Day at the Races, A

By Luxury

Paul was a 21-year-old 5’9” 140lb average sized guy. He was not very happy with his life because he did not know where it was going. He had no girlfriend, no job, and basically just went to college. His college life was blah too, his grades were average, he averaged mostly C’s in his classes. He played a few sports football and hockey, but he was always angry he didn’t have the size like the other teammates do. He always dreamed of being huge. He wanted to be bigger than everyone. So one night he made a wish, he wished to be the biggest strongest man in the world. The next day he woke up to find out his wish didn’t come true “What a big surprise” he thought. He couldn’t decide whether to skip school and go to the Horse track. He said “ What the hell, we don’t live long anyways.” So he went to Suffolk Downs to just bet on a few horses. So his first choice for Race 1 was for the horse “Lucky Charms.” He put $2 down on it. It was horse number 7, because he though it would be lucky. When he put the bet down his body felt kind of funny but he thought it was cause he didn’t eat breakfast that morning. So the race started, and his horse finished first, he had won! And it was a long shot. So he went to pickup his winnings, which was about $52.50. After he won the first race he felt kind of funny again, but he didn’t think much of it. He thought his arms looked a little bigger but didn’t really care, he thought “ Well maybe I’m just thinking I am a little bigger.” Well the second and third races went by, and he had won them too, he was on a hot streak, with winning, he was making some good dough. When he won the third race though that is when he started to notice that he was growing, he saw his biceps growing under his shirt, he though “Holy Shit, I’m growing but how?” So he put 5 bucks on “Muscle Joe” Horse number 4, and wanted to see what would happen if he had won. Well he won again, and checked to see his body in the bathroom, and what he saw amazed him, his chest began to inflate, big huge pecks began to form. His shirt was tightening more than before, his back was becoming bigger and broader, his biceps were becoming one big ball of muscle and triceps were making his arms huge, his forearms was bigger than his arm ever used to be. He noticed his legs were becoming bigger and thicker. He was also growing a little taller, there was a height ruler there, he measure 5’11”, and he was like “Wow!, I’m getting taller!” So he bet on more races and won them, and his body became bigger and bigger. Even the guy at the window noticed his huge form now. He said ‘Dude, what is happening to you? Weren’t you a lot smaller when you first came here?” He was starting to like all this attention. The 14th race, while all this growing was going on he decided to bet on “Starburst” horse number 4. After he won that race, he started to grow to big for his clothes, the back of his shirt started to rip from all the pressure, the front from the massive chest, his shorts were starting to rip as well, so he pulled a most muscular pose, and the shirt was torn to shreds, “Oh yeah” he moaned. While everyone was watching him with awe at this growing body. He still had his shorts, which were barely holding his muscular legs. There was still one more race, he debated about betting or not, but he though “Who the hell wouldn’t want more muscle and growth?” So he bet on “Buzzards Bay” horse number 1. Of Course he won, after he won, Paul could feel the growth, he could see his chest inflating more and more, the looks like balloons, his arms kept growing and growing, his legs began to grow again “RRIIIPPPP”. Paul was in ecstasy. Of course everyone watching, he was now naked, a little embarrassed but he knew he was a man to be reckoned with. He collected his winnings, he was also pretty rich from today, and he made over 1500 dollars. He thought about his wish last night, it must have came true, I mean how else could he have won every race. As he was leaving with his 6’5” 290 lbs muscular body, he thought, “Should I skip school or come back here tomorrow?” •

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