Gaston's Growth

The Growing


By musclefreak4559

“Hmeep , Hmeep, Hmeep.” Gaston woke up to the sound of his digital alarm clock beeping loudly stirring him from his sleep. After hitting the off button his phone began to ring, loudly his caller Id said it all: Jones, Fred. Gaston picked up “ Hello, Fred.” Gaston spoke, “ Hello Gaston I’m Waiting for you, are you dressed, I take it you’re not since you probably jacked off when you got home, I have that effect on people.” Gaston laughed “ I’ll be there in a minute.” Fred chuckled “ Don’t take long, I have such sights to show you, my limo is waiting.” And then he hung up Gaston smiled and put on his favorite shirt and shorts and left.

The limo was a spacious behemoth filled with champagne and gay porn playing on the television. The video was “Hazed” a video staring Matthew Rush , who was Gastons favorite porn star. The tabloids always portrayed him as a ladies man and had once had wooed princess Belle, but even his friends knew he couldn’t get it up for her. Her new husband however was a hunk and he had spent several nights beating off to his image in his head. Now he was dreaming of Fred and kissing him all over and then he thought of Fred’s little stud boy he had at the gym. That it couldn’t be Aladdin , the same street rat that loved a princess that was above him in social class rank. How’d the hell did he get buff so fast, why wasn’t he fucking Jasmine, and how did he get involved with Fred. “ I know what you’re thinking,” Gaston looked down at the TV and saw Fred looking up at him. “ How, the hell...?” “ Don’t worry Gaston you’re not hallucinating, I have interrupted the signal on the TV, to talk to you.” Fred began to flex “ You want this don’t you,” Fred said as he flexed his Bi’s “ I’m larger than you are , stronger , and I have a following. Join me and I’ll give you unlimited power.” the TV shut off the image of Fred’s huge body burned in his brain then he heard the click of the door and there was Aladdin’s head poking in the door. “Mr. Gaston we’re ready.”

The castle itself was a marvel, filled with art of muscle gods that looked as if they were drawn my masters of the visual arts. The smell of muscle was filling the air and Aladdin looked as if he was smuggling a sausage in his green poser. “ The master is expecting you, you’ve come on a very special night.” Aladdin said. “Why is it someone’s birthday?” Gaston said , Aladdin just chuckled “ No silly, Shaggy is going to grow tonight.” Gaston looked confused. “ Grow?” Gaston said “Yeah, You see all of us got this way by a special formula Shag and Fred found. Shaggy just wanted to grow some muscles and Fred... well lets just say he wanted to be massive , a god, Shag took a few drops and Fred took 20X more than him.” Aladdin said. “ So Shaggy is going to become a muscle stud? What does that have to do with me?” Gaston said. Aladdin smiled “ You’re his present.”

The door to the chamber was a wooden door with iron hinges that squeaked when it was opened . Gaston entered the pitch-black room , the heavy stench of muscle and cum was filling the air and Fred was nowhere in sight. Then the lights turned on and there was Fred, flanked by three muscle studs Gaston recognized them instantly. There was Wolverine who had went from a furry hunk to a huge god, his body hair accentuated his new huge body. Tarzan , the former jungle man looked like a young Ronnie Coleman and his long hair made him even hotter. Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner had improved since Gaston saw him, his lithe body had turned into mounds of hard muscle his pecs were as huge as Fred’s and he was hung like a horse. “ Boys,” Fred said “ Undress and worship him!” they responded with a “ yes master” and began to undress Gaston. Tarzan pulled Gaston’s t-shirt off and began to lick his chest nibbling on his nipples and burying his nose into Gaston's chest fur. “ yeah , you like to lick this manly muscle stud , don’t ya jungle boy?” Gaston said as he watched Nightcawler begin to lick his thighs. “ Hey , Wolvie!” Gaston said “ Lick my pits now.” and Wolvie obeyed nuzzling Gaston's underarm and covering it in gooey saliva. It was then that Gaston felt a tickling sensation in his ass. It was Kurt , rimming his ass for all it was worth. Then Fred Clapped his hands and said “ Enough boys lets let shaggy take his present up to bed with him.” The men stopped and then shaggy stepped into the light and smiled “ Come.” he said and walked with Gaston to his room “ the fun is about to begin.”

Gaston looked at Shaggy’s room with a sense of awe, how could a person afford a room like this? There was a bar , filled with exotic liquors and protein drinks. a library of blank videotapes with white labels , a full gym , and a large bed covered in red satin sheets. “ Lets set some ground rules okay.” Shaggy said “ first : you are now a bottom boy , not some manly top okay. Second: you are to do everything I say no if , ands , or buts. Got it?” Gaston nodded . “ Good now bend over and let me fuck you in your tight ass.” Gaston did as he was told and bend over, he felt the cold slickness on his anal ring and looked in fear as Shaggy lubed up his cock which had swolle up to the thickness of a coke can and looked about 12 inches in length. “ Here it comes muscle stud!” Shaggy said and slid his cock up Gastons ass moving at a quick clip thrusting in and out of his ass. “ How do you like it on the bottom Gaston?” Shaggy said “I bet you want more of this cock huh?” Gaston groaned “ Oh yeah fuck me Shaggy I want you so bad.” Shaggy laughed “ I knew you would , you’re such a muscle slut for some guy who looks so bulky.” Gaston moaned “ Fuck me you muscle stud , fuck my tight ass.” Shaggy obliged , after all he was going to become a huge god soon. It wasn’t long before Shaggy had to cum “ Like . Zoinks , I’m gonna blow my load.” Gaston grunted “ Fill me up stud , fill me with your hot muscle cum.” and with that Shaggy blew his load with a loud roar. After pulling out his dick, Shaggy smiled “Time to grow bottom boy.” and then he began to grab the bottle. He pulled the dropper out of the bottle and began to drink equivalent of 400 drops. “ Oh yeah here it goes , I feel so hot.” Then he looked in marvel as his Bi’s swelled to the size of giant pumpkins that you see at county fairs. His 8 pack grew into a cobbled 10 pack . “ Yeah look at me I’m a fucking god!!” Shaggy yelled , and looked down at his cock, which had grown from 12 inches to a whopping 24 inches. Gaston looked in awe , Shaggy looked as if he had grown into a huge god from mount Olympus. “ Ya wanna try this Gaston” Gaston looked as if he was a deer in the headlights and could only manage a small “ yes” and with that took the same dose as Shaggy. “ Oh man , what’s happening?” Shaggy laughed and said “ it begins.” and looked in awe as Gaston’s body began to morph. Biceps turned into rocky peaks of muscle, pecs became large slabs of muscle that could feed a starving nation, abs became cobbled roads of muscle and his dick became a long shaft of love meat. After the growing stopped Shaggy smiled and looked at Gaston “ wanna fuck?” didn’t answer he moved towards Shaggy and kissed him on the mouth sticking his tongue down Shaggy’s throat. Then shaggy moved down to Gaston’s huge 25 inch shaft that was sticking up in the air , at attention like a soldier talking to his foul mouthed drill sergeant. He opened his mouth and took in almost 22 inches in his mouth licking and sucking the shaft as it were a lollypop . “ nnng , oh fuck Shag you’re a great cocksucker. Oh yeah suck my huge prick you beatnik stud.” Shaggy bobbed up and down pulling it out only to lick the head. “ Hey Shag let me taste your cock.” and then positioned himself for a 69 the sounds of groaning and slurping filled the room. It was then shag stopped and said “ Fuck me with your prick Gaston let me feel it in my tight ass , don’t use any lube.” Shag flipped over and Raised his ass in the air. “ Come and get it big boy!!!” Shaggy moaned and with that Gaston slowly inserted his prick into the buff hippie. “ Hah Hah Hah , oh Gaston fuck me fuck me harder.” Shaggy moaned , Gaston laughed “ Yeah take my cock you stud , take it all.” then began to pump harder into shaggy . It was then shaggy began to shoot his load spraying his chest with cum. Gaston dipped his finger in the cum and slurped it up “ MMM tasty, I love your cum Shaggy, why don’t you taste mine?” Gaston pulled his cock out of Shaggy and began to jerk off. “ Here it comes hippie boy!!” and shot his load on Shaggy’s abs. Gaston dipped his finger and placed it near Shaggy's lips and shaggy began to suck greedily , it was then Shaggy said “ I think we should show Fred and the others our new bods.” “ I agree lover!” Gaston said and the stepped outside.

Fred saw the door open and the two studs walk out. he shouted to the others. “ There done let the orgy begin!!” •

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