By Also_KnownAs

Aaron, naked now, his hand covered with his spunk, said, "Holy fuck." Jesse was looking at the vials. "This has to be a joke. A trick or something. Rewind the tape and see..."

Joseph, tucking his sticky cock back into his shorts, pressed the rewind button but nothing happened.

"This is just fucking insane." Jesse looked at Aaron. "Was that Peter?"

"I think so, yeah. Definitely looked like him -- or at least, what I remember he looked like. But he was never that fucking gorgeous when I knew him." Aaron looked at the vials, too.

It was Joe who asked the question they were all thinking. "Is there only enough for one person?"

Aaron took up the two vials, seemingly unaware of the sticky cooling cum on his hand. He looked at Jesse. "You want to do it?"

"Fuck yeah. If I can look like that guy -- or even come close?"

"You're pretty fucking beautiful already, asshole."

"Can I do it?"

Aaron and Jesse both looked at Joe. Then Aaron looked at Jess and said, "What do you think?"

"I think... I think if we dilute it in water? And then make three equal doses. Then we can all do it." He was grinning. "Besides, I still think it's some fucking joke or something."

There were six mugs altogether sitting on the kitchen sink. While Jesse still wasn't believing his own eyes, he took the task very seriously and was careful to extract every tiniest drop of each liquid from the vials. Now, as recommended, the three guys stood completely naked holding one mug.

Joseph couldn't help looking at Aaron's body. He'd always admired the guy's sleek, muscled lines and the way his bright blonde hair contrasted with his deeply tanned skin. The area where his shorts would normally be was pale white against the copper, and his uncut dick was shaped like a cigar, thicker in the middle and then thinning almost to a tip because of his long foreskin. He could see the edge of his head under the cowl of pink flesh, but it was otherwise completely hidden.

He glanced down at his own dick, which had shrunk in the open air as if scared, which he was, sort of. He thought he looked thin and pathetic, with no chest and stick legs. He didn't have any hair on his body, only under his pits and above his dick. He felt exposed and a little embarrassed when he compared himself to the other two guy. And Jesse, he had to admit, looked pretty amazing. He was used to seeing his brother's meaty arms and shoulders when he wore the tank top, but he hadn't seen him naked for a few years, not since they went skinny dipping in the lake when they were kids.

Now the full impact of Jesse's regimen of pumping iron and morning runs made itself obvious. He was a hunk, no doubt about it. If Joseph could forget he was his own brother, Jesse would definitely be one of the fantasy men he dreamed about. His skin wasn't as tanned as Aaron's, but it was very beautiful, really healthy looking. His chest was amazing, Joseph never imagined it was so big. And Jesse's cock was so much bigger than his! It looked huge! Maybe because he was semi-hard, probably excited by seeing Aaron naked or something. Still, he wondered if his would grow as big when he got older.

"Ready?" Aaron was smiling as he lifted his first mug.

Jesse shrugged, lifting his, too. "Willing and able." He looked at his kid brother. "You're sure?"

Joe nodded. And then he gulped it down. "Tastes like water."

Aaron sort of blinked then he drank his, too. Joe watched Jesse's Adam's apple bob as he poured his mug down his throat. "Weird," he said. "It's like my mouth is all oily or something." They all stood looking at each other for a second, then traded their empty mugs for the second set.

"This is it," Jesse said ominously, "no turning back."

"Fuck it," laughed Joe, and he drank.

The second mug felt like it was warm as it touched his lips. The liquid poured down his throat and the warmth spread, and started to grow hotter. His breathing grew more tense as he felt his body getting hotter. "Hot," he said, looking at the other.

Jesse nodded. His hands were on his torso, as if he could feel the heat under his skin. Aaron set his mug down and just stood there, eyes closed.

They didn't have a mirror in the place big enough for them to use, so they decided to use each other. "Do you feel anything?" Joseph spoke to Jesse, but Aaron answered, "You mean, other than the heat?"


Aaron nodded. "Something, yeah. Just not sure... oh, man, something feels good." He opened his eyes and looked down. His dick was getting hard. "Must be something like Viagra. I'm starting to feel very horny."

Jesse smiled and nodded. "Oh, yeah." His hands had moved down and he was petting his half-hard cock. Joe watched it jerk and arch. His bother's cock was growing to erection.

Then he felt it too, strong, very strong. His whole body felt good, but his cock was tingling like he was stroking it. He looked down and watched himself inflate, his tiny dick growing quickly. "Whoa."

"Impressive, Joe," Aaron said. When Joseph looked up, he could see something happening to Aaron.

"What is this stuff," he asked, watching Aaron's arms. They were hanging at his sides, but Joe could see the muscle start to get defined. More defined. It was like the separate muscles were pulling apart from each other, the skin sucking against them as they... as they grew! His muscles were actually growing! "Aaron! Aaron, look at your arms!"

Aaron nodded. "I know. Look at your belly."

He did. Although he hadn't felt anything but that pleasurable glow, his stomach was suddenly showing ripples of muscle. He put his hand on them, feeling their hardness, and could feel them growing! "Oh my god."

Jesse was bending his arms to bulge his biceps. "Look at this! Fucking look at this!" Each time he flexed, the muscle seemed to retain some of the bulge, and then bulge bigger next time. "Awesome! This stuff is fucking awesome!" Jesse's chest started to exhibit some of the growth, now. The two tight globes showed fresh striations of muscle stretching across them, muscle that swelled and filled in, building his chest into two distinct mountains. "Awesome," he whispered. Then he looked at Aaron and said, "Whoa."


"Your face."

Aaron's hands went to his cheeks, across his chin. "What?"

Jesse shook his head in disbelief. "Fucking gorgeous, dude."

Joe looked up, then sort of laughed. "Holy cow! Aaron, your face!"

Aaron looked over, his eyes widening. "What about your face, Joe? Look at your little brother Jesse." He glanced down. "Did I say little? Fuck, dude, you're getting bigger than Jess!"

He was. His dick was in overdrive. Already hard, and he hadn't even touched it, his tool looked bigger than it had ever been. As he looked down, he saw his own chest start to mature, the flat halves filling in with power. At first they were flat, hard plates of muscle, but that was changing quickly. "This is so cool." Even as he said the words, his voice seemed to deepen.

Jesse watched his brother grow in front of his eyes. His brother's face looked incredible, beautiful, and getting better by the second. He even seemed to be getting taller. He was sprouting, his body getting taller at the same rate it was growing bigger. He noticed his brother's hair seemed to be growing now, too. It was starting to hang in his eyes.

And Aaron's swimmer's body was getting seriously buff. As he watched, he could see his skin tone even out. It was actually darkening around his middle, and darkening all over. His skin looked tight and smooth against his growing muscles. He now had a totally ripped set of abs and his chest rivaled what Jesse had owned.

Had owned, because Jesse's chest was still going at it, getting bigger and wider. The tingling sense of growth was everywhere now. He could feel it like a sort of sensual pleasure, as if hands massaged and caressed him everywhere. He rubbed his thumb across the head of his prick and felt a slickness spreading and, looking down, he was leaking precum like a faucet. "Oh, man, so good," he said softly, and closed his eyes.

Aaron smiled at his lover's evident pleasure and then touched his hands to his own tool, finding the same spill of clear precum starting to come from his growing monster. And he could start to smell a scent in the hot room, the smell of men, a thick musk of sexiness and power that filled his head, made him hornier still, hungry with lust.

Of the three of them, the changes were affecting Joseph the most. In the space of time since they'd downed the Transform, Joe now looked almost as old and as tall and big as either Jesse or Aaron. He was becoming a man as Aaron looked at him. There was even a sprouting of hair across his chest, down his belly, spreading wide and thick above his prick.

And what a prick! It had to be eight inches already! Did Joe own that all this time and Aaron never noticed? No, that couldn't be it, it had to be the stuff, because as he watched, he could see the kid's cock growing! It was actually growing, getting longer and thicker! Shit, was that going to happen to his? Was it happening already?

He looked down and discovered that it was. He was getting bigger. His tool was swelling in his grip. He knew it was bigger than it used to be, and now the helmet started to slip out of his ample foreskin. He was drooling precum. He couldn't catch it fast enough to coat himself, he was leaking a puddle onto the floor. He looked over and saw the same thing was happening to Jesse. A clear honey of precum was drizzling off his balls.

His balls! His balls were huge! They looked freaky, like eggs, and they were churning. He could see it. "Dude," he began, but then stopped. Because his voice was different. "Jess. Jess, what is this stuff?" It was deeper, more powerful, approaching the tone he'd heard from the video tape, the same super-masculine voices from Michael and Peter.

"I don't know," his lover growled, "but I want more." Jesse had never felt so good in his life. His body was buzzing with growth, vibrating with power. He opened his eyes and looked at the other two, and in the mere seconds that had passed since he fell into a reverie of stroking himself, sinking into a flood of sexual release, his brother and his lover were changed men.

Aaron was starting to look like a middleweight bodybuilder. There was no fat on him, it looked like, and his skin was suctioned onto his still-developing muscles. His limbs were bulging masses. His torso was a relief map of power. He was muscled everywhere, his cock spitting out a slick coating that made it glisten.

And Joseph -- was that little Joe? He'd have fucked him right then and there if he didn't know that was his own brother. He looked incredible, almost like a different person entirely. No way that kid was only 16, not with those muscles, not with that face, not with... with the monster horsecock he was stroking! Holy shit, that thing was huge! It didn't even look real! And so perfect, too. Grown into a beautiful tube of sex flesh, thick and long and firm and perfect. It didn't even look like there were any veins on it! How was that... fuck, look at his face. Oh, man, that makes me want to cum. Oh man, what a gorgeous, beautiful, amazing face.

And the face matched the body. It was as if he was being forced through the last two years of puberty in the seconds he was standing there, and his body was performing above and beyond the call of duty. He looked more amazing than Peter! He could be a porn star, what with that face and that body and the monster between his legs. His muscles grew hard and smooth and round, his chest has two globes of raw brawn capped with fat, moist nipples and separated by a soft, deep darkness of curls. His shoulders bulged and swelled, his legs grew fatter still with power, power everywhere, every inch of him growing bigger and bigger as he watched.

Jesse wondered what he looked like. Looking down, all he could tell was he was big. Huge. Massive. His well-trained muscles were responding to this stuff by growing into rounded masses with deep cuts and amazing vascularity. He was a beast. And still growing.

That was when he could take it no longer. Crossing the length of the kitchen in two strides, he wrapped Aaron in his arms, pulling his new body close, flesh to flesh, muscle to muscle, cock to cock and pushed his mouth onto his lover's, his hands grasping his gorgeous face, and he plunged his tongue inside his hot, waiting mouth. He was kissed back with passion and lust, Aaron embracing his huge muscled mass back, wrestling their tongues together. Their cocks were hot, burning between them, pressed between their growing bodies and throbbing with need and desire.

They felt each other growing now. They could feel their own growth pressing on the other body, feel the other body pressing back. Hard, thick bulges of muscle mass writhing and flexing and expanding. Precum smeared their loins, dripped down their legs. The spicy scent of manhood flared and spread between them, showering the room in a sudden wanton flood of the scent of men fucking each other. It was thick in the room, warm and wet, and when it reached Joseph, he felt momentarily lost to it.

He felt pulled toward the two men in the room like a magnet to steel. His hands were covered with the wealth of his own lube, they slid over his huge erection and delivered a mounting tide of pleasure within him, building toward an eruption that would crack the world in two. He took a step toward them, a lock of silky hair falling across his gaze. He licked his lips, felt a moan leave his body, a deep feral sound that escaped from the thickness of his chest.

Aaron looked past Jesse, still engaged in a series of thick wet kisses, hands everywhere, but his eyes, his deep blue eyes, bored into Joseph. He reached out a muscled arm, expanding even now with more power, and grabbed Joe's shoulder, pulling him into the embrace. "Jess," he said, "look at Joe."

Their eyes met. Both were breathing hard. Jesse could feel Joe's monster throbbing against his hip. He reached his face toward the irresistibly beautiful vision of his brother and kissed him on the lips, kissed him full and hard and with lust. Joseph kissed him back, feeling nothing but a charge of erotic bliss. The brothers kissed until Aaron pulled Joseph's lips to his own, wanting nothing but to feel the passion and press his lust onto the young man's growing beauty, a masculine beauty so profound that no one could easily keep his hands off him..

The three stood huddled together, feeling their heat, their muscle, the essence of masculine power building and building, and suddenly they were a tangle of limbs and hands and mouths and dicks. Aaron and Jesse went directly to work, their bodies pumped full of sex and desire. They were all over each other, but neither forgot about Joseph. He fumbled a bit at first, awkwardly trying to feed his need by kissing and sucking and humping against whatever was in reach. But his body soon found its groove, and it wasn't long before the first dick in his virgin ass was none other than his own brother's, shoving inside him over and over while he sucked on Aaron's huge and growing prick. Jesse was kissing his lover's chest, sucking on his ample and sensitive nipples. Joseph's whole body bucked and trembled out of sheer joy and desire. His brother's cock felt huge inside him, made him feel whole and complete.

Their bodies built on the divided sample for 15 minutes and then they all came at once, fountaining their loads into and over each other until they were practically swimming in the hot, sticky cream. Their balls had built up huge loads and they came in long, unending pumps until they were spent, and they lay together wrapped up in each other coated with sweat and cum, their muscled bodies breathing hard and resting in the mutual afterglow of the best fuck session any of them had ever experienced.

"Fuck," announced Aaron, a grin on his face, "if that wasn't the best ever. Joseph, you are one hot little bottom. And for a dude who never sucked dick before, you caught on fast."

Joseph laughed softly. Aaron's head was resting on his rippled belly, and his own was on one of Jesse's mammoth thighs, his brother's limp prick resting warm and firm next to his face. "It just all sort of happened. I couldn't help it."

Jesse reached down and ruffled his brother's hair. "I know. It was like, overpowering. But so... so good. So right." He flexed his leg, the muscle bulging, to lift his brother's beautiful face and look at him. He had the face of a deity, a face not even Michelangelo could have imagined, a face of purest beauty.

Joseph smiled at his brother, his features dick-hardeningly gorgeous. "What?" he said, his voice a deep rumble of purest desire. Jesse wiggled his eyebrows. "Ready for seconds?" •

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