Strength Chronicles, The: Hero of Mordac


By cscpttrainer

As Maciste was pondering, Axus came up to him from behind and whispered in his ear. Maciste grinned widely.

He went over to the Queen and whispered in her ear.

“Excuse me,” the Queen said to Goliath. “There is something I must handle. I will be back shortly.” Goliath and the Queen went to her chambers.

“This is amazing,” said the Queen. “It is too easy.” “Well, don’t be so sure,” cautioned Maciste. “He must have very strong will power and we cannot be sure the information is totally correct. It seems too incredible.”

The queen fumbled around the draws of her bureau as if looking for something while Maciste watched.

“Here it is!” and she pulled out a black, shiny girdle and she held it up in the light and it glistened.

Maciste laughed. “You are looking for underwear at a time like this?”

“Yes but a potent one. This is the Venusian girdle. No man who is the least attracted to me can resist my overtures while I wear it! Goliath himself will fall to my seduction!”

Maciste looked skeptical.

Reaching for a vial filled with red fluid from the shelf, the Queen told Maciste, “Put this special portion in Goliath’s wine tonight. Be sure you deliver it at the end of the meal in the final toast. The wine will help weaken his will power and this potion will make him sleepy and when he sleeps it will cause him to forget everything that happened after he drank it.” Maciste nodded. They returned to the banquet room which has grown boisterous with music and dance.

Goliath ate and drank heavily that night, and toward the end of the banquet, Maciste signaled to the head waiter to deliver the wine glass with the Queen’s special potion in it to Goliath. Following the closing toast, the Queen quickly returned to her quarters while Axus showed Goliath to his room.

In her chambers, the Queen undressed and slipped into the black girdle. She gazed at herself in the mirror and her plumb figure. Suddenly the girdle seemed to warm up. Then as she watched, her skin seemed to be absorbing it. Soon the girdle had disappeared into her hips. She looked at herself nude in front of the mirror. She became warm all over and her skin began to glow. It started in her hips. They smoothed out and her excess fat melted away leaving her butt smooth, round and toned. Then the changes traveled down her legs and up into her chest. Her waist shrunk and became tight and small. Again her body fat melted leaving her belly flat, firm and smooth. Her nipples rose and her breasts became firm, rounded and erect, hanging like two plump grapefruits from her chest with cleavage between them. Meanwhile, her legs grew shapely. Her arms thinned and toned while her shoulders grew slightly wider. She gazed at her new body and moved her hands along her new curves. She was amazed at the beauty. She quickly put on her silk nightgown and called to Axus who was outside her door to bring Goliath to her.

Axus knocked on Goliath’s door while he was getting ready for sleep. “Goliath, the Queen requests you to meet her now.” “What for, at this hour?” asked Goliath for he was feeling sleepy. “She wants to discuss a way to avoid this fight in the arena tomorrow,” said Axus. “Well, may be now she has come to her senses,” said Goliath. “Lead on.”

Axus left Goliath in the Queen’s chambers. From behind him, the Queen called him and said, “Goliath, we have important matters to discuss.” Goliath turned around and there he saw the Queen leaning against the wall in a semi-transparent nightgown. Othertimes she had been wearing her heavy, stately robes. He stared at her. Her shape was smooth, her breasts full and succulent. He had never examined her shape this way before but now the girdle was working its magic. His heart began beating faster. She approached him and touched his arms gently, running her fingers up to his massive triceps. “You know,” she said, “when I saw your handsome face before me, I thought there must be another way to resolve our quarrel and I must find it.” Goliath just stared at her admiring her beauty, her words almost sounding musical to him. “I never wanted this challenge for you or for me. Maybe there is way I can change and we can avoid all this. You know, Goliath, running a kingdom is hard. Decisions are not easy to make, especially alone, and sometimes we make the wrong ones,” she said as she massaged his shoulders. “Yes, if you change, we could avoid all this,” he answered meekly as her kneading relaxed his muscles and thought and his eyes began to close.

She took him by the hand and led him to a silk covered ottoman and they sat down. She leaned back on the pillows and held her chest up and Goliath gazed at her full and round breasts. He had become aroused now and then he remembered his vow and looked away from her and cleared his voice, and said firmly. “If you give up your throne and restore the Senate, this would all end. Arellus would agree to this. All you have to do is announce it to the people.” She reached out gracefully with her finger and touched his square jaw to turn his head toward her face. He resisted but she said “Look at me, Goliath, I need to see the sincerity in your eyes when we speak about such important things.” So Goliath turned his face toward her and he caught his gaze in the beauty and firmness of her large, erect nipples. “I could agree to this but I am frightened,” she whispered. “I know many people hate me. If I give up my guards, my throne, how do I know I won’t be killed? Who will protect me?” she cooed. She sat up and drew her face close to his as he raised his eyes to hers. He was now fully erect and she could see the bulge in his loincloth. His voice said to himself, “I am only looking at her. I have kept my vow. Nothing will happen. I will walk away soon once we have made a deal. I need to be here now to settle this.” She gently stroked his cheek with her smooth palm. “While…I,” he stammered, “will make sure no one hurts you if you make this bargain. You have the word of Goliath” he whispered. “I must thank you,” she said and pressed her lips against his. He pulled his head back but she placed her hand behind his head and forced their lips together again. The sensation exploded in his brain. It had been six years since he felt this way. His reason seemed suspended in air as the voice of his will began to fade inside his head. He embraced her. After their kiss, she whispered “Oh to touch you this way!” and kissed him again and began stroking him between his legs while he placed his hand on her breast. Her breast swelled with his touch and she stood up bringing his face into her bosom. Fragrant, clear drops of an aphrodisiac formed on her nipples. He smelled their sweetness and brought his lips to suck on them. “Come to me for I am yours tonight,” she said. The drops worked quickly and all remaining reason left him and his inner voice was silenced. He mounted her on the bed and they made love. With each thrust, his man juice flowed and flowed eventually overwhelming her. It leaked out of her over the bed and onto the floor. He kept pumping her and their ecstasy grew. She never felt such power from a lover and he seemed unable to stop, like a dam bursting with an endless supply of raging water. After an hour though, he finally weakened and collapsed on top of her exhausted.

As Goliath lay deep asleep, the Queen signaled Maciste who was waiting. His cum was everywhere. “Take him to his room now. The potion will keep him asleep and he will remember nothing of this night.” Maciste hoisted the slumbering giant onto his shoulders and carried him to the guest quarters. He placed the naked muscleman down onto his bed and left his clothes near by. He saw the semen on Goliath’s legs and scooped it up into his hand. He looked at it and wondered if it contained Goliath’s super strength. Gathering as much of it as he could and rubbed it into his own pecs and biceps hoping it would bring him the strength that Goliath was said to have. He then left the giant to his dreams knowing he would remember nothing of that night. •

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