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Joseph gawked. "At 14?"

Aaron nodded. "Hey, I was a horny little guy. I didn't plan it or anything, we were just horsing around and whatever. But he was this really beautiful kid. I mean, he was beautiful. Like an angel, you know? And I wasn't bad, if I say so myself."

"You were a little runt with a nice face," interrupted Jesse. "Your mom showed me pictures."

Aaron shrugged. "Maybe, but he must have seen something you didn't. Anyway, like I said we were horsing around like two little dudes. Which, y'know, we were. It was in his basement rec room, which is so typical, but whatever. So, it was all hot and we were wrestling around and he takes off his shirt. He had this tight little body, already looked pretty strong, hard little bod on him, and he was all slick and sweaty and I looked at him and could feel myself getting hard."

"You're lying," Jesse said. "You were fourteen years old and getting an erection from another kid?"

"You want me to tell this story or not?" Jesse shut up and sat down. "Fine, okay Joe, so I'm standing about three feet from this kid and his chest is heaving cuz he's breathing hard and I'm breathing hard, too and he looks down and sees me getting a hard on, right? And so I try to cover it up but it's no use, the beast will not be tamed. As Jesse can attest, when I get going there's only one way to get me down. And my hand against my stiff little prick was making me even more aware of how it felt, and how he looked, and then I'm going all red and feeling uncomfortable and thinking, well, maybe feeling like a total dork will make my woody go away. And then I look at my friend, kind of scared and embarrassed, right? And guess what he does?"

"Kicks you in the balls." Jesse rolled his eyes.

"Well, nope, but my balls are involved in this part. So I'm standing there frozen stiff, you should pardon the pun, and he starts undoing his belt. His hands are unbuckling his Boy Scout belt and then his fingers are unzipping his pants."

"You are so full of shit."

Aaron shook his head. "Hand to god, it's all true. So he pushes his pants off his hips and steps out of them and he's standing there in his briefs and they're kind of clinging to his body, right? And sort of see-through from his sweat, because they're cheap Sears shorts or something. And I can see it."


"What do you think, dumbass? His stiff little member is as hard as mine. And he smiles this weird smile and comes over to me and moves my hand away from my crotch and he goes on his knees..."

"You are so full of shit!"

"And his hands undo my pants, and unzip me, and open my fly."

"So full of shit!"

"And he reaches into my pants and pulls down my shorts and my little man springs up at attention. I'm as sweaty as he is, and my prick is all slick and shiny. The head was already out of the foreskin and I was getting harder and harder, so hard I felt like I was going to cream right there. But he puts his hand on me and looks up at my face, and my jaw must have been hanging on my chest, and he leans forward and starts giving me head."


Aaron's eyebrows wiggled. "Now, considering I'd never had anyone's mouth on my dick before -- hell, I'd never even considered it, before -- I was having a good deal of control trouble. And it was probably only about a minute later that I blew my wad. And this kid, he didn't swallow, he sort of choked. I guess he wasn't expecting me to cum so fast. So he pulls off and hand jobs me until I'm done, and I squirt about ten times and I'm just this little revving engine, I'm cumming on his chest and his belly and he's smiling all the time, just smiling and smiling. And I finally finish and I don't know what to say. But then I find out I'm not supposed to say anything."

"You're supposed to return the favor."

"Fuckin' a, Jesse. Little tight body stands up in front of me, his dick is stretching his shorts and there's a wet spot on them and he pulls them off his body and tosses them over to where his pants and shirt are and he's standing there all lean and firm and beautiful in the dark basement room, hair wet with sweat, skin gleaming, his soft little pubes moist and glistening and he pulls my shirt off over my head and I'm shoving my pants off and my shorts and then when we're both naked, he looks down at his stiff member -- and believe it or not, mine is still semi-hard even after blowing my load -- and I get his drift and I say something stupid like, `I've never done it before,' and he just smiles again, he's a cool little fucker, and he leans forward and kisses me on the mouth and I'm thinking, he just had my dick in his mouth and now he's kissing me and I get pretty fucking hot all over again. I'm thinking, `fuck, this is great, this is perfect, this is what I want,' and I go down on him, he smelled sort of sweet and sweaty at the same time, but the stink turns me on even more and I'm looking at his cock, he's bigger than me I can tell, and I'm wondering how to stick it in my mouth, but he goes, `kiss it,' and I do. I kiss it, and it's hot. And hard. And I press my tongue against it and lick it, and he sort of sucks in a breath and says, `yeah, that's good. Suck me, Aaron. Please. Suck my dick," he says. So I did."

Joseph looked over to see if Jesse was as erect as he was. Jesse was slowly massaging his groin with the butt of his right hand. His cock was outlined against his jeans. Joseph wanted to reach inside and adjust himself, he could feel the eye of his cock shoving against his shorts.

"It was pretty weird, I have to admit. But I was so into it after I got started, I wanted to eat him alive. I was sucking so hard on him that when he swelled before he came, I never even noticed. But I swallowed his load like a hungry dog. I sucked him dry and kept on sucking. Man, I was in heaven. I felt free and so fucking good. My 14- year old body was pumped with adrenaline and all I wanted was more. I didn't feel embarrassed or anything, I felt fucking alive!"

"And that was it?"

Aaron nodded. "Like I said, that was the first time. Just us giving each other head. We graduated to more and better things pretty quick -- I mean, after that I just couldn't keep him out of my mind, couldn't wait to get my hands on him, suck him off again, taste that boy in my mouth, feel him drilling my ass. The first ass fuck, Joe, it hurts like a motherfucker. We didn't even think about lube, until after. Lube up your knob, Joe, you can't lube it enough."

"How long were you two together?"

"Jealous? We lasted all through high school, even through a few fucking around experiments on both our parts, seeing if the girls turned us on like we did each other, seeing if we could tempt other boys into bed. He was a little jock, that one, was on the baseball and football teams, built himself up rather nice. I was on the swim team, so I stayed... pretty much like you see me."

"And what was this prodigy's name?"

Aaron smiled, glancing at the open IGE box. "Peter."

"Not... now you are shitting me." Jesse laughed and reached for the tape that was inside the box. "Your first fuck is on this tape?"

Aaron nodded again, smiling broadly, as Joseph asked, "What is that?"

"Got this today, Joe. You might be interested in what's on this, too, if muscles drive you nuts. You like muscles?" Joe sort of shrugged, but he was turning red, too. "Yeah, you like muscles. Well, what we have here is probably a joke, but Jess insisted we go through the hoops and now here it is, just as promised."

"Here what is? Jesus, Aaron, what is it?"

Jesse answered instead. "Supplements or something." Joseph looked perplexed. "Aaron's friend Peter calls him out of the blue and gives him these really weird instructions about going to some Web site and responding to some invitation to see this thing and," he said, reaching for the two bottles, "a sample of some stuff supposed to change your whole life. Same shit they sell in comic books. Charles Atlas and all that. Secret muscle growth formula. And the tape Aaron is loading in the VCR will explain it all for us. Should be a riot."

The TV screen was black as the tape started.

Then a voice started speaking through the TV's speaker. It was a masculine voice but so rich in tone and depth that it seemed to fill the room and reach out to each of the men in the room and demand their full attention. And their cocks' attention as well. It was a voice that wrapped itself around them, set their short hairs tingling, made them glad they owned dicks, dug under their skin like a tide of deep pleasure. They could hardly hear the words for the feeling it gave them. Each fell silent and stared at the screen, feeling hot and bothered and getting hard as the first few words were spoken.

"Greetings to you, Aaron Matheson. Thank you for your interest in our services. This tape has been prepared especially for you. My name is Michael, and I am the president of IGE. Before the presentation begins, a few words of warning in the interest of full disclosure.

"This video tape may only be viewed once. There is a magnetic device inside that erases the oxide tape as it enters a special chamber after it has been played. Once you have started the tape, do not attempt to stop or pause it. Such actions will render it immediately void of material. These precautions are in place for our protection - and yours.

"Do not discard the blank sheet of paper in the box. If you have done so, please retrieve it now. You will be given instructions at the end of this presentation concerning deciphering the contents thereon.

"Finally, do nothing with the vial of Transform until instructed.

"Viewing this tape from this point will provide you with most of the information you will require to decide if you wish to take the next step - a visit to our facilities. We do not make our processes and supplements available anywhere outside our facilities. If you elect not to follow through on your inquiry, your deposit will be returned to you. You will have no further contact with IGE.

"Again, thank you for your interest."

Joe was rubbing his hard prick through his jeans when silence replaced the man's incredible voice. If he bothered looking over, he'd have seen that Aaron had pulled his cowled tool from under his shorts and was slowly pleasuring himself. Jesse had both hands down his unzipped pants.

He watched as the screen gradually faded from black to white, the center of the TV showing the IGE logo.

And then he was confronted with the face of the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.

"Hello, Aaron." The man smiled, and Paul gasped. "My name is Carlos. I am a scientist here at IGE and, I'm proud to add, one of the first benefactors of our body perfecting processes. You'll not I don't label what we do bodybuilding or body improvement, for it is much more than that." The camera started to slowly pull back, revealing that the man, Carlos, was standing in a white room. As the angle widened, it also revealed that the man was shirtless, and what it revealed about his body was nothing short of impossible to believe.

Joseph could hardly breathe. He was overcome, his pubescent hormones were being driven berserk. Aaron was standing up, shoving his shorts off his hips, whacking away without a care. Jesse had managed to shove his shorts down and his other hand was crawling under his tank top, caressing his belly and chest. It was like the room was suddenly saturated with sex. "Our process is very simple and involves one ingredient. We call it Transform, and a small sample has been included in your introductory package." The man's chest was broad and thick, his shoulders looked like bowling balls. His arms were cabled with strength. His lats flared wide and heavy, widening from his tight waist and an amazing - was that a 10-pack of abs he was sporting? Good God, they looked like apples under his bronzed flesh. "As you can see, the results are rather staggering."

So saying, the man began to illustrate the muscular development of his amazing and beautiful body. Aaron moaned, his was jerking off with wild abandon at the site of so much power, so much sheer masculine beauty and ability. Joseph's teen prick was painfully hard and throbbing. He could feel his load building. His body was suddenly very hot. Jesse looked over at Aaron and licked his lips as he scanned his lovers tight muscular form, then locked his eyes back on the muscled superman on the screen as if imagining what Aaron would look like with that body.

Carlos slowly bent his arm, keeping his eyes on the camera so that his electric, golden gaze was on Paul's eyes. The bicep on his arm began to bulge obscenely, swelling larger and larger. The head split in two and the muscle continued to grow, getting impossibly huge until it filled his upper arm, its sheer size matched by the tricep on the underside. His forearm was a mass of cabled glory. He paused there, the muscle tensed at its most bulging glory - and then, impossibly, the muscle seemed to swell larger still. Were the fibers swelling and splitting? Was it actually developing, growing larger, even more muscled before his eyes? And as this was occurring, as the man's arm swelled to ever larger proportions, his face remained calm, serene, absolutely beautiful.

Carlos relaxed - if a body of so much muscled glory could be said to be relaxed - and he smiled again. "In case you have some doubts concerning my voracity, I'd like to bring in someone you know to give you an idea of the changes we're able to accomplish. Peter?"

Carlos then walked away from the camera, giving the trio a shot of the most perfectly formed ass any of them had ever seen and something that wagged between the man's legs that teased at anyone's sense of disbelief. Then another face filled the screen, and Aaron, Jesse and Joe all lost it at the same time.

"Hey Aaron. Long time, no see."

"Oh my fucking god."

"Jesus H..."

"Holy cow."

Aaron and Jesse both looked at Joseph and laughed. Then, when Peter spoke again, all eyes were riveted to the screen.

What Peter had become was nothing short of male perfection. If Carlos was amazing to see, Peter was beyond belief.

His body was a rock-solid mass of bulging power. Smooth, fat muscles twisted and flexed under his copper skin. He had a short shock of deep black hair on his head, and his eyes were turquoise. His face had the sculpted beauty of a Roman statue, with a broad chin and prominent cheekbones. When he smiled, like he was now, his whole face lit up. He shook his head slightly as he lifted his hand to scrub it through his dark brush of hair. The bicep on his arm balled up and swelled like a balloon. "I know it's hard to believe. And you haven't seen me in a couple of years, but this wasn't what I looked like three days ago."

The camera started opening to a wider shot. "Three days! Aaron, this stuff, this stuff is amazing. I mean, look at me!"

And they did. They saw his mammoth chest, cut down the center with a deep cleavage between the powerful globes. A dark dusting of black fur spread across it like a forest on a deep brown mountain range. Finger thick cables of power stretched forth from that deep valley, pumping his flexing chest to enormity. He had a tight, hard belly of rippling perfection, also dusted with his black soft fur. Amazing obliques pointed the way to a cock of such proportions that all three guys wished they could cum all over again.

The man was too beautiful and too powerful to take in all at once. "Believe it Aaron. It's all true. Take it, buddy. Then come here and join me and get the full treatment." He spread his powerful arms wide and that dick-hardening smile returned. "All you have to do is accept the invitation."

The screen faded to black again, and the voice, that beautiful voice, returned.

"Our results are guaranteed. To experience for yourself a small sample of those results, we invite you to try Tranform now. The vials in your package, Aaron, were prepared especially for you by Peter. The dosage has been diluted and is approximately 1/100th of a full- strength application. You will experience incredible physical changes that will only hint at what can be yours should you accept our invitation. These changes are permanent and non-reversable.

"We recommend that if you decide to sample the product, disrobe first and do so alone while standing before a mirror. You will see and feel results immediately after swallowing first the clear liquid, then the white. As you've no doubt noticed from the two men in your presentation, the enhancements are all-inclusive.

"If you choose to take the next step and join us here at IGE, further instructions are included on the sheet of paper. Simply submerge the sheet under hot water to reveal the information. The data will be displayed for approximately 15 seconds before the sheet dissolves entirely, so be prepared to write down what you see.

"Congratulations on being accepted as a candidate, and we hope to hear from you soon. You may eject the tape at any time. This presentation is concluded."

A slight humming was the only sound in the room coming from the VCR. The guys stood stunned, and then looked at each other. •

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