thing. Um, Frazz could you come stand next to me?"

"Sure." The dark-skinned man's baritone rumbled across the room as he easily came to his full height and strode to where Chuck was. Other than the clear difference in their appearance, he was a few inches taller than his friend and a few inches broader as well. Physically, there could be no mistaking who was bigger in every way. They may both have been extraordinarily handsome and obviously powerful men, but Frazz could clearly be expected to overpower Chuck in any fight.

Then Chuck started to expand. To grow wider and taller. His dick extended and thickened. His neck bulged, his shoulders swelled, his chest expanded, his legs extended. The hair on his body began to disappear, as his skin grew darker and darker. Slowly before their astonished eyes, Chuck became Frazz. He assumed the form of his black- skinned friend, inch for inch, muscle for muscle, dick for dick. And in a matter of moments, two Frazzes stood before them. They had the same face, the same smile, the same eyes. Then they kissed each other, and reached down their hands to stroke the mammoth cocks hanging between their legs.

"Holy fuck!"

"That's... that's..." Edward was lost for words.

Then Frazz started to change, even as they kissed. With his mouth pressed to Chuck's, his body started to morph. His skin lightened. Dark waves of hair curled from his head. A sheen of shining black fur filled in the crevasses between his chest muscles, down his legs and forearms, a thick coat curling above his prick. His body condensed, his shoulders compacting, his muscles growing sleeker, tighter, harder, until Frazz was kissing Chuck again -- only Chuck was Frazz and Frazz was Chuck. They broke off their kiss and looked at the boys.

When Chuck spoke again, he even sounded like Frazz. "So, how you like me now?"

"You can become each other?"

Chuck smiled. "Not precisely." Then he started to change again, this time into a man none of them had seen before. Chuck morphed into one of his other disguises. His dark skin lightened again to a golden tan, the muscles of his body shrunk and tightened, becoming so clearly defined under his copper skin that he looked like he had almost no skin at all. A long cascade of golden blonde hair erupted from his head and hung across his thick shoulders. His eyes became an intense blue and his face altered into one of youthful beauty. He stood much shorter than Frazz now, maybe even shorter than Edward. An "average" guy with muscle to spare. A smooth, hairless body that looked like it had been training in a gym for years, and trained hard. Even his prick wasn't abnormally huge. "I can be anyone I want to be. Look any way I want to. Be bigger or smaller. I have total control."

Then he started morphing back to the Chuck they were more familiar with, and Frazz turned back too. "Control, guys, is the biggest advantage of Transform. You have control over your body and all its features and capabilities. Transform breaks down all your limitations and eliminates them completely. You can be anyone, do anything, be as strong as you need to be, as tall as you want to be, as big as... well, as big as me." He looked at the ceiling and asked, "How tall did you say the room was?"

Jesse said, "Fifteen feet, I think."

"I haven't actually measured myself in a while. I think I'll fit." He glanced at Frazz. "What d'you think?" Frazz gazed upwards, and all eyes in the room followed his gaze toward the exposed-beam ceiling.

"No fucking way."

"You say that a lot, Jesse," observed Frazz, who was grinning.

"What are you saying?" the younger brother asked. Joseph had hopped off the couch and stood on his feet, gaping at the ceiling. "You're... you're that tall? How... how can anyone... how can...?"

Chuck shrugged. "I dunno," he answered, "I just am." And then he started to grow again, this time assuming his natural state of ultimate size and beauty.

His body started expanding upward and outward, his limbs stretching by the inch, his shoulders widening, his chest building upon its already impressive dimensions again and again. The muscle unfolded, bulged, flexed and swelled. Thick, fat cables of power that stretched long and swelled and split and swelled again. He kept his face looking up as he approached the ceiling, measuring the distance as he approached it, as he felt himself growing taller and broader and bigger by the second.

And as his power and beauty was revealed, as it became increasingly apparent that what Jesse and Joe witnessed on the tape was only a hint of what was possible, only a whisper of the true power contained in the men who were fully Transformed, they found themselves growing hard and thick, their dicks reacting to what their eyes saw. As Chuck grew, he kept a leash on everything but his size. He wasn't releasing any male scent, he kept his twin prick hidden, all he did was allow himself to grow into the man he was now, the towering mass of super- dense and super-powered muscle.

But his face resumed its state of awesome physical perfection, and when at last he had regained his full 14-feet and 9-inches and looked down, a flood of cum shot from the boy's pricks all at once just to see such a thing. Such a man. So much of him.

Edward and Brian were already naked, so they simply grabbed hold and let fly, simply overcome. Joe finally pulled his dick out of his pants and it shot hard and full and thick. It was a tool of such beauty and perfection that seeing it was like knowing what god meant when he designed the cock. He'd been gifted with a prick of thick and lengthy wonder that shot its load so strong that you could hear him cum. Jesse, too, had a large member, already partially augmented by Transform so it was large and fat, and when he came it stretched itself another inch all the sudden and sprayed like a fountain.

"Well," he said softly, masking the power of his voice to make men release another flood of salty sex, "thanks!" He looked down at himself, his hands traveling over his rippled contours, the bulging masses of his chest, the tight cobblestone street on his belly, the length and girth of his monster cock and he sighed contentedly. "Sometimes I forget how good this feels."

He squatted down to their level and smiled. "This is who I am now," he said. "This is what you can be."

His shoulders blocked the entertainment center from view. His chest was a striated roadmap of power, each fiber of his muscles clearly defined beneath his smooth, glowing flesh. His skin seemed to shimmer slightly as he moved. The black fur that spread across his mammoth globes of power was thick and soft, a dark forest begging to be touched. Huge nipples poked up through the curls, as wide around as a beer can, with perfect caps you needed to suck on. When he bent his arm to rub his chin, the bicep swelled so huge it was unbelievable. Larger than a football, larger than a basketball, a swollen globe of muscle that split along the head and swelled larger still.

Chuck sprawled his legs out of the room toward the hallway. His giant dick, thick as an arm and looking at least two feet long, lolled across the fat fibers of muscle on his thigh. The muscles firmed and relaxed, bunching and stretching and illustrating their power with every move of his body. His cock was so big it looked like a live thing grown from between his legs, a heavy, luscious burden of sexual capacity so voluptuous and beautiful that it seemed to give off a heat of its own.

He leaned on his side and propped his head on his hand, his elbow on the carpet. The bicep of that arm swelled outward from the bend as if it wanted to burst free of his skin completely. As he breathed, the boys watched the round, hard muscles bunched along his tight, thin waist swell and recede. He lay on the carpet stretched his full height, the width of his body towering six or seven feet high. "This," he said, "is part of what Transform will do to you."

"Fuck me," whispered Brian.

"Later," said Chuck. Frazz chuckled a deep rumble and said, "Show off."

"What's stopping you?"

"There's no more room, dumbass. Your bulk is taking up the whole fucking place!"

Chuck stroked his mammoth dick and said, "My bulk isn't that big." Frazz chuckled again.

"Jesus, Chuck. I mean, Jesus!"

He nodded. "Impressive, ain't I? And we still haven't got to all of it, yet."

"More? More than this? Than that?" Joe was pointing at the giant prick lounging across Chuck's leg.

"Well, now that you mention it." Then he allowed the twin out for air. The guys seemed to stop breathing as they watched another fat, broad, luscious prick emerge from the thick midnight curls at Chuck's groin. It swelled and lengthened and lay itself against its brother, writhing and twisting as it grew until both monsters lay exposed and perfect.

Joe came out of it first and said, simply, "Holy cow."

Chuck grinned and moved to the next disclosure. "There's more," he said. And he reached his hand out toward Joseph and touched his fingers to the boy's cheek and sent him a full dose of the Touch through their connection. Joe swooned and buckled and came again, his perfect dick instantly hard and pumping another load from his juiced up body. Jesse looked concerned and started to stop whatever Chuck was doing to his brother, but Frazz reached him first and gave him the same treatment, touching Jesse's shoulder with his hand and he, too, was overcome and shooting his load, his whole body made a prick in that instant, coated with sexual bliss so intense that there was no escape. Brian and Edward looked at each other and both looked like they were about to complain when Frazz touched Brian and Chuck touched Edward and they got to taste paradise.

Through their haze of erotic ecstasy, Chuck said, "We call that the Touch. Just another little added extra. And when you're sufficiently recovered from that, I'll give you a sample of Male Scent, which I think Brian and Edward might be somewhat familiar with, but not at full potency."

Jesse was catching his breath. "Wai... wait a sec. Just, just hold off, please. I'm not sure I can take any more."

"But we're just getting started, Jess. And you wouldn't want to meet up with your pal Aaron unprepared, would you?"

"Oh, god, Aaron! I forgot about... you mean he's... of course he is. He's probably already Tranformed! Jesus, Aaron looks like... he's got two... Jesus!" He started trying to imagine his lover fully Transformed, his tight athletic body, those beautiful eyes of his, the blonde surfer hair. And all at once it became totally clear to him. "I want it," he said simply.

Chuck shrugged. "Of course you do." •

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