Gaston's Growth

Recruitment mission


By musclefreak4559

“ That is great slave Wolvie!” Shaggy said and embraced the hairy mutant “ When did you decide?” Wolverine smiled “ Just a few minutes ago. I felt that I should become a god, to show my devotion to this group.” Fred smiled. “ I feel good, about your decision to join this council, but I think we think we should hold off on growing slaves for a little while. We don’t want to run out.” He said, the others nodded their heads. Fred passed the bottle to Wolvie and watched him drink the magical potion. “ Grrrr, man I feel so good. Oh man look at my bi’s!” Wolvie exclaimed and flexed his bicep that was now a mountain peak Beast Boy ran up to Wolvie and began to lick his bicep and under his furry pits. “ Whoa! Easy there little green dude, I haven’t finished growing yet!” Wolvie grunted as he watched as Beast Boy moved towards his now meaty pecs, “ Unngh yeah green dude, worship me!” Wolvie now looked in awe as his cock lengthened to a whopping 26 inches and soon Robin began to suck on it greedily. Shaggy looked at Gaston and winked, “ look at them! They really like the new Wolvie!” He said and watched as Beast Boy licked Wolverine’s ass darting in and out as if his tongue was a snake ready to strike. “ NNNNGH! Oh yeah boys love this new muscle stud! Oh yeah I'm gonna cum all over your face Robin.” And with that Wolvie shot ropes and ropes of cum on Robin’s face, Beast Boy walked over and licked the cum off as if it was an ice cream cone. “ MMM, tasty.” Beast Boy said and then he heard Fred’s voice. “ Boys, thank you for welcoming Wolvie to the fold but we need to get down to business” he said and moved towards the computer which was printing another list of gym rats, “ These are a list of gym rats we need to get to join us tomorrow. I need 2 of you to go bring them to me and try to use every trick you know to make them come to us.” Gaston picked up the list and looked down it, he knew every name on there. There was yusuke urameshi, a young karate champ who was a good fighter and had a good body. Link, a former video game star that was very agile and was know to be a good lay. Jughead Jones a former track star that was a frequent gym rat that every one new just went not only for the work out but to check out the muscle studs. Casey Jones was also on the list; he was a tough man who would kick your ass if you looked at him the wrong way. “ These are who I want, we’ll begin tomorrow, don’t let me down.” And with that Fred sent them on their way.

The next morning Fred sent Wolvie, Gaston and slave Aladdin to go to the gym, they wore singlets and Lycra shorts that showed off their bodies. As they walked in they looked around they saw all the potential people they could change, all the hard bodies that could grow into muscle studs. Wolvie looked over and saw Yusuke doing a bench press his biceps contracting and relaxing with each rep. “ I’ll take him, you look for the others.” Gaston said and he sauntered over to the young man and began to do some poses in front of a mirror. Yusuke looked up and saw Gaston; he was amazed, how could a person get that big. He looked as if he had lifted mountains and drank rivers it turned him on. “ I see ya looking.” Gaston said and shot him a wink, yusuke stammered “ Uh, Uh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to..” Gaston cut him off “ you want this bod don’t you? You want to worship me and caress these muscles huh. I can help you. All you have to do is come with me.” Gaston bent down and picked yusuke chin in his hands and stared into his eyes and kissed him deeply. “ Ohhhh!” Yusuke moaned, he became dizzy and fainted in his arms. Gaston picked him up, and caressed yusuke hot body with his fingers and took him to the sauna. The door was open and it was empty which was good for Gaston’s purpose. He walked in and began to disrobe yusuke. “ Please, be gentle.” yusuke whispered and Gaston hushed him with his finger as he moved down to yusuke’s cock and began to suck. “ Hahn, Hahn, Oh god , you feel so good .” yusuke moaned and writhed under Gaston's cock sucking prowess. It wasn’t long before yusuke began to grunt and moan “ I’m cuming.” he said and with that Gaston sucked every drop of the young fighter’s cock. “ Now will you join me?” Gaston said, “yes, take me with you.” his willing victim said and with that they walked out of the steam room.

Wolvie looked over and link and jughead doing squats. “ Here they are laddie boy.” Wolvie said and with that they moved towards them. They looked imposing in their outfits that at least in Wolvie’s case made them look like muscle gods carved in marble. “ Hey!” Wolvie said the boys looked up and saw Wolvie and the slave as they hit some poses. “ I bet you want these bodies huh?” The boys nodded speechlessly. “ Come with us and we will let you worship us all you want.” The boy’s followed blindly into the steam room passing Gaston and yuck on the way, Wolvie shot them a wink and they both walked in. Wolvie made the first move removing his singlet and shorts revealing his new bod , immediately Jughead went to Wolvie and licked his pits now sweaty in the steam rooms heat. Then he moved down to his meaty pecs and sucked the nipples “ Ungh , Fuck yeah worship me. Hey elf boy get over here and lick my ass!” Link obliged and spread wolvie’s glutes and began to lick furiously. Aladdin moved his shorts down and began to jack off furiously. The sounds of sex filled the room and it wasn’t soon when Wolvie told Jughead the command he had been waiting for. “ Suck me off Juggie! make your master cum.” Jughead move down and licked wolvie’s cock head and he amazingly fit about 9 inches of the huge drooling monster in his mouth and he began to suck like a vacuum. “ ERRR yeah! suck me off.” Wolvie said and he began to look at Aladdin jackin until he shot his cum all over his buff chest. “ Link, lick his cum off !” Wolvie commanded and Link obeyed as he tongued the street rat’s belly button and abs , tasting his sweet and musky scent. Wolvie moaned,“ I’m gonna cum , are ya ready.” Jughead gurgled and slurped as Wolvie’s cum filled his mouth. Jughead savored every little drop, cleaning Wolvie’s cock with expert precision. “ There’s more where that came from if you come with us.” the boys got dressed and followed the studs out the door.

Gaston had placed Yusuke in the car when he eyed Casey Jones drinking a bottle of water near the main desk. “ Gaston sauntered over decided to talk to him. “ What’s up?” Gaston said Casey turned and was shocked with what he saw. “ Whoa , what the fuck are you on, roids?” Gaston laughed “ No, but, I bet you want to find out.” he purred. Casey was star struck “Yeah I do.” Casey said . Gaston laughed and bounced his pecs, “ Come with me.” Casey followed just in time to see Jughead and Link walk out with Wolvie and Aladdin. As Casey entered the stretch Hummer he thought to himself what have I got myself into. But that would all change when he met Fred Jones.

The auditorium was a large expansive room with a bunch of couches in the front of it , it was where Fred usually watched his homemade porn. But the stage had been set for a fuck show that would get the new recruits all hot and have them become the growth council’s new slaves. The 4 lust struck young men sat down and looked at the stage. It had a satin covered bed shaped like a heart and several candelabras surrounded the bed. Casey looked around at the other three , their expressions were blank, as if someone had shocked the life out of them. Then the men started to walk out onto the stage , one was green, and the other one was a blue muscle stud with a long tail. They began to lock lips their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths . Then the blue stud , licked the arm of the green hulk as he slowly raised his arm and let the blue one nuzzle and lick his fuzzy armpit. Then Fred Jones stood out on the stage and began to speak. “ You all know why you’re here. We picked you four from a list of those who already have become members of the muscle builder’s gym. What you see here is your new position . Kurt here is worshiping Beast Boy , just as you will do with me or my other associates.” the Fred turned to the two muscle studs and commanded “ Beast Boy , fuck Kurt in the ass!” Beast Boy nodded and Kurt bent over the satin bed. “ Fuck me mein Herr ,lets show these boys how it’s done.” and with that Beast Boy slid his cock into Kurt. “Uhh , Oh mein Herr you feel so good! Fuck my tight ass!” Kurt moaned as Beast Boy picked up the pace. Fred continued on, “ I will ask all of you , when this show is finished to take 3 -10 drops of this liquid no more no less and pledge your allegiance to me. what do you say?” all four of them rose up and cheered. Fred smiled just as Beast Boy shot his load into Kurt’s ass, and beckoned to them . They walked up the steps and disrobed , the scent of sex was still in the air and soon Wolvie, Tarzan, Robin, Gaston, Shaggy, and Aladdin joined the boys, all of them naked as the day god made them. In Fred’s hands was the blue bottle and the he began to administered the first few drops to Yusuke, then to Link and Jughead, and finally Casey. “ NNNNGH, oh god , what’s happening to me?” Yusuke said as he clutched his stomach “ Ash oh, god it burns!” moaned Link and then the change began . Jughead was in awe as his pecs ballooned to the size of large ribeye steaks. Casey’s biceps grew from 17 inches to 27 inches , Yusuke’s dick grew from 7 inches to 13 inches, and Link’s four pack became a ripped ,cobbled 8 pack.. “ Now that the transformation is compete, Let the orgy begin.” Wolvie walked up to Casey and began to kiss him all over licking the stud’s new body and tasting his sweat . Then Casey began the worship session as he licked wolvie’s furry chest, moving over to his pits and began to lick and nuzzle the hair taking in the hyper masculine scent. Yusuke and Link were busy licking the pits of Beast Boy and Beast Boy encouraged them to do more “ Lick my cock slave Link and slave yusuke you fuck his ass!” Link bent down and began to take the cock almost up to the hilt. Meanwhile Yusuke bent down and began rimming Link. Casey sauntered up to Gaston who was in a lip lock with Aladdin . “You wanna fuck?” Gaston asked “Yes master fuck me please my ass is aching for you.” Gaston laughed and bent Casey over the bed and rammed his cock in the ass of the new slave. Shaggy kneeled on the bed and presented his cock to Casey. without question Casey took the cock in his mouth and licked and sucked like it was second nature. “ Ngggh Yeah! lick my cock Casey you muscle slut.” Shaggy said as he glanced over and saw Tarzan and Aladdin servicing Fred. “ Yeah, that’s it slaves lick me all over! Tarzan fuck Laddie here in the ass while he sucks my cock.” Tarzan grunted and placed his cock up the street rat’s ass. Beast boy and Robin were Fucking Kurt at opposite ends. “ Yeah, That’s It elvie , lick Beast Boy’s dick” Kurt moaned “ OH Master I love your cock up my ass please do it harder!” Robin smirked and began to go into Kurt's ass faster and harder. Wolvie looked at all the positions filled and decided to jack his cock . Gaston moaned “Yeah , I’m gonna cum in your ass Casey , Eeeyahhh!” and with that Gaston shot loads and loads of his cream up Casey’s ass . Then Shaggy roared and began to shoot his load all over the bed and Casey’s face. “ Hey boys,” Wolvie said “ room here for more.” and Casey , Gaston, and Shaggy joined Wolvie in jerking their cocks. Beast Boy was about ready to climax so he pulled his cock out of Kurt and walked over to Tarzan and Aladdin and began to jerk. “ Here it comes jungle man , all over your face, EEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHH!” and with that Beast Boy shot his load all over Tarzan’s face. “ Aladdin then began to pull out and shot his load all over Tarzans face as well. they both bent down and licked and caressed Tarzan's face. “ Oh man , You’re gonna make me cum right here!” Fred said and with a loud grunt , shot his load all over Beast Boy and Aladdin’s face. It was then that they glanced over at Robin who had shot his load and , was now servicing Wolvie , who was jerking off Casey. “ Uhh, Yeah come and join the party!” and they did. “ Uhhhng , Yeah Gaston faster , faster , I’m gonna ... ERRRRAH!” Shaggy said as he shot his load. Then they watched as Wolvie shot his load with a loud “GRRRRRRRRR” and a grunt and soon Casey followed. “Alright slaves,” Fred said, “ Time for bed ,tomorrow we begin a new era in our. harem” as the slaves went to bed , in a little house in on Riverdale Street, Archie Andrews went out to look for his friend. •

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