Something in the Water


By tlee400

[Fade in}

[Narrator stands in front of city limit sign casually curling a 75 lb dumbbell, his biceps threaten to burst through his tight shirt.]

Narrator. "It's a quiet Thursday night in the town of Hemas, nearly midnight. Most of the town's residents are asleep. Those who work the overnight hours are quietly going about their business."

[Scene change. shows the town at night.]

Narrator. "As the midnight hour end, the tiny town is jolted awake by a 3.2 earthquake. It causes no major damage to the town but it is certain to be the talk of the town for the next few days."

[Scene change. shows the town being shaken by the earthquake.]

Narrator. "But beneath their feet, deep in the earth, something has been released. Something that will forever alter their formerly average lives."

[Scene change. showing the rock stratum under the town and the veins of water percolating to the surface. From here, the water flows to a spring that fills the town's reservior. ZOOM IN. displaying a section of rock where the water flows around it.]

[Narrator voice-over]

Narrator. "It is this area of impermeable rock that begins Hemas' trip into The Muscle Zone. For within this section of rock is something from the primordial past. A milky, greenish-white ooze containing the ancient building blocks of life."

[the scene shakes, indicating the earthquake. A crack appears in that section of rock. The ooze within begins to seep out and mixes with the water then flows towards the surface.]

[Scene change. showing the town's reservior. It's surface still rippling from the earthquake. At the center, whitish cloud appears in the water.]

Narrator. "Had there been anyone to see, a warning might have been made. But as you see, this is only momentary and no one is aware that is something in the water."

[the cloud thins out and disappears.]

{Scene change. back to narrator in front of city limit sign.]

Narrator. "During the next 2 weeks, the town of Hemas and it's residents will change. The change is gradual, almost unnoticed at first, until it is too late to reverse or alter. As if they still desired to do so at that point. The following entries will document the course of life of one of the residents during the 2 weeks. So sit back and observe these trips into The Muscle Zone."

[Fade out] •

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