Gaston's Growth

Seek and Change


By musclefreak4559

“ They’re done,” Fred said “ let the orgy begin.” There was much whooping and hollering in the castle amongst the slaves, it was their first orgy in the castle and now the time of licking, sucking, fucking, nipping, chewing, and screwing until their balls whistle “ Oh Come All Ye Faithful.” Had begun with a new god in their ranks. Gaston was wooed to become a freak after seeing Shaggy grow during a fucking session, now they joined Fred as muscle gods. How they wooed Gaston to join the group, he didn’t know he saw Fred and got a hard on that lasted until he jacked off at home. He still remembered being invited by Aladdin and now he knew his purpose, to fuck the hell out of all these muscle studs. Hey darlin,” wolverine said “ wanna fuck?” Gaston laughed “ on your knee slave, and suck my muscle cock!” Wolvie bent down and licked Gaston’s cock head licking and sucking it as if it was a sweet treat. “ Unhhhhhhh, Oh yeah, slave lick my cock. Good slave!” Gaston looked over and saw Fred with Kurt Wagner bent over with Fred's tongue in his ass “ Oh mein master; your tongue feels soooo goood!” Kurt moaned “ Wait until you feel my cock!” Fred said and with that stopped rimming Kurt and began to slowly to push his cock in to the blue elf. Aladdin and Tarzan were servicing Shaggy. “ Slave Tarzan, lick, lick my pits man!” Tarzan moved up and began to lick the fur under Shag’s arm Shaggy moaned “ yeah Jungle man, lick my sweaty pits yeah. Slave Aladdin licks my cock.” Aladdin bent down and took in almost half of Shaggy's cock in his mouth. Fred however was fucking Kurt at a quick clip “ Yeah that’s it elf, take my muscle cock!” Kurt moaned “ Oh mein Herr, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck meeeeee!” Wolvie was sucking on Gaston more and more until Gaston said “ I’m gonna cum.” and pulled out his cock and shot his load on Wolverine’s face. Wolvie placed his finger in the cum and licked it off his fingers “ Slurp slurp, MMM your cum tastes so good master.” Gaston smiled at Wolvie and kissed him deeply, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, Gaston licked the cum off his face and then moved down to wolvie’s chest nipping at his rock hard nipples “Yeah that’s, it master lick me all over.” Gaston smiled “ Bend over slave Wolvie and let me see that ass!” He commanded and Wolvie did as he as told Gaston teased wolvie’s hole by placing his cock in a little bit and then pulled it out. Meanwhile, Shaggy was breathing heavily as Aladdin slurped and licked his cock “ Zoinks, I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Unngh, Unngh, Here it comes, Eeeeeegah.” Shaggy said as Aladdin sucked up every last drop as if it were coke cola. Tarzan stopped worshiping shaggy and bent down. He spread his ass revealing his tight rosebud “ Master shaggy fuck me please! My ass is aching for your cock!” Shaggy laughed “ Okay eager beaver I'll fuck you but first let me taste that jungle anus.” Shaggy bent down and darted his tongue in and out of Tarzan's ass savoring the sweet musky scent and the sexy taste of the jungle man’s ass. Fred was still fucking Kurt’s sweet blue ass until Fred roared and shot his muscle god man cream up the little blue elf’s ass. “ Now Kurt,” Fred boomed “ I want you to worship me. Show me how devoted you are to your master.” Kurt began to kiss Fred's huge pecs licking his nipples, and then moving to his musky pits licking the fur, Fred flexed his rocky mountain of a bicep and Kurt began to kiss it. “Oh yeah slave, you love worshiping this god huh? You want to suck my cock? It’s very hard” Kurt nodded and began to suck his master cock. Gaston was now inserting his cock fully into wolvie’s ass, moving in and out in as slow and steady rhythm. “ Grrrr, Oh yeah master, fuck my mutant ass!” Wolvie grunted Gaston smiled his sexy grin and laughed “ I bet you like my cock buried in your ass huh.” Gaston said and then glanced over at Shaggy and saw him now fucking Tarzan for all it as worth. “ Ungh! Master fuck me harder, let me feel your power!” Shaggy laughed and began to move faster. Aladdin was jerking off when Fred beckoned him to come over. “ Hey street rat come here and fuck me while Kurt sucks me off.” Aladdin placed his cock in Fred’s ass as Kurt draped himself over Fred's lower half and still sucked on Fred's massive pole. “ Yes, fuck me my slaves, love your master!” Gaston finished with Wolvie with a “ Roarrrr!” And a couple of quick grunts. Shaggy grunted loudly “ here ya go jungle man. Take my spunk! Eraagh!” Tarzan and shaggy moved near to Gaston and Wolvie said “ Lets finish with a circle jerk, What do ya say?” The other 3 men agreed and began moving their hands up and down on each other’s slippery poles. Fred grunted “ Yeah look at them slaves, they love us.” Gaston grunted loudly as Tarzan moved his head slowly moved down to suck Gaston. Wolvie picked up the pace on Shag’s cock. “ ERRR fuck me harder Street Rat.” Aladdin picked up the pace and soon yelled “ I’m Cumming master! ERRRRRRAHHHHHH!” And then Fred moaned and saw Kurt’s mouth start to leak cum “ Yeah drink my cum elvie!” And then the moans of Gaston and the other 2 studs filled the air with cum and moans. “ Yes my studs,” Fred said “the orgy is finished. Now my studs I would like to end it on a good note. I have a dream, a dream of having a large muscle harem. One that will be remembered throughout the ages. You my friends know that a few years ago when Shag and I discovered the formula by accident through a mutual friend that I knew that I wanted to have a harem to worship us, and now the time has come to expand. I would like to introduce you , if you don’t know him already, to the man who will join me and shaggy in the leadership duties , Gaston!” The slaves shouted and cheered as Gaston walked next to the two gods. “ Now,” Fred said, “ We are going to my room to discuss new members to our harem. Get some rest my slaves, Tomorrow is another day.” and with that the slaves went to bed.

Fred’s room was about as big Shaggy’s with all the same trimmings as the beatnik’s room. “ Now gentlemen,” Fred said, “ we need to discuss who we want to join us.” he pulled out a computer printout “ These are the gym rats that frequent the gym, They range from teens to grown men.” Gaston looked down at the printout and read “ Casey Jones, Robin , Phoebus, Beast Boy... These are good Fred!” Fred laughed “ I know , the question is who to pick.” Shaggy spoke. “ What about Robin?,” he said “ He has a nice frame , perfect for growth.” “ yes , but he won’t join, I’ve proposed many times but he says no.” Gaston chuckled “ I know how!” Fred looked amazed. “ How?” he said “ I know a dirty little secret he has. He has a crush on Beast Boy , we kidnap Beast Boy and change him! It’ll play on his love for him and his hidden desire for muscle.” Fred smiled “ Brilliant! Gaston, I’ll send you and Wolvie to fetch him. Meeting adjourned.”

Beast Boy was snuggled in his bed , the dreams were the usual dreams of being a stud , fucking and flexing while slaves worshiped him was all he thought about. Then he heard voices, they were loud and close as if they were right on top of him . His eyes snapped open , “ Hello?” he said and then saw them in the half-light. One was massive with huge muscles and a strong manly scent, the other was not as muscular but had more chest fur then the other. “ What the...” but it was too late the chloroform soaked rag covered his mouth and sleep covered his body and he went limp. He awoke to the sensation of rope being wrapped the cool wooden bedpost where his hands were. “ Where....Where.... am I” Beast Boy croaked. His vision was blurry but he could make out a mountain of flesh with blonde hair the scent of cum filled the air, his vision cleared and saw Fred Jones staring at him lustfully. “ Welcome Beast Boy, Sorry if my men frightened you but , it was for the best.” Beast Boy grunted loudly and struggled against the ropes then he gave up , it was hopeless. It was then He saw Fred hit a double Bi pose glaring at Beast Boy. “you want this don't you.” he said Beast Boy nodded and he felt his cock get hard. Fred laughed , “ I’ll suck you off little Superhero! I bet you want to feel this mouth on your dick.” Fred went down and began to lick and caress Beast Boy’s cock the green teen superhero moaned as Fred bobbed up and down. Beast Boy felt as if he was in heaven, the wet slippery sensation felt as if his cock was being bathed in liquid velvet. “ Unng , Like, I’m Gonna come soon dude.” Beast Boy said and Fred stopped. “ No , no , no ,” Fred said “ you’re not going to cum, you’re not allowed.” Beast Boy moaned “ please , let me cum! I need to.” Fred shook his head “ No , First you have to do something for me, and you got to grow for me. then I’ll let you cum.” Beast Boy whined “ Okay Just let me cum, please Dammit.” Then Fred bent down and sucked him until the titan came. Then he passed the bottle to him and Beast Boy drank deeply, soon he clutched his stomach “ what’s happening to me? I feel so hot!” Fred laughed “ You’ll see teen titan.” Beast Boy looked at his scrawny biceps as they grew he flexed and kissed the growing muscle “ Yeah baby , I’m getting buff !” he looked down and saw his abs pop out of his stomach soon it went from a 6 pack , to a 8, pack , and finally stopped at a 10 pack . Beast Boy moaned as he rubbed his abs “ Yeah feel these abs of steel!” and then he saw his cock grow from 7 inches to a whopping 23 and a 1/2 inches he was amazed. “ Welcome to the freak hood!” Fred said “ Let’s show Robin your new bod.” and he motioned to the camera and flipped it on.

“Unngh yeah! Lick my fuckin sweaty nuts! Yeah!” this is the sound the echoed throughout Titian Tower. Robin awoke to the sounds of porn , gay porn in fact. “ What the hell is beast boy doing at 2:00 in the morning watching porn?” Robin thought and stepped into the TV room , There was “ Hazed” with Matt Rush getting his nuts licked by an actor who played a pledge for a frat house. “ Beast Boy , turn this damn porn off!” Robin yelled , no answer. He grabbed the remote and pushed off , it didn’t shut off. He went near the plug and yanked but it didn’t yank like a plug in a socket would, the TV was already unplugged and it was still running. “ Hello Robin.” the TV said Robin turned and saw him. Fred Jones , how the hell did he do that , how did he get to fuck with the TV when it was unplugged. then he saw Cyborg’s head. It was beeping passing a signal wirelessly to the TV. “ Don’t worry about your friend’s head It’ll reattach I’m sure of it.” Robin yelled “ you fucker I’ll kill you!” Fred just laughed. “ You won’t kill once you see Beast Boy. Beast Boy come here please.” Then Robin saw it , It wasn’t the Beast Boy he knew , he was huge now his body looked as if it was statue of a god carved in emerald. “ Hey Robin ,” Beast Boy said as he hit a crab shot “ like what you see, ya know you do.” Robin was speechless. “ Come to us robin , you know where we live.” Fred smiled and the TV shut off with a blink and the red glow from cyke’s eye died.

Gaston heard the motorcycle pull in and prepared himself for whatever Robin had in store for him, he knew that he would be pissed , his friends head used as a receptor for Fred’s sick little game he had planed. The door slammed open , “Where is he?!” Robin asked , Gaston smiled , “ He’s around but, lets focus on you.” Gaston said laying his hand on the teen’s shoulder. “ What is there to talk about, you freaks have taken Beast Boy and turned him into a freak. You people are sick!” Gaston chuckled “ What do we have here?” Gaston said, and it was then that Robin saw he had a hard on. “ We have that affect on people.” Gaston said and flexed his biceps “ you want it , come and get it. Robin shook his head in disgust “ No , I must resist.” but it was useless to talk himself out of it he moved towards Gaston and embraced him kissing his body all over nuzzling his armpits and caressing his muscles. “ Easy now, let me take you to Fred.” and he picked up the superhero and carried him to Fred’s lair. The smell was incredible , and it was there he saw Beast Boy , Shaggy , and Fred himself. He moved towards Beast Boy licking his biceps , “ Hey , Robin my pits!” Robin did as he was told and took in the manly scent of the new Beast Boy , Shaggy moved over and whispered in Robin’s ear “ Lick my pecs muscle slut.” and Robin proceeded to go hog wild on Shag’s pecs nipping and sucking every inch. “You see what we can bring you,” Fred said “ power and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll rule all muscle slaves just like we do. What do you say?” Robin gasped “ I’ll .. I’ll do it.” and with that the worship session stopped and they gathered around Robin as he took the blue bottle and took a swig. His biceps grew as large as Fred’s and he watched as the his pecs which were decent at first became thick like the huge brontosaurus steaks that you see on the Flintstones. his dick grew from 13 inches to a huge 24-inch behemoth. “ Wow ! I am so fucking hot! What do ya think Beast Boy.” Beast Boy walked up to Robin and kissed him deep their tongues exploring each others mouths. “ That’s what I think” Beast boy said.

Just then there was a knock on the door Shag answered it,“ Yes?” he said it was Wolverine “ Masters I’ve decided , I’ve decided to become a muscle god!” •

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