High School Development


By Aardvark2

Another chapter, another growth. Guess who In case anybody was wondering - and I hope you weren't! - the story IS coming to a close. There are probably just two or three more chapters after this, so I just want to say now that I am thrilled that you all have liked it! :-D Hopefully this and the others won't disappoint! GIVE ME FEEDBACK! (also, this chapter is a direct continuation from the last one...so if you've forgotten how it ended, I suggest you go back and read!)

Logan finished off his beer at the deli, while Owen stuffed his face and Jamie just sat there, brooding.

“Aw, man, that shit runs right through me.” Logan set the empty glass on the table. “I’m gonna go use the bathroom.” He walked to the men’s bathroom and was greeted with a big “OUT OF ORDER” sign taped across the door. “Fuck.” An employee walked past and Logan grabbed his arm. “Hey, man, where can I use the bathroom?”

“Use the employee one for now. It’s through that door and to the right.” “Thanks, dude.”

It said “Vacant” on the door handle, so Logan breezed right in. And there, of course, was Casey, asleep on the floor.


Casey was in muscle heaven. He felt lifted, in a strange way, as if someone was carrying him. Then peace, as he was completely at rest. And movement, as if he was flying away.

His eyes fluttered open and everything became clear.

He felt lifted because someone had picked him up, at rest because he had been set down, and movement because he was now in a moving vehicle.

He rubbed his head and sat up. “What the hell?”

“What’s up, ya punk?” Owen’s voice echoed through the car. “What the fuck are you taking, man? We kept slapping you across the face and you wouldn’t wake up!” He chuckled. “Fuckin’ weird.”

Casey felt like he was having an out of body experience. “I, uh…sorry…uh…” His crotch ached, and he rubbed it in response. “Man, I’m tired.” He lay back down on the plush Escalade interior.

“Don’t go to sleep again, man. I’m only driving you because my car was the only one big enough.” Owen’s eyes sparkled. “I don’t wanna carry you again.”

Casey didn’t listen and fell asleep anyway.

Owen pulled into the Black family driveway and jumped out. “Sonuvabitch.” He flipped open his cell phone.


Whitney Black was an attractive girl and she damn well knew it. Her body was tall and thin, kept in check by the school track team. She had long, wavy, BLONDE hair that drove men wild, big blue eyes that sparkled while she talked, and – her pride and joy – two symmetrical breasts, perfectly proportionate to her body. Apparently, she had gotten all the looks in the family, as demonstrated by her nerdy brother. She gave him some credit, though, he was looking hotter lately. Maybe he had some sex appeal in him after all.

Her cell phone rang and the Caller ID displayed “Owen,” which caused her to giggle with glee. They’d had a few drinks together and then had an incredible one night stand, but after that, he hadn’t called, only said hi to her in the halls. What a prick. Now, here he was, and very randomly.

“Hey there.” “Hey, Whit, uh…this is gonna sound weird, but I have your brother in the back of my car.” “What the hell?” “It’s a long story. I’m in your driveway, just come out here.” She looked out her bedroom window and saw him standing there, with his back facing her. What an ass! It was like two cantaloupes stuffed into the back of his jeans. And his arms, those big, powerful, beautiful arms. She almost drooled. “I’ll be right out.”

She had been in an old baggy sweatshirt, because it was cold in her house, but times like these call for sacrifices. She pulled it off and revealed the black running bra underneath, exposing her flat stomach and pink navel piercing. She pulled her hair tie out and let her golden hair flow over her shoulders. She was out of time, damn it. It was now or never.

She checked her teeth and ran out the front door.


Owen hadn’t really been thinking about other girls for the last week or so, he and Brittany had been hanging out so much that he hadn’t really had time to.

And then he saw Whitney.

Whitney Black was a girl who looked better without makeup, the girl who got jealous, bitchy looks from other girls in the hall because she could roll out of bed looking hot. When she walked out her front door, Owen felt something almost animalistic snap in him. But was she interested, after he’d given her the silent treatment?

“Uhhhh, what should we do with him?” Owen opened up his back door and revealed Casey. Whitney rolled her eyes. “Can’t we just take him inside?”

Owen nodded. “I can take him, I guess.” He’d easily bench-pressed Casey’s weight before, but he couldn’t sound too cocky in front of Whitney, so he played false-modest. Still, it was pretty obvious how easy it was for him when he swept Casey into his arms in one fell swoop.

“Where to?”

Whitney opened up the door and motioned to the door at the top of the stairs. “That’s his room, just set him in there.”

Casey was making weird noises and movements the whole time he was in Owen’s arms, and right as Whitney turned around, Casey shoved his hand down his pants.

“Oh shit.” Her eyes widened. “Sorry about that.” Owen looked down at Casey, then up at Whitney, then cracked a fake smirk that showed he was seriously weirded out.

Whitney made a mental note to kill her brother when he woke up.

“Um…just drop him on his bed.”

Owen did so, and Casey let out a moan that was loud enough for both awake individuals to hear. Whitney half-shoved Owen out of the room and slammed the door.

“Let’s quit fucking around like this, Owen.” “You mean quit fucking around so we can start fucking around?” She grinned wickedly. “Exactly.” She placed both her hands on his pecs – which were pretty hard to miss – and pushed him down the hall to her bedroom, licking her lips. He stared intently at her, with those blue eyes that lasered right to a girl’s heart. It worked every time.


Casey had long since put both his hands in his underwear. He was at that bizarre stage between asleep and awake, a stage everyone knows of but that is still impossible to describe. He rolled around on his bed, moaning, giggling with glee. He was going to climax right there…

…and then he rolled off the bed and landed, with a hard thunk, on the floor. Way to ruin a perfectly good jack-off.

He lay there panting for a moment, taking everything in. He knew he was at home, and had no memory of getting there, but he still didn’t give a shit how he had wound up in his room. He looked down. His polo was stretched tight across his chest, his nipples clearly delineated in the fabric. The buttons were long gone, in fact, he subconsciously remembered them popping up. He staggered to his feet.

He was bigger. A lot bigger.

He felt so constrained and so held back. Without even thinking what he was doing, he grabbed the neck of his shirt and tore it right down the middle. He grit his teeth and rubbed his nipples, slowly moaning once again. This was so hot.

His once-skeletal frame had packed on some muscle. His ribs had disappeared, replaced by opliques, with light, barely visible abs in the center. He had soft pecs and good, solid arms. His whole body had changed from giving off an aura of awkwardness to one of confidence and charisma. His thick curly hair didn’t feel so curly anymore, when he touched his head.

Something dawned on him. What if it was all connected…

He looked over at the bag of powder on the desk, then he rubbed his bicep, and moved to his dick. The limp member sprang to life at his touch, and he giggled.


Whitney lay in her bed, Owen’s naked body under the sheets next to her. Sex with the quarterback at five in the afternoon. Not bad.

She could hear his rhythmic breathing next to her; he was fast asleep. She leaned over and ran her hand up and down his bristly cheek, but he didn’t wake up. She rolled out of the bed and grabbed the sheets to cover herself up, wrapping them around her body and at the same time exposing Owen’s. He lay there flat on his back, his tan skin popping out against the white cover sheet beneath him. He was such a beautiful man, she thought, with those big pecs and eight-pack abs. His body was so amazing, just for a high school senior. He must work out five hours a day. And that cock! No wonder Brittany was so psycho about keeping a leash on him.

She stood there, biting her lip, staring at her man. Well, she wished he was her man. He was hers for today, at least.

Whitney poked her head out of the door to make sure the hall was clear. As soon as she saw it was, she darted down it to the bathroom.

Locked. Shit! After panicking for a second and thinking her parents were home, she realized Casey’s door was open.

“Goddamn it, Casey, hurry up!” No response. “I heard what happened at Barry’s, Casey. If you’re asleep in there, I swear to God…” “I’m not asleep.” It was a thin-voiced response, almost child-like. “Good. Then let me in.” The door opened slowly and Casey stepped out, shivering and white. “I’m really cold.” “No wonder, you’re buttass naked. Get some clothes on. What the hell are you doing walking around the house naked?” “You’re one to talk, bitch.” He shook the corner of one her sheets. “Shut up. I have an excuse.” “Oh, right, sorry, you were fucking. My bad.” “I’m sure you were too, just not with anyone else.” Her eyes glinted wickedly, and she playfully punched him in the chest. “Mmmm, that’s a pretty hard stomach there. Been working out?” “Yeah…I mean, no…I mean…” He stopped talking and stared at her. She stared back. “Whatever. I gotta pee.” She pushed past him and locked the door.


Jamie had been thrown into a tailspin since his conversation with his coach. It seemed like everyone else around him was happy and carefree, while he wallowed in misery and was weighed down with emotional baggage.

He looked over at the bag of powder, sitting in his gym bag. It could make everything go away…

He felt crazy, and weak, as if he’d finally given in. He didn’t really care about being himself anymore because no one else saw him that way. He just sat on his bed and stared at the bag, rocking back and forth like a child. No decision had ever weighed on him so much.


Casey stood back in his room, staring into the mirror. His hour-long jack-off had seemed to change him into a completely different person at the time, but now he just felt tired and weak. His body still seemed thin – slight abs, small biceps, maybe a couple of inches of height. He had muscle, but it wasn’t defined at all.

But he was so tired; he just wanted to sleep. Then he heard the knock on his door.

He half-walked, half-stumbled to the door and opened it. Owen’s massive, gorgeous body took up the whole frame. And, it might be added, it was a body not covered by clothing.

“Hey, Casey, I, uh…” Owen ran his right hand through his closely cropped hair. “I can’t find my underwear or my shorts.” He grinned sheepishly. “Can I borrow some of yours?”

In reality, the underwear was stuffed inside the shorts, which had gotten rolled inside the sheets, which had been dragged to the bathroom by Whitney, whose movements had caused them to come out and fall behind the toilet.

Casey himself was standing there naked, and it was no secret to either of them that his stubby cock sprang to life at the sight of Owen’s body. There, standing before Casey, was everything he longed to become. That tan skin, that square jaw and classically handsome face, with the brown stubble. Those big, quarterback muscles.

Casey felt ill and faked a half-smile. “Uhhh…second drawer in that chest has underwear, and the shorts are below it.”

“Thanks.” Owen flashed his brilliant white teeth. Casey stared at the body as it breezed past him, one hundred percent prime American jock. He could feel his dick grow fully erect, and tried to conceal it out of embarrassment. The whole accidental situation seemed like either a really bad dream or a really crazy sitcom.

He couldn’t help but stare at Owen’s naked ass, as the jock rummaged through the underwear. To Casey’s surprise, Owen pulled out a few jockstraps and boxers before settling on a pair of boxer briefs. Where had THOSE come from?

Casey looked down at his dick, sticking straight out in defiance from the rest of his body. He started to snicker from the pleasure, and then…he started to grow.

The sexual pleasure he got from staring at Owen, this incredible man, the man every other man wanted to become, was too much for Casey. His mind snapped and body swelled with muscle and mass.

Owen, oblivious to the changes going on behind – and because of – him, shut the underwear drawer and opened the one below, full of shorts. They, too, were now jocky…Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister.

Two weeks worth of powder had gone unrecognized in Casey’s system. It had all built up and the result was a an incredibly sexual transformation that unfolded in record pace. While the other jocks had slowly changed, Casey was so desperate for acceptance that his body couldn’t help but respond to his mind’s desires.

Casey’s wildly curly hair straightened and shortened, lightening until it was as blonde as his sister’s. He could feel his facial aesthetic beginning to change, his lips felt fuller on his face, and he could lick the hard whiskers poking out from it.

Both of his hands were wrapped around his fuck stick, wildly pumping, his eyes locked on Owen. He didn’t care if Owen turned around. He almost wanted him to see.

He could feel his grip tightening around his cock, as strength coursed through his veins. His arms bulged out with muscle, his biceps ballooning and triceps stretching. His forearms plumped up and become as thick and delicious as Owen’s.

His nipples now pointed out to the sides of his newly broad chest, as his pecs grew out into full view. They pushed against his arms and he had to let go of his dick, for a second, to rub his new eight-pack. He could see his profile in the mirror and became even more turned on by it. He could both feel and see his body literally stretching, the muscle growing proportionate with his new six-three height.

His legs stretched even more. Six-five.

They pushed out with muscle, too, until every muscle – quads, hamstrings, calves – was gloriously defined and in view.

Owen was STILL going through that damn drawer. The change had given Casey so much sexual euphoria that it seemed like several hours, whereas in reality, it had been about thirty seconds.

He was on his knees now, panting, naked, and dead sexy. He had the body of Owen – pumped up and gorgeous, like a Men’s Health model – and the looks of Logan, with the bright blonde hair and California surfer-boy features. And as he stood up, he realized he was the tallest starter on the football team. He looked down at his cock and realized that, even though relaxed, it was as long as it had been before.

Owen finally turned around. “Thanks, Casey.” He strutted to the doorway and slapped the new jock’s ass. “You coming to Jade tonight?”

Casey turned around and looked – for the first time, downward – at Owen. “I’ll be there, motherfucker.” •

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